Model taking Shower live on Webcam

Hello friends; my name is A. A few days ago, my partner had gone for an overnight stay at her friend’s house. In the early evening, I did not feel her absence because of routine work and a crucial cricket match. Later on, I ordered dinner from outside and enjoyed it whilst watching a romantic movie.

There was a scene in the movie in which the hero was having a sensual online chat with the heroine over a webcam. Their passionate conversation reminded me of my private encounters with my partner. Simultaneously, my partner’s absence reminded me of the mischievous affairs I had when I was single.

I was on my computer looking for a prospective website quicker than an incestuous premature ejaculator son shooting the load off his dick upon watching the big curvy ass of his cheating mother whilst she is having a bath, after having a rough shag with the neighbour.

After some intense internet surfing, my search results took me to the webpage of “Sex Chat” website.

For the next ten minutes, I was ogling at the profile of numerous Indian webcam models of all shapes and sizes (figuratively speaking), teenagers; women; mature women; you name it and this website has got it (from my experience).

Just by looking at the pictures, I would have easily reached out for my dick and stroked it, if my underwear and tight trousers had not created a difficult position.

I had to make some hard choices that night. Eventually, I rejoiced at my choice for having a live video sex chat session with DSC’s webcam model Latika (age 22), from Mumbai.

I made the payment for credits by using my partner’s credit card details. In less than two minutes, the live video sex chat session began. I had removed my trousers and was pulling down my underwear, which exposed my erect dick. That was when my computer screen displayed the stunning webcam model Latika.

Latika: I see that you are eager to pump your cock; been reminiscing on my pictures you must have seen just a while ago in my profile? (chuckles).

Me: Those pictures are mesmerising and yes, I did have some ‘hard’ time before this session started. Look at my dick, see, it is pleased to meet you (winks).

Latika (giggles): Oh what a gentleman (blows a kiss). Here, look at my hard nipples. It will get the blood pumping in your cock.

Latika pulled the neck of her loose pick t-shirt down over her bulbous tits. Holding her tits with both hands, she pressed them against each other. She then gently began pulling and squeezing her nipples.

The sight of Latika playing with her round plump tits got me stroking my dick with some controlled force. Latika was intermittently spraying water on her tits and that gave me an idea to make this session even more interesting.

Myself: How about you rinse your entire body instead of spraying water on just the tits?

Latika: That is an excellent idea. I was going to have a bath after some time anyway. Let me take my laptop in the bathroom and set it up somewhere high and dry.

The model got up holding the laptop in her hands. The webcam was close to her chest and gave an outline impression of her tits from the wet t-shirt.

She placed the laptop on the stand and adjusted the screen so that I could examine her from head to toe. I saw that she was wearing a white panty below her pink loose t-shirt all the while. She turned to close the bathroom door and displayed her well-rounded ass.

Part of her panty covering her ass was stuck inside her ass crack. Latila inserted a finger in her ass crack, pulled out the garment and adjusted her panty.

She took a hosepipe and connected it with the tap. Putting on a Bluetooth ear-pods, she made a quick soundcheck. At last, she lifted the other end of the hosepipe and continued the session.

Latika: Let me show you how I have a bath or rather let me demonstrate how girls more often than not have a bath. You hold your personal hosepipe and get it pumping (laughs).

Latika turned on the tap and aimed the hosepipe at her boobs. The moderate stream of water began to soak her t-shirt wet that revealed the outline of her bulging tits. She then turned the hosepipe towards her belly region and then aimed it at her panty.

Looking at the deep outline of her pussy lips (camel toe, lol) through her white panty, I began to stroke my dick. She turned around and soaked her backside with water thereby revealing her ass cheeks.

Latika: I think I have enough water on my body. Now, I will rub a bathing soap and show you how deeply and thoroughly I cleanse my body. Let me remove my clothes first.

Latika pulled her loose t-shirt carefully over her head and removed her underwear. In the yellow bathroom lights, her fair skin complexion shined like a beacon (metaphorically speaking).

She held a soap bar in her hand and began to rub it all over her body starting from her tits. She applied the soap bar over and under both tits and circled it on her belly. One by one, she lifted her hands and applied soap on her clean shaved underarms.

Latika spread her legs and bent forward to reach her vaginal area. She carefully rubbed the soap bar on her inner thigh region, along the lines.

Turning around, she rubbed the soap bar on her ass crack and massaged it on her ass cheeks. I was stroking my dick with sheer excitement as Latika’s smooth and curvy body reminded me of the fun I had with the college girls. Latika too was enjoying the bathing session, as she was excited about telling me every detail involved whilst having a bath.

Latika: Please slow down baby, there is more to come. Now, intense cleansing begins. Every corner, every hole will be thoroughly examined and cleaned.

Latika began to rub her body with her hands in a circular motion. Coming close to the webcam and giving a magnified view, she first started from her boobs. Watching her massaging the cups one by one with both hands tempted me to shoot my load.

Since there was more to follow, I stopped stroking my dick and began to observe Latika’s movements closely. She moaned with excitement whilst squeezing her nipples.

Latika pressed her tits against each other. Her deep breathing and frequent moans hypnotised me to the point where I once again began to stroke my dick in ecstasy. She stepped backwards and reached her vaginal area where she inserted her palms in the inner thigh region. She spread her pussy lips and rubbed her clitoris (flicked the bean).

Her moaning grew louder and it was visible from her eyes that she was now in the wild mode.

Latika: Baby, it is now time for deep cleaning and this is how I do it. Pull your testicles downwards. It will help you to hold your cum longer (winks).

She turned around and began to spread her ass cheeks with both hands. She took a long pink dildo from the stand and applied a gel on it. By evenly spreading the gel on the dildo, she inserted it inside her ass.

Initially, she pressed the dildo slowly and gradually, she increased the pressing force. After a few strokes inside and outside of her asshole, the dildo started slipping deep inside the Indian cam model’s ass.

Latika began to penetrate the dildo swiftly inside her asshole and began to moan loudly.

Latika: O baby, do you see that? This is how I like to clean my body. I hope you are stroking your cock harder now. Would you like to see my ass wobble? Here, look.

Latika began to pull her ass cheeks apart, which created a gaping hole in her ass. The dildo slipped through her asshole and fell on the bathroom floor. She then began to spank her ass cheeks.

The flesh of her ass began to wobble and made me difficult to hold my cum inside the testicles. I focused my gaze on Latika’s shaky and wobbly ass and fixed my ears on her loud moaning. She began to swing her ass round and round to tease me into shooting my load quickly.

Latika: Do you like how I swing my ass round and round like this baby? Stroke you cock harder, faster… O yes.. stroke you cock, baby… I let out a sharp projectile of my cum on the monitor screen.

Latika was surprised and later on began to giggle saying that I did not crack the screen with my load. I told her to have a proper bath and that I enjoyed the session very much. She kissed me goodbye and told me to see her soon. I too promised her a second session and closed the session.

I tipped Latika for her open-minded attitude in making the session pleasurable. When I looked at my mobile phone, I saw that I had received 23 missed calls from my partner.


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