Bliss Boarding School – Part 13

I should find Eve and see what she’s up to. There she is in the barn waiting for me near her truck.

Me: That was a good lie you came up with.
Eve: I know, but you’re still going to have to help me get the car in.
Me: I will!
Eve: I’m glad you decided to do this.

Me: Why is that?
Eve: I don’t know, I just want to try you out…
Me: Try me out?
Eve: Also I haven’t had sex in a while.

Me: And here I thought you liked me or something.
Eve: Trust me, if I didn’t like you, you wouldn’t be here.
Me: I am hot, that’s true.
Eve: Hahaha! I think you drank too much.

Me: Hahaha! Very funny!
Eve: What are you waiting for? Take it out. We don’t have much time.
Me: That’s so romantic.
Eve: Let’s save the romantic part for another time and get down to doing it!

She’s very commanding, I like it. Without wasting time. I pulled my dick out.

Eve: Mmmmm.

She seems impressed with me.

Me: Do you like it?
Eve: So far so good. But let’s make something clear here and now.
Me: What?

Eve: This is just two people taking care of their needs, no relationship or anything like that.
Me: I couldn’t agree more.
Eve: Mmmm. I’m getting turned on.
Me: Lose the clothes.

She quickly removed her top. She’s not wearing any bra. Omg! Those are really huge melons. Like I said 38 size boobs.

Me: Are you shy?
Eve: No, why?
Me: Then why are you trying to cover your breasts?

Eve: Oh, I’m not!
Me: Yes you are!

She moved her hands to her back exposing her breasts completely. Even I removed my t-shirt. We both were naked from the top. My dick was getting into action.

Eve: Is this better?
Me: Yes it is.

Damn those really are some nice breasts on her! They are big and natural! Perfect looking! I like Chloe and all but Eve has nicer tits. She wins by a long shot.

Eve: Mmmm. You’re getting harder.
Me: You look hot. How could I not?
Eve: I want to touch it.

She made me completely naked. She was almost naked too. She kept her panty on. Eve moved forward and took my dick on her left hand and started playing with it.

Me: Ah, that’s it.
Eve: Mmmmm.

I’m not sure if she is a slut or if she has any standards when picking her mates.

Me: So do you do this with everyone?
Eve: No! Just with you.
Me: Lucky me then.
Eve: Oh you have no idea!

Me: I’m glad it started raining.
Eve: You have no idea how glad I am! It’s been 7 months since I last had sex!

My dick was hard as an iron rod. All this is happening in the barn. This is the only place where cars can be parked. There was grass all over the ground. I removed Eve’s panty. Now we both were in our birthday suits. I made her lie flat on the grass.

I lay on her left and started to touch and feel her pussy with my left hand. Oh God! Her nipples were hard and very big.

Eve: Ahhh God!
Me: Mmmmm.

She’s so wet. She’s not all that tight either, I like it more that way. Wet sloppy pussy, my favorite!

Eve: Keep going. I can feel your dick on my leg, it turns me on even more.

She’s really into it! She must need this even more than me! I’m having more sex than her and she’s hot! She was moaning continuously.

Eve: Oh God! I can’t take this much longer!
Me: Just a bit more.
Eve: Mmmmm God! I want you inside of me, now!

Wow! So commanding!

I made her legs wide to access her pussy. I kept my dick near her pussy and pushed it inside.

Eve: Oh.

Even with her sloppy, open, used pussy I still manage to open it wider. I never thought I’d say this but I’m bigger than I think!

Eve: Fuck me!
Me: Oh I will!

After rain ruined sex with Chloe, this is most welcome! I started moving my dick in and out. She’s really enjoying it.

Eve: Yes. Yes.

I kept fucking her in this position for 5 minutes. Holy crap! I’m about to cum already! I have to change position.

Me: Turn around!
Eve: Sure. Use me!
Me: My favorite words!

I made her lie on her stomach. I sat on her buttocks and inserted my dick into her pussy from behind.

Eve: Ahhhh…

I’d better go a bit slower, I don’t want her to think I’m some sort of happy go fast little man!

Eve: That’s great. Just like that.

I kept my hands on her boobs and was pushing my dick in and out. Fuck, I can’t take much more of this. I need to change again. How is this possible? Chloe gave me a handjob earlier at the lake. I should last longer! I even mouth fucked the teacher earlier.

I should be running empty right now! But looks like I have more capacity than I imagined.

Eve: Why don’t you take a break and let me on top?
Me: Sounds good to me.

I hope I’ll be able to control myself! She got up and I lied on my back. She sat on my dick in a cowgirl position. Oh fuck. She’s jumping on my dick slowly. Her boobs were bouncing too. Wow! What a scene.

Me: Slow down.
Eve: Slow down? No way!
Me: But I can’t…

Eve: Shhhh.
Me: I’m about to…
Eve: Shhhhh.

She kept jumping on my hard cock. I shot my cum in her pussy!

Me: Ah. Fuck…
Eve: You came. Good!
Me: Oh, wait.

She didn’t stop. Instead, she started jumping again faster and harder until she had an orgasm.

Eve: Yeah! Fuck that was great!
Me: Yes, it was.

She kept jumping on me after I came. I felt like I was going to explode. That was hard to do but worth it! I never did something like this before. Usually, after sex, I would just stop because I can’t keep going but she kept going. She’s a freak!

Eve stood up. There’s a lot of cum dripping from her pussy.

Eve: Look at that.
Me: You kept riding me after I came.
Eve: Ever did anything like it?
Me: No, I didn’t.

Eve: Well, I had to cum too and I know you loved it.
Me: I did. It was rough but I did.
Eve: I’m on the pill, don’t worry.
Me: You are? But you said you haven’t had sex in a long time.

Eve: I haven’t, but I was sure I’ll find someone at the school. You lasted longer than I expected, and different positions.
Me: I know what I’m doing.

Who am I kidding? I had to change positions not to cum early. But she doesn’t know that!

Eve: You certainly do. I can’t wait to do it again.
Me: What? Now?
Eve: Hahaha! Not now, we should get my truck inside now.

Me: Oh ok.
Eve: Hahaha! You should see the look on your face.

We both got dressed.

Eve: This will be our secret and maybe we’ll do it again.
Me: Maybe.
Eve: That is if I don’t find someone better. So step up your game.
Me: Step up my game? You just said I lasted longer than you expected.

Eve: Last longer next time, or do me hard. Surprise me! Now let’s get that truck inside!
Me: You’re something else!

After helping her get the truck inside, I went to see Chloe in the library. I was in the library, looks like Rose stayed back too. Chloe and Rose were drinking beer and having fun. Rose is wasted! She’s drunk.

Chloe: I think you drank too much.
Rose: You too!
Chloe: I don’t know. Maybe!
Me: You’re both drunk! Hahaha!

Chloe: No we’re not!
Rose: You are!
Chloe: Hahaha!
Rose: Hahaha!

Chloe: Oh hey! You’re back!
Rose: Let’s do something!
Chloe: Like what?
Rose: I don’t know. Something fun!

Me: I’m down for something fun.
Chloe: But what?
Me: I’m sure we’ll come up with something!

Rose: Let’s play hide and seek!
Chloe: Yes, yes!
Me: Sure! Let’s do that!

They’re so drunk! They’re probably going to fall asleep somewhere while hiding.

Rose: You hide and I’ll find you guys!
Me: Ok!
Chloe: Follow me!
Rose: I’ll count to 20 and then I’m coming! 1,2,3…

Chloe: Count slower!
Me: Let’s hide. But where?
Chloe: Over here!

There was a huge table in the center. She took me behind it and we were sitting there.

Me: Behind the table?
Chloe: Yes, she’ll look the other way and we’ll run to the spot and win!
Me: You’re clearly drunk! There’s no way she won’t see us.
Chloe: Trust me!

Rose: 18,19,20! Ready or not, here I come!
Chloe: This is it!
Rose: Where are you guys? You better give up now, I’m going to find you!
Chloe: Get down!

Me: I was trying to see where she’s going.
Chloe: She’s not going to find us, this is an easy game!
Me: Yeah, I wouldn’t count on that.
Chloe: You’ll see.

Rose caught us.

Rose: Really guys? Behind the table? Do I need to run back and say your names?
Chloe: No, you win.
Me: I told you.
Rose: Whose idea was it?

Chloe: Mine.
Rose: Bad idea, I could see you from over there.
Me: Not to repeat, but I told you!
Chloe: Yes, yes you did.

Me: Who do you pick, Rose?
Rose: Chloe! It’s your turn to seek!
Chloe: I’ll find you too, you’ll see!

I have to say. The girls, drunk, very funny!

Rose: Hahaha! Ok, find us!
Chloe: I’ll count to 20 as fast as you did!
Rose: I didn’t count that fast!
Chloe: Yes you did!

Me: It was. Ok.
Rose: See?
Chloe: Go ahead, try to hide! 1,2,3…
Rose: Come on A, I know the trick here!

Me: Please not behind the table!
Rose: Hahaha! I’m not Chloe! I can hide!
Me: We’ll see about that…
Rose: Trust me!

She’s running and her breasts are almost jumping out from her shirt. Sweet. And the best part is that she doesn’t even seem to care about it. Note to self, girls and alcohol are a good combination! To be repeated! We went and hid behind the bookshelf.

Chloe: 18,19,20! Ready or not, I’ll find you!

Chloe was behind the table.

Chloe: So. Not behind the table eh? Then there’s only one answer!

She then turned to look on the other side of the table. I and Rose ran to the spot!

Rose: Hahaha!
Chloe: What?!

Even Chloe was running towards the spot to call out our names.

Me: Faster!
Chloe: Hey! You.
Rose: I’m so good at this! Hahaha! You lost. Again!
Chloe: How do I keep losing at this game?

Me: We had a better plan. It’s not your fault.
Chloe: I should have been faster!
Rose: Since you lost, it’s your turn again!
Chloe: I don’t want to play anymore. I have a better idea.

Rose: What idea?
Chloe: I want to kiss my boyfriend.
Me: Oh. Good idea.
Rose: What about me?

Chloe: We can sit and talk.
Rose: I guess.
Me: You were saying something about kissing?
Chloe: Yes, I was.

She came in my arms and then kissed me on my lips. Rose was sitting on a chair and was watching the show.

Chloe: I like this.
Me: Me too.
Chloe: It’s very romantic, isn’t it?

Me: Yes it is, love.
Chloe: Kiss me again.

Rose was feeling awkward and left out.

Rose: So what do you guys want to talk about?
Chloe: I don’t know, stuff. Let’s kiss some more.
Rose: Do you guys want me to leave or something?

Chloe: Why? No!
Rose: I feel weird. Watching you kiss.

She didn’t feel weird earlier at the lake when she was looking into my eyes as I had an orgasm.

Chloe: Maybe we should stop and talk.
Me: Yeah, sure.
Chloe: Rose is uncomfortable, I can see why.
Me: I understand, it’s alright!

Rose: Really, I can go!
Chloe: No way! We’ll find something to do!
Rose: Well. How about this idea?
Chloe: Yes?

Me: What idea?
Rose: Uhmmm.
Chloe: What is it Rose? Rose?
Me; Hahaha! Rose?

Chloe: Hey! I’m not that used to drinking. It happens!
Rose: Well. Let’s have sex?
Me: Sorry? I thought you said sex.

Chloe: What?
Rose: You know. Sex, all three of us.
Me: I mean. I’m drunk and I think I’m hearing things.

Chloe hugged Rose to console her.

Chloe: Rose. This is not like you.
Rose: Why not? I always wondered how it would be.
Chloe: Are you…are you a lesbian?

I don’t know what to make of this.

Rose: A lesbian? No! I just like both girls and boys, I guess.
Me: Nice! I mean the idea is nice, nevermind me!
Rose: Aren’t you curious?

Chloe: I mean. I guess. But I’m with A!
Rose: So what? It will be three of us.
Chloe: I don’t know.

Seems to me like Rose really wants this and Chloe is. Not sure. But what about what I want? Don’t I get a say in this? Maybe I want a normal relationship, maybe I want threesome! Nobody asks me.

Me: I’m ok with this, we can have a threesome.
Chloe: Uhhhh.
Rose: So what do you say, Chloe?

Chloe: I guess so. I mean I am curious.
Rose: Great!
Chloe: I want to live it all. Do it all. And this is one of those things.

Oh man, this is awesome!

Chloe: But have you ever had sex before?
Rose: No. But I play with toys from time to time.
Me: I’ll take it easy so you don’t hurt.

Second note to self! Girls and alcohol, never forget it!

Chloe: Then, why don’t you two start things?

Chloe is still a bit undecided, the sooner we do this the better, she might change her mind. I quickly removed Rose’s bra. These girls never wear their bras! Wow! Finally, I was able to those milky white huge 36 size boobs. I started touching her pussy over her pants.

Rose: Uhhhh.

This is very exciting. I never thought I would do this. At least not with my girlfriend!

Me: Hmmm.
Chloe: Oh my…
Me: What is it?
Chloe: It’s turning me on watching you.

Rose: Your turn will come.
Me: Mmmmm.
Rose: Ahhhh.

I can feel that Rose is shy, she is shaking a bit. It must have been hard for her to say these things and now do them.

Me: You can join us, Chloe.
Chloe: I will.

I was still playing with Rose pussy over her pants. Chloe joined us too. She placed her right hand on Rose’s right boob and started massaging it slowly.

Rose: Mmmmm…
Me: Are you shy, Chloe?
Chloe: I’m not. Maybe a bit.
Rose: Uhhhh me too.

I can feel Rose is getting wet, her pants are starting to soak.

Me: Do you like it?
Rose: Yes!
Me: Why don’t you try this, Chloe?

I made Chloe and Rose to sit down facing each other. Then asked Chloe to play with Rose’s pussy like I was from over her pants.

Chloe: Ok.

Chloe was playing with Rose’s pussy. They both started kissing on their lips. Mmmm play with each other for a while. I already have a massive boner, I can’t wait to penetrate one of them.

Chloe: You’re wet.
Rose: Your boyfriend has that effect on me I guess.
Chloe: On me too!
Me: There you go, you’re doing good.

I must be good at this! It’s not that hard really.

Chloe: Mmmmmmmm.
Rose: Kiss me!

Chloe also removed her top. Both girls were now naked upper half. Rose was now in Chloe’s arms. Chloe crushed her boobs on Rose’s back. Chloe turned Rose’s head and kissed her. Her left hand was playing with Rose’s left boob and she was pinching the nipple. Gosh! This really turned me on!

Rose: Mmmmm.
Chloe: Uhhhh.

This view is amazing. Kissing, saliva, tongue. Oh, man! I’m sure that Chloe is on board with this now!

Rose: More!
Me: I’ll warm myself up.

Rose was on her knees. She made Chloe sit on her lap. This time Rose was very forward in Kissing. I took my dick and started masturbating to make it hard.

Chloe: Uhhhh!

Oh God, they are really going at it! Kissing with such hunger and lust.

Rose: I feel like I’m blowing up!
Me: Tell me about it.
Chloe: I want to be first.
Me: Of course!

Chloe wants to make sure she is in control of this, of course, she is! She is the definition of the best girlfriend! Chloe was lying on her left. I inserted my dick into her pussy. You can search for ‘Iris’ Kamasutra pose. Rose was on top of Chloe but facing her back towards Chloe.

I and Rose were kissing each other. Her boobs were touching my chest when I moved my dick inside Chloe’s pussy. Chloe’s was pressing Rose buttocks.

Chloe: Ahhhh.
Rose: Kiss me.

Rose must really love kissing! I started fucking Chloe faster. We all were loving it.

Chloe: Mmmmm.

We fucked in this position for a long time.

Me: Let’s take a small break.
Rose: Why?
Me: Because this is too exciting. Really exciting!
Rose: Yes it is!

It would be a damn shame if I were to cum now! That’s not happening, I want more!

Me: Rose. Come.

I kept her mouth on my dick. She started licking my cock like ice cream. Chloe joined in too.

Me: Take it easy.
Rose: I… Ok…
Chloe: We want to make this last.
Me: Exactly!

Rose: So how do I do it?
Me: You pretty much take it in your mouth and suck from it.
Rose: Oh ok.

She took my dick head in. She was on my left. Chloe was in front of me. She started sucking my balls. Oh Gosh! Two hot girls are hungry for my cock.

Rose: Like this?
Chloe: I think you have to take more in your mouth.
Me: Yes, but it’s a good start.
Chloe: If I’ll do this, I’ll do it right!

I can only imagine if my first time was a threesome! I would probably melt and die from pleasure!

Chloe: Do you mind if I play with myself?
Me: Please do!
Chloe: Mmmmm you’re doing good Rose.

Rose was taking half of my dick in her mouth now.

Me: Mmmmmmmm!

Oh wow, she’s really taking it in, I can feel her neck with my dick!

Chloe: Keep going!

I held Rose’s head and pushed her more on my cock.

Chloe: You’re doing good. Keep going!

She was blowing faster. My balls were getting filled and I was about to cum

Me: Wait!
Rose: Uhhhh.

Oh, that was close. I came just a bit, she stopped in time!

Chloe: Oh my!
Rose: Is it over now?
Me: No! I can keep going, I only came a bit!
Chloe: I guess she really did a number on you.

Me: Oh yeah!
Rose: Can I have sex with him now?
Chloe: You’re asking my permission?

Rose: Yes.
Chloe: You can, it’s already too late to turn back.

This is so intense, I’m not going to last much longer! I made Rose lie on her back. She bent her legs and lifted it up. I kept my dick near her pussy and slowly pushed it in.

Rose: Take it slow.
Me: Ok, I will.
Chloe: It will hurt a bit but it will feel good after!
Rose: I know.

That’s right, she said she uses toys! Rose you nymph! She’s pretty tight but not as tight as Chloe was and I took her rough. It’s time to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. I slowly pushed my dick deeper into her pussy.

Rose: Ahhhhh.
Chloe: Oh, Rose!

This is like. Straight out of a porn movie! Chloe was sitting on Rose’s face. Rose was licking Chloe’s pussy.

Chloe: Keep going!
Me: Mmmmm.
Chloe: Uhhhh!
Rose: Mmmmmm.

She didn’t even wipe the cum off her mouth and now she’s pleasuring Chloe… So sloppy and dirty. Oh God! I started fucking Rose slowly and gradually increased my speed.

Me: Uhhhh.
Chloe: Yes!
Me: Mmmmmm.

Rose: Mmmmmm!
Me: Uhhhh.
Chloe: Oh my God.

I was now in full rhythm fucking Rose. Chloe was also loving her pussy getting licked. I’m going to cum! I removed my dick and shot my cum on her belly!

Me: Mmmmmmmm!
Rose: Mmmmmmmm!
Chloe: Oh God. Hahaha!
Me: What is it?

Chloe: That was so good!
Rose: Amazing!
Me: You can say that again!
Rose: That was amazing!

Chloe: Yes it was!
Me: It was great!
Chloe: I can’t believe we actually did it!
Rose: Do you regret it?

Chloe: No! I don’t regret a thing!
Rose: So what does this mean? Do we go back to the way things were?
Chloe: Yes. We had our moment, it’s out of our systems now.

As much as I’d like this to go on, I’ll let Chloe decide. If I push it she might leave me.

Rose: Agree!
Chloe: I feel so relaxed!
Rose: Me too! And tired!
Chloe: That also!

Rose: I’ll go to sleep here.
Chloe: Ok Rose!
Me: Someone might find us here.
Chloe: The door is locked from inside. Also, nobody comes around here.

Me: Oh ok.
Chloe: I think I’m going to sleep too, the room is starting to spin, hahaha!
Me: Ok! I’ll do the same I guess.
Chloe: So tired.

There were 2 sofas, Rose was sleeping on one and Chloe took the other. They were really tired and fell asleep immediately.

Me: The couch is too small for both of us. I’ll figure something out.
Chloe: Ok A. Good night!
Me: Good night Chloe!

Gosh! They were sleeping naked. I stared at them one last time. There’s no place for me. So I joined two small couches to make it as a bed. Ohh man, I wish every night would be like this!

What a day I had! Handjob from Chloe in the lake, blowjob from the teacher, then blowjob and fucking from Chloe, them Rough sex with Eve and now extremely intense threesome. Best day ever!

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To be Continued…………………

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