Bliss Boarding School Part-36

After having a great day threesome with Eve and the stripper girl, I and Eve headed back to school. We went to the class directly. After the class, I went to my room and took a nap, as I was really tired waking up and having too much sex.

Anna woke me up. She was on top of me with her face close to my mouth.

Anna: Hey you!
Me: Hey. What time is it?
Anna: It’s afternoon.
Me: What’s going on?

Anna: You know. It’s Tuesday.
Me: Yeah. I know. So what?
Anna: So you were supposed to give me an answer by yesterday. And now with Chloe gone.

Me: Oh right, I’m sorry. I’m sleepy.
Anna: That’s ok, I have no idea where I am when I wake up. I didn’t mean to rush you. But you did say that you will make your decision and you are already one day late.

Me: Yes, I did say that.
Anna: So what is it?

Me: Well. After all the things that happened here at school, I don’t think I can be in a monogamous relationship. I like you, but I like Chloe too. And Rose, Lisa, Eve and hell even Abigail. So it’s up to you now to see if you can accept me for the person who I am.

Anna: Really?
Me: Yes.

Anna: I wished you would say yes to me. But. the heart wants what the heart wants. And my heart wants you. Gosh! I don’t believe what I am doing. I will accept you. I am ok with you having a relationship with other girls.

Me: You did a good job! I thought you forgot about me. You didn’t say anything about us.
Anna: I gave you time to think, space! But are the other girls fine with this?

Me: You leave that to me. I didn’t expect you to say yes to me. But now that you did, I will take care of the rest.

We both got down from the bunker. I slept with my t-shirt off in the morning, so I wasn’t wearing anything on the top. I hugged her from behind. My hand was on her belly. Anna turned her face and kissed me.

Anna: And lucky me.
Me: I think it’s lucky for me!
Anna: Lucky us!
Me: Yes. Lucky us.

Anna: Now I can finally say it again! I love you!
Me: You held that inside for a while, haven’t you?
Anna: Hahaha! Yes!
Me: I love you too!

Anna turned to me. She then touched my crotch.

Anna: Then let’s celebrate our new found love!
Me: Oh. I’m not saying no to that!
Anna: Good! I’m not taking no for an answer!

Me: Mmmm. What do you have in mind?
Anna: I can think of a couple of things. Sit down!

She made me sit on her bed. Then she slowly unzipped my pants and took it off. My semi-hard dick sprang out free. She knelt on her knees and start sucking my cock.

Me: That’s good.
Anna: I had a good idea, didn’t I?
Me: Oh, yes you did.

Anna: You know. Everyone will know that we’re together.
Me: Ok. Yeah, I know.

Anna was giving me a great blowjob. She’s sucking my balls and then spitting on my dick and making it wet. She then took the whole cock inside her mouth. Wow! She made my dick rock hard and sucked it for 10 minutes. Then she got up and took all her clothes off. We both were naked now.

She then made me lie on the bed on my back. She sat next to me near my thighs. She’s facing me. She caught my dick in her right hand and started rubbing my dick head with her thumb.

Anna: Do you think everyone will be jealous?
Me: I don’t care. Let’s focus on this for now.
Anna: Right!

She started giving me a handjob. Moving her hand up and down and rubbing her thumb at the pee hole. It was time to fuck her. I made her lie beside me with her back touching my chest. We were lying on our right side. I inserted my dick in her pussy.

Me: That’s so good.
Anna: It is.

I fucked her for some time in that position. We changed our position. I sat on the bed with my legs folded. I made Anna sit on my dick with her legs tightly coupled around my back. I started fucking her. She was matching my rhythm by jumping up and down on my dick.

Anna: Is that good?
Me: Very!

Her boobs were touching my face. I tried to lick them with my tongue. After some time we moved to the next position. I was sitting on my legs. Anna was in the doggy style and started giving me a blowjob in that position. I put my left middle finger into her butthole.

Me: You really want it in your mouth!
Anna: Yes!
Me: I won’t complain!

She was sucking my cock hungrily and I kept fingering her ass. In no time she had an orgasm. She sucked harder and made me cum. I shot my cum in her mouth.

Anna: Did I do good?
Me: If this is some way of blowing my mind. It’s working.
Anna: I was blowing. You.
Me: Oh. Now you’re dirty.

Anna: I can be whatever you want me to be.
Me: That’s so cool!
Anna: What about you! Would you be whatever I want?
Me: Sure!

Anna: Sounds good!
Me: I think is only the beginning!
Anna: You’re right! Oh, this is going to be great! I love you!
Me: I love you!

Anna: So what’s the plan.
Me: I will let you know soon. Let me talk to Rose first.
Anna: Ok! Let me know how it goes.

She gave me a long kiss. Wow! I headed to Rose’s room. She was on the bed and was staring at the roof. Clearly, she’s still upset about Chloe leaving.

Me: Hey Rose.
Rose: A, I was waiting for you.
Me: Oh is it? How can I help!
Rose: I have been thinking. Thanks for helping me with comforting in the library.

Oh, she’s talking about the sex between me and her in the library after Chloe left.

Rose: You know what.
Me: What is it?
Rose: I always wanted to do this but never had the courage but now with you. I have it! Do you want to be my boyfriend? For real?

Wow! This caught me by surprise. I was about to ask her the same but she beat me to it.

Me: I. I think I already showed you that.
Rose: I want everyone to know that we are together, shut them up for good!
Me: Ok.

Rose: I have a surprise for you. Please wait outside the door, I will come out in a minute.
Me: Oh I am curious. Ok, I will wait outside.

After a few minutes, Rose was out. Damn it was a pleasant surprise. She was wearing a red skirt. The skirt was barely covering her breast nipples. From the belly button to the neck it was exposed. Just like what PC wore recently but with bigger boobs. It was backless too and was exposed till her hip.

Rose: I’m ready!
Me: Wow. What is that?
Rose: Do you like it?
Me: Yes. But what’s the occasion?

Rose: Today is the day that nerdy Rose is no more! I have the best boy in the school, I should look the part.
Me: You look good!
Rose: Oh! I almost forgot!

She removed her big glasses.

Rose: Without the glasses! I’ll still need them to see but I’ll take them off as much as I can. Will you please escort me to the park, lover?
Me: Of course my lady!

Rose: Oh, this is going to be great! I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces. People like Abigail and other bullies keep people like me down. But now it’s time that I stand up for the first time in my life.

Me: That’s good Rose!
Rose: Now that I have you I feel I can do anything.

I can’t believe how happy she is. She’s like a different person. We reached the park in a couple of minutes.

Rose: Ok. Here we go. My heart is pounding!
Me: You got this Rose.
Rose: I feel like I felt that night when you welcomed me to your bed.

Me: When Chloe was sleeping right next to me.
Rose: Yes.

We entered the park. Eve, Abigail and Jason were standing. They didn’t notice us.

Rose: Excuse me!
Eve: What? Rose?

Everyone was shocked and staring at Rose.

Eve: Rose, is that really you?
Jason: Well hello there.
Abigail: I’m not impressed at all!
Jason: It suits you. The dress.

Eve: You look amazing in that!
Abigail: Pfffft! What do you want?
Rose: I’m not nerdy Rose anymore! And I won’t take any more crap from you, Abigail. I and A are together now, a couple!

Jason: What? But why?
Eve: Good for you girl! I knew you had it in you!
Abigail: Get out of here! That’s a lie!
Me: It’s true.

Abigail: You and her? Are you crazy? She’s a nerd!
Rose: Not anymore!
Jason: When did this happen?
Eve: I’m proud of you, Rose!

Abigail: Don’t encourage her, Eve!
Rose: I hope we can be friends Abigail and not enemies.
Abigail: We’ll see about that!

Jason: Damn you look good.
Abigail: Shut up, Jason!
Eve: Looks like this new Rose is going to be a hit!

Rose turned towards me and kissed me hard making sure everyone noticed. God, she is a good kisser.

Rose: Whew! I’m so relieved! I didn’t think I’d be able to go through with it.
Me: You did great Rose, good for you.
Rose: I don’t think that Abigail took it in a good way.
Me: She’ll come around I’m sure of it!

Rose: I hope so.
Jason: Do you mind if I have a word with Aafi in private?
Rose: Go ahead.

Me: What is it?
Jason: I want to ask you something.

We went a little further away from the group.

Me: So? What is it?
Jason: What are you doing man?
Me: What do you mean?

Jason: Are you cockblocking me? I and Rose have something going, you should step away.
Me: Really? Do you know what I think?
Jason: What?

I punched his face really hard.

Me: I think you should fuck off!
Jason: Ah! What the fuck, man?
Me: Consider yourself lucky, you got away with just one punch.
Jason: You’re taking this too seriously!

Me: You and Rose are done, she’s mine now. If you don’t want Abigail to find out what you did you’ll be a good boy.
Jason: You suck man.
Me: Whatever, behave!

Rose and I headed back to school. It was evening already.

Rose: What did Jason want?
Me: You shouldn’t concern yourself about that, let’s say that he won’t make any more moves on you.
Rose: Even if he does I’ll shut him down!

Me: It’s officially over now.
Rose: Good! Come on!
Me: To class?
Rose: Yes, but not to learn anything.

We went inside the classroom. She was holding my hand.

Me: Don’t tell me you already miss school!
Rose: Hahaha! No way. We’re here for something else. That we can’t do during school hours.
Me: I like how that sounds.

Rose: I bet you do.
Me: I like your sexual appetite.

Rose: I’m surprised by it too, I feel like I can’t get enough of you!
Me: Well, I’m right here!
Rose: Yes you are.

I went near her and pulled her towards me. I placed my hands on her butt and her boobs were crushing on my chest. I kissed her on her lips.

Rose: Has anyone told you you’re good at kissing?
Me: I might have heard it once or twice.
Rose: Good kisser, good lover. Amazing personality. Forgiving.
Me: You’re making me blush.

Rose: And let’s not forget, hero! Hahaha!
Me: Hahaha, let’s not forget that.
Rose: It looks like you deserve a hero reward.

Me: To be fair, I do!
Rose: Hahaha! Clothes off!
Me: You got it!

We both undressed each other and became naked in no time. She started kissing me. My dick was hard in no time. I lifted her and made her sit on my cock. I moved her ass up and down. She was jumping on my dick. We fucked for 10 minutes. Then I lied on the floor on my back.

She sat on my dick in cowgirl position and started riding my cock. Gosh, those huge boobs were jumping in the air. She kept riding for some time. Then I made her lie on her left side. I went behind her, her back was resting on my chest. I fucked her from behind.

I lifted her left leg in the air and fucked her pussy hard. We both came in no time. I shot my cum inside her pussy. Some of the cum was oozing out of her pussy.

Me: Great.
Rose: Mmm. Yes, it was. Whew!
Me: Hahaha!
Rose: Hahaha!


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Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback.

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