Big Boobs Teacher Part-1

After my intermediate, I had to move to Mumbai to do my B. tech in one of the reputed universities there. That is where I met Latika ma’am. She was my maths teacher in the first year. I like the subject maths but little did I know that I would also like the teacher who taught me maths.

She is a simple beauty. She has a wheatish fair skin tone and got a well-shaped body. She was 28 years old during that time and by the time I got to fuck her in my final year, she was 32. Her assets were round and thick. She has got well-sized breasts and a thick round ass.

She usually wore sarees that covered her well but well-draped around her which revealed those curves of her sexy body. She was from the city of Vizag in Andhra and me being a Bihari guy from Bihar.

She used to be a bit lenient with me when compared to her behavior with others who were Tamil and South Indian students. She had a good opinion on me as I was good at maths and that helped me get close to her with time. The whole first semester. I used to be around her for some or the other reason.

Whenever I got a chance I used to go to her staffroom and ask some doubts so that I could see her. She used to stand in front of her table and used to place the book on it. She used to bend a little to see into the book and that’s when I get to see a very little part of her cleavage.

That’s very little but enough to make my day. I used to feel some kind of excitement in me whenever I sneaked a peek at her assets. In the classroom, I used to see her navel and side boobs in that well fit blouse. When she turns sideways while walking and her ass when she writes on the board.

Whenever the chalk or her pen falls, I don’t think I have to say what I got to see by sitting on the front bench. That was the kind of enjoyment I had during my first semester. As the semester came to an end, I have become a well-known student to her and also like a friend sometimes.

Though it went well till then, she didn’t come again as my teacher till the final year of mine. In that time gap of three years. She had aged like wine. She got married and had a baby. She got into her good shape even after having a baby though it took a year from birth.

Her tits grew big and looked softer in those blouses of hers. Her ass got a little bulky like a bubble butt. Days passed and one day there was some event for teachers at college. She came to class in the morning in a chudidar. That was the first time someone has seen her in such a dress.

The black chudidar showed her shape more perfectly than a saree. There was no exposing except a little skin show of upper chest covered in a black transparent dupatta. On the same day, Latika ma’am asked me to stay after college as she needs me to help in entering the marks online.

She was looking so sexy that day that I started imagining things with her. She asked me to stay after college. But I know that nothing would happen as she sees me nothing more than a student of her. So after the last bell rang, I went to her staffroom and we started entering the marks.

I was telling her the marks of students and she was entering them into the system. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. My cock was semi-hard inside my pants. Somehow we completed entering all her student’s marks online in 2 hours or so and we came out of her staffroom. She locked the staffroom and we walked towards the lift.

We were on the tenth floor and I pressed the ground floor button. It went well till then. But the lift didn’t stop on the ground floor, It went to the basement and stopped. We tried every button possible but there was no use. We even tried to open the doors manually and tried pressing the alarm button. Nothing worked.

Latika ma’am tried calling the staff but the signals were zero there. We shouted for help but no one responded. It was almost two hours after closing time and nobody would be there except security. It is a basement which was used as storeroom space, there was no one to hear us.

We were worried. But on the other side, I was a bit excited that we were stuck alone. I thought it was a chance but I was afraid. The time passed and after an hour the lift lights got dim and the fan slowed down leaving us sweaty in that closed lift.

I can see her wipe herself with her dupatta. She was talking to herself in a low voice cursing the lift and the management. I asked her to calm down and told her that we might have to stay in lift till morning. She got more panicked and tried calling to her husband and home. The calls were not getting connected.

Finally, she understood that it was not going to end soon and sat down in the lift putting her dupatta aside and asked me to sit down. I sat opposite her and we were sweating like hell. The air in the lift was just enough for us to breathe well but it’s sweating.

Latika ma’am was pressing her upper chest with some discomfort in her face. She was taking her hand from there whenever she noticed that I was looking at her. I just asked her out that if she was feeling uncomfortable and she said she was ok but after some time.

She started to moan in low voice out of pain. I got a bit tensed and asked her if she was really fine. She finally told me that she was feeling her breasts getting heavy as she didn’t feed her baby that day. The breasts started to stimulate more milk and it was getting painful for her.

At last, she finally asked me to turn around so that she can just squeeze out some milk form those tits. I turned around and I can hear only sounds of her cloth rub against her skin as she tried to take out one boob by still wearing that dress.

I was afraid and excited at the same time. I am alone with the woman of my dreams and that too she is getting semi-naked behind me. It was tempting for me to turn back and look. I tried to turn my head a little and see her. All I could see was she turned the other side.

She was looking down working on her big jugs of milk. I could hear little spurting sounds of her milk getting squeezed out. All I could do was just imagine how it would look or taste. I was too afraid to take a step at that moment but all my thoughts got my cock hard.

As I was thinking all this, Latika ma’am said, “Uh, I don’t think it’s working. You please don’t turn this side, I am removing my top.” My heart skipped a beat. My legs started shivering. Every part of my body was forcing me to turn around and look.

I said ok and sneaked a peek at her back after she removed her chudidar top. She was wearing a black legging only. I noticed that she was busy pressing herself. I just turned my head sideways to sneak a peek at her.

She was moaning in a low voice and pressing her tits and nipples probably to get that breastmilk out. Its been fifteen minutes and I asked her if that’s over. She said no and asked me to wait and not to turn around. I agreed and stood there patiently.

Five minutes after that, she said, “A, I know this is wrong but I have no other way. Please don’t take this in any other sense. The pressing isn’t getting a lot of milk out. This isn’t helping. I want you to suck on my breasts, please. Quick and easy.”

Saying that she asked me to turn around and she turned towards me unable to make eye contact properly. She just put her hands away, stepped back to rest her back on the wall of the lift. She turned her head to a side to not face me and asked me to bend down and suck on them.

I bent down a little and my trembling hands went to get hold of those big tits. The dream breasts of my dream woman are right in front of my face. Her tit was the size of my face from close. While I got my hand over her breast to squeeze and got my lips near her nipple to suck the breastmilk.

She said, “Uh, stop.”

To be Continued


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