Bliss Boarding School Part-33

We headed back to Rose’s room. Abigail was in the room.

Abigail: Where were you?
Me: Uhhh.
Abigail: I’ve been looking all over for you!
Rose: Hi Abigail.

Abigail: What are you doing with this one? She’s going to drop your cool status.
Rose: Thanks.
Abigail: You’re welcome! So? Explain yourself!
Rose: We were at the library. Looking for a book.

Abigail: That’s right. We have a library. I forgot about it.
Me: Why are you being mean to Rose?
Abigail: I’m not mean, it’s just how things are. She’s inferior.
Me: I thought you stopped being a bully.

Abigail: I’m not a bully, I’m realistic.
Me: Right. Ok.
Rose: Not like you care or anything but A was making me feel better about Chloe leaving.

Abigail: Where did she go?
Me: She left school. She’s gone.
Abigail: Oh really?
Rose: Yes.

Abigail: I feel half bad for her leaving, she was ok. Maybe not half, maybe a quarter bad or even less.
Rose: So you do have feelings!
Abigail: I do, right now I’m feeling like punching you in the face.

Me: Ok, ok. Settle down.
Abigail: Anyway, let’s go Aafi, we’re going to the park.
Me: What are we doing there?
Abigail: I don’t know. Talk, sit around? Stuff like that?

Rose: So now you want to take A away from me, first Chloe left and now you’re taking him away.
Abigail: That’s not true, you can stay with your book. Oh, that’s right, you lied about that.

Rose: Uhhhhh!
Abigail: Chillout you drama queen, we’re just going to the park without you.
Me: Let’s calm down for a moment.
Abigail: I’m calm, let’s go!

Me: I…
Abigail: I’ll be waiting outside, say bye and let’s go!

Abigail went outside the room.

Rose: This day just keeps getting worse! Now with Chloe gone, Abigail can be a bitch with me again like she always been.
Me: Don’t worry about her. I’ll talk to her and shield you. I am her best friend after all.

Rose: Right. She hijacked you like that.
Me: Better to be her friend than her enemy.
Rose: With that, I agree!
Me: Well. I should go.

I left the room. Abigail was waiting for me outside.

Abigail: Come on, let’s not keep everyone waiting!
Me: God forbid!
Abigail: Hahaha! So Chloe left.

Me: Yes, she’s gone this year and I don’t know if she’s coming back.
Abigail: Don’t worry, there are plenty of girls to choose from!
Me: Right.

We were in the skating park. Anna, Eve and Jason were present.

Eve: I heard.
Jason: That sucks.
Anna: It is what it is.

Abigail: Hey guys!
Me: Hey!
Eve: Hey A!
Jason: Hey man, what’s up?

Me: Nothing much.
Jason: Glad you made it.
Anna: Hey A!
Me: Hey Anna!

Abigail: So what? Nobody says hi to me?
Me: Hi Abigail.
Abigail: Hey. Thanks!
Me: Hahaha!

Jason: Do you have a moment?
Me: Yeah. I have lots of moments now.
Jason: The Chloe thing. Right.

Abigail: What were you guys talking about?
Anna: Nothing special.
Jason: Come on, let’s go over here.
Me: Ok, sure. What’s this about?

Jason took me aside for a private chat.

Jason: Remember the whole ritual thing?
Me: I do, yes.
Jason: Turns out we have another girl that wants to go through with it.
Me: Ok.

Jason: And I’m going to need your help with it.
Me: My help? How come?

Jason: This girl is not at the school, she can’t come in now and register. Usually, they register at the school first and then go for the ritual. Since I’m doing the ritual and Eve is helping with the gay girls. We need you to talk to her.
Me: Talk to her? That’s it?

Jason: It’s more than that. We need you to tell us if she’s good for the ritual or not.
Me: What am I supposed to do?

Jason: It’s more of a formality. Talk to her and if you like what you hear you decide if she can go through with it or not. It wasn’t my idea, to begin with, but I did promise you would be involved in the next ritual. We received a letter from our sponsors. They said you should check her out first.

Me: They know about me?
Jason: Yeah. I don’t know how.
Me: Alright. I’ll talk to her I guess.

We went back and joined the group.

Eve: How are you holding up?
Me: I’m good, it’s all good.
Eve: Great! Did you talk to Jason?
Me: Yes.

Eve: Ok, very good!
Jason: I and A are going to grab a beer.
Abigail: You’re leaving already? But we just got here!
Jason: Guy stuff. You know.

Abigail: Uhhhh come on!
Eve: Let them go, drink their beer. We can have some quality girl time.
Me: Exactly. Have some girl fun, gossip and all.

Abigail: Ok, fine, whatever. Go.
Jason: See you later.
Anna: See you!

We went to the old house where the ritual was conducted. We were just outside the house, near that stone table.

Jason: So you’re going to meet her here, talk to see her, see what she says. Then you’re going to take her to the room, show her the place.
Me: When is this supposed to happen?
Jason: In about an hour.

Me: So soon?
Jason: Yeah, you’re going to do good, I’m sure of it.
Me: Do I need to have sex with her or…?

Jason: You can do whatever you want with her but the rule is that she needs to be a virgin for the ritual. She must not have made sex with a boy, not in her vagina.

Me: So I could do other things if I want to.
Jason: As long as she’s willing to do them, yes.
Me: I got it. Sounds easy enough.

Jason: Make sure she’s not some stupid girl that believes me in unicorns, see if she’s all there, in the head.
Me: Ok, I’ll take care of it.

Jason: Cool! Hide there in the bushes and wait for her, if she’s not old enough just leave.
Me: You got it!
Jason: Have fun man!

This is weird and interesting at the same time. One hour in the bushes. I was waiting patiently. There comes a curvy girl near the house. That must be her. I think. I should wait for a few more minutes, see what she does. Maybe she’s just passing by.

But then again. Nobody is just passing by in the woods at an abandoned house. She went and sat near the stone table, looking around and waiting for someone. Yeah, that’s her. Why else would she be waiting there like that? I’ll go and introduce myself.

Before that let me describe her. She’s a blonde, with a slim fit body. She has big boobs around 36. She’s wearing a tight t-shirt and a bottom skirt till her knees.

Me: Hello.
Girl: Hi!
Me: Are you here for the…?
Girl: Yes!

Me: How old are you?
Girl: I’m 19 and a half. Do you need to know my name? Should you tell me yours?
Me: No, there’s no need for that.

Girl: Ok. How do we do this?
Me: We’ll talk. I’ll ask you some questions and if I think you’re good you can go through with it.
Girl: Ok.

Me: Are you a virgin?
Girl: Yes. I never had sex with someone but I did my training. With the toy.
Me: Good, very good.
Girl: Did I do good so far?

Me: Let’s keep going.
Girl: Oh ok.
Me: Did you read the books?
Girl: Yes, that how I found out about this.

Me: So you found out on your own, nobody told you about it.
Girl: On my own, I found one book and then I looked for the others. Very hard to find them.

Me: Ok. Why would you want to do this ritual! What made you come here?
Girl: It’s obvious. I believe in books. I just…Once I read them everything clicked.

I should read those books one day. I have no idea what she’s talking about.

Me: That’s good! One more question.
Girl: Ok.
Me: Do you take drugs? Drink?

Girl: No drugs! I only drink a glass or two when I go out. I’m not drunk. I don’t drink until I get drunk if that’s what you’re asking.
Me: I see, that’s good.
Girl: How did I do?

Me: You answered my questions, that’s good.
Girl: Are we going to do the ritual now?
Me: Not yet, you need to come with me.
Girl: Where are you taking me?

Me: I’ll show you where the ritual takes place.
Girl: Oh ok.
Me: If you’re not sure about this you can tell me. Nobody is making you do anything.

Girl: I’m sure about it!
Me: Really? Because you seem scared, shy.
Girl: I’m just shy. I’ll be better, I promise!
Me: Fine. Let’s go then, this way.

I took her upstairs to the room where the bed is.

Me: This is where the ritual takes place.
Girl: I was expecting something more. Mystical.
Me: Mystical? It’s not about the place, it’s about the ritual. It can be done anywhere but this is where we do it.

Girl: Of course, you’re right!
Me: Are you really sure about this?
Girl: Yes! I’m just shy and nervous!
Me: Hmmm.

Girl: I’ll do anything you say, please let me do this.
Me: I don’t know.
Girl: I’m willing to. You know. Take it in my mouth. And I cleaned myself for anal sex. I’ll do them all! Just give me a chance, please!

Me: Hmmm. Fine. I’ll give you the chance to prove how much you want this.
Girl: Thank you!
Me: But I won’t take it easy on you! So don’t expect that!
Girl: I won’t. Ok! How do we begin?

Me: Just let me tell you what to do.
Girl: Ok, that works!
Me: Let’s imagine that we’re together, a couple. And let’s begin as all couples do.

Girl: With kisses?
Me: Yes.

She didn’t wait. She brought her mouth near mine and kissed me on my lips.

Girl: Like that?
Me: Just like that. Good girl.
Girl: What now?

Me: Now we get undressed.
Girl: Ok.

She removed her top. She’s very hot. Very hot.

Me: You have a nice body.
Girl: Thank you.
Me: Don’t be shy, take off your dress.
Girl: I will.

Hot, shy. This is amazing.

Me: I want to see you naked.

She then shyly removed her bottom and became fully naked. She’s covering her boobs with her hands. What a work of art.

Girl: Do you like it?
Me: I like it very much.
Girl: Do we start. Doing it?

Me: Yes, let’s start doing it.
Girl: Mmmm ok.

I’m not taking it easy on her. I have a huge boner! I made her lie on her left side. I got on top of her and started shoving my dick in her ass.

Girl: Ah, It hurts.
Me: Only for a little while. Trust me on this, you’re going to be fine in a few minutes.
Girl: Take it easy.
Me: I will.

I started moving my dick in and out slowly. After some time she started enjoying. I increased my pace slowly. After fucking her ass for 10 minutes, I removed my dick out.

Me: That’s a good girl. You did a great job cleaning yourself.
Girl: Is it over now?
Me: I’m not done. Do you want it to be over?

Girl: No. I just don’t know when it’s over.
Me: You will. Get on top.

I made her sit on my cock in the reverse cowgirl position. She’s riding my cock up her ass by jumping slowly. She kept jumping for 5 min.

Me: Come over here!

I made her lie on her boobs and chest. Her ass was in the air and she’s kneeling on her legs. I went behind her and started fingering her asshole. I fingered her for 5 minutes.

Me: Get on top!

I made her sit on my cock in the reverse cowgirl position. I lifted her legs up. We were in the ‘Italian Chandelier’ Kamasutra position. We fucked for some time in this position.

Me: Ahhhh. So good!
Girl: Yes it is!
Me: You like it?

Girl: I do!
Me: Use your hand now.

She slept next to me and started giving me a handjob with her left hand.

Me: Good! Take it in your mouth!

I sat on her face and shoved my dick in her mouth. She’s sucking it faster. I shot my cum in her mouth. Some of the cum was on her nose and eyes.

Me: Ah! Fuck!
Girl: That was awesome!
Me: Told you.
Girl: And now I get to take the ritual!

Me: Yes you do. Good girl!
Girl: Hahaha. Great! So. Are you giving me the green light?
Me: You got my vote.
Girl: Good! Now I can tell you.

Me: Tell me what?
Girl: Well, this was a test for both of us.
Me: What do you mean?

Girl: I was told that if I want to take the ritual I would have to talk to you and do whatever you want as long as you ask the right questions.
Me: What?

Girl: I had to find out if you ask the right questions and then get your blessing. And you did.
Me: I had no idea about that.
Girl: It looks like we were both rested and passed.

I’ll have to ask Jason about this. I don’t know what she’s talking about.

Me: I guess that’s great to hear.
Girl: Yes! I’m so happy. And the sex was so painful when we began but then it was so good!

Me: You did great! Someone will contact you about the ritual.
Girl: I know, I know!
Me: Congratulations. Good luck!
Girl: Thank you!

I have to find out more about this. I left her while she was dressing. Jason was down waiting for me I guess. He has some explaining to do!

Me: Hey Jason!
Jason: You’re back.
Me: We need to talk.
Jason: Yes, we do. I guess you found out.

Me: Yeah, imagine my surprise.
Jason: I’m sorry man. I wasn’t supposed to tell you.
Me: The cat’s out of the bag now, so tell me.

Jason: Alright. These people wanted to see if you are to be trusted and efficient if they can count on you. So when that girl asked for the ritual, instead of refusing her because she’s not registered at the school they came up with this test. Where you test her and she tests you.

Me: You could have told me, give me a heads up.
Jason: I can’t. They would know.
Me: How?
Jason: Man. I gave up trying to figure out. It’s funny now.

Me: What?
Jason: The way these guys know everything. I don’t get it but they do. The can find out everything! It’s ridiculous! They know things that only I know, never told anyone. It’s mind-blowing. I don’t know what to tell you.

Me: That’s disturbing.
Jason: Yeah, I know it is! But did you pass the test?
Me: I did, she told me I asked the right questions.
Jason: That’s great, man! Anyway. Here’s your reward.

He handed me a bundle of cash.

Me: That stack of cash is for me?
Jason: Yeah! You were on the list with this amount.
Me: For what?
Jason: For not telling anyone, for doing this test now.

Me: That much? How much is it anyway?!
Jason: Five grand, just for you!
Me: Holy crap!

Jason: Hahaha! Enjoy the money man!
Me: Dude! I will! Wow!


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Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.

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