Bliss Boarding School Part-35

After taking a nap with Abigail, we both headed back to campus on the bikes. It was evening time. We reached the town and returned the bike rental and other gears.

Abigail: This was fun!
Me: Yes, it was awesome!
Abigail: I told you I would give an answer by the end of the day. I think we both know that we are good at sex. But, I don’t think we will be good couples.

Me: I don’t know why, but I feel the same. It’s like we are both attracted just for the sex.
Abigail: So, here the deal. Why let’s be friends with benefits.
Me: You mean. Friends, who have sex?

Abigail: Exactly! What do you think?
Me: That would be great! Yes, let’s be friends with benefits.
Abigail: Hahaha! You would love that don’t you?
Me: Of course! I love it!

Abigail: Hahaha! Ok, let’s head back to campus.
Me: You go ahead, I have some work here in town.
Abigail: Ok, carry on. Bye!
Me: Bye!

Abigail headed back to campus. I wonder what Lisa is doing. She’s at work here in town. Cleaning some room or something. I’ve been thinking of her lately. I like her. I am so tired, I’ll go get a beer at the bar.

I went to the bar where I and Eve had a threesome with that hot MILF. This bar must be so popular. But then again it’s the only decent bar that I know about. I haven’t had a beer in a few days. I’m starting to miss it.

Bartender: Hey there! What can I get you?
Me: I’ll have a beer.
Bartender: Coming right up! Bottle or glass?
Me: Glass, please.

Bartender: Let me know if there’s anything else you need.
Me: I’m good for now, thanks.

I should do something with Lisa when she gets off work. I’m her hero after all. Hahaha! Calling me her hero. She’s funny. One beer. I should buy a bottle of spirits to celebrate my five grand from Jason!

I saw a stage at the right corner of the bar. It has a pole in the center. Is that a stripper pole? How didn’t I know about this?

Me: Hey man, is that a strip pole?
Bartender: Yes it is! We had it installed a couple of days ago.
Me: When’s the party going to start?

Bartender: That would be after 12 tonight, every night. Stop by then, see if there anything you like.
Me: I might just do that.
Bartender: We have a very hot girl tonight, you’d be in for a treat!

Me: I bet I would.
Bartender: Things have been blowing up in here since we installed that.
Me: Of course they did, drinks, girls, music.
Bartender: It’s like a zoo in here but I’ll tell you a secret.

Me: What secret?
Bartender: If you come by 4 tonight there won’t be so many people, it’s a better hour.
Me: How come?

Bartender: They have jobs, they usually leave at about 3, most of them anyway.
Me: That’s good information, thanks!
Bartender: You’re welcome.

Let’s see what Lisa is doing. I went to the motel. I called her name from the outside.

Me: Lisa! It’s A! Lisa? Where are you?

I saw her coming out of a room in her maid dress.

Lisa: Who is it?
Me: It’s me!
Lisa: A? What are you doing here? Did something happen?
Me: Yes, something did happen!

Lisa: Oh God, what is it?
Me: No, no it’s nothing bad!
Lisa: What is it then?

Me: I just came here to check on you. I was in town, so decided to come to visit you.
Lisa: This is a surprise.
Me: I know. I was at the bar. Having a beer.

Lisa pulled me closer and hugged me. Then she kissed me on her lips.

Lisa: I am glad you are here, my hero!
Me: When are you getting off work?
Lisa: I don’t know. I have to clean this room and someone lived here for 3 weeks. There’s a lot of work to do.

Me: I’ll help you!
Lisa: Really?
Me: If that gets you off work sooner yes!
Lisa: If this goes like the last time it will be fast.

We started cleaning the room. I got the boxes and stuff out. Lisa was taking the sheets off and stuff like that. We cleaned the room and now we were in the bathroom.

Me: What now?
Lisa: The bathroom looks like hell, this is next.
Me: I can see that. How are you getting along with the boss?
Lisa: Good, he’s nice, he’s happy to have me here.

Me: I can’t blame him.
Lisa: What do you mean?
Me: He’s probably checking you out.
Lisa: Like staring at me?

Me: Probably, don’t know.
Lisa: Even if he is, what can I do? I can’t help it, I’m looking too good.
Me: Hahaha! You got that right. I can’t help but stare either.

Lisa: You can stare all the time.
Me: Lucky me!

I went and kissed her.

Lisa: You’re a good kisser.
Me: You too.
Lisa: We should get back to work.
Me: Work can wait.

Lisa: Oh? You want your reward first?
Me: Yes, please.
Lisa: Sit on the bed!

I was lying on the bed on my back. She removed her clothes and became fully naked. She sat on my crotch in the cowgirl position. I was staring at her pointy boobs.

Lisa: What do you think of this view?
Me: I love it.
Lisa: I’m sure you do.

Then she removed my clothes and made me naked. I was already hard seeing her naked. She sat on my dick and started riding it.

Lisa: You’re hard already.
Me: How could I not be?
Lisa: That’s true.

She kept jumping on my hard cock. I was getting turned on seeing those huge boobs bouncing.

We changed the position after some time. I made her lie on her back. I was on top of her and inserted my cock. Her left leg was on my right shoulder.

Me: Do you like this position?
Lisa: Yes!

I was fucking her for 10 minutes. She’s moaning continuously. After some time, she put both her legs behind my butt and tightly coupled it. She’s pulling me closer. Finally, we were in the doggy position and I was fucking her hard. She had a huge orgasm. I shot my cum in her pussy.

Me: That was a nice reward.
Lisa: Oh, it was!
Me: I should help you out more often.
Lisa: There’s no need, you can get this reward anytime you want.

Me: Even better!
Lisa: We should get back to it.
Me: Must we?

Lisa: You promised.
Me: I’ll get right on it!
Lisa: Thank you!

We finished cleaning the room and headed back to campus. Lisa said goodbye and went to her room, which was Chloe’s room previously. I was about to head to my room, I saw Eve.

Eve: Hey!
Me: Oh hey Eve.
Eve: What’s up?

Me: Nothing, alone and just heading to my room.
Eve: That’s boring. How did the thing with the girl go?

She’s talking about the girl who came for the ritual.

Me: It went… Turns out I was being tested too.
Eve: Really?
Me: Yep.
Eve: How did you do?

Me: What do you think? I nailed it.
Eve: Wow! That’s great!
Me: You have no idea about me being tested?
Eve: Nope, they don’t tell me this kind of thing. What are your plans?

Me: I don’t have any.
Eve: Let’s go inside.
Me: Let’s go to my room.
Eve: No.

Me: Why not?
Eve: It’s too depressing there, too simple. Let’s go to my room.
Me: Fine, that works for me.

We went to Eve’s room. It always looks so nice and fancy.

Me: Be honest. Why is your room so much nicer?
Eve: Hahaha! Because we bought these things ourselves.
Me: Oh right! Your parents are so damn rich.
Eve: Hahaha! Exactly! Got any plans for today?

Me: Yes. I have some for tonight.
Eve: Really? A new girl perhaps?
Me: You could say that. They put up a strip pole at the bar. At the hotel.
Eve: Did they?

Me: Yeah. The bartender gave me a tip, I’m going there at around 4 tonight.
Eve: Can I come?
Me: Sure.
Eve: Great! Finally, something to look forward to!

Me: You do understand that it’s at 4 in the morning, right?
Eve: Yes, yes! I’m no stranger to later hours like that!
Me: Fine, make sure you have money.
Eve: Don’t work about me and money. You should worry about staying awake.

Me: Haha! But I’m going to sleep now from 10 until 4.
Eve: That’s a good idea. I should do the same.
Me: I mean if we stay for 2 hours. It’s already morning.

Eve: You’re right.
Me: Then I guess it’s a date!
Eve: Yes it is!
Me: Cool!

I went back to my room. It was almost 10 so I decided to sleep. Anna was sleeping with Lisa tonight. So I went to sleep in no time as I was alone. I woke up just before 4. Uhhhh. I slept like a baby but I still feel a bit tired. Gotta snap back into it!

Me: Wake up, me!

There’s a knock on the door. It was Eve. She’s wearing a yellow color top and a matching frock like bottom which cover till her ass.

Eve: I’m here!
Me: You are! I thought you’d sleep the whole night.
Eve: What? And miss striptease? No way!
Me: Hahaha! You really are into girls.

Eve: Girls and boys but yeah. Girls more.
Me: Me too. Except I’m not into boys at all.
Eve: Hahaha! Are you ready?
Me: Ready as I’ll ever be!

Eve: Should we grab a coffee there?
Me: Oh yes! I slept for about six hours but I feel tired.
Eve: I’m as fresh as I can be!
Me: Lucky you.

Eve: If she’s hot I’m going to try to pick her up.
Me: No. I was going to do that.
Eve: We can both share her.
Me: Deal! Sounds better.

We were in the bar. There were just a few people.

Eve: Not too many people. Are you sure it’s not over?
Me: The bartender told me to come now. What are they all staring at?
Eve: If it’s not a hot chick dancing you’re in trouble!

We went inside and near the stage.

Eve: Oh my God. She’s hot!
Me: Oh, let’s see!

There’s a girl pole dancing on the stage. Gosh! She’s hot. She’s wearing a black latex skirt. Her cleavage was fully open. The dress was backless. She had the biggest boobs of all. Probably 40 size.

Me: She does look good.
Eve: Good? Are you kidding? She’s the bomb!
Me: Hahaha!
Eve: Look at her! A real woman, not a girl!

Me: You’re into older women aren’t you?
Eve: Not older, but women, not girls. I like girls too don’t get me wrong but they have no experience.
Me: I see.

The men standing were leaving.

Guy1: I gotta go, guys, work tomorrow!
Guy2: Don’t be like that man!

Meanwhile, the girl was really sexy and seductive in her dance moves. She’s showing her ass out a lot.

Eve: Look at that ass!
Me: Ok, that’s nice.
Eve: Nice? It’s so hot!
Me: You’d like to slap that, wouldn’t you?

Eve: Oh yes I would!
Me: Me too.
Eve: I knew it! You like her too!
Me: I do!

Suddenly the girl stretched her chest out. Her nipples were exposed. Oh my fucking God. They are so pointy and huge.

Eve: Holy. Wow! Look at those breasts!
Me: How could I not?
Eve: Now I’m turned on!
Me: Me too!

Eve: I’m going to pick her up!
Me: Remember we agreed to share!
Eve: Yes, yes I know!
Me: We should tip her.

Eve: Oh I will!
Me: It’s worth waking up so early.
Eve: Yes it is! So here’s the plan. You let me talk with her, I know what to say.
Me: Ok.

Eve: At one point I’ll tell you to go to the room.
Me: But we don’t have a room.
Eve: I know, at that point, you go and get a room. And you wait for us in bed, naked.

Me: Naked?
Eve: Yes!
Me: What if she doesn’t want to come?
Eve: You wait there naked for me then!

Me: It’s a win-win for me.
Eve: Make sure you have a boner!
Me: Shouldn’t be a problem.
Eve: Ok, she’s coming!

The girl stopped dancing and was heading towards the bar where we were standing. There’s a guy nearby who was also trying to pick the girl.

Eve: Hey!
Guy: Hey baby.
Eve: Scram ugly!

Guy: Geez. What a tongue on that one.
Eve: Can’t you see we’re talking here?
Guy: Fine, fine.

The guy took off.

Girl: What is it?
Eve: We really enjoyed your show!
Girl: Too bad you guys got here so late.

Eve: Exactly. That’s why we were thinking that maybe you’re up for a private show.
Girl: Really?
Eve: We felt so bad that we were late. So we’re willing to pay.

Girl: Not interested.
Eve: 100$!
Girl: No.
Me: 500$.

Girl: 500? Really?
Eve: Really! What do you say?
Girl: I might consider that. Buy me a drink first.
Eve: You got it!

Eve turned towards me.

Eve: Why don’t you go back to the room and clean it up a bit until I grab a drink with the lady.
Me: Sure thing, you got it.
Eve: We’ll be right there.

Girl: Coffee?
Eve: Ah yes please!

The only available room they had. The smallest one. There are a bed and a table and chairs next to the bed. I guess it’s better than no room at all. We’re only using for sex and nothing else so. I hope they won’t take long. I feel like I’m about to fall asleep.

Also, I hope Eve isn’t tricking me again! She said I should be naked with a boner waiting. I got naked and started stroking my cock and was making it harder. I was lying on the bed. This wasn’t hard at all to do. Boner done! I expected it to be harder what with no stimulation at all.

But then again, the thought of fucking them both does turn me on big time! Come one. Where are you? Just then I heard Eve and the girl enter the room. They saw me naked lying on the bed with my cock fully hard.

Eve: He did?
Girl: Yes, he was playing with himself in the back row! Not that I mind but everyone else could see him too!

Eve: Speaking of playing with himself.
Me: Hey girls!
Eve: Looks like someone beat us to it.
Girl: Ohhh?

They both sat on the bed next to me.

Girl: Well don’t let me stop you. Keep doing it, turn me on!
Eve: That’s right!
Me: As you wish.

Girl: Get me in the mood!
Eve: So naughty!
Girl: I like it, big hard rod.
Eve: You’re perfect!

I started masturbating in front of those girls. They were staring hungrily at my cock. Within no time, both the girls undressed and got naked. I was on my feet. Eve started giving me a handjob with her right hand. The girl kept her pussy on my face. I started licking her pussy while Eve kept stroking my cock.

We then changed the position after some time. Eve was lying on the bed on her back. The girl was on top of Eve. Their boobs were crushing each other. I went behind and inserted my cock inside the girl’s pussy.

Girl: Is this what you wanted?
Eve: Oh yes!
Girl: You wanted your man to fuck me?
Eve: Oh yes!

Me: Works for me.
Eve: I bet you have a nice view.
Me: I do as a matter of fact. I like it a lot!

Girl: Give it to me big boy!
Eve: Fuck her!

I got turned on by their words. I shoved my cock deep inside the girl’s pussy. I was fucking her hard from behind. Their boobs and nipples were rubbing each other. They were kissing while I fucked the girl’s pussy.

Eve: Lick me!
Girl: Dirty girl!
Me: Just how I like it.

The girl was lying on her left side. I went behind her and was lying on my left. I inserted my dick from behind her. Eve was sitting on the girl’s face and getting her pussy licked. I was holding the girl’s right leg in my hand. Oh, fuck this was so hot! I couldn’t control and shot my cum on the girl’s belly.

I was lying on my back on one side of the bed, playing with my dick and making it ready again. Eve was lying next to me. The girl sat on Eve’s face to get her pussy licked. Eve was licking the girl’s pussy. She’s tasting my cum which is near the girl’s pussy.

Me: You girls entertain yourselves while I recover.
Eve: Do it soon, I’m next.
Girl: What if I want to go again?
Me: Girls, don’t fight, there’s plenty to go around.

I was ready in no time. Eve came and sat on my dick. The girl sat on my face. Wow! Two girls sitting on me naked! I was in heaven. Eve started jumping on my cock. I started licking the girl’s pussy and was drinking all her juices. After 15 minutes of fucking and licking, the girl orgasmed and released her juices on my face.

I tried to lick it all, it tasted so good. Eve was moaning heavily and was riding faster. She had an orgasm too. I made the girl lay on the bed. I started fucking her in missionary position. Eve was next to the girl and was sucking the girl’s nipples. I started fingering Eve’s pussy while I fucked the girl’s pussy.

After 10 minutes, I was about to cum. The girls wanted to taste my cum, so they started sucking my cock at the same time. Oh, fuck! Two girls dying for my cum. I shot my load in their mouths. Some fell on their faces.

They licked each other and finally kissed each other exchanging my cum in their mouths. That was dirty and fun!


Help the author in his tough times.


Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.

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