Bliss Boarding School Part-26

I left Eve and Abigail to their evil plans. I went to the other cabins where everyone else was there. Here they are! It’s weird, these two cabins are right next to each other while the other one that I’m in is all the way over there. I guess it’s good for privacy.

I saw Chloe, Rose and Lisa chatting. There was the teacher behind them busy doing something.

Rose: There he is!
Chloe: A! Come!
Me: Coming! Hey girls, what’s up?
Chloe: You’re with me in my team!

Rose: No, he’s with me!
Me: What? What are you two talking about?
Lisa: The teacher’s game, seems like we have to be in teams. Why can’t he be in my team? The new students vs the old ones.

Rose: Are you saying we’re old?
Chloe: Hahaha! There are two more girls coming, we’ll make the teams then.
Rose: He’s with me!

Chloe: There they are.
Me: What about me? Don’t I get to vote who I’m with?
Rose: No!

The two girls joined us.

Chloe: Ok, so we’re in teams of two!
Girl: What are the teams?
Chloe: We’re deciding that now.

Me: Deciding for me it seems.
Girl: Hahaha! They all want to be with you.
Me: I wonder why.

Lisa: Because you’re a boy, everyone feels safer in the woods with you around.
Me: Why? I can’t fight a bear or a wolf.
Chloe: Hahaha! There are no wild animals around!

I see Anna was standing near the teacher.

Teacher: Ok, settle down! Here are the rules! You’re going to be in teams of two, I’ll make those teams.
Rose: What? But I wanted.

Teacher: These are the teams. Rose with Chloe, A with Lisa and you two girls are with Anna.
Rose: But you said teams of two, why are they three?

Teacher: Because there aren’t enough people. They think that my game is bad, they don’t want to participate. So, this year the special prize for the winning team is a get out of class free pass!

Chloe: We can miss a day of class safely?
Teacher: Yes, exactly!
Rose: Wow! Did you hear that?

Me: Yes, I heard it.
Chloe: That’s great!
Teacher: I know Abigail, Eve, Jason are going to regret not participating. This should teach them.

Me: Very nice!
Teacher: I’ll give you one clue, that clue will lead you to another and then you will find the final answer. The clue is. “They root where they don’t belong.” You know the teams, the clue, now go and win!

We got in our groups and started guessing what the clue means. Lisa took me aside to chat.

Lisa: So it looks like you’re with me.
Me: Looks that way.
Lisa: What do you say we win this one?

Me: Let me think. Of course! We need to win this!
Lisa: That’s the spirit! Should we win fast and clean? Or let them think they have a chance?
Me: Let them dream, crushing that dream will feel good.

Rose and Chloe came to us.

Chloe: So what do you think about the first clue?
Rose: He’s not going to tell us anything.
Me: I haven’t even thought about it yet.
Rose: He’s lying. Don’t listen to what he says, he’ll try to steer us away!

Me: You’re paranoid, Rose!
Rose: Maybe, maybe not!
Me: It doesn’t matter, you’re going to lose anyway!
Rose: Haha! We’ll see about that!

Me: Oh we will!
Chloe: Me and Rose are going to win, you’ll see!
Me: Sure, sure!

Chloe: May the best team win!
Rose: Which is to say, us!
Me: Hahaha! Let’s see!

Lisa started walking towards the road we came in. I follow her.

Me: So what do you think about the first clue? They root where they don’t belong. What does that mean?
Lisa: I know the first clue!
Me: Really? What is it?

Lisa: Look around you. Everything is green, right?
Me: Right.
Lisa: On our way here to cabins, I noticed a few trees with bronze leafs.
Me: And you think they are the clue?

Lisa: I hope so!
Me: That sounds right to me! Hahaha! We’re going to win!
Lisa: Yes we are! Come on!
Me: You’re smart!

Lisa: Thanks! I got lucky that’s all!
Me: That’s not true, you made the connection quickly. That’s smart.
Lisa: First, let’s find the clue and we’ll see then!
Me: I have a feeling that I’m going to skip school some time next week.

Lisa: Hahaha! Let’s hope so.
Me: That would be great. Everyone else going and I’m sleeping in.
Lisa: Both of us. Come on before someone else gets there! Hurry up!
Me: I’m coming!

Oh she’s running now. She’s really into this game, she must really want that get out of school pass. And I don’t understand why, she has only been to one class so far.

Probably winning is more important to her. Or maybe she’s doing this for me, she feels like she owes me ever since I helped her out.

Lisa: You’re so slow!
Me: Hahaha! I thought girls liked it slow.
Lisa: Hahaha! Well yes but not right now.

Me: So you like it slow. Learning new things.
Lisa: Hahaha! Naughty boy! Shut up!

We reached the spot in a few minutes. We saw 2 trees with all their leafs brown. They were kind of looking beautiful.

Lisa: There! Those trees! Do you see them?
Me: Yes.
Lisa: They look different than all the rest, that must be the clue!
Me: They look like autumn kicked them in the teeth.

Lisa: Hahaha! Exactly! Everything else is green, those are not!
Me: So what now?
Lisa: The clue has the word root in it, let’s check their bases.
Me: Ok, that sounds good.

We checked one, couldn’t find anything. Lisa was checking the other three.

Me: This is the last one. Anything? Don’t tell me we got it wrong.
Lisa: There’s something here.
Me: There is? What is it? The clue?
Lisa: I don’t know. It’s paper.

Me: A paper?
Lisa: A newspaper, yes.
Me: What does it say?
Lisa: I don’t know. The news.

Me: How old is it?
Lisa: It’s from yesterday!
Me: That must be it! What are the odds that a random newspaper from yesterday happens to be here?

Lisa: Not great, that’s for sure. The teacher must have placed it here.
Me: Anything on it about the next clue?
Lisa: Not that I can see.

Me: Here, let me give it a try.
Lisa: Here you go.

She handed me the newspaper.

Me: Hmmm. Nothing.
Lisa: So what now?
Me: Well. The next clue must have something to do with the paper.
Lisa: But what?

Me: I have no idea. Wait a second.
Lisa: Yes?
Me: There’s something about an ocean here and fish. What if… Do you remember when we got close to the cabins that we passed a road with water on it?

Lisa: Yes. More like a small river or a big puddle.
Me: What if we’re supposed to go there?
Lisa: I don’t know.
Me: That’s the only body of water I know of that the teacher could have gone to.

Lisa: Not only that but she didn’t have much time to go very far.
Me: So it makes sense, she went back the road we came in.
Lisa: Yes! You’re a genius!

Me: Ohhh it’s nothing.
Lisa: I could kiss you right now! Let’s go! Come on!
Me: Let’s go!

We ran for a few minutes. There’s the road on which the water is flowing.

Lisa: This must be it.
Me: I sure hope so.
Lisa: Have you ever seen something like this?
Me: No. I have not. It’s cool!

Lisa: It is, reminds me of a place back home.
Me: Tell me about it.

Lisa: It’s not much to tell. There was a river, a small one like this. And we used to cross it during the summer because it was the shorter path to school. I once fell in it and had to run back home. I was so clumsy back then!

The road was like a narrow bridge and the water has overflowed and was running through the road.

Me: So now what?
Lisa: I don’t know but we should look around. Maybe we notice something.
Me: This is starting to be cool!
Lisa: I know, right?

I had my doubts about it, only played along for time pass really. But now it’s kind of nice! We were standing on the bridge, the water was just touching our feet. We were looking around the bridge to see if there’s anything.

Lisa: Hmmm.
Me: What is it?
Lisa: You’re not going to like this.

Me: What? Why?
Lisa: Not it!
Me: Not it what?
Lisa: Look over there.

There’s a bottle in the river. It’s just a passing stream. And the bottle was on the side. So it’s not deep probably the water will come till my knees at max.

Me: A bottle. So what?
Lisa: That’s the teacher’s bottle, she had water in it.
Me: What? How do you know?

Lisa: I drank from it too on the bus. I was thirsty.
Me: And you said not it because…? Now I have to go grab it.

So ‘Not it’ is the opposite of calling ‘Shot gun’.

Lisa: Yes! Hahaha! Lift your pants up, take off your shoes. Easy!
Me: I guess so.
Lisa: For the great good of the team!

I got down from the side of the bridge. Lisa was watching me from the bridge. I got a bottle.

Me: It’s empty!
Lisa: Really? I thought she would leave a message in it.
Me: Nope it’s empty. Wait a second. There’s something there.
Lisa: What is it?

Me: Here. It says, ‘E=?’
Lisa: Do you think she wrote it?
Me: I hope so. What does it mean?
Lisa: I don’t know.

Me: Wait, she’s a teacher, she’s knows stuff about history and great people. What if E = mc square?
Lisa: I think Einstein came up with that.
Me: Yes, I think this is the last clue!

Lisa: So we did it?
Me: I think so!
Lisa: That was so easy!
Me: It kind of was.

I climbed up the bridge and went near Lisa.

Lisa: So what now?
Me: We go back and take our prize!
Lisa: But what if that is just another clue?
Me: I don’t know, what could it mean?

Lisa: I don’t have the slightest clue.
Me: I don’t either. So this must be it!
Lisa: Must be, let’s head back then!
Me: Don’t I deserve a kiss? I did help us win.

Lisa: Hahaha! A kiss?
Me: Yes. Why not?
Lisa: Uhhh keep dreaming! Hahaha.

I guess it was worth a shot. We headed back to the cabins and approached the teacher.

Teacher: Oh! Giving up already?
Lisa: We think we solved it.
Teacher: Really? So fast? I doubt it.
Me: E = mc square!

Teacher: What? You did it!
Lisa: We did?
Teacher: How did you figure it out so fast?
Me: We’re smart!

Lisa: Hahaha! That and luck I think.
Teacher: Well… Congratulations! You can now skip class one time. Good for you!
Lisa: Thank you!

Me: We make a great team.
Teacher: I’ll let everyone else know that you won and the game is over. I’m surprised.
Lisa: Woooo! Hahaha!

Teacher: Where is the bottle?
Me: The bottle?
Teacher: The one I left in the river.
Lisa: In the river.

Teacher: Please get that bottle, it was a clue, not pollution.
Me: Uhhh really?
Lisa: Sure, we’ll get it!

Teacher: Thank you!
Me: Here we go again.

We headed back to the river to get the bottle.

Lisa: Come on, it’s not that bad, we’re already there.
Me: Yes, but I wish we had thought about it the first time we were here.
Lisa: We were caught up in the moment of winning!
Me: Not it!

Lisa: It’s only fair.
Me: I went in there once, it’s enough for me!
Lisa: Hahaha, I’ll get it out.
Me: I’ll just be over the bridge watching.

The bottle was still near the edge.

Lisa: It’s not that far away. I’ll just grab it and we’re done!
Me: It’s easy enough! Wait a second. What is it?

What the hell is that. I saw an animal running towards Lisa from behind. Holy shit! Is that an wolf?

Lisa: What was that?
Me: Run! Into the water!
Lisa: Oh my!

Lisa ran into the water. I came down the bridge. I hope I’m not going to regret this! Lisa ran towards the middle of the river. The wolf was almost at the side of the river. I came in between Lisa and the wolf to rescue her. I took the rocks on the side and started throwing at the wolf.

Me: Fuck off you stupid beast!
Lisa: Hit it! Kill it!
Me: Take this!

I got one shot at him. He started running back where he came from.

Me: Yeah! You better run!
Lisa: Go away!
Me: And don’t come back! There are enough rocks here for your entire pack!

Lisa: There are more?
Me: Not that I can see.
Lisa: Oh God. That was scary! I could have died!

Lisa was fell under the water, only her head was out.

Me: That’s not true. I think he was more scared of you than you were of him.
Lisa: Oh I’m sure! That’s why he was running towards me and me away from him.
Me: It’s all over now and we have a fun story to tell.

Lisa: It’s not that fun. And I’m soaking wet now!
Me: Ok, maybe not fun but it is interesting.
Lisa: I guess.
Me: Here, let me help you up.

Lisa: Thank you! Again. You saved me!
Me: It was nothing.

That was scary! But I thought that if I make a lot of noise and jump in the water it will run away. And the rocks helped. Thank God! It worked, otherwise I’d be wolf food by now.

Lisa: Wheeeew! Hahaha. Now that it’s over I feel better.
Me: Nothing to feel bad about!

I lifted her up with my hand. We were still standing in the river. She stood up on her feet and immediately hugged me.

Lisa: Thank you! Thank you!
Me: You are welcome!
Lisa: I think you saved my life!
Me: Well. I’m no hero.

Lisa: You are to me! And now you’re wet too. Sorry about that!
Me: What? Pffft I like it this way!
Lisa: Hahaha!

She really was hugging me tightly. I could feel her heart beating fast on my chest.

Lisa: it’s like you’re always there when I need help. Are you my guardian angel?
Me: How did you figure it out? Are my wings showing?

Lisa: Hahaha! I’m serious. First, you helped me out the night I came to the school. Then you helped me get a job. Now you saved me from hungry wolves.
Me: To be fair it was only one.

Oh yeah! She kissed me. Ah, she tastes good.

Lisa: You deserve that! It’s the least I can do.
Me: That’s ok, you don’t owe me anything.
Lisa: Oh yes I do! Hahaha. Let’s not forget the bottle.
Me: Stupid bottle!

Lisa: Could you imagine if we went back without it?
Me: That would be something!
Lisa: The teacher is going to freak out when we tell her the story!
Me: You think she will give us two passes now?

Lisa: She’d better! Hahaha! You know what?
Me: What?
Lisa: You know how people say that after coming close to death they see things a different way?

Me: Yes.
Lisa: Well. Screw it!
Me: I don’t understand.

Oh my fucking God! She removed her top and was showing her naked boobs to me.

Me: What?
Lisa: I… I like you, how could I not? And I don’t know Chloe or anyone else. I know it might be wrong but I don’t care.
Me: I don’t know what to say.

I was staring at those breasts hungrily. We were still standing in the river.

Lisa: The way I see it, I like you, a lot! And now doing this. Jumping in front of a starving wolf for me. I don’t want to push you or anything but if you want. We could be a thing. We could be a thing right now.

Me: I want to be a thing with you.
Lisa: Let’s be a thing together then.

I removed my shirt and hugged her. I was feeling her boobs and nipples on my chest. We were kissing each other and playing with our tongues.

Me: You’re a good kisser.
Lisa: You too. I feel so excited. This feels good.
Me: Yes, it does.
Lisa: You can touch me. You don’t have to be shy or hold back.

I wanted to touch her breasts from the day I saw her naked while she was changing in the motel. They are so. Wow! I was pressing her boobs with my hand. I was licking her nipples with my tongue.

Me: Your breasts are amazing.
Lisa: I was lucky, they are awesome.
Me: Oh yes! And they fit so good in my hand.

Lisa: Like they were made for you.
Me: Exactly!

I was sucking and playing with her boobs for some time. Later she removed my pants and made me fully naked. She took my dick in her hand.

Lisa: It’s so big.
Me: It’s not THAT big.
Lisa: It’s big for me! I can barely grab it with my small hands.

She started playing with my dick by stroking my dick. She’s giving me an awesome handjob. My dick was getting more hard. After 5 minutes.

Lisa: Come inside me.
Me: Yes.

I took her pants off and then lifted her right leg. She was standing on her left leg with her boobs crashed on my chest. Her right leg was in the air and was bent and resting on my left side with the support of my hand. I shoved my dick in her pussy. Look for the ‘Flame’ Kamasutra position.

Me: Is that ok? Does it hurt?
Lisa: Ohhh it’s great. Don’t stop.

We were fucking in the river. It was so exciting. I kept fucking her for 10 minutes. I lifted her up in my arms and made her sit on my dick. She’s so small and light. I can lift her easily. Check out the ‘Seesaw’ Kamasutra position. We fucked for a a few minutes.

Lisa: Ok. Put it from behind.

We were in the ‘Prison Guard’ position, the same how I fucked Abigail too. Lisa had an orgasm, I was about to cum. I shot my cum in her pussy.

Lisa. Oh, my. So good!
Me: You like that?
Lisa: Oh yes!

She likes feeling my warm cum inside of her. Good!

Lisa: Whew! That was a nice turn of events!
Me: That. Was great!
Lisa: You can say that again. You kept going and going. You last long!
Me: I do my best.

Lisa: I like you best.
Me: That’s the point!
Lisa: We should thank that wolf for this.
Me: I’ll do that if I see him again.

Lisa: Hahaha! My hero!
Me: Saving the damsel, receiving a reward. That’s a good deal!
Lisa: Hahaha! You’re so funny and hot!
Me: Not as hot as you are.

Lisa: I try my best!
Me: Oh it’s working!
Lisa: I’m glad you like it!
Me: I like it a lot!

We got out of the water and climbed onto the bridge. We were still naked.

Lisa: So.
Me: So.
Lisa: Hahaha!
Me: What is it?

Lisa: I don’t know. I’m happy this happened!
Me: I am happy too.
Lisa: And I know you’re with Chloe and some of the other girls like you. But I think we make a good team and even better sex.

Me: Oh the sex is great!
Lisa: Yes it is. And you’re a great guy!
Me: Thank you! But what are you doing?
Lisa: Complimenting you.

Me: Just that?
Lisa: Not exactly.
Me: But?
Lisa: I see you are starting to get dressed. Not a good idea.

Me: Why is that?
Lisa: Take me again! Faster this time!
Me: Ohhhh. But…

I had my shirt on but my pants were still down. She jumped on my cock again with her legs around my ass and started jumping fast. Even I was fucking her and matching her speed. We both orgasmed at the same time. I was exhausted.

Me: I didn’t have much left in me. I’m surprised I could do it again this fast!
Lisa: That. Woah!
Me: So it was good.
Lisa: Yes it was! Should we go again?

Me: Hahaha! As much as I’d like that. There’s no way I can do it again now.
Lisa: Hahaha! Worth a try! If you were in my cabin. Just so you know, I like having sex, I like it a lot!

Me: Hey I like it too, another thing we’re good at!
Lisa: I would. Let’s get dressed!
Me: That’s a good idea, yeah!

We both got dressed.

Lisa: Kiss me. So, are you going to leave Chloe and be with me?
Me: Well. It’s so sudden.
Lisa: You’re right. I have no right to ask that of you, I’m sorry.
Me: How about. Let’s wait a bit longer and see?

Lisa: I totally agree! Oh and I’m not a slut, just so you know. I haven’t had sex in. Like 2 years. And then it was. I was younger, curious.
Me: You said you like sex, how can you like it if you’re not doing it?

Lisa: Well I did it once. And I have a hand. Let’s get out of here! And now the road back. Again!
Me: Hahaha! That’s our workout for the day.
Lisa: Oh yes!

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.


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