Bliss Boarding School – Part 17

Sunny was angry with me. I left from there and reached the campus. That was total…something! Eve, Jason, sex rituals, Sunny. Wow! I didn’t see that coming! Is that Chloe? She was standing near the school building. What’s she doing here?

Me: Hey Chloe! What’s up?
Chloe: I thought you were out with the guys.
Me: It wasn’t what I thought it would be.
Chloe: What do you mean?

Me: I mean it wasn’t all that cool. It was boring so I left. What are you doing here?
Chloe: We need to talk. In private.
Me: Sounds serious.
Chloe: It is.

That’s never good. We went inside the classroom. Chloe locked the door.

Me: What’s this about?
Chloe: First about what happened in your room.
Me: What do you mean?
Chloe: You were holding Anna in a strange way.

Me: As she said, she had bad news. I was helping her out.
Chloe: Then why were you having an erection? I saw your pants, how could I miss it?

Me: You know these things happen! A weird hug and you’ve got a boner. I know it was weird, I was feeling it too. I was trying to make it stop but it’s not that easy!

Chloe: Hmm.
Me: I imagined she felt bad about it too, seeking comfort in a time like this and there I was.
Chloe: I guess that could happen.

Me: This is embarrassing. And the other thing?
Chloe: About that stupid ritual.
Me: Yes?
Chloe: You enjoyed it way too much!

Me: Oh come on, admit it, you liked it too!
Chloe: But not as much as you!
Me: I’m a guy, we love these things!

Chloe: And that’s the problem. You love these things and I love you! There you go, I love you!
Me: Chloe, I do like these things, but not as much as I like you! And let’s be honest, we had a threesome! You’re into these things too!

Chloe: I am.
Me: There’s nothing to worry about, I want you! Everything else is just there, it doesn’t mean anything. A naked girl, a sex ritual. Just there, that’s all.

Chloe: Uhhhhh! Ok.
Me: And Chloe, I love you too!

She jumped on me. I lifted her in my arms.

Chloe: You do?
Me: Yes!
Chloe: That’s great!
Me: Are you still upset?

Chloe: No!
Me: Good, there’s no reason to be!
Chloe: I know, I just wanted to hear it.
Me: So you tricked me!

Chloe: Maybe.
Me: Hahaha!
Chloe: Are you going to punish me?

Me: Maybe I will!
Chloe: And how are you going to do that?
Me: I can think of something.

I removed her top. Her belly was looking cute.

Chloe: Uhhh that’s a good idea.
Me: This is supposed to be your punishment.
Chloe: Please punish me!

Me: You’re supposed to be afraid to be punished.
Chloe: Oh ok. Please no!
Me: Hahaha!
Chloe: Hahaha!

We both sat on the table. I made her site beside me but made her body face to me. She kept her legs on my legs. She was on my left side and my left hand was touching her both boobs.

Me: Do you know what I think?
Chloe: What?
Me: I think that the whole ritual thing got you in the mood.
Chloe: You might be right.

Me: And you were so against it.
Chloe: True, I was but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it a little bit…
Me: You were hoping to see them having sex.
Chloe: You were hoping that too!

I removed my shirt too. I sat on my legs folded and then made Chloe sit on my lap.

Me: Well, now we get to do it ourselves.
Chloe: That’s even better!
Me: Oh yes it is.
Chloe: So, are you going to punish me or what?

I wanted to take her rough and punish her.

Me: Oh yes I am! Bad girls are punished!
Chloe: Can’t wait.

We both stood up. We removed all our clothes and became naked. I went behind Chloe and inserted my dick between her legs from back. I was holding her hands behind her back.

Chloe: Oh, my…
Me: That’s to get you started.
Chloe: Mmmmmm.

She likes it when my cock is rubbing against her. I’m going to take her rough this time but I need her wet for that. Then I made her bend on the table. Her boobs were touching the table. I then started fingering her from behind with my right hand.

Chloe: Ahhhh!
Me: Mmmm.
Chloe: Slow down.

Me: What punishment would that be?
Chloe: Mmmm.

Almost three fingers in.

Chloe: That hurts. Take it easy.
Me: You like it. I can feel it.
Chloe: I do but…
Me: Get on your back!

She was now lying on her back on the table. Her legs were in the air. Three fingers are too much for her. I’ll use two and go faster. I started fingering her with more pace.

Me: Is that better?
Chloe: Yes. A bit.

That’s good. My fingers are going all the way. I kept fingering her faster for 10 minutes. Chloe had a huge orgasm.

Chloe: Ahhhhh!
Me: Mmmmmmmm!

I wasn’t expecting this to happen. She must like it!

Chloe: Uhhhh.
Me: That’s a good girl.

I stretched her good and she had an orgasm. Great!

Chloe: That was insane. It hurt and at the same time, it was so good.
Me: Now it’s my turn to have fun!
Chloe: Haven’t you…
Me: Come here.

I made her lie on the table on her back. Lifter her both legs and then inserted my dick front the front in the ‘Rodeo’ Kamasutra position. I started fucking her and moving my dick in and out for 5 minutes.

Chloe: Let’s change!
Me: I was thinking the same thing.

I made her lie on her back. I was kneeling on left leg. I lifted her body and brought her pussy near my dick. Her back was fully in the air, only her neck and head were on the table. I started fucking her in this position. We were in the ‘Piledriver’ Kamasutra position.

Chloe: Sit!
Me: Mmmmmm. Ok!

I was lying flat on the table. Chloe sat on my dick in a reverse cowgirl position.

Me: Taking the lead I see.
Chloe: Shhhh.

She started jumping on my dick.

Me: That’s nice.

After 10 minutes,

Chloe: Take me faster!
Me: As you wish!

We both were on the floor and were lying on our right side. Chloe was in front of me and I was behind her. I inserted my dick from behind. I lifted her left and was started fucking her hard. You can search for the ‘Bizet’ Kamasutra position.

Me: More.

We then lied on our left side, the same position. I was fucking her with my full force.

Me: That’s so warm and wet.
Chloe: You made it. You made it like that.
Me: I know.

I was fucking her pussy deeply for 10 minutes.

Chloe: Slow down!

I couldn’t control more. I shot a huge amount of cum in Chloe’s pussy. The cum was oozing out of pussy with still my dick inside her.

Me: Mmmmmm!
Chloe: Ahhhhh.
Me: Holy! That was intense.

Chloe: It was.
Me: That’s what I call a punishment.

For now. It can be rougher.

Chloe: You showed me!
Me: Yes.
Chloe: It kind of hurts now.
Me: It was worth it.

Chloe: It was. You’re right about that.
Me: Mmmm.
Chloe: You should be more careful. I told you to slow down and you kept going.

Me: You’ll get used to it. No pain no gain.
Chloe: I guess. You’re the expert.

Suddenly she grabbed my dick and started sucking my dick hard.

Me: What are you doing?
Chloe: Something else…

She was sucking it with full pressure and fast

Me: Oh, I’m about to… Oh, God…

I shot another huge amount of cum on Chloe’s face. I don’t know what got into her. But I like it!

Me: That was awesome!
Chloe: I can’t talk.
Me: You dirty girl. Very good!
Chloe: I knew you’d like it.

Me: I do!
Chloe: I wanted to fool around.
Me: Oh you can fool around at any time!
Chloe: Hahaha!

Me: Naughty girl! You never cease to surprise me!
Chloe: That’s what I’m looking for! I need to clean before I swallow it by mistake.

Swallow. Maybe someday! It’s a good start.

Chloe: This was super fun!
Me: We should do it again!
Chloe: Hahaha! We should. We will. I’ll go take a shower.
Me: See you later?

Chloe: Sure! Stop by my dorm room!
Me: No, no! Why don’t you come to my dorm room?
Chloe: Oh! I will!

Chloe left to take a shower. I was walking to my dorm room. Oh no, Abigail again. I saw her chasing Sunny. Sunny was running towards her dorm room door.

Abigail: You’re not getting away that easy!
Sunny: Oh give it a rest!
Abigail: Bitch!
Sunny: Go away you brat!

Abigail: Brat? I’ll show you!
Me: What’s going on?
Abigail: Stay out of it!

No, I’m not going to stay out of it!

Suddenly Abigail caught Sunny and pinned her down on the floor.

Abigail: That’s what you deserve!
Sunny: Get off me!
Me: Hey! Abigail, stop it!

Abigail: You think you can get away with it?
Sunny: Help me!
Me: Stop it, now!
Abigail: Uhhhhh!

Abigail let go of Sunny.

Abigail: If you ever, and I mean EVER! Do that again, I’ll beat you bloody!
Me: What’s wrong with you? Do you enjoy beating people up? Is this a sport for you?

Abigail: Shut up! You don’t know what happened!
Me: Then tell me!
Abigail: I swear!

Abigail looks mad. I’ve never seen her so mad before

Abigail: You got lucky this time!

This just isn’t Sunny’s day.

Me: What’s going on?
Abigail: Nothing!
Me: Really?
Abigail: Really! Come on, let’s get out of here!

We walked towards Abigail’s room.

Me: So? What was that all about?
Abigail: She did something stupid, she paid for it.
Me: What did she do?
Abigail: Why do you care?

Me: Actually, I don’t! Nevermind!
Abigail: Come on, let’s go to my room, I’ll tell you.
Me: So now that I said I don’t care you’re willing to share?
Abigail: Shut up!

We were in Abigail’s room.

Me: Here we are. Talk.
Abigail: Fine! I was taking a walk earlier. And I saw her.
Me: So you saw her and thought, ‘Hmmm, I should beat that girl up!’
Abigail: No! I saw her kissing Jason!

Me: Holy shit! Really?
Abigail: Really!
Me: Oh! That’s a good reason.
Abigail: Finally! You’re agreeing with me on something!

Me: It’s not like you’re making my life easy! But you’re right this time.
Abigail: I know! Oh, and Jason is about to get it too!
Me: You’re going to beat Jason too?
Abigail: I have something better in mind for him!

Me: I don’t suppose you’re going to tell me what.
Abigail: No!
Me: Well good luck with it then.
Abigail: Are you leaving?

Me: Yes.
Abigail: Stay a while! Or are you afraid of me?
Me: Ok, sure! I’m not afraid of you.
Abigail: Sit down or something.

Me: Your hosting skills are great.
Abigail: Very funny.
Me: Where’s Eve?
Abigail: I don’t know. Not here.

Jason entered her room.

Abigail: Oh look, he decided to show up!
Jason: I was afraid of this.
Abigail: I saw you kissing that girl!
Jason: Actually she kissed me.

Abigail: Oh really? Is that so?
Me: I’ll leave you two alone.
Abigail: The way I saw it, she kissed you and you kissed her back.

Jason: No. That’s not how it went.
Abigail: Was it something like this?
Me: What the…

Abigail suddenly kissed me on my lips. Oh, it was a full-on French kiss. She was sucking my tongue. Wow! She tastes really good.

Jason: Oh very mature!
Me: What are you…

She wasn’t allowing me to talk. She kept kissing for a while.

Jason: You made your point.
Abigail: Did I?
Me: You’re a good kisser.
Abigail: Somebody appreciates me!

Jason: Oh God! She’s acting like a child, again.
Abigail: You’re the one that goes around kissing girls and I’m the child?
Jason: She kissed me!
Abigail: And you kissed her back!

Jason: I’m getting out of here, let me know when you calm down.
Abigail: Jerk!

That was the big revenge she had planned. Not so big, Jason didn’t even seem phased about it.

Jason: Come on A, let’s leave her alone.
Abigail: You should get out of here!
Jason: We’re going!

Abigail: A can stay, maybe I feel like kissing him some more!
Me: Yeah, I really should go.

Jason and I left her room.

Jason: She always does things like this.
Me: I didn’t see that coming.
Jason: I did.
Me: So what really happened?

Jason: As I said, Sunny kissed me.
Me: And did you kiss her back?
Jason: What is this? Gossip girl?

Me: Hahaha! Nevermind then!
Jason: Come on, walk with me, let’s talk.
Me: Ok.

We were standing outside the classroom building. It was almost night time.

Jason: I wanted to talk about earlier.
Me: I said I would hear out.

Jason: You did, thanks for that. So here’s the thing. We don’t like asking our parents for money. This ritual thing pays well. There’s nothing weird about it. I searched the room for hidden cameras. I keep in touch with everyone that did it. Nothing wrong happened.

Me: So what? If nothing’s happening, what’s the point?
Jason: I don’t know. All I know is I’m having some fun and getting paid for it. But there was one thing.
Me: What thing?

Jason: So after the ritual and everything the girl has to sleep in that room for the night. I always stay outside and watch the place, if someone comes for them I’ll be there to stop them.
Me: Ok.
Jason: Nothing ever happened. But one night…

Me: Yes?
Jason: Well the girl just vanished. I was outside like I always am, nothing happened all night. But when I went inside in the morning, she was gone. I don’t think I fell asleep. I don’t remember it. But that must be it.

Me: You probably fell asleep.
Jason: I don’t know, maybe. What else could it be? But whatever it is that happened. I never saw or heard from that girl again.
Me: Wow!

Jason: The police never showed up, nobody asked any questions. I figure she left and went home.
Me: If nobody came looking, then she wasn’t missing.

Jason: Exactly! She came for the ritual, nothing happened, she left. Probably when I fell asleep.
Me: Might have happened that way.

Jason: So you know, there’s no reason to go telling anyone. I’ll even sweeten the pot for you. The next ritual is yours if you want it. You don’t have to say yes now, just know the offer is there.

As much as I’d like to see what happens if I told anyone what’s going on. He’s right, there’s no reason to do so. At least not right now.

Me: I’ll keep your secret.
Jason: Thanks man, you’re a good guy. I owe you one!
Me: You do!

Jason: Now if you don’t mind. I have a ritual to finish with Sunny.
Me: I’ll see you around!

I told Sunny I’d help her but there’s no need for that, Jason is going through with it. I hope she finds what she’s looking for.

Jason: See you, man!

Jason was walking out of the campus. There’s a new girl who just arrived at the campus. She tried to talk to Jason.

New Girl: Hey! Can you help me? I think I might be late… Hahaha!
Jason: You’re late alright.
New Girl: I just. Hello? Hello?

Jason just left without stopping.

Me: Can I help you with something?
New Girl: What’s wrong with that guy?
Me: He’s a jerk.
New Girl: That explains it!

Me: So what’s up? I haven’t seen you around here.
New Girl: Yeah about that. I was supposed to be here a few days ago but there were some problems. And here I am now, without my bags because they got lost at the airport. At night, nowhere to sleep, nobody to ask for help.

Me: Oh you’re supposed to be in the school.
New Girl: Yes.
Me: I don’t… Ok, come with me, we’ll figure something out.

New Girl: Really? Thank you!
Me: Sure, I was about to go inside anyway, follow me.

I took her to my room. Anna wasn’t there.

New Girl: So this is your room.
Me: Yeah. Like it?
New Girl: It’s nice for a dorm room!
Me: And it’s not really that cool, you should see some of the others!

New Girl: This place has nice standards!
Me: Yes it does.
New Girl: Do you live alone?
Me: No, with a girl, I’m on the top bunk.

New Girl: With a girl? That must be… Nice.
Me: No it’s not like that!
New Girl: Right… Of course not, haha!
Me: Sit down, over here!

We sat on the bottom bunk bed.

Me: So what’s your name?
New Girl: Oh! I’m Lisa, and you?

Me: I’m A.
Lisa: Nice to meet you and thanks for helping me!
Me: You’re welcome.

Let me tell you about her. She has a very fit body. She’s got golden hair with huge boobs. She’s wearing a grey color tight t-shirt. There’s a blue pullover on top of the t-shirt. She’s wearing tight white pants.

Me: You look fit, do you do sports?
Lisa: Thank you! As a matter of fact, I like to run! How can you tell?
Me: Well, it’s working out for you! It’s hard not to notice.

Lisa: Are you coming on to me?
Me: Not really, but now that you mention it.
Lisa: Hahaha! You’re funny.
Me: Thanks!

Anna entered in her nightdress.

Anna: What’s going on here?
Me: Hey Anna! This is Lisa!
Anna: Hello Lisa.
Lisa: Hello, nice to meet you!

Anna: Why is she here?
Lisa: I’m a student here. But I’m a few days late.
Anna: Really?
Lisa: Yes. I just now arrived and A was kind enough to help me out.

Anna: It’s kind of late.
Lisa: I know. I have nowhere to sleep, my luggage was lost at the airport. Lucky me.
Anna: You should stay here for the night and in the morning talk to the teacher or the secretary about it.

Lisa: Really? Thank you so much!
Me: Sure, why not?
Lisa: You guys are great!

Anna: Come, I’ll give you a shirt or something. I’ll give you something to sleep in later.
Lisa: You are a lifesaver!
Me: Yes she is!

Anna: You’re making me blush.
Lisa: Is everyone so nice here?
Anna: Not everyone. Turn around A, Lisa has to change.

Me: Do I have to?
Lisa: Hahaha! Yes, you do.
Me: Ok.

I turned around so that Lisa can change. She seems nice, it’s good to have her here. Two girls in my room now. Damn!

Lisa: This looks great, thank you!
Anna: It’s a bit small for me but it fits you just right.
Me: Can I turn around now?
Lisa: Yes!

Oh my God! She’s looking really hot. She’s wearing a pink color sleeveless crop top. It has a deep neck. I can see her cleavage and belly. She’s got abs due to her workout.

Anna: Let’s talk, I like meeting new people!
Me: You didn’t like it so much when you met me.
Anna: Because you walked into the room with me naked!
Me: Right.

Lisa: What? Really?! Hahaha!
Anna: Oh yes! He just walked in the first day. There I was with a towel covering only my lower side.

Me: I’ll never forget that moment.
Lisa: Hahaha!
Anna: I bet you won’t!

There was a knock on the door. It was from Chloe. She came to see me as I invited her when we had hardcore sex in the classroom earlier today.

Chloe: Hey! What’s up?
Anna: Hey! We were talking, this is Lisa.
Chloe: I’m Chloe, nice to meet you!
Lisa: Nice to meet you too. I’m new.

Chloe: I figure, haven’t seen you around before.
Me: Come, join the party!
Chloe: We’re having a party?

Anna: No, we’re just talking.
Chloe: Count me in! Tell me about yourself, Lisa.

I was sitting on the bed, Anna was on my left. Lisa was sitting on a chair, she’s opposite to me. Chloe was sitting on the table on the right wall. There are so many girls in my dorm room! Lisa seems nice and she seems to get along with everyone.

Chloe: Losing your bags at the airport. That’s sad.
Lisa: I had all my stuff in there.
Anna: Isn’t there a way to find them?

Lisa: They said they’ll keep looking and send them to me once they find them.
Chloe: It’s probably on another plane. I heard some stories like that.
Lisa: That’s what they told me. Wait and see I guess.

Lisa and Chloe were chatting. Anna was whispering to me.

Anna: She seems ok!
Me: Yes she does!
Anna: I guess we’re going to have to let her sleep here with us tonight.
Me: That or outside. She can sleep with me.

Anna: Hahaha! You’re funny!
Me: It was a joke.
Anna: I know, I know! That’s why I said you’re funny!
Me: Hahaha, are you jealous?

Anna: What? No!
Me: We’ll figure something out tomorrow.
Anna: I guess, but what? There are no more rooms available.

Me: I don’t know. It’s not our job to figure that out, let the teacher or the secretary deal with it. Not only that, but we already told her she can sleep here.

Lisa: No that’s ok, I’ll figure something out.
Chloe: This late? No money?
Me: What’s up?
Chloe: I was telling her she can sleep with me and Rose tonight.

Lisa: I don’t want to bother you.
Me: Pffft! It’s decided, you’re sleeping here tonight with me and Anna as we talked about.
Lisa: That’s right.

Chloe: She is?
Me: Yes! You’re staying with us.
Lisa: That’s great, thanks again!
Chloe: Sure is!

Chloe seems concerned about it.

Me: I just talked to Anna, you need a place to sleep. And tomorrow you will talk to the teacher and the secretary and they’ll find you a place for you.
Lisa: You’re lucky with this one, Chloe.
Chloe: I am!

Chloe took me to the side for a private conversation.

Chloe: New roommate!
Me: Just for the night.
Chloe: She’s hot.
Me: What?

Chloe: Well, she is!
Me: I don’t know, I guess.
Chloe: She’s not going to steal you from me, is she?

Me: What are you talking about? Of course not.
Chloe: Ok, I’d better get going, kiss me!

That was a loud kiss so Lisa could hear it. She’s jealous!

Chloe: Good night!
Me: Good night Chloe!
Anna: Night!
Lisa: Good night!

Chloe left the room.

Lisa: I don’t care either way.
Anna: Ok, then I’ll sleep facing the wall.
Me: And me in the middle?
Lisa: Sure.
Anna: Hahaha! Good one! You clown!
Me: Hahaha! Clown?
Anna: Yes!

Me: You must be tired, Lisa.
Lisa: Yes, I am. A good night’s sleep should do the trick.

Anna gave some night wears to Lisa. I again turned around to let Lisa change. I turned around after some time. Holy shit! She’s looking really really hot. She’s wearing a navy blue tight top just above her belly. This too was the deep neck. I could see her white color bra popping out of her top. She’s wearing tiny dark blue shorts at the bottom.

Anna: I still want to ask you something.
Lisa: What is it?
Anna: Why do you look so fit?
Lisa: Hahaha! Sports I guess.

Anna: What sports?
Lisa: Swimming, running, exercises.
Anna: You have to teach me!
Me: And me!

Lisa: Hahaha!
Anna: Ok, let’s go to bed!
Lisa: Yes, please!

Me: Good night girls!
Lisa: Good night!
Anna: Good night, A!

This place is getting better and better. Everyone is so friendly, this is turning out to be a great summer!

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.

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