Bliss Boarding School Part-37

Rose and I were exhausted after our hot sex session in the classroom. We both were lying on the floor naked. After some silent moment, Rose spoke out.

Rose: You know what? I want to propose something.
Me: What?
Rose: Remember when, you know, me, Chloe, you? The library? What we did?
Me: I do.

Rose: Well, I think I’m in love with you. And I love Chloe. But not like a friend. More than that.
Me: Where are you going with this?

Rose: This is stupid. But do you think we could all have a relationship? All three of us?
Me: Like at the same time?

Rose: Yes. Why not?
Me: That. Hmmm.

Wow! Rose is asking for a three-way relationship. All the tables are turning in my favor. I wanted to bring Anna in too. But I had no idea how I would approach Rose. She has made things easy for me.

Me: Sure, I want that!
Rose: Really?
Me: Of course! You and Chloe. Both of you. Yes! But, I have a proposal too?

Rose: Hmm. What’s that?
Me: I want Anna too.
Rose: What?

Me: Look, she’s my roommate and things happen. I and Anna like each other. And Anna is totally fine with me having multiple relationships.
Rose: Wow! Looks like you have already convinced her. You know what, four is better than three. I am fine with that too.

Me: Hold on, I’m not sure if she is ready to have a foursome and stuff.
Rose: That’s fine but she will be living with us right foursome or not.
Me: Yeah that’s right!
Rose: I am like Nymph and I like Anna, as she is my best friend too.

Me: But how will we convince Chloe too?
Rose: Leave that to me. But before we bring in Anna, we need to convince Chloe for a three-way relationship with us.
Me: Yes, yes. Let’s do that!

Rose: How about this, I’ll call her and we go to her?
Me: Sounds like a great plan. But do you think she’d want that?
Rose: There’s only one way to find out. Let’s get there and I’ll talk to her!

Me: Let’s do that!
Rose: This day just keeps getting better and better!
Me: I know!

It was already late in the evening. So we decided to go to Chloe’s home tomorrow early morning. I headed back to my room. Anna was already asleep. I jumped beside her and started cuddling. She woke up with my actions. She turned to me and kissed my lips.

Anna: How did it go with Rose?
Me: Are you comfortable with me being in a multi relationship?

Anna: To be honest I wasn’t. But like I said, I love you so much that I am willing to do anything you want. Besides, all your girlfriends are my friends, so we will get along well.

Me: Cool! The good news is Rose agreed for the multi relationship thing. When I told her about you, she was cool about it. I think she is a real nymphomaniac
Anna: Oh that she is. What about Chloe?

Me: I and Rose are meeting at her Grandma’s place. The plan is to convince her into the three-way relationship between me, Rose and her and then later bring you in.
Anna: That’s great! We will have so much fun!

Saying that she kissed me even harder. She’s biting my lips. We both were getting into the mood. I slowly slid my hand inside her panty. It was slowly getting wet. I started rubbing her clit. She closed her eyes and was enjoying it. She held my hair while I rubbed her clit. I was hitting the right g-spot.

I could feel her breathing heavily. She took off her top and exposed her boobs. She pushed my head towards her nipples. I started sucking her nipples. I bit her nipples slightly. That turned her on more. She then pushed her hand inside my pants. She grabbed my balls hard.

Wow! We both are going and hard and rough and we were loving it. I then inserted two fingers in her pussy in one go. She screamed a bit but never asked me to stop. She was now giving me a handjob with my pants still on. And I was fingering her with her bottom still on.

We were masturbating each other with increasing speed. We were about to cum, there was a sudden knock on the door. Bloody hell! Anna quickly wore her top while I went to unlock the door. It was Rose.

Me: Hey Rose! What’s up?
Rose: Nothing, I am not able to sleep.
Me: Why what happened?
Anna: Hey Rose come on in.

Both the ladies sat on the bed. I sat on the chair opposite them.

Rose: Nothing happened, I just couldn’t sleep.
Anna: That’s fine Rose, you can sleep here tonight if you want.
Rose: Thanks, Anna. So did A told you what happened today.
Anna: Yes, he did. I am so excited! I don’t know how I accepted it.

Rose: Hahaha! Yes, he is the guy who has been sleeping with all the girls. But in a way that’s what attracted us to him.
Me: Guys I’m sitting right in front of you.
Rose: Hahaha!

Anna: Hahaha! How many girls have you slept with A, after coming to boarding school?
Me: Hahaha! I will tell everybody once we all are together.

Anna: A, you should sleep on your bed tonight. I and Rose will sleep in my bed.
Rose: No need for that we all three can sleep in the below bed itself.
Anna: Haha! A will be happy about that.

Me: Haha! Of course! But I think it will be difficult.
Rose: It’s alright, we can adjust. You can sleep between me and Anna. How does that sound?

Before I could say anything, Rose spoke again.

Rose: And we will sleep naked. How about now?

I and Anna were a bit shocked. Rose was begging. Looking at her face, Anna and I agreed. I never imagined my day would get any better. We got naked quickly. Anna jumped to the corner. Her back was almost touching the sidewall. Then, I jumped in the middle and Rose on my right.

She was lying on her side. So both girls were facing me. Both the girls were pushing their boobs into my arms. Rose didn’t waste any time. She grabbed my hanging dick and started playing with it. Anna too joined her. Anna grabbed the upper part of my dick and Rose was holding the bottom.

They both started moving their hands up and down on my dick. Wow! I was enjoying every second of the action. It was time for me to get into the action too. I kept my left hand on Anna’s pussy and my right hand on Rose’s pussy. I started to play with their pussies.

After teasing and touching their pussies for a few minutes, I inserted my fingers into both their pussies. Rose started playing with my balls and Anna was now in full control of my dick. We all were moaning heavily.

Rose: Oh yeah! Keep going! Mmmmm.
Anna: Ahhhhh! Feels so great!
Me: Ahhhhh!

We all were masturbating each other for 10 minutes. Anna orgasmed, followed by Rose. Both the girls were pumping my dick faster. I was about to cum. Both the girls jumped hungrily near my dick with their mouths waiting for my cum. I shot my cum in their mouths.

Some of the cum landed on their faces. They both kissed and licked each other’s face to eat my cum. Wow! That was erotic and dirty. After licking all the cum from their faces, they jumped back on my dick and started sucking and all the cum around it. In no time they licked me dry.

Rose started spitting on my dick and made my dick wet. She started blowing my dick. Anna started licking my balls. Gosh! I was in heaven. My dick was getting harder. And the way Anna was sucking balls, it was blowing my mind. They are both in a really dirty mode.

Anna got up and sat on my face. Rose was blowing my dick in a doggy style pose. Anna was also in a doggy style pose. Her face was near Rose’s pussy. We were in a triangle shape. I was licking Anna’s pussy while she licked Rose’s pussy.

Wow! This was getting out of the world. I was licking and drinking Anna’s juices. Gosh! They were tasting sweet and salty! This going for a few minutes. Rose stood up and sat on dick. She guided my hard dick towards her pussy and started jumping. Anna now sat on my chest, she faced Rose.

I licked her pussy from behind. Anna started licking and sucking Rose’s nipples. Rose had a huge orgasm after 10 minutes. She was exhausted and switched places with Anna. Now Anna was riding me like a cowgirl. I was sucking Rose’s juice. She was dripping a lot.

Anna was riding me faster. She was about to cum. Even I was about to cum. Anna orgasmed. Both the girls asked me to cum on their boobs. I made them lie on their backside by side. I shot my cum on their tits. They both spread my cum all over their boobs and then they started licking each other tits.

Oh my God! I was just watching them in shock. They licked them clean and then kissed each other. Finally both the girls licked my dick dry one last time. We were all exhausted. I lied in the middle and girls on either side. We dozed off in no time.


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Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback through email.

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