Bliss Boarding School – Part 15

In the last part, I stopped when I was hiding in the bathroom when Abigail and Anna were chatting. They both left. I was walking through the dorm corridor.

I hope Chloe is in her room, I want to give her the candy. I bet she’s going to love it! Being a good boyfriend is all about surprises! Oh, sexy! She’s lying on her stomach wearing just green shorts which are of panty size and tight sleeveless t-shirt. Her feet were in facing upwards.

Oh I love that ass! I knew it! Girls always dress sexy while doing random stuff. I can’t help but feel turned on. If that was her plan all along it’s working very well!

Me: Hey you!
Chloe: Oh A!
Me: What’s up?
Chloe: I was reading something.

Me: Something interesting?
Chloe: Yes! A book about a shipwreck that happened a couple of years ago.
Me: Sounds interesting.
Chloe: Turns out there’s a place where ships, planes are lost and never again found. It’s interesting!

I took the candy box and showed it to her.

Me: Then I guess it’s more interesting than this.
Chloe: Is that for me?
Me: Yes. But nevermind me, keep reading the interesting book.
Chloe: I know what that is! Candy from the Christmas shop!

Me: Yes!
Chloe: Thank you! Thank you!
Me: You’re welcome!
Chloe: I love these things! They always put different kinds of candy in them!

Me: I’m glad you like it, Chloe!
Chloe: I love it! Thank you! Somebody deserves a big kiss!
Me: Who?
Chloe: Me!
Me: Hahaha! Yes, you do!

I sat on the bed with my legs folded. Chloe was sitting next to me with her legs over my legs. She took my face and started kissing my lips.

Chloe: Mmmmm.
Me: Sweet as candy.
Chloe: Hahaha!
Me: Actually, that’s not true. Candy is sour compared to your kiss.

Chloe: If you’re trying to impress me, it’s working.
Me: You’re not even trying and I’m still impressed. Those shorts…
Chloe: Hahaha! Do you like them?

Me: Oh yes I do!
Chloe: I bet you would like them more if they were off me.
Me: Yes, please.

Suddenly Rose entered the room.

Rose: What are you doing?
Chloe: Oh hey Rose!
Me: Rose?

Nice timing.

Rose: I have something crazy to tell you!
Chloe: What is it?
Rose: You guys are not going to believe this!
Me: Well?

Rose: We have to get ready for this!
Chloe: For what?
Rose: Storytime! But this time is real!
Me: Fine.

Rose: You’re going to thank me for this!
Chloe: Ok. Tell the story!
Rose: Once you hear it, there’s no turning back! Are you sure!
Chloe: Hmmm. Let me think.

Me: Will you tell us already? There’s enough hype!
Rose: Chloe is still deciding.

Me: She’s making fun of you
Chloe: Kind of… Hahaha!
Rose: Ha-Ha! Very funny! Ok, ok! Come, sit down!

Rose and Chloe were sitting on Rose’s bed and I was on Chloe’s.

Rose: This is mind-blowing! I was coming back here when I noticed something weird. In front of the door, there was an envelope with something in it. I couldn’t help myself and I took a look!
Chloe: What was it?

Rose: There was one of those old cassette tapes inside it!
Me: Ok.
Rose: So I did what any normal person would.
Chloe: You put it back and left.

Rose: No! I went to the library and found a cassette player!
Me: Now we’re getting somewhere.
Chloe: Do you even know how to use those things? Hahaha!
Rose: It’s not rocket science! You just put it in!

Me: Go on.
Rose: I can’t go on if she keeps laughing at me!.
Chloe: Ok, ok! I’ll stop!
Rose: You better! Otherwise, I’m not saying anything else!

Chloe: Fine, I’ll stop!
Rose: Anyway, I press play and then it started. It was some sort of instructional tape, to prepare for some kind of ritual!
Chloe: Religious stuff. Big deal.

Rose: Not exactly. It was talking about sexual things, sexual rituals! How to prepare for something, how to pleasure yourself to be ready.
Chloe: What?
Rose: Yes! In very explicit details, like VERY explicit!

Chloe: You’re joking, right?
Rose: Not at all!
Chloe: It has to be a joke of something.
Rose: I don’t know. But here’s the kicker!

Chloe: There’s more?
Rose: Yes. They are supposed to meet today for the ritual!
Chloe: It’s a joke!
Rose: Is it? It didn’t sound like it.

Holy crap! This sounds like Sunny’s ritual! The candles. The sex toy. That was hot. I told her I would help her. I need to find out more.

Chloe: So what did you do then?
Me: I took the envelope back and what do you know?
Chloe: What?

Rose: Somebody took it. That girl, Sunny!
Chloe: This is too weird to be true.
Rose: We can find out, I know the hour and the place!

Chloe stood up and stood up.

Chloe: You’re not going along with this, are you?
Me: I don’t know. I’m curious!
Rose: If we want to go we should decide now, it’s supposed to take place in 20 minutes. I say we go!

Chloe: I say we don’t!
Me: I say we do!
Rose: It’s decided then!
Chloe: Really?

Me: Think of it this way. If nothing happens you can make fun of Rose!
Rose: Deal!
Chloe: Ok. We’ll do it your way! But I’ll make fun of you for the rest of the day!
Rose: Sure! I’m glad someone at least is curious like I am!

Me: What can I say? It piqued my interest.
Rose: Let’s get going then!
Me: Let’s go. But where?
Rose: They are supposed to meet at the lake, that’s where we’re going.

Chloe: And have the sex ritual there? At the lake?
Rose: I don’t know, the voice on the tape said she should be there.
Me: We’ll find out soon enough.

Rose: I can’t wait! This is so exciting! This is almost as exciting as our threesome!
Chloe: Hey! Shut up about that!

Rose: Sorry!
Me: We were supposed to never say anything about it.
Rose: Oops? Come on!

We headed towards the lake. I could see sunny waiting for someone at the lake. We were hiding behind a rock and peeking to see what’s going on.

Chloe: She’s actually here.
Rose: See? I told you!
Me: Shhhh.

Rose: Whisper voice!
Chloe: I think she’s making fun of us and we’ll look like fools.
Rose: No, this thing is real!

Sunny never told me about this. I think she doesn’t trust me anymore.

Me: Let’s just wait and see what happens.
Rose: I agree!

It looked like sunny was waiting for someone

Chloe: For how long?
Rose: We’ve only been here for a few minutes!
Me: Shhhh. Someone is coming!
Rose: Oh here we go!

There’s a guy. We couldn’t see his face as he was facing the other side. Also, he was wearing a hoodie. He was giving some instructions to sunny.

Chloe: Who’s that?
Rose: It must be the voice on the tape!
Chloe: Can you hear what they’re saying?

Me: I could if you would be quite. He’s asking her if she’s ready. She said yes. He told her to follow him I think!
Rose: Come on, let’s follow them!

Chloe: No way! God knows what that creep is going to do! What if he kidnaps her? Or even worse!
Rose: More reason to follow them!
Chloe: What?

Rose: What if you’re right? And we could have helped her?
Me: Rose is right! We could help her if there’s trouble! And if there’s not, nothing.

Chloe: Except we get to see a sexual ritual!
Rose: Win-win!
Chloe: Uh fine!

Sunny and the guy headed towards the building where I and Anna fucked for the first time.

Rose: There they are!
Chloe: Aren’t we a bit close? What if they see us?
Me: Chloe is right, we should keep more distance.
Rose: Why are you guys so afraid?

Chloe: We’re not afraid, we’re just being smart about it.
Rose: If you say so. There’s a room back there, I think that’s where they’re going.
Me: Let’s follow them.

Chloe: Uh.
Rose: Come on Chloe, don’t give up now!
Chloe: I’m not giving up.

There was a window in that room. We three went near it and were peeking inside to see what’s going on. The man with the hoodie was still facing the opposite. Sunny was listening to her very carefully.

Me: There they are.
Rose: What are they saying?
Me: He’s only here to show her the place.
Chloe: What does that mean?

Me: Shhhh. He’s saying that. Something about the ritual. That it’s going to take place here. But later after everything is in order.
Rose: Uhhhh!
Me: He said she should be back here in a couple of hours.

Rose: That’s all?
Me: Yes. Now he’s leaving.
Chloe: Why would he bring her here just to tell her to come back later?
Me: I don’t know.

Rose: Maybe he wanted to show her the place.
Me: Maybe.
Chloe: What now?
Rose: Now we leave.

Me: Looks like it’s not going down now.
Chloe: First smart thing you said, let’s get out of here! Well, we had fun!
Rose: Not really. I was expecting something more!

I have to say, I agree with Rose, this whole thing is intriguing, to say the least!

Chloe: Nothing happened, we can let it go.
Rose: Let it go? The ritual goes on in a couple of hours! I want to see it!
Chloe: What? Really?
Rose: Yes, really!

Chloe: Talk some sense into her, A.
Me: Well.
Chloe: Not you too!
Me: What can I say? I’d like to find out more!

Rose: You’re such a chicken, Chloe!
Chloe: This thing doesn’t concern us. Let it go!
Rose: Nope. We should vote again!

Chloe: I already know you’re both going to vote the same!
Rose: Democracy at it’s best!

We went near the bus stop and sat.

Chloe: All I’m saying is that this could be dangerous. What if that man sees us? What then?
Rose: A will kick his ass and that’s that.
Me: I will?

Rose: Won’t you?
Me: Probably. Yes!
Rose: See? We’re safe with him!
Chloe: Uhhh.
Rose: It’s settled then!

We headed to Chloe’s room.

Rose: You should do a few push-ups, get in shape in case we need you to beat somebody up!
Chloe: Oh God.
Me: Hahaha! I’ll do my best!

Chloe: Don’t worry, I’ll talk her out of it!
Rose: No chance!
Me: You girls do whatever it is you do.

Chloe: See you later.
Rose: One hour! Tops!
Me: Hahaha!

I’m not sure if Rose is simply curious or she wants this so bad because it’s about sex. She doesn’t look like it but I think she’s a real nympho! It’s good that Rose is insisting on this ritual thing. So I don’t have to! I thought Sunny was delusional, that she was talking nonsense. She’s not!

I was walking in my dorm room. Suddenly I heard someone calling.

Abigail: Hey!

What now?

Me: Me?
Abigail: Yes, you!
Me: What are you wearing?

She’s wearing weird clothes. A white sweater and tight leggings. They were in winter clothes.

Abigail: Nevermind that! We need your help!
Me: What with?
Abigail: Come on. Follow me.

Me: What if I don’t want to?
Abigail: Come on already!

I followed her towards Abigail’s room. Eve was sitting on the floor.

Me: Eve. What’s going on?
Eve: Hahaha! Funny story. The genius here broke the key in the door and we can’t get in.
Me: How did that happen?

Abigail: I don’t know, I was taking a shower and when I came back the damn thing broke in the door!
Me: Why are you dressed like it’s winter?
Eve: Someone gave her those, she only had the towel on her.

Me: Aren’t you hot in those?
Abigail: If you want to know, I’m hot in everything! Now can you help us kick the door down or what? Of course, if you are man enough!
Me: Can’t you say please?

Abigail: Please!
Me: There you go, you don’t have to try to trick me into doing it.
Eve: I told her that but… You know.
Me: I know.

Abigail: So? Are you doing it?
Me: I’m doing it.
Eve: Try not to hurt yourself.
Me: I know what I’m doing. Step aside!

I pushed the door with my shoulder. It opened with one hard push.

Me: Ah! That’s how you do it!

Damn, that hurts!

Abigail: Oh wow, I’m impressed.
Eve: Thank you!
Me: It was nothing!
Eve: Sure it was! That had to hurt.

Me: It’s not so bad!
Abigail: I need to get out of these clothes!
Eve: Next time be more careful with the keys!
Abigail: Yes, yes.

Me: If there’s nothing else.
Eve: Nothing, thank you again!
Abigail: Hold on a second!
Me: What is it?

Abigail: Did you see Jason anywhere?
Me: Not really.
Abigail: Uh.
Me: Why?

Abigail: I can’t find him, I don’t know where he is.
Eve: He probably has something to do.
Abigail: I guess. Well, thanks anyway!

Thanks. Again? There’s something wrong with her!

Abigail: Uh gotta get out of these clothes!

She turned and removed her top. I could see her naked back. Holy fuck! Suddenly Eve got in the middle.

Eve: Ehm.
Me: Yes?
Eve: You should be going now.
Me: Can’t I stay a while longer?

Eve: So you can stare at Abigail?
Me: Why not?
Eve: Haha! Funnyman! Go away!

Me: You save the damsel but no reward.
Eve: Not this time!

I wasn’t that lucky! I went to my room without any reward except for the nude back of Abigail. What now? Anna is not here. I really want to get rid of the stuff in the basket. Anna has still not cleaned that mess. Clothes. Bras. Panties. All lying open.

I picked up a white panty lying. They’re nice and all but still. It’s time to get rid of this basket, it looks ugly smack in the middle of the room!

Anna: Ehm!

I was holding her white panty in my hand.

Anna: Not that I mind but… What are you doing?
Me: Nothing. I was thinking that we need to out these clothes somewhere else.
Anna: Really?
Me: Yes.

Anna: Do you know what I think? I think you missed me, I think you want me.
Me: That too! But honestly.
Anna: Yes.

I pulled Anna into my chest. My hands were on her butts.

Me: It’s just that. It looks bad here, a whole basket of clothes.
Anna: And you didn’t find anything better to do than to play with my panties.
Me: Hahaha. I know how it looks but it’s not the case.

Anna: You know. I have another pair of panties on me, you can play with those.
Me: Oh! That’s hot.
Anna: My panties are hot too, they can even be wet.

I’m starting to get turned on!

Me: I bet they can!
Anna: Let’s see if we can get them wet.
Me: Yes, please.

I had no idea Anna can be like this, she must really want me!

Me: Hold on, I think I heard someone.
Anna: Don’t mind them.
Me: We should lock the door.
Anna: We should.
Me: Uhh.

I can feel her hand going up and down on my penis. These jeans need to go down!

Oh shit! Suddenly Chloe entered our room.

Chloe: What’s going on here?


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To be Continued……………..


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