Bliss Boarding School Part-31

I was in Chloe’s room.

Chloe: Where have you been?
Me: Around. Your sister tried to seduce me.
Chloe: I was sure of it, it was just a matter of time. And what happened?

Me: I’m here, aren’t I? She failed.
Chloe: Never expected anything else! You are a hero after all.
Me: Slayer of wolves! Hahaha!

I jumped back on the bed and was lying on my back. Chloe sat near my legs and was touching my crotch.

Chloe: Now, where were we?
Me: Aren’t you afraid she’ll walk on us again?
Chloe: If she does. She’s going to have to wait until we’re done. I won’t let her ruin our moment again.

Me: I like how that sounds.
Chloe: Take down your pants!

We both removed our pants. Chloe was kneeling on her four. I was behind her but I was lying on my back. She brought her butts down. I guided my dick in her pussy.

Me: That’s nice!
Chloe: Yes it is.

She started moving her butt up and down at a good pace. It was similar to the ‘Clapper’ Kamasutra position. But I was on the back and her legs were wide. After fucking for some time, we changed to the ‘Flatiron’ Kamasutra position.

Chloe was lying on her stomach. I lied on top of her and was fucking her from behind. I fucked her for 10 minutes in this position.

Chloe: Come on!
Me: Ok.
Chloe: Remember our first time? In the forest near the lake?

Me: Yes, I do.
Chloe: I want it like that again.

We both stood up. She was standing with her back touching on the wall. I was just in front of her. I made her legs a bit wide and I stood in between them. I then inserted my dick in standing position and started fucking her fast and hard. Her boobs were jumping in circles while I fucked her.

She was moaning heavily and enjoying every bit of it. She already had a huge orgasm. I was about to orgasm. I shot my come on her belly by taking my dick out.

Me: Whew That was intense!
Chloe: It was! I liked this position the first time I wanted to try it again.
Me: I’m glad you did.

She jumped on the bed and stretched her arms up. She’s lying on her back with my cum still on her belly. It’s looking so hot, I was just standing and staring at her whole body.

Chloe: I feel like resting for a while.
Me: There’s nothing else for us to do.
Chloe: Good! It’s about time for a break.

Me: You’re looking good there, naked
Chloe: Thank you!

There’s a knock on the door.

Chloe: What is it now? What is it, Candy?
Candy: Grandma sent someone, come on, let’s talk to him.
Chloe: Ok, coming.
Candy: See? This time I waited for you guys to finish!

Chloe: She was out there listening to us having sex.
Me: Hahaha!
Chloe: We should go see what this is about.
Me: Let’s go then!

We got dressed and headed back to the dining room. There’s Candy sitting on a chair and a man in a suit who is standing next to Candy.

Lawyer: I didn’t believe it but that’s what he said.
Candy: Hahaha! Funny story!
Chloe: Hello!
Lawyer: You must be Chloe. I’m your grandma’s lawyer, she sent me.

Chloe: Oh, ok
Lawyer: Sit down, let’s talk. So you guys want to sell the house, is that right?
Chloe: Yes.
Candy: Yes, please!

Lawyer: I took the liberty to ask around and found an easy way for you girls.
Chloe: What is that?

Lawyer: I represent a client that deals in real estate and he’s in the process of expanding his business. What he does is he buys the property, he fixes what needs to be fixed, paints, overhauls. And then he puts it on the market for a higher price. Do you guys want to do these things yourself?

Chloe: No, we only want to sell it as it is.
Lawyer: What we can do is hire someone to appraise the house and it’s worth, negotiate a price and cut a deal.
Chloe: You don’t mind if we hire our own appraiser.

Lawyer: We hire one, you guys hire one and we’ll negotiate the price after.
Candy: That sounds fair!
Chloe: Sounds good.

Lawyer: Don’t worry, I’m your grandma’s lawyer as my father was before. I’ll get you the best deal possible.
Candy: That’s great!

Lawyer: You don’t even have to do anything, I’ll take care of everything.
Chloe: Good because I don’t know what I’m doing
Lawyer: I’ll talk to him, try to get someone here tomorrow to take a look at the house.

Chloe: And we’ll find someone ourselves for tomorrow, I hope.
Lawyer: Very well, the paperwork is done so the house is yours, you both share it 50-50. So you can split the money down the middle.

Candy: What do you think it’s worth?
Lawyer: I think it’s worth a lot!
Candy: Good!
Chloe: Hahaha!

Lawyer: I’ll see you guys tomorrow then, I have to go to my next client.
Candy: See you then!
Chloe: Thank you for your help.
Lawyer: It’s my pleasure!

The lawyer took off. Both the girls were looking happy.

Chloe: This is great! Grandma took care of everything!
Candy: Yes, it’s awesome!
Chloe: Looks like we’ll get on with our lives soon!

Me: That’s great! And the lawyer seems to know what he’s doing.
Candy: After we sell the house do you guys want to do something? Go somewhere? Spend some money, have some fun?

Chloe: I don’t think so.
Candy: Why not?
Chloe: Because I don’t like you.

Candy: You’re still stuck on that Max thing?
Chloe: Yes!
Candy: It was a joke, it was funny!
Chloe: Not really!

And now the drama begins. Someone rang the doorbell.

Me: I’ll get that You girls do your thing.
Chloe: Thanks!
Candy: How can I make it up to you?

I opened the door. There’s a guy.

Me: Yes?
Guy: Is Chloe here?
Me: Who’s asking?

Guy: I’m a friend of her, Max.
Me: Didn’t you used to be her boyfriend?
Guy: Yes. And you are?

I don’t know what happened. I punched the guy in his face. He fell on the ground.

Guy: Ahhhhh!
Me: Get out of here scumbag!
Guy: What the fuck, man?

Me: You know!
Guy: Jesus!

Chloe called me from the inside.

Chloe: Who is that?
Me: Door to door salesman.
Chloe: We’re not buying anything!
Me: You heard her, she’s not buying it. Now fuck off!

I went back inside. It was still afternoon

Me: Hey Chloe, it looks like everything is set.
Chloe: Yes, thankfully Grandma took care of everything.
Me: I will head back to school, I could be there in 3 hours.

Chloe: Do you have to go?
Me: Yes, honey, I just need some time to think.
Chloe: I understand.

I left saying goodbye to Chloe. In a few hours, I was in my room. Lisa and Anna were having a chat.

Lisa: I don’t know
Anna: I just didn’t see it coming.
Me: Hey!
Lisa: Oh, hey!

Anna: Hey A!
Me: What are you girls talking about?
Anna: Oh nothing important
Lisa: About Chloe.

Me: What?
Anna: Uhmmmm
Lisa: I just find it weird that Chloe and you left.
Anna: Yeah, me too.

Me: Well she wanted to go her own way. I’m going mine. It is what it is.
Lisa: Don’t worry about a thing! I have something in mind for you!
Anna: You do?
Lisa: You and I are going out, right now!

Me: We are?
Lisa: Yes we are! That’s the least I can do for you after all that you have done for me. And I want to be there for you in this tough time.
Anna: I should’ve thought of that.

Me: Really, I’m fine with it
Lisa: I won’t take no for an answer!
Me: Ok then?
Lisa: Great! Now if you would please wait for me outside while I change.

Me: Ok Where are we going?
Lisa: I’ll think of something!
Me: I’ll be outside then.
Lisa: I won’t take long!

I was outside on the campus. It’s a good thing I have the girls to keep my mind off things. I mean as much as I enjoy my freedom I can’t help but think about Chloe.

Lisa: I’m ready.

Gosh! She’s looking so hot. She’s wearing a tight back and white striped t-shirt. I could see the shape of her boobs. And a tiny dark grey short.

Me: That was fast.
Lisa: It’s not like I have a lot of clothes. My luggage still hasn’t arrived. I’m starting to doubt it ever will and I got these clothes from Anna. Again!
Me: I wouldn’t mind you if you were to come naked.

Lisa: What? And have everyone else see me?
Me: You’re right Not a good idea. Hahaha!
Lisa: Hahaha! Come on, I have an idea!

Me: Care to share it with me?
Lisa: We’re going to the ice cream shop!
Me: That sounds good.

We started walking out of the campus.

Lisa: I have to ask
Me: What?
Lisa: Are you and Chloe over? Or?

Me: I have asked Chloe for some time to decide.
Lisa: I understand. And are you ok?
Me: I’m as good as I could be in this situation
Lisa: Good!

She suddenly turned around and grabbed my hands and started kissing me.

Lisa: That means we don’t have to hide anymore!
Me: I don’t know about that
Lisa: Why? What do you mean?

Me: I just need some time to think. I’m not saying no but Chloe literally just left
Lisa: Oh no! I get it! This would be just weird, imagine the rumors!

We reached the ice cream parlor. There’s a girl behind the counter.

Girl: Welcome!
Lisa: I don’t know what to order So many choices!
Me: It’s all ice cream to me.
Lisa: But it comes in so many flavors and colors and shapes.

Me: I mean I like ice cream but I wouldn’t overthink it.
Lisa: We’ll take one of those, over there!
Girl: One each or are you sharing it?
Lisa: We’re sharing it!

Me: Sure.
Lisa: One each is too much for me, wouldn’t want to get fat!
Me: Hahaha! You could run it off after.

Lisa: I’m not working out today. Sunday’s are off!
Girl: Take a seat, I’ll bring it to you.
Lisa: Thank you!

There’s a table in the corner. We sat opposite each other.

Lisa: It’s nice here. I was afraid the town would be too small with nothing to do in it.
Me: Honestly there’s not much
Lisa: It’s better than nothing! And I’m sure there are other places we don’t know about.

Me: I’m sure there are. So you’re going back to work tomorrow
Lisa: Yes! I haven’t talked to the teacher yet. But I do have a get out of the class free card.
Me: And you’re using it for work? That sucks.

Lisa: Oh no, I’m going to work after class. But if I ever have to go earlier.
Me: You have a plan B.
Lisa: Exactly!
Girl: Here you are!

She brought a 3 scoop ice cream with different flavors. Chocolate, butterscotch, and strawberries with their fudges on it. On top of the fudge, there was whip cream with a cherry on top.

Me: You’re right, this needs to be shared.
Lisa: Told you!
Girl: Let me know if there’s anything else you need.

Oh my, I could see the girl’s side boob, she has kept top 4 buttons of her shirt unhooked.

Lisa: Thank you!
Me: Thank you.
Girl: Enjoy!

She went back to the ice cream counter.

Lisa: It looks so good!
Me: Yes it does.
Lisa: Back home we have a very nice ice cream shop. But I only go there once a week. It takes me forever to decide on what to get. Hahaha!

Me: Girls and ice cream I know! Hahaha!
Lisa: It’s like it’s speaking to us calling our names, ‘Eat me, Lisa, eat me!’

Suddenly something unexpected happened. As Lisa was sitting opposite to me, she lifted her leg and kept her feet on my crotch.

Me: Hmmm. What Are you doing?
Lisa: Me? Nothing.
Me: Oh, so your leg is not touching me.

Lisa: Must be the table’s leg
Me: Hahaha Must be!

She’s pressing her feet more on my cock.

Lisa: How do you like your ice cream?
Me: The ice-cream? Nice.
Lisa: I’m glad you like it.

She started moving her feet up and down on my crotch. I was getting hard inside my pants.

Lisa: You must REALLY like that ice cream.
Me: Mmmmm.
Lisa: Unzip your pants!

Me: What?
Lisa: Do it!
Me: Here?
Lisa: Do it!

I did what she asked. I unzipped my pants and took out my dick. Now she’s rubbing my naked cock with her feet. Gosh! This is new to me.

Me: Uhhhhh
Lisa: Quiet down

She’s moving her feet up and down on my semi-hard cock for some time.

Lisa: I need to go to the bathroom
Me: Ok Go.
Lisa: You’re coming with me.

Me: I am? I mean sure!
Lisa: Come on!

I pulled my dick inside. We both were going to the bathroom together. The girl in counter saw us.

Girl: Is everything alright?
Lisa: Yes We’re I need to go to the bathroom. And I’m a germaphobe I can’t open doors! Those dirty doors that everyone touches.

Me: Exactly
Girl (Thinking in mind): That is the worst lie I ever heard. What is it with people having sex in my bathroom?
Girl: Ok then

We were in the bathroom. I was standing with my back on the wall. Lisa was in front of me. She started touching my crotch with her left hand.

Me: I can’t believe that worked!
Lisa: Of course it did. People hear about some phobia and they go out of their way to make you feel better.

Me: That’s something to remember!
Lisa: Hahaha! We have to hurry.
Me: What’s the rush?

She just pushed herself onto my chest. Ah, those boobs.

Lisa: Do you want to get caught?
Me: Hahaha! No
Lisa: In that case
Me: Yes

Lisa was now leaning on the wall. Her boobs were crushing on the wall. I pulled her pants down and went behind her. I unzipped my pants and started touching her pussy with my left hand.

Me: Mmmmm Looks like you’re ready to go
Lisa: You turn me on so fast. And playing with my feet That was intense!
Me: You can say that again!
Lisa: Put it inside

I kept my dick in her pussy and started pushing my cock in. I was fucking her for 5 minutes. Then I turned her around and hugged her. Ah, love those boobs on my chest. I lifted her right leg in the air, she’s just standing on her left leg. I started fucking her with her right leg tightly held in my left hand.

Me: Yeah This is good!

I was kissing her lips and fucking her pussy at the same time.

Lisa: Down Sit down
Me: Ok

I laid on my back on the floor. She sat on my dick in cowgirl position but both her legs were on my left. She jumped hard and fast. We both orgasmed at the same time. I shot my cum in her pussy. God! So much cum.

Lisa: That was amazing The rush!
Me: I know. The possibility of being caught.
Lisa: Yes and you are so hard.

Suddenly we heard a knock on the washroom door.

Girl: Are you ok in there?
Lisa: Hurry! Get dressed.

We quickly got dressed. She then entered the bathroom.

Me: Yes, we’re fine!
Lisa: We were just coming out.
Girl: I heard everything you did here.
Lisa: I don’t know what you mean.

Girl: You two had sex in here. Now if you don’t want me to call the police on you. I want to have sex with your man too.
Me: What?

Lisa: Really?
Girl: That’s the deal.
Lisa: Well then

Lisa went forward and slapped the girl hard on her cheek.

Lisa: Stay away from him you whore!
Me: What the fuck
Lisa: He is mine! Find someone for yourself!

Girl: Help!
Lisa: Let’s get out of here!
Me: You think?

We ran out of the shop.

Lisa: That was so exciting!
Me: Why did you slap her like that?
Lisa: Did you hear her? She wanted to share you, like I’m some sort of pimp or something!

Me: Well yeah, but we could have just left.
Lisa: I won’t let anybody mess around with you!
Me: Ok

She must really like me! We were near the car dealership shop.

Lisa: Remember when I wanted to get a job here?
Me: Of course It wasn’t that long ago.
Lisa: Good thing I didn’t, the hours are the worst!
Me: At least while working at the motel you can come to class.

Lisa: Exactly! To be honest, I don’t think many people want to work there. The manager folded pretty fast when I told him my demand for working hours.
Me: Or maybe you did such a good job that he couldn’t refuse you.
Lisa: Somehow I doubt that’s the case.

We headed back to the campus.

Me: This was nice, we should do it more often.
Lisa: We should! What are you going to do now?
Me: I don’t know I think I’ll visit Rose. She seemed very upset with Chloe leaving.

Lisa: Always the hero, you’re too nice!
Me: Actually I’m not that nice, I mean I can be bad if I want to.
Lisa: Oh I know you can!
Me: What does that mean?

Lisa: Heroes can do anything!
Me: Hahaha! I knew it!
Lisa: Hahaha! Ok, I’m going to stop with this hero thing!
Me: Thank you!

Lisa: Or not I’ll think about it!
Me: Hahaha!
Lisa: Hahaha! See you later, A.
Me: See you, Lisa.


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