Bliss Boarding School Part-40

We all four were tired and fell asleep after that unbelievable foursome. I woke up the next morning. Anna and Chloe were still sleeping on the bed fully naked. Rose is already awake, I think she’s taking a shower in her room. I went looking for her.

Me: Rose?
Rose: In here, come join me!
Me: Coming!

There she is! Taking a shower standing in the bathtub. There was soap foam all over her body. She is facing the wall. I could see her whole backside. Gosh! Those rounded and huge butts.

Rose: You’re up early.
Me: Yes, what time is it?
Rose: I think it’s 6:30 or something like that.
Me: Wow! That really is early!

Rose: Are you excited about living here?
Me: I really am, you?
Rose: Me too! I can’t wait to have fun with all the people I love.

She then slowly turned and faced towards me. Holy fuck! She looks so seductive while bathing. The foam is covering all her boobs except her nipples. That was looking so sexy. She’s moving her all over her boobs and chest.

Rose: Get in here with me. Let’s both take a shower.
Me: I know what that means.
Rose: So what are you waiting for?
Me: Nothing at all.

I was only in my boxers. I removed them quickly and jumped into the shower. I turned her towards the wall. I stood behind her and inserted my dick in her pussy from behind.

Me: Do you like that?
Rose: Yes. Keep going.
Me: Shower sex. Lucky me.
Rose: Lucky us.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me. She’s turned on and moaning heavily.

Rose: Yes. Right there.
Me: I’m so hot.
Rose: Let’s move this. The water is so hot.
Me: Ok, let’s do that.

I lifted her in my arms and got out of the bathtub. I made her lie on the bathroom floor. Lifted her both legs up and rested them on my shoulders. I was on my knees and shoved my cock in her pussy. The foam on her body made her look so hot.

Me: This is much better.
Rose: Mmmmm.

I fucked her in this position. Her moans were echoing in the bathroom. After 15 minutes of fucking, we both orgasmed. I shot my cum in her pussy. Them we both showered and cleaned ourselves. We went into Rose’s room. We both were still naked.

Rose: This place is so great!
Me: I know.
Rose: You know what?
Me: What?

Rose: Let’s do it again.
Me: Really?
Rose: Yes, I am still horny!
Me: I think that’s a great idea.

Rose: Then. Let’s take this to bed.
Me: Yes!
Rose: Come here.

She went and slept at the edge of the bed. She was lying on her back. I stood in front of her. She spread her legs wide and guided my cock inside her pussy. I grabbed her thighs and started fucking her pussy. After 10 minutes we changed the position.

I made her into a doggy style. She was a bit tired and pushed her boobs into the bed. I was behind and fucking her pussy from behind. We fucked hard and fast. She orgasmed soon.

Rose: Ahhhhhh! That was great morning sex.
Me: Yes! It was! I am about to cum baby!
Rose: Cum in my mouth! I want to drink your healthy morning juice.
Me: As you wish my lady!

I shot my cum in her mouth. She gulped everything down her throat. She licked every single drop of my cum from the dick and swallowed it.

Rose: Wow! It’s so damn tasty A!
Me: Haha! Glad you liked it.

We both cuddled together in the bed for a while. Anna and Chloe came to our room and woke us up.

Anna: Looks like someone was really horny early morning.
Rose: Haha! No, A woke up when I was showering. We wanted to save water by bathing together.

Me: Yeah! Things took a turn from there.
Chloe: Haha! Looks like it was a long turn, making you end up on the bed.
Rose: Hahaha!
Me: Hahaha!

We freshened up quickly and were sitting in the living room.

Chloe: So, A what are you gonna do sitting at home?
Me: I was just thinking about it.
Anna: I have an idea.
Rose: What is it?

Anna: Since he is so great at sex and also the way he managed to convince all three of us into a multi relationship. I feel like he will be great at giving sex advice.

Chloe: Wow! That sounds interesting.
Me: You mean Sex therapist?
Rose: Yes! He will be perfect for it.

Me: Uhmmm. I’m not sure about that!
Anna: You will be great at it.
Chloe: I know you can do it.

Me: Really?
Chloe: Yes. We believe in you.
Me: Awe! Thanks, gals! I think I’m gonna do it. But where am I gonna set up my office?

Anna: Why don’t we use the garage and convert that into your office.
Rose: Oh yeah! That way you don’t need to leave the house. It’s like work from home.
Me: Hahaha!

Chloe: Hahaha! Yes, the garage is a good idea.
Anna: Let’s go A. I’ll help you set up your office. Let’s see what’s available there.
Me: That would be great! Let’s go!

Me and headed to the garage. There’s not much there apart from a table and 2 chairs each on either side of the table. The walls were really empty. The hasn’t been used by anyone for a long time.

Me: It’s going to require some work.
Anna: Are you up for it?
Me: You bet I am!
Anna: You can place some paintings on the walls.

Me: I’ll figure something out.
Anna: I’m sure that when you’re done with it, this place will be great!
Me: Yeah, I’m sure too!
Anna: Should I call you ‘doctor’?

Me: Hahaha! Yes!
Anna: Like doctor Hannibal?
Me: I might be a shrink but I’m not Hannibal!
Anna: Hahaha!

I looked around. The chairs were having a lot of dust.

Me: I’d offer you a seat but.
Anna: I can sit anywhere doctor.
Me: I think it would be safer if you stand.
Anna: Let me get the lights.

She switched on the lights. Oh, it looked better in the lights.

Me: That’s better!
Anna: I’m sure you’re going to do great in this place. You’re people’s person, you’re going to be a hit!
Me: Thank you! I hope so.

Anna: And let’s be honest, this is easy work.
Me: I don’t know about that, I haven’t started yet.
Anna: Let’s give it a try on me!
Me: Hahaha!

Anna: Come on, really! I’ll be your first patient!
Me: Hmmm. Ok, ok! So what’s troubling you?
Anna: Oh doctor. Where do I begin?
Me: From the start.

Anna: The problem is that my boyfriend isn’t giving me enough attention.
Me: Why do you think that is?
Anna: I think he’s seeing someone else.

Me: Tell me more.
Anna: He’s not pleasuring me enough. I mean he’s doing his job but I want more!

Me: Did you tell him that?
Anna: Not really.
Me: Maybe you should let him know that you need more.

Oh, I forgot to tell you what Anna is wearing. Believe me guys, she is looking really hot. She’s wearing a dark grey color tight shirt. The top three buttons were open. I could see her cleavage.

She’s wearing a short great skirt just covering her ass and a dark red lipstick. Gosh! She’s looking great. She came closer to me.

Anna: I’m not sure what he would think about my needs.
Me: What exactly are your needs?
Anna: Well. I’d like it if he’d go down on me more. You know. Lick me down there.

Me: I get it, I understand. Maybe he will surprise you and do what you desire.
Anna: I don’t know about that.

I sat on the chair and pulled Anna in between my legs. I made her stand straight. I grabbed her butts with my hands and started kissing her belly with her shirt still on. She lifted her hands in the air and was enjoying my touches.

Me: Just so I understand better. Down here?
Anna: No, not there. A bit more south.
Me: So not your belly.
Anna: No, not there.

I made her sit on the table. I was kneeling. I pulled her skirt off. My mouth was near her pussy. I started licking her pussy and her clit.

Me: Hmmm. How about here.
Anna: Yeah, right there. That’s the spot.
Me: I told you.

Anna: What?
Me: That he might surprise you and do it.
Anna: You were right doctor.

I started licking her pussy. I was rubbing her clit with my right thumb. I slowly inserted my tongue inside her pussy. She’s getting wet. I was exploring all corners of her vagina and tongue fucking her.

We changed the position after some time. I jumped on the table. I made Anna lie flat on the table. I was on my knees. I lifted her ass with my hands and started sucking her pussy. Her legs were resting on my back.

Me: Is it good?
Anna: Oh yes. Good thing my shrink is my boyfriend.
Me: I know all your needs.

I started sucking her pussy faster. She’s rubbing her clit with her left hand and was moaning continuously. Then we changed to 69 position. I was lying flat on the table. She’s on top of me, with her pussy on my face. She started sucking my dick while I licked her pussy.

Me: Mmmmmmm.
Anna: Oh my.

We blew each other for a long time.

Anna: I want you inside me!

I was still lying flat on the table. I made Anna lie on me with her back crushed on my chest. Then I inserted my dick into her pussy. I lifted her legs and was fucking here. We were fucking for 10 minutes.

She turned herself and now she was facing me. Her legs are on either side of me. She’s pushing her boobs in my face and guided my dick into her pussy. She’s started riding me and I was licking her boobs. I started moving my hips and down and was fucking her pussy deep.

Anna: More! I want to be on top!
Me: Ok. Uhhhhh.

She’s now sitting straight in a cowgirl position and was completely in control of my dick. We kept fucking for some time in this position. We changed again. I was lying on my right side. I made her lie in the same position in front of me. Her back was on my chest.

I lifted her left leg in the air and inserted my dick in her pussy. I was holding her right boob while I fucked her hard with big pushes. We both had an orgasm at the same time. I shot my cum inside her pussy. Some of the cum was leaking out.

Anna: Uhhhhhh. You. Wow!.
Me: Mmmmm. Did that do it?
Anna: Mmmmm. It did it. All the way!
Me: Wheeew! That took a lot out of me!

Anna: Tell me about it. I know! But it was amazing. Don’t do that with your other clients!
Me: Hahaha! I’ll try not to!

Anna: Hahaha! I know you can’t resist it. We will see how long you will control.
Me: I will do my best!

Anna: I know. You’ve been great every moment. Ever since that Tuesday. Not one regret!
Me: You’ve been great even before that Tuesday, waiting for me.
Anna: How could I not wait for you? The heart wants what the heart wants.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback through email.


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