Bliss Boarding School Part-30

There was a girl entering our room at Chloe’s grandmother’s house. She was just staring at us while I and Chloe were fucking.

Girl: Ehhhhmmmm!
Chloe: What? Ohhhh.
Girl: What are you doing?!
Chloe: Sorry! I didn’t know.

Me: This is weird.
Girl: Oh God. You couldn’t wait?
Chloe: Sorry!

Chloe quickly got up and wore her pants. The girl was staring at my hard dick while I was pulling it inside my pants.

Girl: So what? You just come in here and start having sex with strangers? No hello, no how are you?
Chloe: I thought you’re not here.

Girl: I was taking a shower when I saw you come in. You couldn’t look around or wait for 5 minutes?

She does seem like a bitch. Reminds me of Abigail. Let me tell you how she looks. She’s slim just like Chloe but she’s shorter. She’s wearing a blue color sleeveless dress with a lot of rose flowers in it. It was covering till her thighs.

She’s got smaller boobs than Chloe, probably 30 size. She’s exposing her cleavage clearly. Her hair is purple colored.

Girl: Who is this?
Chloe: This is my boyfriend, A! A, this is Candy. My sister, I was telling you about her.

Me: Nice to meet you.
Candy: Whatever… Let’s meet in the dining room in 5 minutes. If you can wait that long without having sex.

Candy left the room.

Me: Does she remind you of someone?
Chloe: Abigail. I know!
Me: Hahaha! Exactly!

Chloe: Just don’t mind her, don’t take her seriously. She always had a bone to pick with me for some reason.
Me: I’ll block her out, don’t worry.

Chloe: Lecturing me about sex, she’s a slut. I know that for a fact.
Me: Oh?
Chloe: Oh yeah. She slept with half the town, she’s a nympho!

We started walking upstairs towards the dining room.

Chloe: I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d try to seduce you too.
Me: Nothing going to work.
Chloe: I know. But scolding me for having sex when she’s like a train station. The nerve on her!

Me: I agree. Why do you call her Candy?
Chloe: I didn’t use to call her that. But one of her boyfriends started calling her Candy then everyone picked it up.

Me: And now she’s Candy.
Chloe: Yes, her name is Mary but call her Candy. She throws a fit if you don’t.
Me: Got it!

We were in the dining room.

Me: How big is this house?!
Chloe: Hahaha! Big enough!
Me: Big enough for you and your step sister at the same time?
Chloe: Not big enough for that!

Me: Hahaha! Let’s hope we don’t have to stick around for too much.
Chloe: God no! Sit down! Don’t be shy!
Me: I’m not shy. You know that.
Chloe: I can’t wait to be done with this thing so we can have some time alone.

Me: Me too!
Chloe: Did you tell anyone that you are here?
Me: I didn’t tell anyone except Lisa, she was in the room.

Chloe: When Candy comes here let me do the talking. She’s always looking for drama much like Abigail, let’s not give it to her.
Me: You got it, not a word!
Chloe: Thank you!

Candy just entered the dining room.

Me: Speak of the devil.
Chloe: Here we go.
Candy: Done with your sex?
Chloe: You should mind your own business.

Candy: Don’t be like that, it was just a question.
Chloe: Let’s just get this over with.
Candy: You’re in such a hurry!

Chloe: I’m tired, it was a long road.
Candy: I understand. I hate long trips!

She sat next to Chloe.

Candy: So grandma said she’s leaving the house to you and me, she said she loves us both the same.
Chloe: That’s fair.

Candy: I think so too so it shouldn’t be a problem to split the money after we sell it.
Chloe: I was thinking of selling it too.

Candy: Grandma thought we want to sell it so she talked to her lawyer to help us.
Chloe: Really? That’s cool!
Candy: Yes, he’s coming by later for the paperwork. But grandma left the house only to us, I don’t know who this is.

Chloe: I told you, he’s my boyfriend.
Candy: I want to talk to him.
Chloe: Fine, whatever, talk.

She faced herself towards me.

Candy: Admit it, you’re here for the money!
Me: Hahaha! I’m here for the money. I plan to marry Chloe and take half of it.
Candy: What did I tell you!
Chloe: Hahaha!

Me: Also, I’m a time traveler from outer space.
Chloe: Hahaha!
Candy: Very funny! At least he has a silver tongue. I’ll give you that.
Chloe: There’s more to him than meets the eye.

Candy: I’m only trying to look out for my sister.
Chloe: Thank you for your concern.
Candy: Chloe, did you know that Max is back?
Chloe: No. Why would I know that?

Candy: Max is her ex, I think she still loves him.
Chloe: Hahaha! Didn’t you two use to have sex behind my back? But then again, you are looking out for me. Since I didn’t sleep with him someone had to.
Candy: It’s not my fault that I’m so hot.

Chloe: You can keep him, I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned you two deserve each other.
Candy: He said that you wanted to have sex with him and he refused you. I don’t know how but grandma found out about it.

Chloe: That’s not true! We went out three times, that’s it!
Candy: That’s what he told everyone. That you’re a slut.
Chloe: What a jerk!
Candy: He’s a pig!

Chloe: Why didn’t you stood up for me?
Candy: You can stand up for yourself.

Chloe: What happened to look out for me? You know what? You’re bad as he is. Even worse! You’re supposed to be my sister but you’re acting like I’m your enemy.
Candy: You’re overreacting!

Chloe: After all this is done, lose my phone number!
Candy: Are you on your period?
Chloe: No, but are you a slut?

Candy: There we go. I’m out of here.
Chloe: Yes, go, please!

Chloe seemed upset. Candy left the room.

Chloe: It’s not true, what she said!
Me: I know, I know you.
Chloe: What a jerk that Max. I don’t know why everyone around here is acting like they’re still 16!

Me: They have nothing better to do.
Chloe: When I see that jerk I’ll slap the stupid out of him!
Me: I’ll help you!

Chloe: Good! Jerks. God! I’ll call grandma and my mom, do you know your way back to the room?
Me: Yes, I think so.
Chloe: I’ll be back shortly!

I went back to the room where I and Chloe were having sex. Chloe has it rough here. I can’t blame her for wanting to go to school during the summer. And Candy is like meeting Abigail all over again. Those two would make an amazing team.

I’ll sit on the bed for a while waiting for Chloe. It’s nice here, I kind of like it. It’s quiet and calming, relaxing. I heard Chloe’s voice coming from outside the door.

Chloe: A?
Me: I’m here!
Chloe: Come over here!

Me: Coming! Do you need help with something?
Chloe: I have a surprise for you!
Me: Ok. Cool!

I got up to open the door. There’s no one out there.

Me: Where are you?
Chloe: Down here, come on!
Me: Down where?

Chloe: The basement, don’t be afraid!
Me: Afraid? Pffft!

There were stairs to go to the basement. It’s very dark near the end of the stairs.

Me: Down here? In the dark?
Chloe: Yes, come on down!
Me: Ok. Can I turn the lights on so I can see where I’m going?
Chloe: Sure, come!

I switched on the lights and went downstairs. There are at least 100 bottles of old wine on the right wall. I still couldn’t see Chloe.

Me: Holy crap! So much wine!
Chloe: We can have a bottle.
Me: I like how that sounds.
Chloe: I bet you do!

Nice. I know where this is heading. I’m sure Candy won’t interrupt us here. I went further inside the basement. Chloe was still nowhere to be found.

Me: Ok. Where are you? Chloe? Is this a joke?

Suddenly she covered my eyes with her hands from behind.

Chloe: Guess who!
Me: Hahaha! You startled me! Who could it be? Santa? Is that you?
Chloe: No. Guess again.

Me: Could it be Chloe?
Chloe: Nope.

Suddenly she took her hands off and came in front of me. Fuck it’s Candy.

Candy: It’s me, Candy!
Me: What the. How did you make your voice…?
Candy: I have a gift! I can sound like other people, want me to do someone famous?

Me: No. What are you doing?
Candy: I saw your hard dick while you and Chloe were fucking. I saw how you looked at me. You like me, you want me. And I have something special in mind for you.

Me: Where is Chloe?
Candy: I don’t know, forget about her for a moment.
Me: I’m leaving.
Candy: Why? No, no! Stay. Let me take you to heaven!

Me: Kill me?
Candy: No silly. I’ll make you cum in two minutes!
Me: No thank you!

She grabbed my hand.

Candy: Oh come on, she doesn’t have to find out! Don’t you want to see my special costume? There’s not much clothing involved. Don’t be a pussy.
Me: A pussy?
Candy: For being afraid. Stay with me. Chloe won’t even notice you’re gone.

She really got me there. My ego was telling to stay with Candy.

Me: You think you’re that good? Making me cum in two minutes?
Candy: I’m sure of it.
Me: Ok, let’s see.
Candy: Great! Give me a moment to change into something better.

She went to the room to get changed.

Me: Don’t take too long!
Candy: I won’t, I promise!

Two minutes. Hahaha! I hope she hurries up, I don’t want Chloe to catch us. Candy was back in a few minutes.

Candy: Here I come!
Me: Finally! Hurry up!

Oh, fuck! She looks so hot. She’s dressed as a dominatrix. A small latex coat that covers just her half of her boobs and it’s open in the middle. So from neck till her belly, it’s naked. She’s wearing a single string panty which just covers her pussy barely.

And she’s wearing a pantyhose on her legs. She’s holding a spanking stick in her hand. She’s looking like a sex goddess.

Candy: Take down your pants, I want to spank you!

Now that’s hot!

Me: No, no spanking. Chloe might notice it.
Candy: Fine, fine. What do you think about me?
Me: I think you’re fucking hot!
Candy: Of course I am!

Chloe was right when she said she is a slut. But that’s good.

Me: So when do those two minutes start?
Candy: You’re going to sit on that table, on your belly.
Me: Yes.

Candy: And take out your dick, put it through that hole.
Me: Are you always into twisted things like this?
Candy: All the time!

There’s a table with a hole just in the center. I laid on it on my belly and unzipped my pants to put the dick into that hole.

Candy: Good boy! Are you excited?
Me: This is the first time I ever try something like this.
Candy: Let me show you how it’s done.

A few weeks ago I had to watch porn movies for kinks like this. Now I’m living them.

Candy: Enjoy and relax.

Chloe was kneeling on her knees and now she could easily access my dick from the bottom of the bed. My dick is through the hole in the bed. She started giving me a handjob like a pro.

Me: You’re enjoying this too.
Candy: You have no idea!
Me: Are you a nymphomaniac?
Candy: I am thirsty!

She started moving her hand up and down on my cock. She’s doing fast and hard. Suddenly I could feel her mouth on my dick. She’s giving me a blowjob. She’s taking it fast and deep. I couldn’t see anything but I could feel everything. It made me cum in no time. I shot my cum all over her face.

Me: Ahhhhh!
Candy: Hahaha!
Me: Holy fuck.
Candy: I told you!

Me: Damn it. You did.
Candy: I’m so good at this!
Me: You are!
Candy: And I have even more tricks up my sleeve!

Me: Show them to me!
Candy: I will.
Me: Where are you going?

Candy: I am going to clean up. Chloe might come anytime.
Me: Oh yes! You’re right.

We got dressed. I headed to Chloe’s room.


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