Bliss Boarding School Part-27

Lisa and I headed back to the cabins, this time of course with the teacher’s bottle. I saw Anna, Rose, and Chloe chatting.

Me: I think they found out we won.
Lisa: The returning champions.
Me: Now we can miss class whenever we want!

Lisa: Too bad it’s only one time.
Me: It’s better than zero!
Lisa: You got that right!

We went and joined the group.

Chloe: We heard you won. Great!
Lisa: We’re good!
Me: Yeah, we make a great team!
Rose: What can I say? Good for you!

Lisa: Don’t be bitter. It’s a game.
Rose: But I always win.
Lisa: You never competed against me.

Rose: Uhhhh! I’ll have my revenge!
Me: Where’s the teacher?

Anna: Hey Lisa, do you want to play truth or dare with us?
Lisa: Yes! I’m on a winning streak!
Rose: We’ll see about that!

I don’t think you can win at ‘Truth or Dare’.

Chloe: The teacher? Try to guess. She’s back to your cabin, it looks like Abigail and team are at it again.
Me: What did they do?
Chloe: I don’t know, but we heard a loud bang and the teacher rushed there.

Me: Good thing I wasn’t around.
Chloe: Hahaha! Yes, really!
Me: I should go and see what’s up.
Chloe: Ok! We’ll be here! Join us later for truth or dare!
Me: Will do!

I went to our cabin to see what’s going on. Jason was standing alone outside. This should be good. I’m sure Abigail did something stupid. Jason should know more about what’s happening.

Me: Hey.
Jason: Hey man.
Me: What’s going on? I heard there was a loud bang.
Jason: Ohh that. Nothing, Abigail wanted to get the teacher here.

Me: Why?
Jason: Abigail and her plans and schemes. Who knows why.
Me: She’s up to something, isn’t she?
Jason: She’s always up to something! There’s no break for this girl.

Me: Do I want to go inside? Should I?
Jason: Probably not, just to be on the safe side.
Me: I think you’re right. Well. I’d better get out of here then.

Jason: Hold on man. I want to talk to you.
Me: Ok. What’s up?
Jason: I think Abigail is seeing someone else.

She is seeing me. How does he know?

Me: Abigail? Really?
Jason: Yeah, I’m not sure but I suspect that she is.
Me: That’s hard to believe. But why are you telling me this?
Jason: If I find out who it is, I’ll kill him! Can I count on your help?

He has no idea. That’s good! He seems serious. I should stay close to him, see if he comes close to finding out what’s going on.

Me: Of course I’ll help you!
Jason: Thanks man! I knew I could count on you!
Me: So how do we do this? How do we find out who it is?

Jason: Like I said I’m not sure, might be nothing. For now, let’s just keep an eye on her. Keep our distance and observe for now.
Me: Got it, if anything weird is going on I’ll let you know.

Jason: You’re a good friend!
Me: Yeah. Thanks!

Abigail, Eve and the teacher came out of the cabin.

Eve: There you guys are.
Abigail: Come on!
Teacher: I’m coming!
Jason: What’s going on?

Me: What he said?
Eve: Oh, this is good.
Abigail: Move it!

Oh my. The teacher is holding a bottle of wine. I think she’s drunk.

Abigail: Hey!
Me: What?
Abigail: Oh yeah! We got the teacher drunk.
Me: Ok. Why?

Abigail: For fun?
Me: Fun? So you got her drunk, feeling good. Because it’s fun?
Abigail: She’s going to make a fool out of herself!
Jason: It doesn’t look that way.

Abigail: You know what? Whatever! You guys suck anyway!
Teacher: Hey A! Have a drink!
Me: Oh no thank you, I’m ok!
Teacher: This wine is quality! Abigail said she found it inside, it’s 25 years old!

Me: That’s cool. I should get going now. I have something to do!
Abigail: No! You’re coming with us!
Teacher: You heard her, come!

Me: You can’t make me!
Teacher: Be a good boy!
Abigail: Yes, good boy!

Really? Damn it.

Me: Where are we going, anyway?
Abigail: Nowhere! Around. Having fun!
Jason: This is fun?
Abigail: Not yet!

Me: I trust Abigail, she never let us down so far. So far.
Jason: Well. She’s good at doing stupid things.
Abigail: You should learn a thing or two from A.

Jason: Sure, he’ll give me some homework.
Me: Hahaha!
Abigail: Don’t laugh at his jokes!

I saw the teacher sipping the bottle.

Eve: Wow, slow down!
Teacher: Really? You’re giving me advice? What are you, 20 something?
Eve: Yes.
Teacher: When I was your age…

Abigail: Hahaha! See? Told you!
Jason: Screw this. I’m out of here!
Abigail: Why?

Jason: This is too childish for me. Getting the teacher drunk. Very mature of you.
Abigail: So what am I supposed to do to get her out of the way? Beat her up? Shoot her in the leg? What other plan do you have Mr. Grown up badass?

Jason: Just whatever.
Abigail: Go, do whatever you want!

Jason left. We were heading through the bushes wandering.

Me: Ok. What was that all about?
Abigail: Remember those two girls from this morning? When we were on the roof?
Me: Yes.

Abigail: I want to kick their asses. But I can’t do that with the teacher around. So I get her drunk, kick their asses and get away with it.
Me: That’s devious.

Abigail: She can’t send letters or anything! What’s she going to say? Abigail got into a fight and I didn’t do anything about it because I was drunk in the woods? So I win. Again!
Me: I have to admit. It’s not a bad plan.
Abigail: Thank you!

Teacher: Do you know what Eve said?
Me: What?
Teacher: That you get drunk fast. Hahaha!
Me: Did she? She’s a liar.

Abigail: I don’t know about that. She might be right.
Eve: Admit it! You’re a weak drinker.
Me: Why would you say that? I can hold my drinks well enough.

Eve: Prove it then!
Teacher: Here, have a drink!

I see what this is, they are trying to get me drunk as well. Not going to fall for it!

Me: Thank you, I’m good!
Eve: See? Told you!
Teacher: You were right! Hahaha!

Abigail: Don’t pick on my best friend! He’s shy.
Me: Sure. Whatever!

They’re not going to fool me that easy!

Eve: I’ll drink with you, best teacher!

Eve took the bottle from the teacher and took a sip.

Me: Best teacher? What’s that?
Abigail: Hahaha!
Teacher: It means I’m the best teacher ever!
Me: But what’s your name? Everyone calls you teacher.

Eve: Her name is Monica.
Teacher: That’s my name!
Me: Can I call you Monica?

Teacher: No! You call me teacher, like everyone else does.
Abigail: That’s her rule. So she’s the teacher.
Abigail: A, come.

She took me aside to chat privately.

Abigail: I’ll have to go and carry out my plan.
Me: You’re not leaving me with her.

Abigail: No, of course not! I talked to Eve, she’s going to stay with her. You go with them for a few minutes and then leave, do whatever you want. But if we both leave at the same time she might want to come back too.

Me: Uhhhh! You owe me one!
Abigail: Yes! Thank you! Just a few more minutes.
Me: Ok.

Abigail left. We kept walking.

Teacher: Where did Abigail run to?
Eve: Who knows.
Me: We can have fun without her!
Teacher: That’s right!

I’ll wait a few more minutes and run away. Should give Abigail enough time to go back and find those girls. I can’t believe I’m covering up for her so she can start fights.

Teacher: Come on, I know a place!

We followed her to a place. There’s an abandoned broken hut made out of bricks. There are plants and bushes grown inside and around the brick house.

Eve: What is this place?
Teacher: This place. Brings back so many memories. Believe it or not, I was once a young girl too. I was only 19 when I came to school.

Eve: You were at school too?
Teacher: Yes. And this is the place we used to come to, not the cabins. The cabins were built after this place went down.

Eve: What was here?
Teacher: This was just one of the buildings. There used to be two more.
Eve: What happened to them?

Teacher: They were old, they just started falling and nobody repaired them. Now they are just ruins.
Eve: That’s sad.
Teacher: This is where I lost my v… necklace.

Necklace? She was about to say virginity!

Teacher: Come on!

We went inside the brick house.

Eve: Too bad this place came crashing down. I’m sure it had so much history of past girls!

Teacher: Oh, yes it did. We used to write our names on the walls every year so we would be remembered. There were names dating back 70 years, and that was 20 years ago.

Eve: Oh wow! The school was around for a long time.
Teacher: Oh yes! It was rebuilt four times in history.
Eve: I feel privileged to be part of it.
Teacher: You should! It has such a long history!

Me: That’s all nice. Nice to learn about the house.
Teacher: You should feel privileged as well, you’re like the third boy to ever join the school.

Me: Hear that Eve? You’re looking at history in the flesh!
Eve: Hahaha!
Teacher: Hahaha! Enough about that. Let’s have fun!

Eve was bending and was trying to investigate something. We could see her ass stretched out.

Me: What are you doing?
Eve: I think there’s something here.
Me: Not you.

What the…?

Eve: Ahhhhh!
Teacher: Hahaha!

That just happened. The teacher spanked Eve’s ass. Ok.

Eve: What are you doing? What was that all about?
Teacher: We had a game back then, you see someone with their butt out like that you slap it.

Eve: What if I were to slap you like that?
Teacher: You’ll never catch me with my butt hanging out like that! Hahaha!
Me: Some things you can’t unsee.

Teacher: I’m sorry, are you upset? That was inappropriate.
Eve: It’s fine, I’m not upset, it was just unexpected.
Teacher: Are you sure?
Eve: Yes I’m sure!

I’m pretty sure that Eve enjoyed that. But she was surprised.

Eve: Do you mind if I talk to A for a second?
Teacher: Not at all, go ahead.

This must be it, I’ll get my chance to leave. Eve came to me. We went a bit away from the teacher for privacy.

Me: What’s up?
Eve: Do you know the plan?
Me: Yes, Abigail filled me in.
Eve: Good, are you ready?

Me: As ready as I ever been. I can’t wait to get out of here.
Eve: Ohhhh.
Me: Why are you talking to me but looking behind me?
Eve: See you later!

Eve was running away. She was heading the way we came in.

Me: Hey. Where are you going?
Teacher: What’s going on?

Are you kidding me? Abigail lied to me about the plan. Turns out that I’m the one that’s being left alone with the teacher. Damn.

Teacher: Did she just run away?
Me: It looks that way.
Teacher: Why? She must have something urgent to take care of.
Me: Yes. Urgent.

The traitor left me behind!

Teacher: It seems like it’s just you and me now.
Me: Yep.
Teacher: And I have a lot of wine in me.
Me: Yes you do.

Teacher: Maybe we should head back.
Me: That sounds like a good idea.
Teacher: I mean if there’s nothing else we could do that you can think of.

Me: Not really.
Teacher: Nothing at all?

She’s obviously coming on to me. Should I? Or just leave? Why not! I could use some fun. Easy pickings. I am fired up today.

Me: Actually. I do have an idea.
Teacher: Oh you do. Please tell me!
Me: It involves me and you, naked. Having sex.

She turned and rested her hands on the broken wall. I was standing just behind her. She’s rubbing her ass on my dick.

Teacher: I don’t know about that.
Me: If you’re not sure, why are you pushing your butt against me?
Teacher: Am I? I didn’t notice.
Me: You are. Admit it. You want it.

Teacher: Ok, I give up. I want it.
Me: There you go, was it hard?
Teacher: No, but I want something hard.
Me: Work for it.

She got done on her knees and unzipped my pants. My dick sprang out. She started making it hard with her hand. Also, she’s kissing my dick with her lips.

Teacher: It seems hard enough.
Me: Put it in your mouth.
Teacher: Naughty boy.
Me: Shhh. Take it!

She started sucking my dick slowly. First the tip and then suddenly full dick. She took it all in and froze there for a while.

Me: Ahhhh that’s it. I love it.
Teacher: Mmmmm.
Me: More.

I lay on my back and brought her face near my dick and made her suck it. She’s gagging on my dick. Slowly she started giving me a blowjob. She’s sucking like a slut. My dick is touching her throat. I was pushing her head deeper.

Me: Ok, let’s move on.
Teacher: Ok.

I bent her down. Her boobs were touching the ground. Her ass was in the air. I went behind her and shoved my dick in her pussy. She’s pushing her ass towards me to take my dick deeper. What a slut! I fucked her in that position for some time.

Then I made her stand and bent her. She’s resting her hands on the wall and her back is flat parallel to the ground. Her legs are wide and I inserted my dick from behind. It’s like the ‘Taurus’ Kamasutra position. This time I inserted my dick in her ass.

Teacher: Take it easy.
Me: Yes, yes. Easy.

I increased my pace and fucked her hard. She’s loving it.

Teacher: My turn.
Me: Your turn?
Teacher: Sit down!
Me: Ok.

Oh my. She made me lie flat on the back. She sat on my dick and then kept her feet on my chest. This was new. It’s like the ‘Alley’ Kamasutra position. She’s jumping on dick. I could feet pressing on my chest. I was about to cum.

I took out my dick. I made her sit and shot my cum all over her upper body. My cum was on her belly and in between her boobs.

Me: Fuck.
Teacher: Hmmm.
Me: What is it?
Teacher: Was that good?

Me: Yes.
Teacher: At least one of us went all the way.
Me: What are you saying?
Teacher: Oh nothing.

Me: You’re saying that you didn’t have an orgasm.
Teacher: Well. It’s not your fault, you lack experience.
Me: I lack experience?
Teacher: You could have been rougher. But it was fine.

Are you kidding me? I think I did very well. She wants more, she’s a hungry slut. And she humiliated me. I want to revenge-fuck her.

Me: I can give you more, rougher than you can take.
Teacher: Hahaha! Really? Rougher than I can take?
Me: You asked for it!

Teacher: Hahaha!
Me: Laughing in my face? That’s not a good idea.

I bent her on the ground and then shoved my dick from behind. I kept my hands on her head and shoulder and fucked her ass roughly. Look for the ‘Rear admiral’ Kamasutra position.

Me: I’m just getting started!
Teacher: Slow down.
Me: Is this rough enough for you?

We changed to the ‘Tight Squeeze’ Kamasutra position. She was on her all four. I squeezed myself in the same position on her and started fucking her ass. I was pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples making them red hot. I fucked her for 10 minutes.

She had a huge orgasm. I could see her liquids flowing from her pussy.

Me: Not done with you yet!

Then I made her lie flat on her back. I went above her head and inserted my dick in her. I was fucking her mouth hard. I roughed her up big time. I shot my cum in her mouth, loads of cum.

Her mouth was full. She was gagging and coughed some out. The cum fell on the face. She swallowed a lot of my cum like a slut.

Me: Was that better for you?
Teacher: Uhhhhh.
Me: I take that as a yes.
Teacher: Yes.

Me: Experience. Pfffft!
Teacher: I was wrong.
Me: You were!

We got dressed and headed to our cabin. The teacher asked me to go ahead as she wanted to clean herself up. I left. I have to thank Abigail for setting me up like that. I wonder if she found those girls.


Help the author in his tough times.


Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.

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