Bliss Boarding School – Part 18

I woke up. Lisa and Anna were having a conversation.

Lisa: I’m really, really sorry!
Anna: Don’t be! It’s not your fault and I don’t mind.

Ah! Morning. I wonder what that is all about.

Anna: I’m going out, see you in class.
Lisa: See you there!
Me: Morning!

Anna: Hey A!
Lisa: Good morning!

I got down from my bed.

Anna: I was about to go to class.
Lisa: I have some bad news.
Me: What is it?

Lisa: I talked to the secretary and it looks like I’ll have to stay on your head for another couple of days or so.
Me: Oh, that’s ok. Right, Anna?

Anna: Yes, I told her it’s ok!
Me: That’s not bad news at all. You got me scared there for a moment.
Anna: Come on sleepyhead, time for class!
Me: Great!

We headed to the class.

Teacher: Ok, ok settle down. Everyone in their seats.

And so it begins…

Teacher: I see you’re all full of energy today.

But not for class.

Teacher: We have a new student so give her a warm welcome.

Lisa was standing next to the teacher.

Teacher: Everyone, this is Lisa.
Lisa: Hello!
Rose: Hi Lisa!
Girl: Hi.

Abigail: Oh great, another one.
Me: Hi Lisa!
Teacher: Now that we all know each other we can begin. Take a seat, Lisa.
Lisa: I will thank you.

As usual, Chloe was sitting near the door. I sat next to her. I turned towards Chloe.

Me: This is boring. Let’s talk.
Chloe: What? No. Pay attention.
Me: But I don’t want to!

Chloe: Shhhh!
Me: Don’t be like that!

Teacher: Am I bothering you?
Me: Who? Me?
Teacher: Yes, you. There’s nobody else speaking in here but you.
Me: I wasn’t talking!

Teacher: Lying, you should add that to your resume.
Me: I was asking Chloe what time it is.
Teacher: You and I are going to have a word after class.
Me: Yes teacher.

Oh great! That’s exactly what I needed!

Teacher: Now, let’s begin.

I fell asleep with my eyes open. Chloe woke me up at the end of the class.

Chloe: I think you’re in trouble with the teacher.
Me: She has it out for me.
Chloe: You should start paying more attention in class.
Me: But it’s boring!

Chloe: I know it is but for a couple of hours you can at least pretend.
Me: I guess so.
Teacher: You, with me.
Me: Yes teacher.

This is ridiculous. She took me to her flat. There was a man sleeping on the couch. That must be the husband, the weird guy.

Me: Oh, it looks like your husband is sleeping. I guess we’ll do this another time then.
Teacher: Quiet down, you’re not getting away that easy.
Me: But I don’t want to wake the man up, he looks tired.
Teacher: This way.

This must be serious but what did I do? Talk? This is too much. As you know her living room and dining room were open. The kitchen and dining room were behind the couch and it was open. She took me there. I could hear her husband snoring in deep sleep.

Teacher: Over here, at the dining table.

We both sat on opposite sides of the table.

Teacher: You know what I told you the first day. If you don’t act like a grown man and follow the rules, your parents will receive a letter from me.
Me: But what did I do?

Teacher: Talking in class is not something that I let slide.
Me: It only happened once.
Teacher: Yes, once today.
Me: It’s not fair, I’m not the only one.

She showed me a letter kept in front of her.

Teacher: Do you see this letter?
Me: Yes.
Teacher: This is for Abigail’s parents, from last year. I wrote it, I showed it to her and now she’s a good student. Do I need to write one for you?

Me: No, that’s ok! I get it.
Teacher: Do you?
Me: Yes!

Teacher: Your parents work hard to get you here, they want you to socialize and meet new people. Have new experiences and become a grown man, don’t let them down. This is your last warning, other than that I don’t know what to do.
Me: I understand.

Teacher: Make sure that from now on you will be an exemplary student.
Me: Yes, I will!

Teacher: Very well. Oh and about the new student, Lisa. She will stay with you and Anna for a couple more days. There’s another room but it’s full of construction materials and tools. It’s going to take a few days to clean it out.

Me: I don’t have a problem with it.
Teacher: Thank you for understanding. You’re free to go.

She stood up to walk me out. My evil mind remembered what happened last time when I was here in her home. I wonder if I take my dick out like I did the last time, would she go for it? With her husband sleeping on the couch? It’s worth a try.

I unzipped and took my dick out. I was standing just behind the couch. The teacher was in front of me.

Teacher: Ah! Are you crazy? What do you think you’re doing?
Me: You know what I’m doing.
Teacher: Shhhh! My husband is right there!

Me: So what?
Teacher: No, it’s not going to happen again!

But she was continuously staring at my dick.

Me: Are you sure? I think it will.
Teacher: No! No way!
Me: Is mine bigger than your husband’s?
Teacher: What?

Me: Is it?
Teacher: It is but that’s not the point.
Me: So are you going to suck it or should I go?
Teacher: You should…

She just kneeled down like bitch and took my dick in her mouth.

Me: There you go.
Teacher: Shhhhh!
Me: I’ll be quiet, I don’t want to get you in trouble.

Teacher: I could lose my job for this.
Me: Maybe I’ll send a letter of my own.

She’s sucking my dick and making it hard. She’s a pro.

Me: I’ll fuck you today.
Teacher: Uhhhh…

I made her into the doggy position and then started to finger her pussy with my right hand.

Me: Are you excited yet?
Teacher: Mmmmmm.
Me: Do you like it?
Teacher: Yes.

Me: You’re a bad cheating wife, aren’t you? I mean hell, your husband is sleeping right there.
Teacher: I am.
Me: Yes you are.

I was fingering her with my right middle finger.

Me: That’s more like it. It’s starting to feel wet. What if he wakes up and sees you here on your knees dripping all over the floor?
Teacher: No. He won’t.
Me: You better pray he won’t!

She’s not sending any letters to anyone, she’s hooked big time! I can’t say that I like cheating women, except when they are cheating with me.

Me: You’re going to enjoy this.

I made her lie on her back. I was sitting on my folded legs. I pulled her butt on top of my thighs. I shoved my dick into her ass. Oh yes, I am gonna start with anal and then fill her pussy. You can search for the ‘Waterfall’ Kamasutra position.

I have such an erection. It slid right in there!

Me: Do you like that?
Teacher: I do.
Me: You would like anything coming from me. I could do whatever I want with you.
Teacher: Yes.

I started pulling her ass closer. My dick is touching deep inside her. She’s pinching her nipples and making them hard. She’s a bitch. I fucked her for 5 minutes in that position.

Teacher: Have you… Did you finish?
Me: Not by a long shot.

We both stood up and then I hugged her from behind and inserted her in her ass from behind. I was fingering her pussy with my right hand. She could now see her sleepy husband while I fuck her in the ass.

Me: That’s it.

I started fucking her hard and fast. My hands were getting wet as her pussy was leaking. Then I made her into the doggy style and shoved my cock in her ass again. She hasn’t said no or slow down once. She’s moving her ass closer to my dick to take it deeper. I fucked her for some time. It was time for her pussy now.

Me: Get over here.
Teacher: Shhhhht! Quite down!

I sat on the dining chair. I made her sit on my dick in the same position as I was sitting. She was resting on my chest. She took my dick in her pussy and started jumping on it. She’s biting her lips to stop her moans. I was pressing her boobs from behind. She’s wet and spread. Hungry pussy.

Teacher: It’s so good.
Me: I bet it is.

I changed my position. I made her back rest on the chair and I stood in front of her. Shoved my dick in her pussy standing. She loves doggy style. I was fucking her pussy from behind. She was on all her fours taking my dick like a real bitch.

Me: You should teach this in class. The girls could learn something from you.

I was fucking her hard and shot a huge amount of cum in her pussy.

Me: Uhhhh.
Teacher: I can feel your cum inside me.
Me: Great!

What a slut!Her pussy oozing with my cum while her husband is sleeping a few feet away.

Me: That’s what you get for being a bad teacher.
Teacher: I must be bad more often then.
Me: You should be!
Teacher: This was nice and everything but you should be going.

Me: I’m going. You’re my slut.
Teacher: I am.

Me: Good, then be a good slut and stop boring me with your letters. Good girls have fun, you know how they say.
Teacher: Let’s just get dressed.

We got dressed and cleaned ourselves. I was about to leave, her husband woke up. What timing!

Husband: Hey honey.
Teacher: Hey! You’re awake!
Husband: What’s going on?

Teacher: This student is causing mischief and I did my letter thing with him!
Husband: Oh, the letter. Sorry about it buddy.

Only Hank calls me buddy!

Me: It is what it is I guess.
Teacher: He was just leaving.
Me: Yes I was!
Husband: I slept like a rock. Wow!

Me: Have a good day, teacher.
Teacher: Thank you! You too!
Husband: Goodbye.
Me: Bye!

If he only knew what his slut wife just did. I went back to my room. There’s Lisa. At least I’m not alone! She’s checking out the cabinets attached to the table. I wonder what she’s doing.

Me: Hey Lisa!
Lisa: Oh hey!
Me: What are you doing?
Lisa: Anna said I could use this cabinet if I get to recover my bags.

Me: Oh that’s cool.
Lisa: Hey can I ask something of you?
Me: Fire away.

Lisa: Well! When I left home I kind of had a fight with my parents. And they’re not going to help me out, like at all.
Me: Ok.
Lisa: Can you please help me find a job?

Me: I mean I don’t know what I could do about it.
Lisa: I read something in the paper about a car dealership and a motel hiring. Would you please come with me?

Me: A trip to town. Sure, but we’ll take the bus!
Lisa: Thank you! Thank you!
Me: No problem. Let’s go!

We boarded the bus. There were side seats so we both sat opposite each other so we could have a proper conversation.

Me: I was in town not long ago, there’s not much to see really.
Lisa: I just need to make a living. I would hate to call my parents and ask them for help.
Me: What about classes?

Lisa: I’ll ask if I could make it to class and then come to work. I don’t know.
Me: I hope you’ll find something, I’m not that rich and I can’t help you.

Lisa: I wouldn’t even ask that of you. You already helped me more than I expected. And now helping me look for a job.
Me: Ahhh it’s nothing!

There’s a seat left beside Lisa. A guy came and was talking to Lisa.

Guy: Is this seat taken?
Lisa: No, you can take it.
Guy: Thanks!
Lisa: Don’t mention it!

Guy: I’m Mark by the way!
Lisa: I’m Lisa.
Guy: Nice to meet you, Lisa!

Mark? What kind of a name is that?

Guy: I haven’t seen you around here before, are you new?
Lisa: Yes, I’m a new student at the boarding school.
Guy: Oh that’s nice!
Me: Hey, can’t you see we’re talking here?

Guy: Oh! You are together?
Me: Yes, now beat it!
Lisa: Hahaha.

Guy: I’m sorry about that.
Me: Whatever, look away.
Guy: My phone. Sorry.

He pretended to call someone on his mobile. Lisa smiled.

Me: We’ll check out the car dealership first and ask about the motel.
Lisa: Sure thing! Do you know this dealership?
Me: I know it.

That’s where I fucked that dealership slut in her office. How can I forget that it was so hot!

Me: But I have no idea about the motel.
Lisa: Then it’s settled! But to be honest, I hope I get the job at the dealership, it pays better.
Me: Yes. We’ll see. We’re almost there, we’ll get down at the next station.
Lisa: Ok.

We got down and headed towards the car dealership shop.

Lisa: This place looks good.
Me: Yes it does and so do the cars!
Lisa: Hahaha! Boys and their cars.
Me: Do you have any experience? Have you worked before?

Lisa: No. But how hard can it be?
Me: I’m sure you’ll do a great job!
Lisa: Wish me luck!

We went inside the shop. Oh! There she is. The slut who I fucked. She saw me and gave me a smile.

Lisa: Hello!
Girl: Can I help you two with something?
Lisa: Well, I read in the paper that you were looking to hire new personnel.
Girl: We are, do you have any experience?

Lisa: No. This would be my first job.
Girl: Well, we were hoping we could hire somebody with more experience but…
Lisa: I’m sure I can do it!

Girl: Look, I’ll be honest with you here. We’re looking for somebody. Taller, better looking to attract customers. Somebody willing to do certain things.
Lisa: I…
Girl: You look like a nice girl but this isn’t a job for you.

Lisa: You’re just going to send me away like that?
Girl: I’m sorry.
Lisa: Well, thanks anyway. I guess we’re going to the motel.
Me: I guess so. Do you know where the motel is?

Girl: Make a left as you get out, keep going for a while until you reach the outskirts of the town and you’re going to see the sign.
Lisa: Thank you.

Girl: You’re welcome, see you!
Lisa: See you!
Girl: And if you make good money at that motel, you can always buy a car with us!
Lisa: Sure. Thanks.

We were walking towards the motel.

Lisa: That was bust!
Me: There’s still a good chance at the motel!
Lisa: I guess. What did she mean that they need somebody willing to do certain things? What does that even mean?

Me: Not that I know for sure. But the way she dressed and behaved. I think they were selling more than cars if you know what I mean.
Lisa: Uh, that’s disgusting! Let’s rest for a moment!

There were some benches to sit and relax. Lisa sat there to catch her breath.

Lisa: Thanks again for coming with me, I know this isn’t how you were planning to spend the day.
Me: I had nothing planned, so it’s fine by me!

Lisa: I’m sleeping in your room, I’m wearing your roommate’s clothes, I’m dragging you all over town. I feel like a bum!
Me: Hahaha! Stop it. Tell you what, you owe me a beer out of your first paycheck. Deal?

Lisa: You got it! I’ll buy you two!
Me: Are you looking to get me drunk?
Lisa: Hahaha! I bet you can take more than two.
Me: Yes, I can!

Her face became a bit sad.

Me: What’s wrong?
Lisa: It just hit me. What if I can’t get a job?
Me: Then we’ll figure something out.

Lisa: I really want to show them I can make it on my own! I mean, I know they are paying for the school. But I want to do the rest by myself!
Me: In that case, we’ll make them give you that job at the motel!

Lisa: I hope so.
Me: Come, let’s go, it’s not very far!
Lisa: Let’s go.

We reached the motel in a few minutes.

Me: Here we are!
Lisa: This is it. Do or die.
Me: Come on, it’s not that bad, even if you don’t get it, we’ll think of something.
Lisa: You’re right. Go away bad thoughts!

Me: Hahaha!
Lisa: Hahaha! I just noticed it.
Me: What?
Lisa: We passed this place on the bus, it has a station here!

Me: We did?
Lisa: Yes, when the guy on the bus was introducing himself.
Me: What was his name? Romeo? And you were Juliet?
Lisa: Hahaha! If I can get a job, it would be great! It’s close, the bus a station here! I hope I get it!

We saw a man near a room.

Lisa: There’s someone there! Let’s ask him about the manager.
Me: Let’s do that!

I really hope she gets this job, she seems to really need it!

Lisa: Hello!
Man: Hello.
Lisa: Can you tell us who the manager is, please?
Man: You’re looking at him.

Lisa: Oh! That’s great!
Manager: Are you looking for a room?
Lisa: Actually, I’m here because of the paper article. I’m looking for a job.
Manager: You’re in luck, the position is still open.

Lisa: What do I have to do to get it?
Manager: It’s not a big deal, it’s house cleaning. All you have to do is clean the rooms, you don’t need a degree for that.
Lisa: So, will you hire me?

Manager: First let’s put you to a test.
Lisa: Sure, what test?

Manager: The room right here is where the workers used to take their breaks and they made a mess out of it. There’s trash everywhere, some boxes. I want you to clean it up, nice and shiny!
Lisa: You got it!

Manager: I think you’re going to need your friend’s help to take out the bigger boxes in there.
Me: Sure thing! I’ll help.
Lisa: Thank you!

Manager: There you go!
Lisa: This is great news!
Me: Yes it is.
Lisa: I promise I won’t keep you long! I’ll do all the work!

Look at that creep, staring at her butt. But she needs the job, as long as he’s only looking I’m fine with it. I am sure she is too. What other choice does she have?

Manager: Here’s the room, take your time to clean it. And let me know when you are done.
Lisa: Will do!

Manager: Oh and there’s a maid’s outfit in the back, put that on.
Lisa: I will, thank you!
Manager: My pleasure! I’ll be around here.

The room was really messy. A lot of garbage. I see many boxes small and large. She definitely needs my help with those.

Lisa: Oh wow. This place is really bad. Looks like a hobo lived here.
Me: It’s a mess alright.
Lisa: I won’t let that stop me, I got me a job!
Me: Congratulations!

Lisa: I owe you like 6 beers for this!
Me: Hahaha! Don’t sweat it! So I’ll take care of these boxes and you do the rest?
Lisa: Yes, please!

Me: No big deal, they should be done in a few minutes. I’ll just take them outside I guess.
Lisa: That’s what he said, that’s what we’re going to do. I’ll go change really fast and get right to it!

Me: Ok, you do that.
Lisa: I’ll be just a moment.

She’s really happy about it, I’m glad for her! She went behind the door to change. She didn’t really close the door completely. Did she do it on purpose so I can watch her? I am sure she left it like that for me. There’s not much that can be seen but…

Oh my, she was naked. I could see her two huge pointy breasts. Oh, those boobs! Now I’m sure she left it open for me. I mean there’s no way she left the door like this by mistake. She has such… Her breasts are like pears. I feel like I should touch them.

She is so slim and toned. Damn! If she calls me in I think I’m going to go! Her breasts are not saggy or anything, they are just…They look tasty! Oh crap! She’s looking straight at me! I should act like everything is normal, I haven’t seen a thing. I wasn’t looking at her. I was just here, randomly!

She was in the maid’s outfit. It was black with a white collar and a white patch on the stomach. I could see the shape of the boobs in it.

Lisa: This outfit is ridiculous.
Me: Hahaha! You look like one of those maids you see in the movies.
Lisa: In porn movies!

Me: Hahaha! Are you about to get naked for me?
Lisa: You wish we were in a porn movie!
Me: I can dream.
Lisa: Hey! I’ll dust you off!

She dusting my face with the brush.

Me: Oh no! The pain!
Lisa: Hahaha! Get dusted!
Me: You know, if we were in a porn movie I would be doing that to you. But not with the duster.

Lisa: Hahaha! Stop it! You’re making me laugh and we have work to do!
Me: Laugh is always better than work!
Lisa: Yes it is, but I also need to eat.
Me: Hahaha! You’re right. Let’s get to it.

Lisa: I’ll dust these boxes for you first.
Me: You look like you’re fighting a dragon in a video game or something.
Lisa: Hahaha! This is too notch work I’m doing!
Me: Yes, beating a box with a broom!

Lisa: Die box!
Me: You’re fun to be around!
Lisa: You too!
Me: I’ll take these out.

I took out all the smaller boxes. This volunteer work should be on my resume! At least it would have something on it, as it stands empty. A, carrier of boxes! Hahaha!

Me: I’ve got the smaller boxes out. The big ones are harder.
Lisa: I know you can do it! How heavy can they be?
Me: I think pretty heavy, why would they be so big otherwise?
Lisa: I think they’re empty.

Me: I hope so!
Lisa: Here, let me try! I will just push.
Me: Yes.
Lisa: And, it’s not moving.

Me: Hahaha! You said you could do it.
Lisa: I’ll try again!
Me: Get away from it, let the big strong man carry the heavyweight.
Lisa: Ok hero, rescue me!

Me: I always rescue the damsel in distress.
Lisa: Hahaha! That’s true. You rescued me.
Me: Let me show you how it’s done. You have to put your back into it, use your weight to your advantage.

Lisa: Ok. You’re doing it!
Me: It’s easy!
Lisa: I’ll start cleaning the rest of the place while you deal with those.
Me: Sounds good! There we go.

We cleaned the room quickly. It was shining and tidy. We called the manager after we finished.

Manager: What more can I say? You guys did a good job!
Lisa: So did I get the job?
Manager: Yes you did!
Lisa: Yes!

Me: Nice.
Manager: I’ll need you to work some of the other rooms, dusting, cleaning, basic things.
Lisa: Yes, sir!

Manager: You’ll be paid at the end of each day, we’ll work the details out.
Lisa: I also need to be in class in the morning.
Manager: Let’s talk in my office.

The manager left and walked towards his office. I and Lisa were still in the room. Lisa came in front of me.

Lisa: Thank you, really!
Me: You’re welcome!
Lisa: I am in your debt big time!
Me: Don’t worry about it! It was my pleasure.

Lisa: Still, you had no reason to help me but you did. You’re a good person.
Me: Thank you, Lisa.
Lisa: Come here!

Wow! She brought her mouth near mine and kissed me.

Lisa: That’s part of the thank you, it’s not cheating! A kiss on the lips!
Me: Hahaha! I know.
Lisa: But don’t tell Chloe about it, she might think something else.
Me: My lips are sealed. By your lips.

Lisa: Hahaha! Go, get out of here. Have some fun! I still have work.
Me: I don’t know what I’ll do but I’ll find something.
Lisa: See you later!

Me: See you, have a good day at work!
Lisa: Thank you!

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.

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