Bliss Boarding School Part-28

It was almost evening. I headed to our cabin. There are Abigail and Jason in the room. They were mute.

Me: Hey guys!
Jason: Hey man!
Abigail: Hi!
Me: What… Do I want to know?

Jason: Nothing, we’re just sitting around.
Me: Ok. I just wanted to say thanks for setting me up, Abigail.
Abigail: What? It wasn’t my fault!
Jason: Turns out that Eve went rogue and changed the plans herself.

Abigail: That’s right! She was supposed to stay with the teacher.
Me: Oh, I thought.
Jason: How could you not? But it wasn’t her fault this time.
Abigail: I see you spent a lot of time with the teacher.

Me: Yeah I did. I couldn’t leave her alone. Well. I’ll let you guys do your thing, I’ll go see Chloe.
Jason: See you, man.
Abigail: Bye!

I was sure that Abigail set me up, turns out I was wrong. So Eve screwed me, that’s not so hard to believe. Let’s see what Chloe and the others are doing. I was in Chloe’s cabin. There’s Rose searching through the fridge in the kitchen.

Me: Hey girls!
Chloe: Where have you been?
Rose: Hey!
Me: Abigail and Eve left me with the teacher. Long story.

Rose: So you had fun.
Me: Hahaha! That’s a word for it.
Chloe: We waited for you for ‘Truth or Dare’ but you never came.
Me: Yeah. Sorry about that!

Chloe: Your loss, there were some compromising questions!
Rose: Hahaha! Oh, there were!
Me: Your cabin looks so good! Compared to the one I’m in. Wow!
Chloe: We take care of it.

Me: You even have a fridge.
Rose: Do you want some cereal?
Me: No thank you, I’m good!
Chloe: See you, Rose.

Rose: Sending me away are you?
Chloe: Hahaha! Yes!
Rose: Ok, ok!
Chloe: Will you cover for us?

Rose: What are you going to do?
Chloe: Talk, in private.
Rose: That sounds bad for you A.

Me: It does? Why would it?
Rose: Good luck!

What does she mean? Rose left the kitchen. I and Chloe were alone in the kitchen. Chloe was sitting on the slab next to the fridge.

Chloe: You have some explaining to do.
Me: About what?
Chloe: Lisa wouldn’t stop talking about her hero, the one that saved her.
Me: Oh that… What was I supposed to do?

Chloe: Why didn’t you tell me?
Me: I didn’t get the chance, I don’t know.
Chloe: No, no! Why didn’t you tell me you’re a hero?
Me: Ohh! Hahaha!

Chloe: I like heroes. Heroes turn me on.
Me: Oh, do they? All of them or just me?
Chloe: You are my hero, so only you.
Me: What are we going to do about that?

Chloe: I’m sure we’ll come up with something. Weren’t you afraid? Going head to head with a wolf. Wow!
Me: It was either that or Lisa getting hurt or even worse. So I just went for it.
Chloe: Such courage!

Oh my, I saw the two girls who talked bad about Abigail were staring at us through the window. Chloe couldn’t see them as she’s facing me and the window is behind them.

Girl1: What did I tell you? They’re going to do it!
Girl2: Shhhhh! They might hear you. What happened to your eye?
Girl1: I fell. Stupid woods. Hahaha!
Girl2: You fell? Ok.

Girl1: Yeah, that’s what happened!
Girl2: It has nothing to do with Abigail looking for you today.
Girl1: She was looking for you too!

Girl2: But I got away!
Girl1: Shut up and let’s keep watching!

Chloe: You know. We watched a porn movie today.
Me: What? You did?
Chloe: Yes. Lisa showed us on her phone but don’t tell her I told you!
Me: And did you like it?

Chloe: It was very educational.
Me: What did you learn?
Chloe: I learned some things. I learned that guys like it when girls play with themselves.

Me: Yes we do.
Chloe: Well then.
Me: Oh, ok.

Chloe removed her pants and was naked from the bottom. She sat comfortably on the slab, with her back resting on the wall and her legs spread wide. She started rubbing her clit and playing with her pussy with her left hand. I was just standing opposite to her and enjoying the show.

Me: This is a very nice welcome.
Chloe: For the returning hero.
Me: It pays off to be a hero it seems.
Chloe: Yes it does.

Girl1: See?! What did I tell you?
Girl2: Shhhhh! Not so loud!
Girl1: Sorry!

What the fuck! Those girls are watching us! An audience, let them watch and see what they’re missing! After some time Chloe stopped.

Chloe: I know you guys like it dirtier.
Me: We do, most of the time, we do.
Chloe: I can’t say I’m a big fan of it but I like it when you’re enjoying me. Even if that means doing some things that I’m not used to.

Me: I think you’re going to enjoy it, doing new things, exposing yourself like that.
Chloe: I sure am enjoying it right now.

She stretched her legs straight. She lifted her right butt a bit and then inserted her right middle finger in her pussy. She’s fingering herself now.

Me: Me too!
Chloe: Why don’t you take a closer look? Down there.
Me: Ok. Sounds great.

Chloe: I’ll do as they did in that movie.
Me: Lucky me!

I grabbed a chair and sat right next to the slab. Now my face was so close to Chloe’s pussy. Wow! It’s a nice view. She’s fingering her pussy with 2 fingers, middle and ring finger.

Chloe: I want to be your lover, your friend, your half. Your porn movie.
Me: Yes, please!

I could see her fingers getting wet with juices from her pussy.

Chloe: Do you want to play with me? With your fingers?
Me: Yes!
Chloe: Feel me from the inside?

Me: Yes, yes!
Chloe: Am I doing good so far?
Me: Very good, great!

She got down on her knees and bent herself. Her head and the breast were resting on the floor and her ass was in the air. I went behind her and then inserted my index and middle finger in her pussy. I am exploring every inch of her pussy with my fingers.

The girls were watching all this through the window. Even they are getting horny by seeing this, as I could see them pressing their boobs and rubbing their pussies over their pants. She’s so wet. And warm. Damn this is hot!

I slowly moved my fingers in and out, and was fucking her with my fingers. She’s ready now! I’m about to cum in my pants. She never did something like this before.

Me: I can’t take it anymore, I want to be inside you!
Chloe: Then come on in.

I turned her around and made her lie on her back. I was on top of her. She locked her legs around my butt. I unzipped and took my dick out with my pants still on. I kept my dick near her pussy. Chloe pulled my butt with her legs and my dick disappeared inside her pussy easily.

We were in the ‘Harmony’ Kamasutra position. She’s sucking my left thumb too while I fucked her in this position. I went slow at first. She started pulling my butt harder. I increased my pace. Gosh! I came in her pussy after 10 minutes of fucking.

Me: Holy… Wow!
Chloe: So I gather you liked it?
Me: Are you kidding me? I usually last much longer but now I was just so turned on.

Chloe: So I did good!
Me: You did amazing!
Chloe: Hahaha! I’m glad!

All that and those girls watching us. No wonder I came so fast.

Girl2: This wasn’t a good idea.
Girl1: Why not?
Girl2: I’m turned on now!

Girl1: Hahaha! Me too!
Girl2: I need a boyfriend!

Chloe: I’m happy that I’m making you feel good!
Me: You are!
Chloe: Hahaha! And there’s more where that came from.
Me: There is?

Chloe: Not now, but yes there is!
Me: Looking forward to it!
Chloe: Hahaha! Come on, you’re sleeping with us tonight!
Me: Sure, whatever you wish!

Chloe: Hahaha! You’re under my spell now!
Me: Give me some time, I’ll just inform the teacher and come.
Chloe: Sure! I will be waiting.

I just lied to her. I wanted to see what the girls who were watching have to say. I went outside and walk towards the window. The girls were about to leave. They saw me coming and were startled.

Me: Hey girls. What are you doing?
Girl1: Oh my. Nothing, we were just going back to our cabin.
Girl2: Yes we were.
Me: Did you enjoy the show?

Girl2: What show?
Me: Come on don’t lie. I saw you both watching from the window. Relax! I let you watched it.
Girl1: Really?

Girl2: You didn’t mind us watching.
Me: Not at all! It was kinkier and I was more turned on that way.
Girl1: We are so turned on right now.
Girl2: My pussy is itching after seeing your hot show.

Me: What if you can experience too?
Girl1: What do you mean?
Me: How about I help you both in getting rid of that itch.

Girl2: Oh my. I am not sure.
Girl1: Wow! I would want that. Come on girl, we really are so horny.
Girl2: You are right. Let’s do this.

I guess they were really horny after watching our show. They convinced themselves pretty quickly. I took them into the bushes.

Me: We don’t have much time. So let’s get naked.

We all got naked in no time. I made them lie on their backs side by side. I was sitting in between then. I started fingering them with both hands. I was fingering them with 2 fingers and I was going fast and hard as there was no time.

Girl1: Oh yeah!
Girl2: Shhhhhh! Don’t make any noise.
Girl1: Sorry, this is so good! He’s so good!

I kept finger fucking them hard. Their pussies were really wet. Both the girls had huge orgasms. I then stood up and made them suck cock. They were licking my cock with their tongue. Their tongues used to touch while they were licking my cock. Aahh, that was so sexy.

Girl1 snatched the cock and took it in her mouth. She started sucking it. I guided Girl2 to suck my balls. Gosh! Two hungry bitches going at my cock. My dick was rock hard in no time. I made Girl1 into doggy style and started fucking her pussy from behind.

Girl2 is lying on her back in front of Girl1. Girl1 was starting sucking Girl2’s pussy while I fucked her in the doggy style. I was going hard at her. She experienced her orgasm in no time. Then the girls switched places. I was fucking Girl2 in the doggy style.

Girl1 was getting her pussy licked by Girl2. I was nearing my orgasm. I fucked her faster. She too orgasmed pretty fast. They really were very horny with our show. I took my dick out and started masturbating. The girls were waiting for my cum hungrily with their mouths open.

I shot my huge load of cum in their mouths. Some were on their faces too. Surprisingly they drank all cum. Oh my God! They both were licking cum which was on their face. Dirty little girls. They licked their faces clean. Girl1 sucked my cock dry, licking every drop of cum.

Me: Wow! You girls are really dirty.
Girl2: We wanted to thank you for letting us watch.
Girl1: And also for satisfying us.
Me: You girls are great! Let’s just get dressed and get out of here.

We got dressed. It was the perfect end of the day. I headed back to Chloe’s cabin. Chloe was waiting for me. There are 2 double beds in the room. There were 2 girls on the left bed. Chloe and Rose were in the corner bed.

Chloe: Hey Rose. Do you mind if A sleeps with us tonight?
Rose: I… Doesn’t he have a cabin?
Chloe: I want him to sleep with me tonight.
Rose: I guess so.

Chloe: I’ll owe you one. Thanks!
Rose: Sure. I’ll sleep in this corner here. You better not snore tonight!
Me: I’ll do my best.
Rose: You’re lucky I’m such a nice person.

Me: I am, yes!
Rose: I heard your cabin is horrible.
Me: You have no idea. It’s really bad. Your cabin looks like heaven!

Rose: I don’t know why the teacher made you go there. It’s not your fault they ruined last year.
Me: I know!

Chloe: It’s getting pretty late. Let’s get to sleep!
Me: No games or talking?
Girl: I’m tired.

Rose: Me too.
Chloe: I guess not.
Me: Ok. Let’s sleep then.

I was hoping for something else but it beats sleeping back in that place! The lights are off, it’s dark in here. I checked on Chloe after some time.

Me: Are you sleeping?
Chloe: Not yet. Rose?

Rose didn’t answer. She must be asleep.

Me: Since we’re only ones not sleeping.
Chloe: Hahaha! No, go to sleep!
Me: You don’t even know what I was going to say.

Chloe: I think I do.
Me: Ok. Good night!
Chloe: Good night love!

I was exhausted from all the fucking in this trip. I had a really good sleep. It was morning. I slept like a rock. Where is everyone? What time is it? I should look for them but it feels so warm and cozy! I went outside the cabin. There are Anna and Chloe.

Me: Morning!
Chloe: Ah, Morning!
Anna: Good morning!
Chloe: Did you sleep well?

Me: Oh yes! It was so warm and nice!
Anna: I heard you escaped your cabin. Hahaha!
Me: Yes, Chloe saved me from that place. Where is everyone else?
Chloe: Packing up, going to the bus.

Me: We’re leaving so early?
Anna: Yes and good thing we are! I am freezing out here!
Me: I guess I should get my stuff too.
Chloe: Abigail told me she got your pack with your things.

Me: She did? Great!
Anna: This was nice and all but let’s get out of here!
Me: Let’s go!

We boarded the bus. The teacher and Abigail are having a chat.

Teacher: Tell me now so I won’t be surprised next year.
Abigail: What?
Teacher: What did you do to the cabin this time?
Abigail: Nothing.

Teacher: Are you sure?
Abigail: I swear!
Teacher: I guess I’ll find out next time.

Abigail: The one time you do nothing and everyone is suspicious.
Teacher: Can you blame me?

She then faced me to have a conversation.

Teacher: Where did you go off yesterday?
Me: I was with Chloe and Rose.
Teacher: Good. Their cabin is much better.
Me: Why did you put me in that ugly place, to begin with?

Teacher: I noticed you and Abigail are getting along well. I thought that with you there she’d behave.
Me: I see. I hear that nothing bad happened.

Teacher: It looks that way, except for that girl that fell in the woods. That one with the black eye and scratches.
Me: Oh Poor thing.

Fell in the woods, right. Actually fell on Abigail’s wrath. We reached the school campus.

Girl: Home sweet home!
Chloe: Finally! I need to take a shower!
Me: I can’t say it feels bad to be back!
Chloe: Going to those cabins is kind of boring.

Me: It had its moments!
Chloe: Yeah! You’re a hero now and everyone is going to hear about it!
Lisa: The Slayer of wolves!

Girl: What?
Lisa: You didn’t hear?
Chloe: Like I said!


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Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.

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