Bliss Boarding School Part-39

I was really glad that I could convince all my ladies into a multi relationship. Now I can sleep with all my three ladies – Chloe, Rose, and Anna, anytime I want. I was just wondering about how we are gonna live.

Chloe: I think we should buy a house with the money I get after selling this house.
Rose: That is your money! How can we accept that?

Me: Yes, that’s right! We need to figure out something else.
Chloe: Shut up! It’s my money and since you are my people, you will do as I say.

Wow! First time I am seeing Chloe in a commanding position. After a small debate, I and Rose gave in. The lawyer sold the house and with his help, we were able to get a fairly big one-story house. It has a pool in the front and we had 4 bedrooms and 1 giant master bedroom.

The house is covered by a compound, which gave us full privacy for the pool. We loved it and decided to move in. We called Anna and told her about everything. She was really happy to hear the good news. She hurried to pack her stuff and was on her way to our new home.

We worked with the lawyer and got all the paperwork done immediately. It took some time. The house was already fully furnished. We only had to bring our luggage. Anna arrived at some time. We all were happy to see her. She was excited. We all had a group hug

Chloe: So, I and Rose will take the upper bedrooms. Anna can take the one in the below.
Rose: And let the 2 room on the ground floor be a Guest room.

Me: Sounds perfect! I will take the master bedroom.
Chloe: Nooo!
Me: Ummm, why not?

Rose: Because you will be sleeping with all of us turn by turn.
Anna: Exactly, we will not let you sleep alone.
Me: Wow! But what about the master bedroom?

Before they could answer, all three girls were whispering something in their ears.

Rose: Looks like A is curious about what happens in the master bedroom.
Anna: Yes, he is!
Chloe: Why not show him what exactly happens.
Rose: Hahaha! Yes, let’s go.

Rose took my hand and escorted me upstairs to the master bedroom. Chloe and Rose followed. I was excited as something hot was about to happen. We reached the master bedroom. The bed was huge. At least 5 people can sleep in there easily. Rose made me sit on a sofa which is on the left side of the room.

Rose: Sit tight! We will show you what’s gonna happen in this bedroom.
Chloe: Just sit back and enjoy the show.

All three girls jumped on the bed. They started stripping facing towards. Wow! A strip show from three hot girls at the same time. I was feeling so lucky. I always wanted to see live lesbian action.

They removed their tops and threw them at me. I caught them. Gosh! They smell so good. They were now in just bra and panty. All three girls jumped out of bed and came towards me. Chloe sat on my legs, Rose was on my left and Anna was on my right.

They were teasing me. Anna and Rose were teasing me with their boobs near my face. Chloe was giving me a lap dance. I was getting hard down there with all this hot action. Chloe noticed my hardon.

Chloe: Somebody is getting super excited!
Rose: Hahaha! He is turned on by this.
Anna: Oh yes! Three hot girls, what can be better than this, right A?
Me: Oh yeah! I am so lucky!

Chloe started unzipping my pants and started removing them. Rose and Anna were unbuttoning my shirt. They stripped me too. I was now fully naked. Chloe turned her back towards me and asked me to remove her bra with my teeth. I brought my mouth near her bra hooks and started to unhook them with my teeth.

My hands were naturally trying to grab them. But Anna and Rose held my hands. Rose guided my left hand towards her bra hook and Anna made me unhook her bra with my right hand. I have never seen this before. A guy unhooking three girls bras at the same time.

It was a new challenge for me and the devil I am, I unhooked all of them in no time. The girls were surprised at how fast my hands work and they pushed their boobs at my face at the same time.

Wow! Six huge balls in my face, what more could I ask for? I started licking at them, but they pulled themselves back immediately.

Anna: Not so soon honey!
Chloe: Exactly! You still have more action to watch.

Saying this all the girls slowly started removing their panty. God! They were working like professional strippers. They took off their panties and placed them on my face. Oh, holy heavens! The smell of three girls vaginas. It was making me high and I was so turned on. I could see that their panties were already wet.

Wow! The girls are also getting turned on by this. I licked their wet panties for some time, while they watched me going mad at their panties. Suddenly all three girls kissed me on my lips at the same time. Whew! Four lips touching each other all at once. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

After a small kiss, the girls went back to the bed. It was time for some lesbian action. The girls started kissing each other. All three lips touching each other. Slowly from lip kiss, it turned into a tongue fight. Wow! They were licking and sucked each other’s tongue, exchanging their hot salivas.

My mouth was wide open and my dick was saluting them in full strength. I was watching live porn. After that intense kiss, Rose and Anna started sucking Chloe’s nipples. Chloe had her eyes closed. She’s enjoying every bit of it. After some time it was Rose’s turn. Chloe and Anna licked her huge nipples.

I wanted to join them so badly but it was their show, so I let them continue. Then Anna got her nipples licked by Chloe and Rose. Soon the bottom action started. Rose pushed 2 fingers inside Chloe’s pussy. Chloe was lying flat on the bed now. Rose started fingering Chloe.

Anna went up and started kissing Chloe. Gosh! That was hot! After some time Anna went near Rose and started fingering her. The room was slowly filling with moans. It was time for me to join the action too. Chloe was lying on her back. Rose was kneeling on top of Chloe and was fingering Chloe.

Anna was behind Rose and was fingering her. I went behind Anna and started fingering her. I was excited. I didn’t realize I was fingering Anna fast. That was driving Anna crazy. She also started fingering Rose at full speed. Rose too fingered Chloe at full pace. Within minutes all the girls had their first orgasm.

The sound of their orgasms was so heavenly. They took a break by just lying flat side by side on the bed. I slowly went near Chloe’s pussy and licked her pussy juices. Rose and Anna asked me to lick their pussies too. They all tasted differently but it was sweet nectar. I cannot describe how good it tasted.

After licking all their pussies it was time for my reward. The girls made me lie on the bed. Rose grabbed my dick with her hand and started licking and sucking my dick head like a lollipop. Chloe started licking my dick like ice cream.

Anna joined the action and started licking my ball. She was taking one full testis into her mouth like a bar of chocolate.

Oh my God! Getting my cock blown by three girls at the same time, it was unreal. Rose looked hungry, so she took over the whole cock and started giving me a deep throat blowjob. Chloe came towards me and started kissing me on my lips.

I don’t know what happened to Anna, she came over and started licking my nipples. This was the first time I was getting my nipples licked and it felt great. Chloe got up and sat on my face. I started licking her pussy. Anna sat right next to me and took my right hand and made with finger her.

Rose also changed her position. She was still giving me a blowjob in the doggy position. But now she brought her ass towards me and made me finger her pussy with my left hand.

I can’t believe this. Sucking Chloe’s pussy, fingering Anna with my right hand and Rose with my left hand while Rose gave me a deep throat blowjob. I couldn’t have asked for more. After a few minutes, Rose got up and sat on my dick. To my surprise, it looks very tight.

Soon I realized I wasn’t fucking Rose’s pussy, I was fucking Rose’s ass. Wow! She is riding my cock in cowgirl position and my cock is in her ass. This was getting crazy. I was about to make Chloe cum but she got up and went near Anna.

I don’t know what came into them. They coupled themselves closely with their pussies touching each other. They were now both pussy fucking. Wow! There’s a cowgirl riding my dick anally and there a girl on girl action going on beside me. The girls orgasmed in a couple of minutes.

Rose had a huge orgasm too. Chloe was really tired and fell on the bed beside me. I turned my face towards her and kissed her lips. It was time for Anna to take my dick. I made Anna kneel in the doggy position. I went behind her and started fucking her pussy from behind.

She’s matching my rhythm and pushed her butt closer to my body. My cock was touching her deep inside her pussy. Rose and Chloe were in 69 position. Rose was on top of Chloe’s. They both were licking their pussy juices. I wanted to go a little bit rough.

I slowly started spanking Anna’s butt. Surprisingly she liked it and asked me to keep spanking. After some nice spanking, I bent forward and grabbed Anna’s boobs. This way I was now able to push my cock deeper and also harder. She’s enjoying every bit of it. Anna orgasmed soon.

I was surprised by my ability to control and hold my cum for a long time. Chloe was eagerly waiting for me to fuck her. Rose was no lying next to Chloe. I went to Chloe. I pulled her towards me and made her legs wrap around my butt. Then I fucked her pussy in that position. She held my butt with her legs very firmly.

I was fucking her slow and passionately, which Chloe loves. To my side, Anna was getting obsessed with Rose’s huge boobs. She was continuously sucking and licking Rose’s nipples. She was on top of Rose, with her butt right next to me.

I slowly started fingering her asshole with my middle finger while I made love with Chloe. Anna didn’t expect that. She jerked when she felt my finger up her ass. I slowly kept going deeper up her ass. Anna reacted by biting Rose’s nipples hard. Rose let out a scream but being a nympho, she liked getting a bit hard.

There’s so much more to these girls. After fucking Chloe for 10 minutes, she had a huge orgasm. I made Anna cum by fingering her ass and Rose was exhausted with her nipples being bit by Anna. But they didn’t stop there. All three girls jumped on my dick for one last time.

They sucked my dick, all at once. I could see their lips touching each other while licking my cock. Soon I shot my cum in their mouth and faces. They drank all my cum which was in their mouth. They licked my cock dry. They started licking each other’s faces to eat my cum.

Gosh! These girls like my cum. We were exhausted with this intense foursome which I never imagined would ever happen in my life. I laid on my back on the bed.

Chloe jumped on top of me with her boobs crushed on my chest. Anna was on my right and Rose on my left. They both crushed their boobs on the side of my arm. We fell asleep in no time.


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Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.

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