Bliss Boarding School – Part 23

I wish Rose liked me. How big of a jerk am I? I have Chloe who goes all this trouble to do something nice for me and here I am thinking about Rose. Rose, who just fucked Jason. Anyway. I feel my eyes closing. I just need to sleep.

I was asleep in no time. I was just wearing boxers and my upper body is naked. I woke up in the middle of the night. I heard some moaning sounds.

Me: Mmmm.

What is that? What am I hearing? Am I dreaming? It’s so dark. It must be the middle of the night. Is that? Is she? Oh my God!

I saw Rose lying naked on her bed. She’s fingering her pussy with her left hand and moaning heavily. Her boobs are juggling a lot. She’s masturbating. I was just staring at her while she pleasured herself. Suddenly she caught me staring. She got up and sat on her bed facing towards me.

Rose: Shhhhh. Don’t wake Chloe up.
Me: What are you doing?
Rose: I was thinking.

Me: It looked like you were doing something else.
Rose: That too. I was doing this.

Fuck! She just spread her legs wide and was playing with her pussy. She’s giving me a full show of her pussy fingering.

Rose: Mmmmmm.
Me: What? Why?

Oh God! That looked so hot. She’s showing me purposefully how she is playing with her pussy.

Me: What is this? Why are you doing this?

Rose: Because I was a jerk and a fool. About you. I shouldn’t have done that with Jason and listened to you. I also dragged you into it. I feel like I hurt you and I’m sorry. I thought about it and. You’re much better than Jason, you’re not a jerk.

Me: I…
Rose: You’re with Chloe, my best friend. But you see. I like Chloe too. And you.
Me: Wait. What?

Rose: Can I come there and make it up to you? I promise I won’t wake Chloe up.
Me: Come, make it up to me?

Holy Shit! I couldn’t believe. I wanted to fuck Rose while I was sleeping next to Chloe in her own bed. Chloe was sleeping facing towards the wall. There’s just a small gap between her & me. I removed my boxers and lay straight and naked beside Chloe.

Thankfully she’s tired and is sleeping like a rock. Rose came on sat on my dick in cowgirl position. This was so exciting and scary at the same. Chloe is right beside us and we are fucking while she’s sleep.

Oh, God. She started jumping on dick. I was grabbing her boobs with my hands. We fucked for 15 minutes slowly. She had a huge orgasm. I shot my cum in her pussy after some time. Fuck. I couldn’t. It was so intense and exciting.

Me: What does this mean? What now?
Rose: I don’t know. We can talk more about it tomorrow.
Me: Ok.

She said she liked me and Chloe too. What does that mean? Does she like Chloe in a sexual way too? Or what? Will she still go around with Jason? So many questions. Fuck it, let me handle it tomorrow. I’m going to sleep.

I banged my head on the ground. It was morning already. I just tripped off the bed in sleep.

Me: Ahhhhh! What the…? Damn!
Chloe: Are you ok?
Me: Yes.
Chloe: Let me help you up.

She gave me her hands to lift me up.

Chloe: How did you manage to fall?
Me: I don’t know. It just happened.
Chloe: Hahaha! Did you fall last night while I was sleeping too?
Me: No, I don’t think so.

Chloe: Are you hurt?
Me: I’m ok. What a great start, falling and now class. Super excited.
Chloe: We don’t have class today.
Me: Really? Was it canceled?

Chloe: No. It’s Saturday. The weekend?
Me: Oh it is? That’s great!
Chloe: Hahaha! You had no idea.
Me: No. I stopped counting days when I came here like they do in jail.

Chloe: So you draw lines on the wall?
Me: Hahaha! Yes!
Chloe: Hahaha!
Me: I’m counting the number of times we had sex.

Chloe: Hahaha! Shut up!
Me: I’ll go back to my room and draw another line.
Chloe: Hahaha!

Me: Well then. I’m going to wash up, do my thing.
Chloe: Ok! See you in one hour!
Me: See you!

One hour? That was very specific. I went to the washroom to freshen up. I washed and headed out on the campus. That was good. Silence, shower. And it’s a nice day, no class, good weather. No plans! But then again, there aren’t really any plans around here.

I didn’t even go to my room. I’ll stay away from everyone for a few minutes.

Abigail: I hope you were not just about to walk into me again.
Me: What? No? When did I do that?
Abigail: Your first day?
Me: Oh, that’s right.

Abigail: What are you doing?
Me: I’m trying to stay away from everyone. I see it’s not working.
Abigail: What do you mean by that?
Me: Nothing!

Abigail: I’m your new best friend, remember?
Me: How can I forget?
Abigail: Since you’re my best friend, if you’re looking to get away from everyone I can help with that.

Me: Really?
Abigail: I know a place where nobody goes.
Me: And where is this place?
Abigail: The roof, come on!

Me: The roof?
Abigail: Yes! They were always going on the roof but then the teacher asked me to get them down from there. And I went up and told everyone that if I catch someone on the roof again I’ll throw them down.

Me: And let me guess, nobody goes on the roof anymore.
Abigail: Exactly! Only I can go and I’m inviting you now.
Me: Oh ok, I guess.

We climbed the roof of our classroom building. It’s just one story, classroom, and roof on top.

Abigail: It’s nice up here, I used to come here to relax. Now I come here to work on my plans to make Jason suffer.
Me: What?

Abigail: I think he kissed that Sunny girl again! He smelled like a woman’s perfume the other night.
Me: Sunny? I haven’t seen her around.
Abigail: She’s hiding from me, but I’ll find her!

Me: Why fight Sunny? It’s not like she’s your boyfriend, Jason is. The way I see it, if he cheats then HE is guilty. Not the girl.
Abigail: I know that! But nobody messes with me and gets away with it! NOBODY!

Me: Uhhhh.
Abigail: What?
Me: I think you should leave it alone.
Abigail: Hahaha! Never.

If she finds out about Rose. I should call the FBI or something to stop her. The army maybe.

Abigail: So here’s my plan. I’ll kick Jason in the nuts so hard they’ll travel up to his mouth. And then he’ll be like a rooster, with his balls hanging out of his chin.

Me: Hahahaha! What?!
Abigail: And then I’m going to punch him in his chin sack so hard that he’ll sing like a little girl.
Me: Hahaha! Oh, God.

Jason hurt her and she’s trying to deal with it in her own way. But what a funny way! But to be serious. She must not find out about Rose. Last time Rose talked back to her she humiliated her at that lake party. If she finds out that she had sex with Jason. Murder she wrote.

We heard 2 girls walking around the campus and having a chat.

Girl1: Yeah! She’s not cool anymore.
Girl2: She never was, the only thing she had going for her was Jason.
Girl1: And now he’s cheating on her.
Girl2: Hahaha! That’s what she deserves!

Oh God! Those girls were making fun of Abigail, not knowing she’s standing right above them and hearing everything.

Abigail: What the…?
Me: Don’t do anything stupid.

Girl1: I can’t wait for her to face reality.
Girl2: I’ll punch her in the face, the first thing I’ll do.

Girl1: Once Jason isn’t around her anymore, there’s nobody to protect her and half of the school wants her beaten up!
Girl2: Not even her sister would help her then.

Abigail: Do you hear that? Can you believe it?
Me: Hmmm.

Abigail: Stupid girls, they think I need Jason to be on top. I think they’re starting to forget who’s boss here. Without me, Jason would be nothing! You know what? Since you’re my best friend now. Why don’t you give them a piece of your mind?

Me: Hey! You! Don’t talk like that about Abigail!
Girl1: Oh?
Me: Do you want me to come down there and set things right? And I won’t be coming down alone!
Girl2: Oh shit!

Both the girls started running away.

Abigail: I’ll take care of you two today! Don’t think you can get away with this! Look at them run. A bunch of pussies!

She turned towards me.

Abigail: See what I have to deal with daily? It’s not easy being on top. But the sheep need a shepherd to steer them in the right direction.

Me: The direction of fear?
Abigail: If that’s what it takes. Yes! I’ll get them later, they won’t get away with it!

Suddenly she jumped on my back crushing her boobs on my shoulders.

Abigail: Carry me over there, best friend!
Me: What? Oh, God.
Abigail: You can do it!
Me: I can do it.

She’s acting weird. Like a child. But then again, she always did, it’s nothing new.

Abigail: Am I heavy?
Me: Yes!
Abigail: Are you saying that I’m fat?

Me: Hahaha!
Abigail: Oh what a nice joke!

I took her near the AC vents. She sat on them to catch her breath.

Abigail: So are you excited about the trip?
Me: About what?
Abigail: The trip!
Me: What trip?

Abigail: What? The mountain?
Me: What are you talking about?
Abigail: What world are you living in? We’re going on a trip today, staying over the night. The mountain!

Me: What?
Abigail: Oh God! Ok. So, the first weekend in the first school week, we do a sort of nature trip. The teacher said something about building relationships, I don’t know.

Me: What’s weird is that nobody talked about it or told me about it.
Abigail: Not even Chloe?
Me: Not even her.
Abigail: Hmmm. That is weird, maybe it’s a conspiracy!

Me: Haha, funny.
Abigail: I don’t know, they forgot, it’s not a big deal. There’s a bus taking us there, we’ll be back tomorrow.

Me: When are we leaving?
Abigail: About half an hour I think.
Me: Come on, let’s go, I need to pack some things!

So that’s why Chloe said she will see me in an hour! Too bad she forgot to mention why.

We were heading down to our dorm rooms.

Abigail: I’m only taking a change of clothes, there are food and drinks there.
Me: Everything is taken care of?
Abigail: Yes. I think they have to do one trip each summer to somewhere but we always go to the same place.

Me: This should be interesting.
Abigail: It’s the perfect place to take my revenge against everyone. Jason, Sunny, and those two girls.

Me: Oh it sure will be interesting. And this day started so well.
Abigail: I know, with me!
Me: That’s not. Whatever.

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To be Continued……………

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