Bliss Boarding School – Part 22

In the last part, I ended where I, Eve and the Milf woman had a threesome. Eve wanted more. So I left the girls to have more fun. I was in my room. Lisa and Anna were having a conversation.

Me: Oh hey girls!
Anna: Hey A!
Lisa: Hello!
Me: What’s up?

Anna: We’re talking.
Lisa: Look, new clothes! Bought by myself!
Me: That’s great! They’re provocative.
Lisa: Hahaha! These are for my exercises!

Damn! Lisa’s looking hot. She’s wearing a blue color crop top covering till her boobs. Deep neck showing a lot of cleavage. Oh, that ass. She’s wearing a blue color tight yoga pants.

Anna: Are you doing exercises?
Lisa: I was thinking of going outside and do some, yes.
Anna: I’ll join! But can we do them here? I don’t have outside sports clothes.
Lisa: Sure, why not?

Me: I’m not joking you, so don’t even ask.
Lisa: Hahaha! Ok.
Anna: Laaaazy!
Me: I had enough activity for today.

Lisa: Oh, A, open that door next to you.
Me: What’s inside?
Lisa: Open it!

I opened the cabinet which Lisa was checking out in the morning. There were 4 bottles of beer.

Me: Beer?
Lisa: Those are for you, for helping me out!
Me: Well, I’m not going to say no to that!

Lisa: I owe you, it’s the least I can do.
Me: Thank you!
Lisa: You’re welcome! Should we begin, Anna?

Wow! Lisa was stretching her hands. Ahhhh! Those abs and those armpits. Loved it.

Anna: Yes! Give me a moment to change!
Lisa: Ok, I’ll do some stretching until then!

I don’t mind if you do. She’s very hot!

Anna: Don’t look!
Me: I wasn’t going to, I was going to grab a beer.

I turned to get a beer bottle out.

Me: They’re still cold!
Lisa: I kept them in the motel freezer. I know warm beer is bad.
Me: Smart girl.
Lisa: Hahaha! Thank you!

Me: So how do you like it there?
Lisa: It’s not glamorous but it’s a job!
Me: As long as it puts the food on the table.

Lisa: Exactly, I have enough time to find something else. For now, I do what I have to get by.
Me: As I said, you’re a smart girl, I’m sure you’re going to figure it out.
Anna: I am ready.

I turned. Surprise! Anna was wearing a bluish color bra and blue color yoga pants. Gosh! She looks mesmerized. Aaaah that cute belly button.

Lisa: I can see that.
Anna: See? I have muscles too!
Lisa: Hahaha!
Me: You look strong!

Anna: I’m a strong girl!
Lisa: Yes you are!
Me: Impressive!
Anna: Thank you!

Lisa: Should we begin?
Anna: Sure, what’s first?
Lisa: Let’s do some push-ups!

I was standing opposite to them watching the show. They were on the floor in a push-up position.

Anna: How many of these?
Lisa: Let’s do ten to start with.
Anna: Easy!

Me: Drinks and a show. Lucky me!
Lisa: Hahaha! That’s true!

They started doing push-ups.

Lisa: One.

Both were going in sync.

Lisa: Eight. And ten!
Anna: Uhhh. It’s hard!
Me: Good job!

Lisa: Now we’re going to do ten sit-ups!
Anna: After the break, right?
Lisa: What break? Come on!
Anna: Oh.

They were doing sit-ups now. Oh, man! I could see their pussy shape when they are bending their legs. Their pants are so tight.

Lisa: One!

They were going at it at a good pace.

Lisa: Ten! Great job!
Anna: These were easier!
Lisa: Push-ups are harder than sit-ups.

Anna: Wheeeew! Are we done?
Lisa: Hahaha! We just got started!
Anna: Oh. Ok.

They both were sweating already.

Me: It’s getting hot in here.
Anna: Tell me about it!
Lisa: I think he was talking about us.
Anna: That we are hot?

Lisa: I don’t know, I think so.
Anna: Were you talking about us?
Me: Yes, you two are hot. I mean. Sweaty and in those tight clothes.
Anna: Thank you!

Lisa: I bet you have a nice view over there, chilling with your beer.
Me: You have no idea.
Anna: Hahaha!
Me: I know an exercise we could do. All three of us.

Anna: Hahaha! Dream on!
Lisa: You’re already getting lucky. With that beer.
Anna: That’s enough for you.
Lisa: Whew! Let’s get back to it, let’s do some abs!

There’s knock on the door. It’s Chloe.

Chloe: Am I interrupting something?
Anna: Hey Chloe!
Lisa: Oh hi Chloe, we are working out.
Anna: Do you want to join us?

Chloe: Maybe some other time, I’m here for him.
Me: Who me?
Chloe: Hahaha! Yes, you!
Me: Hahaha!

I went close to Chloe.

Chloe: Hey you!
Me: Hey! Where were you? We couldn’t find you anywhere.
Chloe: Oh I was in town, I had to do something.
Me: What?

Chloe: That’s why I’m here, come with me.
Me: Ok. Sorry girls, I have to go.
Anna: See you later!
Lisa: See you!

We were walking towards Chloe’s room.

Me: Is it a surprise?
Chloe: Yes.
Me: Oh, that’s good!
Chloe: I hope so!

Me: I’m sure about it!
Chloe: Let’s go to my room. Where’s Rose by the way?
Me: I have no idea.

We were in Chloe’s room now.

Me: Here we are. What’s the big surprise?
Chloe: You can’t wait to find out, can you?
Me: Well. I’m curious!

Chloe: Ok, ok. I need you to turn around and stay that way until I tell you to look.
Me: Ok, I can do that.
Chloe: Turn around.

I turned around facing towards the door.

Me: Did you get me a present?
Chloe: No questions!
Me: I can’t look, I can’t ask.

Chloe: No, none of that.
Me: You’re not going to tickle me when I’m not looking, are you?
Chloe: Hahaha! No!

She took a lot of time.

Me: Are you still here?
Chloe: Yes! You can turn around now.

I turned around. Holy heaven! She’s looking hot as fuck. She’s wearing a green color skirt. Deep neck and was just covering her pussy. It’s supported by tiny strings on her shoulder. It was backless. She’s looking stunning. She turned the lights off. There are candles lit on the table and a wine bottle and two wine glasses.

Chloe: So what do you think?
Me: Is that a new dress?
Chloe: Yes it is!

Me: And I see there’s wine, candles.
Chloe: Is it not good?
Me: What? It’s great!

Chloe: I thought we could have a romantic night, some wine, make love. Sleep together.
Me: Sounds great to me!

We both sat on the chairs. She on my left.

Chloe: I didn’t know what to do, I’m not good at this.
Me: You did great!
Chloe: Did you miss me?

Me: Yes, I did!
Chloe: I missed you too! How was your day?
Me: My day was. Eventful.

Chloe: Mine was not so much, but a good day. I locked the door so Rose can’t just bust in on us.
Me: Smart thinking!

We took the wine glasses and cheered them.

Chloe: I hope you like the wine. I’m not an expert in wines but I had some like this one before and it was good.
Me: It’s good. Red wine. To get me in the mood?

Chloe: Hahaha! I didn’t think of that but now that you mention it. Yes!
Me: I can already feel it working.
Chloe: Really?

Me: Hahaha! I was joking. I don’t need wine when I’m with you
Chloe: Why is that?
Me: You get me in the mood fast.

Chloe: Ohhh. Good! Kiss me!
Me: My pleasure!

I went towards her and kissed her on her lips. Gosh! She has applied a flavored lip gloss. I was sucking that too when I kissed her lips.

Me: Sweet. You taste sweet.
Chloe: I had some candy before I came for you.
Me: Well, you’re sweet even without the candy.
Chloe: Thank you.

Me: You went through all this trouble for me. The dress, the wine, the candles.
Chloe: No trouble at all! I wanted us to do something romantic. I know it’s not much but it’s better than nothing.

Me: It’s great, it’s getting dark outside, candles, wine. Perfect.
Chloe: Yes it is. But…

She stood up and came near me. I was sitting on the chair. She kept her left leg on my chair in between my legs. Those smooth silky thighs. I was feeling her thighs with my hands.

Chloe: I have something else for you to look at instead of the candles. Me!
Me: This romantic date is getting better and better. Your skin is so soft.
Chloe: It becomes like that when you touch it, like magic.

Me: Ohhh so is your skin magic of my touch?
Chloe: I would say both. Hahaha!
Me: Hahaha!

Chloe: You have a lot of. Effects on me.
Me: I do? Like what?
Chloe: Like. First of all, you turn me on. The first day we met. Wheeew! That was hard!

Me: Why is that?
Chloe: There I was, a virgin, never had sex. And I felt like having sex right then and there with you!
Me: Oh, me too!

Chloe: And you make me feel good, I like having you around all the time!
Me: Well, you have me now.
Chloe: I do.

I stood up and hugged her from behind. My right hand was on her belly. She buried her back on my chest and turned her face to kiss me.

Chloe: And I’m going to take advantage of that.
Me: Of me?
Chloe: Oh that too!
Me: Really? How are you going to do that?

Chloe: First I’ll seduce you, that part I think is already done.
Me: That part is done.
Chloe: Secondly, I’ll make you desire me, my body.
Me: That’s done too!

Chloe: And third. I’ll get you to undress.
Me: That won’t be a problem at all.
Chloe: Very good, help me out of this dress.
Me: That will be my pleasure!

I removed her skirt carefully. Hmmm, she’s not wearing anything under it.

Chloe: We should also get rid of your clothes.
Me: I’m on it.

I removed my clothes and got naked. We both fully naked.

Chloe: And last but not least.

She lifted her right leg and rested it on my left arm. She’s standing on her left leg alone. I was rubbing my dick on her pussy from the front in this position. Wow! We never tried this.

Me: I like the way you think.
Chloe: You make me this way.
Me: Then I like what I’m doing.
Chloe: Me too. Put it in.

I started fucking her slowly. She’s getting wet down there.

Me: Come over here.
Chloe: Ok.

I made her stand on her right leg. I was kneeling on my legs in front of her. I lifted her left leg and rested in behind my right shoulder. My mouth was near her pussy. I started licking and sucking her wet pussy. She tastes so good down there.

Chloe: Oh ok. I like that.
Me: Me too.

I was tongue fucking her and exploring her every inch of her pussy with my tongue.

Chloe: Mmmmmm. I want you inside me again.

I made her lie on her back on the floor. I kept her right leg on the side of my left leg. I kept her left leg on my right shoulder. I lifted her butt and inserted my cock in her pussy. She’s rubbing her clit with her left hand and was pressing her right boob. I started fucking her for a few minutes in that position.

Chloe: Now it’s my turn.
Me: Ok!

She started sucking my dick with her mouth.

Chloe: It’s only fair. And I like it. Feeling it in my mouth.

I was standing and she’s sucking my dick by kneeling. I was fucking her mouth deep.

Chloe: Let’s try something.
Me: Sure!

She made lie flat on the floor. She’s riding my dick in reverse cowgirl position. She’s jumping on dick and taking it in deeper. I had a huge orgasm. I came in her pussy. Lots of cum.

Me: God!
Chloe: Did you like that?
Me: That was an amazing position!

Chloe: I thought you might like it.
Me: I wished I lasted longer but… Damn!
Chloe: That was long enough!

Oh man, that was good! But I feel weird because she hasn’t had an orgasm. I could use my fingers to keep going but she’s full of cum.

Me: I’m not done with you yet.
Chloe: You’re not?

I could see my cum dripping and running through her thighs. I bent her down and started fingering her with 2 fingers of my left. I kept fingering her continuously until she had an orgasm. Within a few minutes, she squirted her liquids.

Chloe: Oh my. I felt like.
Me: That was awesome.
Chloe: Did I.

Me: Yes, you did.
Chloe: It was so intense. Wow! My head is spinning.
Me: Good!

We were sitting on the floor exhausted.

Chloe: We should keep in mind to do this again.
Me: We should!
Chloe: What a great night!

Me: Yes it is, romantic and dirty. Perfect combination!
Chloe: Hahaha! That’s true!
Me: Just awesome.

Chloe: It’s getting darker and darker outside. Here, with you, wine, candles, sex. I’ll miss this moment.
Me: You don’t have to miss it, we can make more like this.
Chloe: I hope so. I feel. High.

Me: I know that feeling!
Chloe: But. We have to get back to the real world, sadly.
Me: I know, but we can still have fun there too!
Chloe: That’s true!

We both got dressed. We both were lying on Chloe’s bed. She’s on my left towards the wall.

Chloe: I unlocked the door, in case Rose come back. Can you imagine if we lived together? And did something like this every night?
Me: I’m not saying no to that! The way I see it, the more sex, the better!

Chloe: Hahaha! You would come home from work, I would be waiting in a slutty outfit.
Me: Or you would be coming home from work and I would be naked.
Chloe: I’ll have a desk job, work from home.

Me: Me too!
Chloe: You would be working as a mechanic, come home all dirty and sweaty.
Me: Super manly look and smell.
Chloe: Hahaha!

Me: Do girls like sweaty men?
Chloe: No. Maybe if they’re sweating from sex.
Me: I thought so! The whole manly smell thing is just a myth.

Chloe: Trust me, if the first day we met you were all smelly and stinky we wouldn’t be here right now! Hahaha!
Me: I can believe that! Hahaha!

Rose entered our room. She sat on her bed which is on the opposite wall.

Rose: Oh, hello guys!
Chloe: Rose, where were you?
Rose: Around.

She was with Jason somewhere, I know it.

Chloe: What’s up?
Rose: Nothing.
Chloe: Why are you acting weird?

Rose: I am? I don’t know. And what are you guys doing? Candles, wine. I think I know.
Chloe: We had a romantic date.

Me: Did you also have a romantic date, Rose?
Rose: Me? Nope.
Chloe: Then why are you smiling all the time?

Rose: Why not? I’m going to take a shower.
Chloe: Ok. I’ll get dressed for bed.
Me: Do you mind if I sleep in my boxers?
Chloe: Not at all! Please do.

I kissed her.

Chloe: She’s acting strange, isn’t she?
Me: Who cares?
Chloe: I’m just saying, it’s not like her.
Me: Kiss me.

Chloe: Sure. I feel really tired, I think I’m going to fall asleep fast.
Me: Me too. Long day! Really long.
Chloe: But the ending was great.
Me: Yes, you’re very right about that!

We were about to fall asleep, but Rose entered our room after taking a shower. She’s just wearing a towel on her body.

Rose: Were you sleeping?
Me: Almost there.
Chloe: Yes.
Rose: Sorry, go back to sleep!

Chloe: Mmmm.
Rose: I’ll go to sleep too, good night!
Me: Good night.
Chloe: Mmmm.

She’s sleeping in the towel itself. Look at her, so happy that Jason finally sees her. Little does she know, he’s just using her. Maybe she’ll see the truth eventually. Before it’s too late and she ends up hurt. She did well today. She agreed to a threesome just to be with Jason.

I mean hell, that’s the most obvious sign that you’re being used by him. Maybe she likes being used, being a slut. I like her, don’t know why but I had a thing for her. That’s why I tried to stop her at the beginning. I mean it’s not like we were together but still.

I wish she liked me. How big of a jerk am I? I have Chloe who goes all this trouble to do something nice for me and here I am thinking about Rose. Rose, who just fucked Jason. Anyway. I feel my eyes closing. I just need to sleep.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.

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