Bliss Boarding School Part-41

After the exhausting session with Anna in the garage, I made up my mind to ready the office in the garage within 2 weeks. For the next two weeks, I worked hard and got the office ready.

It has new carpet, a table and a comfortable chair for me. I had two sofa type chairs. I purchased a computer too. Few paintings for the wall and cupboard and a bookshelf. It looked professional.

After two weeks, I started seeing patients. They were good and quick. I was getting many appointments. On day 3 Anna was in the office. Gosh! She’s hot as always. She was in her jogging clothes.

A black tight yoga pants till her knees and a black and white tight t-shirt. She looked like a perfect slim fit girl. Also, she had a sweat towel around her neck.

Anna: Hey love!
Me: Hey Anna!
Anna: How’s it going?

Me: So far so good, I had time to drink my coffee. I don’t know why so many people are coming to me. Not that I’m complaining.
Anna: Because you’re a great doctor!
Me: Right. That must be it. How about you?

Anna: I was about to go on my run and decided to say hi!
Me: That’s nice of you, thanks!
Anna: I wanted to see you in action!
Me: What kind of action do you want to see?

Anna: Hahaha! Not now, behave!
Me: I could lock the door, say I’m with a patient.
Anna: Hahaha! You’d wish! Later!

Me: Leaving already?
Anna: Yes! See you at home!
Me: Come on!

She was about to leave. I don’t know what happened, she closed the door and came near me. I was about to speak. She put her finger on my lips. I shut myself up. She then unzipped my pants and took out my cock.

Wow! She went down and started sucking my cock. Oh heavens! She got aggressive and started taking my cock in and out. Within a few minutes, I couldn’t hold and shot my cum in her mouth. She swallowed it fully and cleaned her self up. She got up and then gave me a smooch and left.

Wow! I did not see that coming. After she left, there was a knock on the door.

Me: One moment! I’ll be right there!

A girl walked straight into the office. I was still at the door and she was already near the chairs.

Girl: Thank God you’re free! You’re not going to believe this!
Me: Please. Come right in.
Girl: Thank you! I will!

She walked right past me, I don’t even know who she is…

Me: Sit down.

She was a bit furious.

Girl: I wouldn’t even come to this dump but my friend told me your the best!
Me: Dump? It’s not completely done yet.
Girl: I don’t care about that, I care about results.

Me: That’s why I’m here, to help those that need it.
Girl: And your price rate is really good, compared to the others I’ve been at.
Me: Sit, tell me about your problem.

Let me tell you about her. She has curly brown hair till her shoulder. She’s wearing a cream color single skirt. It was sleeveless with just single strings to support on the shoulders. It was a deep neck and I could see her cleavage.

She has huge boobs, around 38, I guess. The length of the dress covered just till her butt. She accidentally exposed her panties when she sat on the chair.

Girl: So here it is. My husband is cheating on me!
Me: Oh! How can you tell?
Girl: Because I saw him with that bitch. Not once, not twice. A lot of times!
Me: If you’re looking for a divorce I can’t help you with that…

Girl: What? And let him go with all of his money? No way! If I leave him I get nothing but if he leaves me I get a lot of money!
Me: And what can I help you with?

Girl: I want to not care, I can’t help but feel sad that he’s cheating. I can’t take it anymore! If I don’t care he’s going to notice it. Then he’ll ask for a divorce and I get paid! That bastard! The least I can do is get his money!
Me: I see.

Girl: I loved him, I did. I think he loved me too, but not anymore.
Me: Well there are a few ways to distance yourself from those feelings.
Girl: That’s exactly what I want!

Me: I’ll be honest, I don’t usually do this. I mean I know you’re looking for his money now. It’s… Difficult to do my job now.
Girl: Please, help me out! He’s the lying cheating bastard, not me!

I was just wondering what to do. Anna was right. I couldn’t resist. I cooked up a plan.

Me: Fight fire with fire.
Girl: What’s that supposed to mean?

I went in front of her and was standing with the support of the table.

Me: If he’s cheating on you, you cheat on him.
Girl: Me? Cheat?
Me: That’s the one thing that’s sure to work. We can talk all day about it but in the end, in all cases, this is what works better.

Girl: How would that work?
Me: It’s called the annulment theory. You have a flat tire, you change it. You have a cheating husband you divorce him. But if you don’t want to divorce, do what he does, cheat.

Girl: Hmmm.
Me: That way, you won’t feel guilty about cheating because he’s doing it too. You won’t feel bad because you have someone else making you feel good. It cancels out those feelings.

Girl: That might work. But with who? I don’t know…
Me: I can be more than your doctor.
Girl: What?

I made her stand in front of me by holding her arms. I unzipped my pants and popped my dick out. I made her touch my dick with her left hand.

Girl: What are you doing?
Me: How does that feel?

She couldn’t speak out. Also, her hand was still on my dick

Me: Are you tingly? Do you feel like you’re doing something good but are afraid of being caught?
Girl: Yes. It’s working!
Me: Of course it works.

Girl: This could be the answer.
Me: I’m sure of it, now take it in your mouth.
Girl: You’re the doctor.

She kneeled and took my dick in her mouth. She started giving me a blowjob. This is so easy. I’m having more sex here than a porn star does.

Girl: Hmmm, I feel it working!

They always want to cheat, they just need someone to tell them to do it. Like me! Hahaha! I was just enjoying getting my cock blown by a stranger. I kept my hands on her head and moved her deeper on my cock.

Me: Good girl, you’re doing good.
Girl: Hmmm Feels good.

I was now fucking her mouth. My cock was touching her throat. We both got naked and changed positions. I made her lie on the chair on her back. I was on my knees and lifted her legs and inserted my cock into her pussy.

Gosh! Her huge boobs were bouncing while I fucked her. I fucked her till we both came. I shot my cum inside her pussy.

Girl: Wow! That did wonders!
Me: Hmmm.
Girl: I already feel better about it!
Me: I know what I’m doing.

Girl: You’re worth every penny! What now?
Me: I’ll see you same time next week?
Girl: Of course! I’ll be here! Thank you, doctor!
Me: Make sure you recommend me to your friends!

Girl: I will! Wait! Does that mean that my friend… Oh, she did it too!
Me: Hahaha! See you next time!
Girl: Thank you, doctor, have a good day!

The day was great. I closed by evening. Went home. All three girls were relaxing in the master bedroom. I could make out easily that there was some fun between the girls in my absence.

Me: Did you just have fun without me?
Rose: What? Noooo!
Chloe: Haha! I told you, he is a doctor. He can make out easily.
Anna: Yeah! He’s good at his job.

Me: Oh yes! I am.
Rose: Since you are having fun with all your patients, we decided that we girls should have our fun too.
Me: What? Fun with patients?

Chloe: Hahaha! Don’t act innocent honey! One of my friends told us all about your cures.
Anna: I told you, girls. He cannot resist at all. Hahaha!
Rose: Hahaha! That’s true!

Chloe: So, we are fine with you having fun with your patients. So you should be fine with us having fun without you.
Me: Hmmm. That’s true! I am totally fine with that.

Anna: But remember, after work you are all ours. Never give us excuse about being tired because of your patients.
Chloe: Oh yes! That’s exactly what we want. No excuses.

Rose: Hahaha! Girls, I don’t think we need to worry about that. He might make up an excuse to have more sex with us! I feel like he is the Sex God!
Chloe: Hahaha! True! Sex God with so much sexual energy!

Anna: And with a monster tool!
Rose: And with so tasty cum! Mmmmm!
Me: Wow! You girls are turning me on.

We all laughed for a while. Then suddenly the girls remembered something

Chloe: Oh yeah! Do you want to know what started our fun?
Me: I am curious!

Anna: We have a piece of good news. I mean it’s good news for us, but we are not sure about you.
Rose: First sit down on the bed and relax.

I was a little worried now. The girls were acting strangely. What could be good for them and not sure for me? I tried to relax.

Rose: Hmmm! Here it goes… I am pregnant!
Me: What? Really?
Rose: Yes, I tested in today morning! It’s positive.

I could see all the girls were happy.

Me: But you were taking pills right?
Rose: Yes, I was. But with all this shifting and the multi relationship and shifting to a new home. I have missed a couple of days.
Me: Awe! I understand. So, are we keeping it?

Rose: Yes! I never imagined this. But I think, I wanna keep it.
Me: Wow! This is unexpected.
Chloe: We understand it is overwhelming for you. You don’t have to worry. There are three girls to support you.

Anna: Yes! You don’t have to worry about anything.
Me: Wow! I love you guys! But I wanna keep the baby too! I am gonna be a cool Dad!

I jumped in joy! We all group hugged. I kissed Rose on her lips for like 5 minutes.

Chloe: Wow! We never thought you will be this happy!
Anna: Hahaha! Now you know why we did it without you.

The girls joined too and we all four kissed each other. After 5 minutes, Chloe stopped us.

Chloe: A, I love you and I love Rose too. So I have a proposal too.
Me: What is it?
Chloe: Even I want to get pregnant!
Anna: Oh Wow! Really?

Chloe: Yes, I want a baby too!
Me: Wow! More good news for me! Anna how about you?

Anna: Hahaha! As much as I love to, but I am not ready yet. So I will be there to support my love ladies.
Rose: Also, Anna will take care of you when we are not if you know what I mean.

Everyone laughed and we all were happy.

Chloe: So, girls I am sorry, but he is mine for atleast a couple of days.
Anna: Lucky guy, can fuck you 24×7. I and Rose will satisfy each other for now.
Rose: Yes, we will!

I was excited to fuck Chloe. I was waiting for the night to come. Finally, the night arrived. Chloe was waiting for me in bed. It looks like she’s more eager than me.

Chloe: Hey love! Come fast!
Me: Wow! Why are you in a hurry?
Chloe: I don’t want to waste any time. I am not leaving you until you cum inside me three times.

Me: Wow! Really? Three times.
Chloe: You heard me. You better start now.

I love this commanding Chloe. I jumped on top of her and started kissing her. We removed our clothes immediately. She pushed me on the bed and came on top of me. She started rubbing her pussy against my dick. I was getting excited and hard with her soft touches of pussy.

With in no time, my tool was hard as a rod. She guided my cock inside her pussy and started riding me. There was a different kind of energy and passion for it. I was matching her jumping rhythm. My cock was touching deep inside her pussy. Suddenly she increased her pace.

We were moaning and fucking. With force and friction, I was about to cum. She asked me to cum in missionary position. We switched to missionary position and I fucked her and shot my cum. She pushed my dick deeper when I was shooting my cum.

I fell on her after shooting all the cum. Before I could take a breather, she grabbed my limp dick and put it in her mouth. Wow! She is really on a mission and is not wasting any time. I was lying flat doing nothing. She started sucking my dick. Even I was in full mood.

So within 5 minutes, my dick was hard again. She stood up and kept 3 pillows in the middle of the bed. Then she sat on them and then she made her backrest on the bed. Her ass was on those pillows at a certain height. I stood up and started fucking her pussy which resting on those pillows.

I made her legs wide and pulled her more towards me. I kept fucking her for 15 minutes. She had orgasmed already but asked me to fuck her till I cum. Gosh! We both were sweating! Our room was full of cum smell. I was aroused by that. Finally, I shot my cum for the second time.

This time again she took in every drop of my cum. We were really tired. We were lying side by side. She kissed my lips and said I love you. Before I could respond to that, she grabbed my cock in her right hand and started giving a handjob.

Oh my fucking God! She’s not stopping. She was going at it with full force. Like I promised, I was also ready for the third time. She was moving her hand up down at full speed. And she has grabbed my cock tightly. She spat on my cock so that it will be a bit moist. I was ready after 10 minutes of her handjob.

As soon as I was ready, she asked me to fuck her in the doggy style. I obeyed her. She was on her all four and I started fucking her pussy from behind. She asked me to ride her holding her hair. Wow! She’s ready to do anything for me. I held her hair and was riding her like a bitch.

We kept going at it for 15 minutes. Then we changed position. She made me sit with my legs straight and my back resting on the bed wall. Then she sat on my dick with her legs on either side or me. Her boobs were crushing on my chest. She started kissing me and at the same time started jumping on my cock.

The kissing was getting hotter, with saliva and tongue fight. She already had multiple orgasms. I was about to cum. She made me lie on my right side. She also joined me in the same position hugging me. Her back was on the chest. Then I inserted my cock and started fucking her.

After a few minutes, I shot my cum for the third time.

Wow! That was unbelievable! Again she took every drop of my cum. I was about to remove my dick. She asked me to let it in and wanted us to sleep with my cock still inside her pussy. I loved the idea, and we fell asleep in that position with my limp cock still inside her burning red hot pussy.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.


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