Bliss Boarding School – Part 21

Anna and I went outside and were standing near the stairs.

Anna: So Rose. And you. And Jason.
Me: Yeah. Is this all that we’re going to talk about today?
Anna: Hey this is unexpected, we’re talking about it!
Me: Ok. Ok.

Anna: Was she good at it?
Me: She was good yes.
Anna: Rose? Who knew. Who could imagine?
Me: Nobody it seems.

Anna: I’m going to blow this party, it’s boring.
Me: You’re leaving?
Anna: Yes, sit around talking. That’s no party.
Me: Actually it’s not.

Anna: I feel like doing something, maybe it’s the alcohol speaking for me. Care to join me?
Me: What will we do?
Anna: I have something in mind. Just for you and me.

I thought she would be upset with me after this thing with Rose. Maybe she is. This is one big mess that I’m in. Chloe, Anna and now Rose.

Me: Sure, I’ll go with you!
Anna: Thank you! Let’s blow this place! But first…

She kissed me on my lips. That was unexpected.

Me: What’s that all about?
Anna: Why not! I missed it!
Me: I missed it too. I thought you would be mad at me. After this whole thing.

Anna: I’m not happy about it, that’s for sure. But then again, we’re not together. It’s not easy seeing that, having feelings for you. But I’m the best, and you’re going to see that and choose me over everyone else!
Me: It’s starting to look that way.

Anna: See? It’s working already! Ok, now we’re good to go!
Me: Let’s go then!
Anna: Try to keep up!

Me: What do you mean?
Anna: Come on!

She was running away.

Me: Wow! Wait for me!
Anna: I’m full of energy!
Me: Well, I’m not!
Anna: Faster!

We ran towards the lake that is behind the cabin.

Anna: Whew! We got here fast.
Me: Yeah we did, why did we run?
Anna: Why not? It’s fun!
Me: Yeah, it’s really the alcohol talking for you!

Anna: Hahaha! So what?
Me: Nothing. You can run.
Anna: Hahaha! I really don’t run all that much, to be honest.
Me: You could have fooled me.

Anna: Don’t worry, the running is over now.
Me: I don’t know if I can keep up if you start running again.
Anna: Now we walk.

Me: I thought this was it, that we got where we are going.
Anna: This is it. But we walk now.

Oh my, she was getting naked to walk into the water.

Me: Oh ok.

She threw her shirt off so fast I almost missed it.

Anna: Are you happy you came with me?
Me: Yes I am. That was a smart choice.
Anna: Let’s hope nobody sees us.
Me: Speaking of which, I thought we were only doing this in our dorm room.

Anna: Now there’s Lisa we have to worry about too… And things change.

She’s all naked and jumped into the water.

Me: They change in a good way.
Anna: Ahhhh this is so good!
Me: I’m sure it is, I’ll try it myself right now.
Anna: Come on, come to me!

I got naked and jumped in the water. I went to Anna. She’s in front of me. We’re facing each other.

Anna: The water is great, isn’t it?
Me: Ah, yes it is!
Anna: Do you know what else is great?
Me: What?

Anna: Me. And you. Together.
Me: It’s even better than water.
Anna: You got that right.
Me: Come here.

I lifted her up in my arms and hugged her.

Anna: I missed you. I missed this. I mean I know we see each other every day but I missed us.
Me: So did I, we’re here now.
Anna: Yes we are. We still have to be careful.

Me: I would think that you would want us to get caught. That way Chloe would be out of your way.
Anna: She would be out of the way. But she’s my friend. Not only that, I want you to choose me yourself, not to be forced into that choice.

Me: That’s great thinking.
Anna: Well, I’m great. Speaking of forcing.
Me: Yes? Oh!

She jumped on my face. She’s sitting on my shoulders. I could easily suck her pussy.

Anna: That’s good. I like it when I take charge like this.
Me: I like it too.

I was licking her pussy. She’s getting wet.

Anna: Let’s make love.
Me: We need to be fast.
Anna: We’re going to be fast.

She sat on my dick. Her legs were around my ass. She started jumping on my dick. Oh, it’s a different feeling inside water. I was fucking her faster and harder. She’s also moving in rhythm. We fucked hard for 10 minutes and we both had an orgasm.

Anna: It’s so exciting. Having to hurry, knowing you can get caught…
Me: It is. And risky!
Anna: I like it!
Me: I like it too!

Anna: We’re going to do this more often. Quick and risky!
Me: We are?
Anna: Don’t you want to?

Me: I do.
Anna: Then it’s settled!

She was swimming away.

Me: Where are you going?
Anna: For a swim.
Me: Weren’t we in a hurry?
Anna: We were, but we aren’t doing anything now.

Me: We are still naked in the water.
Anna: That might seem suspicious. How much must we hide like this?
Me: I don’t know what to say.
Anna: Just say that it won’t be long now.

Me: Ok. Won’t be long now.
Anna: You and I need to talk.
Me: That’s never good.
Anna: Hahaha!

Me: Let’s have that talk then.
Anna: Carry me out?
Me: Sure thing!

I lifted her in my arms and we came out of the water.

Anna: That was romantic. You can be romantic!
Me: I can be. Not very often but it happens.
Anna: That’s good to know.
Me: What did you want to talk about?

Anna: About us. About where this is going. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it! But will there be more?
Me: I…
Anna: Let me talk.
Me: Ok.

We were sitting on the ground. She’s resting her back on me.

Anna: I’m trying to be ok with this. With you and Chloe. But it’s not easy. Now with Rose and Jason. You guys having a threesome. I’m starting to feel like I’m not important. So something has to change.
Me: What do you want to do?

Anna: It’s the end of the week. I don’t want to do this but I think it’s fair. If you want me, decide and tell me Monday.
Me: What does that mean?

Anna: Break up with Chloe, leave everyone else behind and be mine. I want to be yours. I want to be with you. I love you, I do. I know I should be more patient, but I can’t be. Do whatever you want until then. But be sure you make the right decision, whatever that may be.

Me: So basically you’re giving me an ultimatum.
Anna: I don’t like that word. I’m feeling bad when I know you’re doing these things, the person that I love. How long should I feel bad? It’s not like you’re going out on dates. You’re having sex with Chloe. You’re having sex with Rose. Who knows what else you’re doing. Just, please. Do this for me. Pick me or leave me.

This started so well and it turned serious so fast.

Me: I’ll do that for you.
Anna: Thank you! Really.

We both got dressed.

Anna: Ok. Whew! That was hard! Enough with the serious talk, let’s get out of here!
Me: I don’t think that’s the way.
Anna: You’re right!

This was hard for her to do, I think she’s afraid I won’t choose her. I can hear it in her voice, the fear. She’s right. I have to think about this. We were walking towards our dorm room. We met Eve on the way.

Me: Hey Eve!
Eve: Hi A. Do you have any plans?
Me: No.
Eve: Do you want to help me out with something?

Me: Sure!
Anna: I am going to my room. You guys carry on.
Me: Ok Anna. Bye!
Eve: See you, Anna.

Anna went to her room.

Me: Help you with what?
Eve: Let’s go to a hotel, grab a soda.
Me: To a hotel? For a soda?

Eve: Yeah, they have a bar! We’re not getting a room.
Me: Fine, is it far?
Eve: No, we’ll get there in 10 minutes.

Eve grabbed my hand. I followed her.

Eve: The so-called party was a bust.
Me: It really wasn’t a party. But then again, you said it’s not a party.
Eve: Now I wish it was.
Me: It’s because you had a couple of drinks, isn’t it?

Eve: No. Talking sounded good, hanging out and all that. But now I feel like doing something, having some real fun.
Me: And we’re doing that in a hotel bar with a soda?

Eve: No, you’re helping me out with something, remember?
Me: That’s right.

We reached the hotel. It’s a really good looking hotel. There’s a bar on the right. There are tables on the left to eat food.

Me: I had no idea this was here. It looks good.
Eve: Yes it does, they also have food but it’s expensive.
Me: It’s good to know it’s here! So what exactly are we doing?

Eve: We’re drinking a soda.
Me: The thing I was helping you with.
Eve: I’ll tell you, don’t worry.

We went to the bar.

Bartender: What can I get you guys?
Eve: Two sodas, please.
Bartender: Coming right up!
Me: I think I know what all this is about.

Eve: You do?
Me: Yeah. You like the bartender.
Eve: Hahaha! No!
Me: No? But I was sure…Now I got it!

Eve: Really? Go for it.
Me: You want me to help you out with Abigail because she thinks you’re sleeping with Jason.

Eve: Oh God! Not Abigail again! I’ll tell you but stop bringing her up or Jason or Rose or anyone. I’m really tired of all the drama back there.
Me: I was sure that was it!

Eve: You were wrong!
Me: Then tell me.
Eve: Ok, listen up. See that woman behind me?

Eve was sitting on my left. A woman is sitting 2 seats left of Eve.

Me: Yes.
Eve: She’s been living here for the past week or so. She’s playing hard to get and you’re going to help me.
Me: Wait. Help you with what exactly?

Eve: I want to get up in her room. You know, with her.
Me: I kind of knew that. And what makes you think I can hook you up with her?
Eve: I already tried and failed, I can’t try again. It would seem very lame. But you can convince her to go up with you and with me at the same time.

Me: What? How am I going to do that?
Eve: I don’t know, but she’s more into men than she’s into girls. You’re young, she’s a MILF. It should be easy for you! All you have to do is get us up there, then you can leave.

Me: I don’t know.
Eve: Come on, don’t be like that! Just talk to her!
Me: Fine, fine. I’ll give it a try. If it doesn’t work, too bad.
Eve: Just don’t be weird or act like a kid. Be a man, take charge!

Me: I know what I’m doing.
Eve: Ok, ok. Go for it!
Me: I’m going.
Eve: Good luck!

I walked towards the woman.

Me: Hey there.

The woman turned towards my side. She looks gorgeous. She’s wearing a skirt till her thighs. It’s tight and I could see her boobs shape. She’s got red short hair.

Woman: Hello?
Me: What are you doing?
Woman: Waiting, you?
Me: Waiting for someone? I’m here for a drink.

Woman: Yes.
Me: Someone in particular?
Woman: Someone to buy me a drink, are you the one?
Me: I sure can be.

Woman: Lucky me, cute and a gentleman.
Me: That’s my name.
Woman: And funny!
Me: Hahaha! Thank you!

This is easier than I thought. Maybe she’s not into girls and that’s why Eve missed out with her.

Me: So what will you have?
Woman: I don’t know. Surprise me. Something sweet.
Me: Bartender, bring me your best sweet drink for the lady.

Bartender: You got it!
Woman: Oh, the best, you spoil me.
Me: I always get the best for my girls.

Woman: And I am one of your girls?
Me: I hope so.
Woman: My favorite, it’s with a cherry.

Me: Glad you like it. So I was thinking. Maybe after this drink, you and I can go somewhere private.
Woman: Oh, you want to be private with me? But I’m older than you.
Me: That’s the point, you’re a real woman. For a real man.

Woman: Hahaha! Sorry but you make me laugh!
Me: That’s good.
Woman: I see through your bullshit, you’re not getting with me.
Me: What?
Woman: But thank for the drink!

What just happened? Everything was going well.

Woman: I want a man, not a boy, sorry.
Me: I’m not a boy.
Woman: Again, thank you for the drink.

I went back to Eve.

Eve: How could you fail like that?
Me: I did my best!
Eve: Oh God! Dude, she told you she wants a man, not a boy. And what did you do? You tucked your tail between your legs and left.

Me: What was I supposed to do? Wack her over the head with a club and drag her by her hair to my cave?
Eve: Go there, and tell her that you want her now, to get up and take you to her room. That’s what she wants to hear, a man!

Me: That’s never going to work!
Eve: Trust me, do it!
Me: After this fails, we’re leaving.
Eve: Yes, we’re leaving.

This is stupid, why am I even doing this? It’s not going to work. I approached the woman again.

Woman: Do you want to buy me another drink?
Me: You and I are going up to your room to have sex, are you done here?

Woman: Oh I am?
Me: Yes.
Woman: Well then I’d better finish up my drink.

Holy cow! It worked.

Woman: She would do anything, wouldn’t she?
Me: What?
Woman: Oh come on, I know your friend put you up to this. I like that she doesn’t give up.

Me: Well, she knows what she wants and she goes for it.
Woman: I like that. Tell you what, let’s do this.
Eve: Let’s do it.
Me: That’s a great idea.

We followed the woman to her room.

Woman: Come on in, make yourselves at home.
Eve: We will, thank you.
Woman: It’s not a five-star hotel, but it does the job.
Me: What do you do?

Eve: Don’t ask personal questions!
Woman: I work for a company that buys and sells land.
Me: Oh. That’s cool.
Woman: I’m going to the bathroom to freshen up a bit.

Eve: We’ll be here, waiting for you.
Woman: You better not let me down.

Eve: I won’t!
Me: So now what?
Eve: What do you think?

Eve removed her shorts. She’s wearing tiny white panties.

Eve: I know what I’ll be doing. I don’t know about you. You can stay and have fun with us if you want. If not, thank you for a job well done!
Me: You bet I’ll stay here.
Eve: Good!

Me: You’re hot!
Eve: I know.

Oh, this is going to be good, I know it. Eve removed her top and was all naked except for her panties. Eve is lying on the bed. The woman returned from the washroom.

Woman: Is this all for me?
Eve: Yes ma’am.
Woman: Hot and polite.
Eve: That’s me!

Woman: I see your friend is still here, I was afraid he would run away.
Me: And miss this? What am I crazy?
Woman: Good! Take your clothes off! Now, where do I begin?

I removed all my clothes and became nude.

Me: Is this better?
Woman: Very much so! What a big penis on you.
Me: Is it?
Woman: Yes it is.

The woman got naked too. She didn’t remove her pantyhose. God! She’s a real MILF! Huge boobs and ass. She jumped on the bed. Eve was lying on her back. The woman removed Eve’s panty. She spread Eve’s legs wide and sat in between them.

Woman: It’s been a while since I had sex with a girl. I missed it.
Eve: Just hearing you turns me on.
Woman: Your friend can watch and wait for his turn.
Me: I have no problem with that.

Eve was on her back. She lifted her butt with the help of her feet. She lifted her back with the support of her hand. MILF started fingering Eve’s pussy. She’s rubbing Eve’s clit with two fingers of her left hand.

Eve: You still got it.
Woman: I’m just getting started.

She’s rubbing Eve’s clit in between her index and middle finger. After 5 minutes. They changed position. Eve was in front of the milf. They both were lying on their right side. Milf’s boobs were crushing on Eve’s back. She started fingering Eve’s pussy from behind. Eve turned and was kissing the woman’s lips.

Look at them going, I’m so turned on! She’s fingering Eve with 3 fingers. After 5 minutes they again changed. This time it was Eve who was fingering the woman. The woman rested her back on Eve’s chest. Eve was rubbing the woman’s clit.

With her left hand, she’s pressing the woman’s left boob. Milf turned her face to kiss Eve.

Me: And my turn?
Eve: Wait.

After sometime.

Woman: Come on, big boy.

Eve was lying on her left side. Her right leg was on top of her left leg. Milf was sitting on Eve’s right butt. I kneeled in front of Eve’s butt and inserted my dick. The woman was facing me. I was kissing her lips and playing with her boobs and brown nipples while fucking Eve in her pussy.

Woman: Do you like that?
Eve: Oh yes!
Woman: Fuck her and kiss me.

I was doing exactly what the woman told. Fucking Eve’s pussy and kissing the woman’s lips.

Woman: I want that dick now!
Me: There’s plenty to go around.

Eve was lying on her back with her legs lifted till her shoulder. The woman was kneeling in doggy style over Eve’s body. I shoved my dick into the woman’s pussy from behind and started fucking her. Their boobs were rubbing each other.

I fucked her faster and harder for some time. I shot my huge cum in the woman’s pussy. Her pussy was dripping with my cum.

Me: That’s great!
Woman: Lucky me to be so wanted.
Eve: Kiss me!

Eve still wants to go at it.

Me: Whew! I’m done.
Woman: So much cum. I can feel it. And none for your friend.
Me: We can fix that.

This is dirty and kinky! They both were kissing. I took some cum out of the woman’s pussy and inserts in Eve’s pussy.

Me: Now you both have cum inside you.
Woman: You’re a dirty one.

Eve must like this woman. She still wants more. She has buried her face in the woman’s cleavage.

Me: Do you want to go back with me, Eve?
Eve: I’ll stay a while longer.
Woman: Yes, stay.

Me: Well. Ok then. You girls have a good time.
Woman: Oh we will.
Eve: Do you have any toys?
Woman: No, but we can improvise.

This party is not ending any time soon. I wore my clothes and left. I went to my room.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.

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