Bliss Boarding School – Part 24

I was really excited about the trip. Abigail and I headed to our rooms. Anna was packed and ready to go.

Anna: Hey! Ready to go?
Me: No. Because nobody told me.
Anna: Really? You had no idea?
Me: None whatsoever.

Anna: It’s not a big deal, pack some clothes and you’re ready to go.
Me: Still, it would have been nice to know in time.
Anna: I forgot about it, it hit me the other day before falling asleep. I was thinking about the weekend and what to do, then I remembered.

Me: I’ll pack some stuff.
Anna: We’ll be outside.

I packed some clothes, a toothbrush. I guess at least I have something to do at the weekend. Still, I wish I knew before, not 30 minutes before leaving. Ok, I got what I needed. I think everyone is outside. I saw a red color double bus standing inside the campus.

Everyone was standing near it. Right, everyone knew about it except me! I hope this is going to be a nice trip, not the boring kind. I believe the teacher will be coming with us too. I don’t think they’d let us go by ourselves. Oh well. Here it goes. I walked towards Chloe.

Chloe: I was starting to think you weren’t going to make it.
Me: Funny thing about that. I had no idea about this trip, nobody said anything to me.
Chloe: Really? Hahaha!

Me: It’s not funny, it was ironic.
Chloe: No, it’s not funny, of course. I thought you knew about it. The teacher wanting to talk to you in private. I thought she told you about it.
Me: Yeah, not exactly. I found out this morning.

Chloe: It’s not a big deal, we spend the night in a cabin, see trees, grass. Nothing special about it.
Me: Well, I got some clothes here and my toothbrush.
Chloe: That’s all you’re going to need!

We walked towards the bus to board.

Chloe: I don’t know why we are having this trip anyway. It’s not like we don’t spend enough time together or anything. My guess is that they have to do it, one trip each year.
Me: Probably. But I have to say, a change of scenery sounds good to me.

Chloe: Don’t get me wrong, I like it!
Me: Is the bus ride going to take long?
Chloe: About an hour and a half, maybe two hours.

Me: So not that long.
Chloe: No, it’s not that far away. It’s cheaper this way I think.
Me: Hahaha! Might be.

We boarded the bus and took off. And here we go. People sleeping, looking out the window. I was expecting a party or something. There only a few people here, everyone else is upstairs. I don’t know where they got a double-decker bus from. The only place you see this kind of bus is in England.

But then again, I saw some in my life so they probably aren’t that rare.

Chloe: What are you thinking about?
Me: I was thinking about double-decker buses.
Chloe: What about them?
Me: Nothing, it seems strange to have one for this trip.

Chloe: Really? Last year we had a normal one, the teacher regretted it.
Me: What happened?
Chloe: Abigail started a fight, Jason with some girls were drinking on the back seat. There was loud music, chaos!

Me: Hahaha!
Chloe: This way, a few people here, a few upstairs. Easier to manage.
Me: That makes sense. Not much of a view.

Chloe: Hahaha! Why do you think last year all hell broke loose in here? Nothing to see, nothing to do. People improvised.
Me: What are we going to improvise now?

Chloe: Nothing I think. I’ll sit down.
Me: Ok.

Ok, so the road there was smartly managed by the teacher to avoid any altercations or parties. That was a smart move on her part. But she can’t control everything. I’m sure hell will break loose again at the cabins. I’ll sit down with Chloe, no point in standing up on a bus.

Me: Did you sleep well?
Chloe: Oh yes! Great!
Me: Me too. I had a deep sleep and I was hot.

Let’s see if she catches my point. Deep, hot, sexy.

Chloe: I was hot too! But my sleep wasn’t that deep, could have been better. I woke up a couple of times during the night.

Is she talking about sex too? Not that deep? Does that mean I could have done better?

Me: Yeah. Some times you sleep better than other times. So, I didn’t do good?
Chloe: What?
Me: Your sleep.

Chloe: What does that have to do with you?
Me: I thought… Nevermind!
Chloe: Ok?

So she’s not talking about sex. Whew! I thought that I wasn’t good enough. I’m paranoid. The teacher called me to her.

Teacher: I trust you’re going to behave today.
Me: Me? But I always behave.
Teacher: I just want to make sure. I’m talking to everyone. I don’t want another last year happening.

Me: I heard it was difficult.
Teacher: Ha! That’s putting it nicely. It was horrible. What they did to that cabin.
Me: What did they do?
Teacher: You’ll see. Let’s just say that they have a good imagination.

Me: I wanted to ask you something.
Teacher: What is it?
Me: How come nobody told me about this trip?

Teacher: Sorry about that, I’ve been doing this for so long I already know the schedule.
Me: What if I went into town early in the morning? Nowhere to find me. What then?

Teacher: We would have gone without you.
Me: Oh, I see.

Teacher: Ok everybody! We’re almost there, we’re taking a 10 minutes break. So you can do whatever it is you need to do. Don’t go too far. If you’re not back here in 10 minutes we’re leaving without you.
Abigail: Oh, scary!

Girl: Hahaha!
Teacher: Beware of snakes, Abigail.
Abigail: There are snakes here? Well, I’m not going out.
Me: Hahaha!

A few of us got down the bus. There’s a forest-like scene on both sides of the road. Full green bushes and huge trees.

Chloe: I need to go.
Me: Me too!
Chloe: It’s not even a long ride but I had some soda in the morning and now it wants out.

Me: Nature calls!
Chloe: Exactly!
Rose: Make way!

Rose was in a hurry and ran behind the bushes.

Chloe: What’s up with you?
Rose: Bathroom!
Chloe: So bad? Hahaha!
Rose: Yes, it’s bad!

Me: That looks like an emergency.
Chloe: Hahaha! Yes, it does.
Me: Well, I’ll go my way over there.
Chloe: I will go on the other side, there.

We are together and all but some things are better left to the imagination. I’m not eager to see her pee. I’m sure she’s not eager to see me. I went behind the bush and started peeing.

Girl: Hey!
Me: Hmmm?
Girl: Hey you!

There’s a girl in front staring at me.

Me: What the fuck?
Girl: Are you pleasuring yourself?
Me: I’m peeing!
Girl: Are you sure?

She’s creepy. She’s making the handjob action while I was peeing.

Girl: I think you’re masturbating.
Me: Get out of here!
Girl: I see you!

I just realized she’s one of the girls who was talking bad about Abigail earlier.

Me: You’re one of those girls. That’s right. Abigail is going to make you suffer today. You talked bad about her. You want me to join her?
Girl: Hahaha! It was a joke! Why are you so serious!
Me: Get out of here!

She ran away hearing the name of Abigail.

Me: God! You can’t even pee without someone commenting about it.
Chloe: Who are you talking to?
Me: There was a girl, it’s nothing.
Chloe: What were you doing with her?

Me: I was trying to do my thing. She walked by…
Chloe: Hahaha!
Me: So many people in the woods. Hahaha!

Lisa: Hey, A?
Me: Yes?
Chloe: I’ll be on the bus.

Chloe left. Lisa was in front of me.

Me: Ok!
Lisa: Can you keep watch for me?
Me: What do you mean?
Lisa: I want to go too. And you know.

Me: You want me to watch you?
Lisa: What? No! Keep watch, the other way.
Me: Oh ok.

Lisa: Thank you! It’s just that, you know, woods, wild animals. I don’t want to risk it.
Me: You’re afraid.
Lisa: A bit yes.

Me: Really? I thought you weren’t afraid of anything.
Lisa: Hahaha! I have my weak points. No looking!

I turned the other way around.

Me: I’m not looking. Let me know if you see any bears or wolves.
Lisa: What?
Me: So I can save you.
Lisa: There are wolves and bears here?

Me: There might be.
Lisa: I’d better hurry up then.
Me: Hahaha! Or maybe some crazy hillbillies looking for a new mother to carry children. Like you see in those horror movies.

Lisa: Stop trying to scare me.
Me: I’m just saying.

She was done in a few minutes.

Lisa: Better luck next time, I wasn’t scared.
Me: If you say so.
Lisa: But good try, good effort.

Me: I guess I’ll have to try harder next time.
Lisa: Hahaha! Good luck with that.
Me: Challenge accepted!

We were back on the bus. In half an hour we reached the spot. Wow! It was beautiful. There’s a couple of cabins out there. There’s a natural water stream going in between those cabins.

Teacher: Here we are!
Abigail: Finally!
Teacher: Just as we left it last year.

Chloe: I don’t think anyone else is coming up here.
Teacher: After the stunts, you pulled last year, we bought these cabins for the school.
Abigail: Oh God! Really?

Teacher: Yes Abigail.
Abigail: Hahaha!
Teacher: I wouldn’t laugh if I were you.

She turned to address all the students.

Teacher: Ok, here’s how it’s going to go. Abigail, Eve, Jason, A you’re staying in the horror cabin.
Abigail: What? No way!
Jason: I saw this coming a mile away.

Eve: Why me? I didn’t do anything last year.
Me: You? Why me? What’s the horror cabin anyway?
Teacher: It’s the cabin they stayed in last year. They made it look creepy.
Me: That’s great.

Teacher: And that’s not all. To make sure you’re good students. I’ll be staying with you too.
Abigail: Screw this. I’m walking back to the house.
Eve: This is going to be great.
Abigail: Good thing my best friend is with me. Come on A!

Abigail took me to the horror cabin. Eve followed us.

Me: So this is it? The scary horror cabin?
Abigail: There’s nothing scary about it!
Me: I can see that.

It really looked like a normal cabin. Nothing creepy about it.

Eve: The teacher wants to punish us.
Me: And me in the process.

Abigail: Oh, don’t you worry! I know how to get rid of her! I don’t see what the big deal is. So we spilled some fake blood around, arranged the furniture around a bit. She’s overreacting.
Eve: That’s what you get for doing stupid things.

Abigail: Oh shut up, you were with us too.
Eve: That’s true. Hahaha!
Me: So you were involved too.
Eve: But I was never caught!

We entered the cabin. There’s some old chair in the room.

Eve: Oh, if I were you, I wouldn’t sit in this chair here.
Me: Why? What did you do to it?
Eve: We spilled fake blood on it, it might get on your clothes.
Me: I think it should be dry by now.

Eve: Our fake blood was water paint. Sure it’s dry. Sit if you want.
Me: I think I’m good. Anything else I should know about?

Eve: Not really.
Me: Thanks for the heads-up!
Eve: Let’s get out of here.

We went outside the cabin. Abigail and Eve were standing opposite to me.

Me: So what now?
Eve: I can think of something.
Abigail: Your ideas aren’t always so good.
Eve: Yes they are.

Abigail: I can think of a couple of times they were not. Whatever, you can do what you want. I won’t stop you.
Eve: Let’s go for a walk, A!
Me: Ok let’s go. I will be back soon Abigail.
Abigail: Ok sure! I will be around here. Find me when you’re back.

Eve and I started walking.

Me: So what are we doing?
Eve: I don’t know. Go for a walk.
Me: That’s it? A walk?
Eve: Well. That’s what we said, isn’t it?

Me: Yes, it is. I thought that you had something more specific in mind.
Eve: I don’t know, we’ll have to stroll in the woods, see where that gets us. I mean it’s so nice outside. It would be a shame to waste the day staying inside or just talking.
Me: You’re right about that.

Eve: So what do you think about this place?
Me: It’s nice. A lot of nature!
Eve: Hahaha! Yes. We’re out in the middle of nowhere.
Me: Where’s the mountain I heard about?

Eve: You’re standing on it! Hahaha!
Me: Really?
Eve: Well, yes, sort of. That’s what they call it, I look at it as a big hill.
Me: I was expecting a mountain with jagged edges high up.
Eve: Not all mountains are like that! Hahaha! Come on.

We were walking in the woods. Eve was leading and I was following her. There’s green everywhere.

Me: Are there any plans? Any activities?
Eve: Not really, there’s one game that the teacher does each year.
Me: A game?
Eve: Yes, it’s stupid if you ask me, I never participate.

Me: What is it?
Eve: It’s a scavenger hunt sort of thing. She gives you a clue and you’ll have to find an item hidden somewhere.
Me: That sounds like fun. What’s the reward?

Eve: Nothing. Congratulations?
Me: That’s not very exciting.
Eve: Exactly why I’m not even bothering with it.

We walked for a while, Eve turned towards me.

Eve: So I’ve been meaning to ask you this.
Me: What?
Eve: About Lisa have you had sex with her yet?
Me: What? Hahaha!

Eve: What? It’s a legit question!
Me: No, I haven’t had sex with her!
Eve: Hey you know. People talk.
Me: Really? What do they say?

Eve: Well you know it’s weird that you’re living with Anna, boy, and girl in the same room. But everyone knows Anna. They know she wouldn’t do anything since you’re with Chloe. As for Lisa, people say that she sleeps in the same bed as you.

Me: First of all she doesn’t sleep with me. Secondly, people say stupid things. Trust me, if I was to have sex with her, I’d know about it.
Eve: Hahaha! That’s true. I mean I didn’t really believe the rumors but I had to ask.

Me: Are you jealous?
Eve: No, why would I be?
Me: It sounds to me like you are.
Eve: I’m not! As far as I’m concerned you can have sex with anyone.

Me: But maybe you want Lisa for yourself.
Eve: Hahaha.
Me: This place is very nice and everything but are we going somewhere or what?

Eve: Yes! Right here!
Me: A long way to go for a walk.
Eve: It’s a walk, you’re supposed to walk for a certain period of time!

Me: Slow down, where are you running to?
Eve: Right here!

We stopped at a place. There’s a huge tree on the side and a lot of green grass.

Me: What’s so special about this place?
Eve: What’s special is that we are here.
Me: Ok. What does that mean?

Eve: What do you think it means?
Me: I think that I don’t know what you mean.
Eve: Silly boy. You are here, I’m here. Nobody else is here. Let me try something else.

She turned around and crushed her butt on my crotch. She is rubbing her butt against my dick.

Eve: We are both here. Nobody is around.

Oh, now I get it. It was obvious, to begin with! She’s not pushing her butt on me for nothing. She wants us to have sex.

Me: I think I know where you’re getting with this.
Eve: It’s pretty clear.
Me: Yes it is.

She continued rubbing her ass on my dick. I was getting horny and hard.

Eve: So did I have a good idea or what?
Me: It’s not a bad idea.
Eve: Let’s have some fun! Pure fun, no strings attached. Go in. Go out. Multiple times. Good times.

I’m already hard from when she rubbed her butt against me.

Eve: What do you say? Be my stallion?

How can I say no to sex? As she said, no strings attached, just fun.

Me: I say that is a good idea.
Eve: That’s what I wanted to hear! Would you imagine how boring this trip would be without any fun?
Me: I don’t even want to imagine it.

Eve: You’re the only guy here besides Jason, lucky me, you’re with me now.
Me: You are lucky!
Eve: Hahaha! Let’s do something. Kiss me!

I lifted her up in my arms and kissed her on her lips.

Me: I thought we were having sex.
Eve: We are! I wanted to see how you taste!
Me: And?

Eve: You are tasty!
Me: Hahaha!
Eve: Take your pants down!

I removed my pants. She started giving me a handjob.

Eve: Looks like you’re ready to go.
Me: Looks like it. But you do your thing!
Eve: I will.

She’s playing with dick, moving her hand up and down on my dick.

Eve: Do you like that?
Me: Oh yes.

We were smooching and she’s giving me a great handjob.

Eve: How about this?

She kneeled down and started licking my dick with her tongue.

Me: Ok. That too!

She’s still giving me a handjob, she’s licking my cock tip. She’s teasing me right now with this blowjob. But it feels good!

Me: Ok, I’m fired up right now.
Eve: Good! Now hop on!

I removed her bottom and laid her on her back. I was on top and was fucking her pussy in missionary position.

Eve: That’s good! My turn now!
Me: Please do your thing.

We got fully naked. She’s on top of me and riding my dick in reverse cowgirl. She likes to control. Aahhh that huge ass.

Me: Fuck that’s good.
Eve: Dirty mouth!

She kept fucking me for 10 minutes.

Me: I’m about to cum.
Eve: No, wait! Do it fast, hard!

I stood up and lifted her up in my arm. She sat on my dick with her legs around my back. I started fucking her. She also started jumping on my dick hard.

Me: I’ll do my best. Don’t know how long I can keep this up.
Eve: Faster!

I was fucking her like a hungry dog. After 5 minutes of hard fuck, I cum in her pussy.

Eve: Oh God!Yes!
Me: I need to catch my breath.
Eve: That was amazing!
Me: Yes it was. Very much so.

Eve: Fuck! Again?
Me: Now?
Eve: Yes!

Me: I can’t right now. Too soon.
Eve: Wheeeew! That was great. My clit is so sensitive right now.

She’s rubbing her clit and touching my cum in her pussy with her hands.

Me: I went as fast as I could.
Eve: I think we orgasmed at the same time.
Me: Pretty much yes!

Eve: You’re good!
Me: You’re good too! Should we head back?
Eve: Yes, that! We should do that!

I wasn’t aiming for that but I think I just blew her mind! We wore our clothes and went back to the cabins.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.

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