Bliss Boarding School Part-42

For the next 2 weeks, I was staying with Chloe. We had a lot of vaginal sex. She never wasted even a drop of cum. Rose and Anna were quite happy with having some lesbian action.

After two weeks we got the good news. Chloe was pregnant too. We celebrated that whole day and night. Rose and Anna were desperate for my cock. So they got to fuck me first and also both drank my cum.

Things were great among all four of us. We did a lot of new stuff to keep our sex life very active. We never got bored with each other. I decided to renovate Chloe’s and Rose’s rooms. Fast forward seven months, let me describe how we were living our life.

For a couple of months, I was renovating our master bedroom to welcome our baby. I didn’t let any girl enter or even have a glimpse of it. We used to have all the action in other rooms for 2 months. Most of our action was in the living room, with all my girls. During weekends we used to have fun in the pool.

Finally, I finished renovating the master bedroom. The whole room was pink. The walls were light pink. Everything from cupboard to the pillows everything was pink.

I wanted Chloe to be the first to see the room. So, I woke her up early morning. Anna and Rose were still asleep in their rooms.

Me: Wheeew! Chloe! You can come in now, it’s done!
Chloe: Really? I can’t wait to see it!
Me: You can see it now!

Chloe: About time, I wasn’t allowed in here for two months!
Me: It was worth it, you’ll see!

Chloe was surprised by the way our room was shining. I could see, she was really happy.

Chloe: Oh wow!
Me: What do you think?
Chloe: This is amazing! You outdid yourself!

Me: I know it’s great!
Chloe: Look at this. It’s all ready!
Me: It wasn’t easy but I got it done!

Let me describe how she looks. She’s wearing a dark red color bikini suit, as she is seven months pregnant. It was backless. The boobs were barely covering. It was like a single cloth bra and panty together. Her boobs were bigger because of her pregnancy. She looked so hot in that baby bump.

Chloe: It’s perfect.
Me: Just like you are!
Chloe: I think you should go into decorating. You’re really good!
Me: It’s easy when you’re doing it for someone you love.

Chloe: You deserve a reward for this, how about I make your favorite dish?
Me: Yes please, I’m starving!
Chloe: I’m sure she’s going to love this room.
Me: Or he!

Pointing to her belly.

Chloe: Or he! Let’s ask. What are you, baby? Boy or girl?
Me: I don’t think he can hear us.
Chloe: It kicked!

Me: Then it’s a boy!
Chloe: Hahaha! How about before breakfast I give you a little appetizer?
Me: Yes, please!

I pulled her closer to me and kissed her lips. I slowly moved the bra string which was covering her nipples. I exposed those huge nipples. I started slowly massaging and pressing her boobs.

Me: You know. Another best thing about pregnancy is your breasts. They are so big now.
Chloe: Hahaha! Yes they are, they need to be ready for the baby.

Me: But what about me?
Chloe: They are always ready for you.

I made her lie on the bed. I took off my t-shirt and laid beside Chloe. With my left hand, I slowly moved her panty aside and started touching her pussy.

Chloe: Oh, God.
Me: Is it that good?
Chloe: It’s amazing. My hormones are all over the place!

Me: That’s good!
Chloe: It’s amazing.
Me: Then I’m sure you’re going to like this.

After making her horny by touching and playing with her pussy. I removed clothes and I got naked too. Gosh! She’s looking so great with that belly. I was turned on. Then, I made her stand in front of me with her back touching my chest. I then lifted her left leg in the air and inserted my cock in her pussy.

Chloe: Mmmmm.
Me: I’ll take it slow.

I slowly started moving my cock in and out. Ah, those pointy nipples. She was enjoying it. I was going at a good pace. We both were moaning.

Chloe: Let’s step this up a bit.

She made me lie on the bed. She’s on top of me in cowgirl position. She’s now in full control and started riding my cock by jumping up and down. After 10 minutes, we switched.

We were on the bed and I was fucking her from behind in doggy style. After some time, we switch again. I sat on my legs on the bed. Chloe sat on my dick in a hugging position. Our bodies were crushing each other. I could feel her baby bump on my stomach. That was a great feeling.

Me: I know you like this position.
Chloe: I do like it. I like them all with you.
Me: You always know what to say.

Chloe: You too. That’s what makes us great. I love you A.
Me: I love you, Chloe.

After a couple of minutes, Chloe orgasmed. I shot my cum immediately after her orgasm. We both took a quick nap for a couple of hours. We woke up after the nap. Rose was entering the master bedroom. Her mouth was wide open seeing the master bedroom. She looked so cute with her baby bump.

Chloe: So what do you think?
Rose: I love it!

She jumped in joy! Chloe hugged rose from behind. Gosh! My ladies were looking so beautiful.

Rose: What about our story?
Chloe: I’m the girlfriend, you’re my sister.
Me: Your boyfriend got you pregnant and he left you.
Rose: And now I’m staying with you guys until I get on my feet.

Chloe: Exactly!
Me: And I’ll raise your baby as it was my own. Nobody has to know that it is mine.
Rose: That’s going to work!

Chloe: Who knows how many people are doing the same thing we are! This is going to be great!
Rose: Yes it will.
Chloe: I love you, both of you!

Rose: I love both of you too!
Me: Me too!
Rose: Let’s make this room our own.
Chloe: Starting with us naked!

Me: Yes, please!
Chloe: Oh so you like that idea?
Me: Of course!

Rose: I like it too!
Chloe: Then what are we waiting for?
Me: Let’s not wait!

We got naked quickly. Wow! I can’t describe how huge Rose’s boobs were looking. They were the biggest boobs I have ever seen in my life and also her nipples were pretty huge. While I was getting naked, the girls were already in action.

They both sat on the floor opposite each other. Rose kept her legs wide. Chloe’s sat in between Rose’s legs. They both started kissing. Chloe started touching and playing with Rose’s pussy. Rose was pressing Chloe’s boobs.

Me: That’s nice.
Chloe: Lose your clothes A!

I obeyed her command. The girls were getting horny and ready.

Me: I’m ready!
Rose: Me too!

We all were on the bed. Rose was in the doggy position, with her boobs buried in the bed. I went behind her and was about to insert it into her pussy. Chloe jumped on top Rose from the opposite. Her ass was just above Rose’s head. And her face was on top of Rose’s ass.

Chloe wanted to suck my cock before I fucked Rose’s pussy. I pulled Chloe’s mouth and pushed my cock in her mouth. My cock was rubbing Rose’s butthole, while Chloe sucked my cock. She was blowing me for a good 10 minutes.

Rose: Take me from behind!

I inserted my cock inside Rose’s pussy. We were now properly fucking in the doggy style. Chloe sat on top of Rose’s back. She’s facing me. We both kissed and sucked our lips while I fucked Rose like a dog. I was pressing Chloe’s boobs too.

After some time, I was about to cum. Both girls wanted to drink my cum. I shot my cum happily in their mouths.

Let me stop here. The next part is the final and conclusion part of this series. There’s a big twist coming up. So do read what happens and what’s the big twist in my final part of this series.


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