Bliss Boarding School – Part 20

What’s up with Rose? She’s so chatty. Maybe because Abigail is not here and Jason is actually talking to her.

Jason: I’ll be right here with A.
Rose: We’ll be right here while you guys talk!
Jason: Ok Rose, I know.
Rose: Take your time!

Jason: We will…
Me: Are you afraid of this place or something?
Rose: No, why would I?
Me: Just asking.

Jason and I climbed a few stairs away from the girls.

Me: So what’s up?
Jason: I wanted to thank you again for keeping our little secret.
Me: Sure. No problem. I know how to keep a secret. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Jason: You’ll get a cut of the money too, that’s never bad.
Me: I guess not! Hahaha!
Jason: Hahaha!
Me: What’s up with Rose?
Jason: She’s a bit excited.

Abigail was excited too when I was giving it to her an hour ago. But what do you know?

Me: What is she excited about?
Jason: That’s another thing I wanted to talk to you about. It turns out that Rose is sort of a groupie.
Me: What do you mean?

Jason: The girl is really into me.
Me: Oh! That. I mean I know she likes you and all that.
Jason: Here’s what I was thinking. Why don’t we have some fun with her? Get rid of Eve and Anna then have some fun. I’m willing to share.

What? Really? Rose interrupted out conversation.

Rose: Hey, A.
Me: We were in the middle of something here.
Rose: Sorry, it’s just that Anna wanted to talk to you about something urgent.
Me: It can wait!

Rose: I don’t think so.
Jason: Go, man, we’ll pick this up after.
Me: Ok, I’ll be right back.

Jason wants me to join him and have a threesome with Rose. What the hell? Rose likes him, but she’s not stupid. I walked towards where Anna and Eve were standing.

Me: So?
Eve: So what?
Me: So what is the urgent thing Anna wants to tell me?

Anna: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Eve: Hahaha! Looks like Rose got rid of you!
Anna: Hahaha!

Me: Wait, what?
Eve: It’s classic, if you want someone out of the way, make up a lie!
Me: Oh God!

Rose and Jason were having a conversation when I left.

Rose: Now that he’s out of the way. Where were we?
Jason: You lied, didn’t you?
Rose: Maybe I did.
Jason: Hahaha! That’s precious. I was telling you that you look very good.

Rose: I do?
Jason: Yes you do, you look tasty.
Rose: Stop it! You’re making me blush!

Jason: How come I haven’t noticed that before?
Rose: Because I was nerdy Rose! But now I’m not nerdy anymore, like at all!

Jason hugged her from behind.

Jason: No you’re not. You’re hot.
Rose: I am?
Jason: Oh yes you are. You have nice forms and nice breasts.
Rose: It’s because of the top I’m wearing, isn’t it?

Jason: It doesn’t hide much.
Rose: Do you want me to wear something less revealing?
Jason: Not at all, the more revealing the better.
Rose: Hahaha. I know, right?

Rose turned and crushed her boobs on Jason’s chest. They were facing each other now. Jason was sniffing her chest.

Jason: And your skin smells so nice.
Rose: Thank you, Jason.
Jason: Do you like me?
Rose: Yes, I always liked you.

Jason: Now I like you too.
Rose: Do you want to be my boyfriend?
Jason: Oh, you know how things are. I’m with Abigail now. We do things.
Rose: I can do things too!

Jason: I don’t know.
Rose: I can! Really!
Jason: It’s not that easy. I and Abigail, we have a history. And you’re new to me. What if I left her and you’re not how I thought you would be.

Rose: You don’t have to decide now! I know Abigail is good looking and smart and all that.
Jason: Yes she is. She has a very sexy body. And you do too!
Rose: Thank you.
Jason: And I don’t know.

God damn it. Really Rose? Jason, of all people? But then again, that doesn’t surprise me. Everyone has eyes for Jason, especially Rose! I wonder what they’re talking about. I’m sure Jason is trying to get inside her. And he asked me to join him. Jason came down towards us.

Jason: Hey! I was thinking, Eve.
Eve: Yes?
Jason: Go get us some drinks, let’s get wasted.
Anna: I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Eve: Sure, ok!
Anna: I don’t think.
Eve: Let me do all the thinking for you. We’re going to drink, you’re going to get wasted and it’s going to be awesome!

Anna: But…
Eve: No buts! Come on! Come on A, you too!
Me: Me.

Jason: Don’t take everyone, leave A here with us. It’s just a bottle you have to get!
Me: Exactly!
Eve: Ok, ok! Let’s go, Anna!

Eve and Anna left to get the bottle. I walked with Jason. We were heading up towards the cabin.

Jason: Have you thought about it?
Me: I don’t know if this is a good idea
Jason: Well you better think fast.
Me: What do you mean? Why?

He didn’t answer me. We were near Rose.

Jason: Whheeew! It’s so hot out here! A was just telling me we should go inside, it’s cooler there!
Rose: Oh yes, it’s very hot!

Jason: We’ll wait for Eve in here.
Rose: This is awesome! Drinks, talk, shade!
Jason: Yes it is!

Rose is so excited. The guy of her dream is talking to her. She has no idea he wants to fuck her and share her with me. We went inside the cabin. There’s a bed in the center.

Rose: You’re right! It is colder here!
Jason: Yes it is.
Rose: This place looks dusty.
Jason: Nobody is using it anymore.

Rose: Maybe we can tell Lisa to clean it up for us! Hahaha!
Jason: Who’s Lisa?
Rose: A’s new roommate, the new girl in class today.
Jason: Oh, I see.

What do I do? Rose turned towards me.

Rose: So how is it? Having two girls in your room?

Holy shit! Jason was standing behind her and he’s doing it. He removed his dick out and masturbating. Damn! What do I do? Rose couldn’t see him as she was facing me. Jason’s dick was a little smaller than mine.

Rose: A?

Do I take Rose out of here? Do I join Jason?

Rose: Hello? Are you there?
Me: Yes. It’s nice!

She turned towards Jason. She now got the sense that Jason was masturbating behind her.

Rose: What?
Jason: Have you ever had sex before, Rose?
Rose: I… I…

She’s speechless. As was I.

Jason: Do you want to have sex, Rose?
Rose: I… So sudden… Yes.
Jason: A will join us, we’re going to have so much fun. Are you a fun girl, Rose?

Rose: I am. I have sex toys!
Jason: Oh, you naughty girl. You’re even naughtier than Abigail.
Me: Let’s not do this Rose.

Rose: But why?
Me: This is not like you!

She took me to a side to chat privately.

Rose: I like Jason a lot. And I also liked our threesome with Chloe. Please do this for me.

I was in a dilemma. But again she lied to me in order to get rid of me and be alone with Jason. I wanted to take revenge.

Me: Let’s have some fun!
Rose: Oh wow! One day you’re alone and the next two boys want you.
Jason: We want you bad!
Me: Yes we do!

Jason was holding his dick in his hand.

Jason: Do you know how to get it wet for me?
Rose: I know how.

She was kneeling in front of her and was taking Jason’s dick in her mouth. This is not how I thought Rose is but then again, you never really know somebody.

Me: Get us in the mood, Rose.
Jason: Put it in your mouth.
Rose: Mmmmmm.
Jason: Just like that.

Rose: Mmmmmm.
Jason: Get it nice and wet.
Me: You’re doing good.

Jason: You can join in at any time, but let’s try not to touch each other.
Me: That’s the unwritten rule.

I wanted to rough her up.

Me: Let me help you there. This is how it’s supposed to go.

I was pushing her head harder on Jason’s dick.

Jason: Yeah.

She’s now taking it deep.

Jason: It’s A’s turn.

I was sitting on the bed naked. She kneeled in front of me and started giving me a blowjob. Jason was masturbating standing behind her.

Me: That’s good.
Rose: Mmmmmmmm.
Jason: She likes it.
Rose: I do.

She’s sucking my dick for 5 minutes.

Jason: I’m ready for more.
Me: Hold on.

I laid flat on my back and then pushed Rose’s head on my dick.

Me: Let’s try this again.
Rose: Mmmmmm.
Me: Take it all in. Like that.

My dick was touching her throat. She’s sucking like a pro for another 5 minutes. Jason was waiting desperately.

Jason: Come here, honey.
Rose: Ok.

Jason started fucking her from behind. Rose bent and took my dick her mouth. I was fucking her mouth.

Jason: You’re doing good.
Me: Come here.

We made her lie on her back. Jason was fucking her in her pussy. I shoved my dick in her mouth from above her head.

Jason: Yes, use that sloppy mouth.
Me: Mmmmmm.

Anna and Eve were back with the bottle. They heard our noises. They were peeking through the window from outside.

Anna: Are you seeing this?!
Eve: Oh wow!
Anna: What? I don’t know what to say!
Eve: We’d better get that bottle open and enjoy this!

Anna: I… Enjoy?
Eve: It’s not like they’re our boyfriends or anything. They want to have some fun. Let them!
Anna: Right.

Eve: You open the bottle, I don’t want to miss this!

Anna (Thinking in her mind): He’s cheating Chloe with me and he’s cheating on both of us with Rose! Why can’t I get him to love me? What must I do? I have to figure something out!

I and Jason continued to fuck Rose.

Jason: Let’s change, I want to be under you.

I can’t believe this is happening. Not that I’m not glad. Jason laid flat. Rose sat on Jason’s dick in cowgirl position. I was behind Rose. I get to fuck her ass easily. I was slowly shoving my dick in her ass.

Rose: Take it easy A!
Me: Ok, ok!

I can’t really get it in there. She never did anal and I don’t think she uses her toys for that. I can only get it in a bit.

Rose: That hurts.
Me: I’ll go easy.
Jason: This works for me.

I slowly pushed my dick deeper in her ass. She’s now enjoying it. Double penetration. She’s loving it.

Jason: Ahhhhh! Fuck! Damn. I couldn’t resist anymore.
Rose: Mmmmmmmm! Yes baby, do it.
Jason: Ahhhh.

Rose: That’s good, I can feel it inside of me.
Jason: Oh Rose. You’re so good.
Rose: I could do this all day with you.

Jason didn’t last long.

Jason: Finish A now, be a good girl.

She’s now lying on her stomach. I was on top of her and showed my dick in her ass deep.

Me: Does it hurt?
Rose: Just a bit.
Me: Do you like it?
Rose: I like it.

I was fucking pushing my dick while doing a pushup

Me: Yes.
Rose: Mmmmm.
Me: Did you just have an orgasm?

Rose: Yes, I did.
Me: That’s my girl.

I shot my cum deep in her ass. She was dripping from her pussy and ass.

Me: That was great.
Jason: You did good Rose. Very good.
Rose: It was awesome! Wheeew! Hahaha!

We got dressed. I heard the girls entering.

Eve: Hey hey! Look what we got!
Jason: Sweet! Just what I needed.
Anna: We had a few drinks out of it, but not much!

Eve: Hahaha! Enough to get tipsy while you were all doing it in here!
Anna: Eve! Hahaha!
Rose: What?
Eve: Doing the dirty deed!

Oh crap.

Me: It’s not what you think.
Eve: So you three didn’t just have sex in here.
Me: It’s… Well…
Eve: Hahaha!

Jason: Are you going to pass that bottle along or what?
Eve: Here you go!
Anna: I’m just going to say it. It’s weird.
Rose: Uhhhh.

Anna: But hey. Good for you I guess. So how was it?
Rose: Not now. We’ll talk about it later.
Anna: Why not?
Rose: Please!

Anna seems curious. I was feeling a bit guilty, even Rose seems guilty.

Eve: I have known you for a while Jason but… This is a new one.
Jason: Can we not do this now?
Eve: Hey, you know what I think, you do whatever it is you want to do.

Jason: And can you not tell your sister anything?
Eve: Oh hell no, I won’t say a word!

Anna and Rose were on the bed sipping the bottle.

Anna: This is good stuff!
Me: Hey Rose, can I talk to you in private for a moment?
Rose: Sure, what about?
Me: In private?

I took her to a corner to chat.

Rose: What is it?
Me: I am feeling guilty about what just happened.
Rose: Me too. I don’t know why.
Me: You know why I tried to stop you from doing this.

Rose: Tell me.
Me: I like you, more than a friend. And I wish that we haven’t done that.
Rose: You do?

Me: Yes, why do you think I was against it? I joined later because I wanted to punish you for lying and sending me away from Jason.
Rose: I didn’t think about that.

Me: There you have it.
Rose: I’m sorry I hurt you. I didn’t want that but… You’re with Chloe and I didn’t know.
Me: And if you knew, would you have done things differently?

She didn’t answer.
Me: Well. It happened, so…
Rose: I feel so guilty.
Me: Me too. It is what it is I guess.

Anna got in the middle.

Anna: What are you talking about?
Me: Nothing, we’re done. What’s up?

Anna: I was going outside for some fresh air.
Me: I’ll join you.
Anna: Ok!

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.

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