Bliss Boarding School Part-32

I was in Rose’s room. There she is, she seems sad.

Me: Hey Rose.
Rose: Oh! Hey A.

I think she was crying. She looks so upset.

Me: What’s up? Are you ok?
Rose: No. I hate that Chloe left.
Me: Well. Everyone else is still here!

Rose: Who? Abigail? Now that Chloe is gone she’s going to make my life a living hell.
Me: What? No way! She and I are close now. I’ll take care of Abigail.

Rose: This summer I wanted to be Rose, happy and nice. Not Nerdy Rose with no friends and nobody to care for her. And what do I get? Chloe is gone. I’m still nerdy and Jason. Don’t get me started on him!

Me: What about Jason?
Rose: I was so caught up in the idea that he likes me! I couldn’t see he was just using me.
Me: You know what? Forget I asked. I really don’t want to dive into that now.

Rose: The worst summer ever!
Me: Really? I don’t think it’s that bad. Besides, Chloe might come back!
Rose: She only said that to make me feel better. She’s not coming back, I know it!

Me: I’m sure you can be friends with Anna or Lisa. Lisa needs a place to stay and she could move in with you!
Rose: I guess. But still, Chloe was my best friend. Listen to me crying about Chloe. And you were her boyfriend. Are you fine?

Me: I’m good. I chose to stay here.
Rose: Really? What do you mean?
Me: She asked me if I wanted to go with her. But everything was moving so fast. I needed some time to think so I stayed back.

Rose: Oh. That makes sense.
Me: Yeah.
Rose: Let’s go for a walk.
Me: Wait a minute, come here.

I sat on the bed and made Rose sit next to me.

Me: This way we could, you know, do our thing.
Rose: I’m happy for us! But I’m sad about Chloe.
Me: I know. I get it.

Rose: I’m always like this, I’m not good with goodbyes.
Me: I’m not so good with them either.

I made her sit on my lap and I was playing with her belly with my hand. I was circling my fingers around her belly button.

Rose: Looks like we have something in common.
Me: I’m sure we have more things in common.
Rose: I’ve been meaning to ask you. Are you still upset about me and Jason?
Me: I’m not happy about it.

Rose: I know. I’m sorry about that.
Me: It happened, let’s not think about it. We weren’t together then and I was with Chloe so. It’s ok.
Rose: I’d say we’re even, you and Chloe, me and Jason.

Me: I agree!
Rose: So we’re on the same page.
Me: We are, right?
Rose: Right!

We both stood up and hugged each other. She brought her mouth near mine and started French kissing me. My hands were on her butts. They were so soft. We were tasting each other’s saliva.

Rose: You’re much better than Jason anyway. What happened with him was the old me seeking attention. But the new me is all yours.
Me: That’s what I like to hear!

Rose: Hahaha! Let’s go on that walk.
Me: Let’s!

We both went to the library room.

Rose: Do you know how Chloe and I met?
Me: No.

Rose: It was right here, in the library. I came in looking for a book and there she was, sitting and reading. All alone in this big room while everyone else was running around and having parties. I knew then we would be good friends, best friends!

Me: Remember when we met?
Rose: Remember you bumping into Abigail? Hahaha!
Me: Hahaha!

Rose: From now on we could use the library if we want to get away from people. Nobody ever comes in here but us!
Me: Everyone has their own hiding place.
Rose: What do you mean?

Me: Abigail has her hiding spot on the roof but doesn’t tell anyone.
Rose: Hahaha! Everyone knows! She hides from us up there and we get a break from her. Win-win!

Me: Hahaha!
Rose: You know what? Since we’re all alone here.
Me: Yes.

She jumped on the library table and was kneeling on her all four. I could see her boobs hanging down. Ah, that huge cleavage.

Me: What are you doing?
Rose: We could have some fun.

Me: Are you trying to be sexy? Provocative?
Rose: Is it working?
Me: Sure!

She’s so funny! Suddenly she slipped and fell down the table. Thankfully there’s a mat on the entire floor

Me: Oh!
Rose: Ah!
Me: Are you ok? Did you hurt yourself?
Rose: I’m fine.

She’s a bit embarrassed.

Me: Are you sure?
Rose: Yes. I tried to do something nice, something new and now look at me!
Me: Hahaha! That was funny!
Rose: Hahaha! It was supposed to be sexy!

Me: I think we need to work on that some more.
Rose: I agree, I need more work! Hahaha!
Me: Let me help you up.

I gave a hand and helped her up on her feet.

Rose: Let’s make a deal!
Me: What deal?
Rose: That no matter what happens we’ll always be friends! I mean what if you leave as Chloe did? We could at least call each other.

She’s afraid I’ll abandon her too. But I don’t think I will.

Me: Ok, it’s a deal!
Rose: Great! That makes me feel much better!
Me: I’m happy to hear that.
Rose: I want to go back, come on!

Me: Already?
Rose: Yes, I’m good now!
Me: Hold on. We were about to start something here.
Rose: After my failed attempt.

I sat on the chair and pulled Rose closer to me. Her belly was just in front of me. I kissed her belly button and started licking it. I was moving my tongue inside her belly button.

Me: We can always try again.
Rose: Hahaha! That tickles!
Me: Does it tickle when I kiss your tummy?

Rose: Hahaha! Yes!
Me: Like this?
Rose: Hahaha, stop it!
Me: I’ll stop licking you but.

I picked her up and made her lie on her back on the floor. I made her legs wide and sat near her pussy. I pulled her top down to expose her huge boobs and nipples.

Rose: Oh! Is that your gun I feel, sheriff?
Me: Why, yes, it is, miss.
Rose: Are you going to protect me from the bandits?
Me: Protect and make you feel good! That’s my job!

Rose: Lucky me, the damsel in distress saved by the good sheriff!
Me: You’re good at role-playing.
Rose: You too!

Me: I’m also good at massages.
Rose: Oh, but please good sir, do show me!
Me: But of course miss!

I turned her around and made her lie on her stomach. I pulled her pants out and made her bottom naked. I was sitting on her right side and started massaging her pussy with my left hand.

Rose: Ah.
Me: Mmm. Do you like that?
Rose: Very much.

Me: The secret is to touch softly and then harder and harder.
Rose: Uhhhhh!
Me: And then.

I shoved my left index finger inside her pussy.

Rose: Ah.
Me: You’re so moist.
Rose: You turn me on.
Me: I’m very skilled in massages.

Rose: Mmmmm.
Me: I’m also skilled in something else, let me show you.
Rose: Please do.

I turned her back to the previous position. She’s lying on her back and I inserted my dick in her pussy in missionary position.

Rose: Ok.

I started moving my dick in and out and was fucking her for 5 minutes. She’s moaning and enjoying. We then changed to the doggy position. I fucked her from behind. Oh her soft butt cheeks.

Rose: Sit down.

We were in a reverse cowgirl position. She was riding my cock now.

Me: Oh, this is good!
Rose: I want to make it up to you for what I did.
Me: Let’s not talking about it now. We’re even, remember?
Rose: I want to do this.

She got up and started sucking my dick. She’s taking deep like a slut and was blowing my cock fast and hard. I shot my cum in her mouth in no time.

Rose: By the look on your face. That was good.
Me: Yes. Yes.
Rose: I’m a mess, I should clean myself.

She’s not usually like this but I guess she really wants to show me she’d do anything for me.

Rose: That was awesome!
Me: Yes it was!
Rose: Who knew I could be so kinky.
Me: I didn’t. But you were!

Rose: Should I be kinky more?
Me: Yes, please!
Rose: Hahaha! I bet you’d like that!
Me: A lady in public and a monster in bed. Perfect combination.

Rose: Hahaha!
Me: Or at least that’s what they say.
Rose: Who says that?
Me: Me.

We both hugged, I kissed her again.

Rose: I can’t help but imagine how it would have been like if I met you first and not Chloe.
Me: I think it all turned out fine in the end.
Rose: Yes but you know, some things might not have happened.

Me: The past is the past.
Rose: You’re so sweet!
Me: Thank you!
Rose: Come, let’s get out of here.


Help the author in his tough times.


Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.

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