Bliss Boarding School – Part 9

I entered my room. Anna was sitting on a chair near her table.

Me: Hey!
Anna: Oh hey!
Me: What’s up?
Anna: I was reading something. You?

Me: Trying to find something to do.
Anna: Hmmm.
Me: Do you have any ideas?

She stood up and came near me. My eyes always peep at her belly button. She wears crop t-shirts and that belly button is really cute! I quickly move my eyes to meet her eyes.

Anna: Well. There is something we can do if you’re up for it.
Me: What?

Anna: The place where we went for drinks, the building has a secret room where the owner used to live. But not very secret actually but it’s supposed to be haunted!
Me: Haunted?

Anna: That’s what they say.
Me: And you want to go there? Play with the ghosts?
Anna: Hahaha! Of course, it’s not haunted, that’s how they keep people away. But I’m curious about it, what do you say?

Me: Sure. Why not? Nothing else to do for now.
Anna: I always wanted to take a look but I was afraid to go alone.
Me: I’ll protect you from the big bad ghost! Boooooo!
Anna: Hahaha!

Me: I’m big, strong, I can take a ghost!
Anna: I don’t think ghosts would be affected by your hits.
Me: How do you know?

Anna: I’ve seen the movies.
Me: I’ll kick that ghost into the next life!
Anna: Hahaha!

We walked to the house. We were walking on the stairs to get into the house.

Anna: What were you and Eve doing here anyway?
Me: Nothing. Talking.
Anna: About what?
Me: Things. Her sister. Chloe.

Anna: Oh ok.
Me: Why did you ask?
Anna: No reason, curious!
Me: What did you and Rose talk about?

Anna: Hahaha! Touche!
Me: You ask. I ask.
Anna: That’s fair. We talked about something that you won’t hear about.

Me: That’s not fair.
Anna: Over here, come on.

So that’s why she wanted to come here, to get information from me. We were in the secret room. It was strange! There was a big old bed with an old white sheet on it. There was an old lamp kept on a small table on the side of the bed.

Anna: This is the room. Creepy!
Me: Why does it look so old?
Anna: I don’t know, the building doesn’t look that old. Certainly not old enough to explain the gas lamp over there.

Me: That’s true. Maybe the ghost is old and brought it’s things here!
Anna: Ha-Ha very funny A!
Me: I thought it was.

Anna: Don’t joke around about ghosts while we’re here.
Me: Ohhhh you’re scared!
Anna: The story is a weird one!

Me: About this place?
Anna: Yes.
Me: Tell me about it.
Anna: Ok. Try not to be scared and run screaming!

Me: That’s going to be hard!
Anna: Hahaha! Ok. Here it is. A rich man wanted to build a castle or mansion here. He was obsessed with this place. He sold everything he had just to build it.
Me: That explains the lamp.

Anna: Hahaha! Anyway. He had lots of money, more than enough to complete this building. But one day he bought a book and after reading it he became paranoid and started talking crazy things. How this place is special, that it has powers, that it was a doorway to some other place.

Me: So he was crazy.
Anna: Must be!
Me: What happened next?

We both got closer as the story was getting interesting.

Anna: That’s when the weird things started happening. The bank he was keeping his money in, went bankrupt! He lost almost everything in one night! He became obsessed with the myths. He used the money he had left to hire all sorts of people that promised to find this doorway.

A few months later, no doorway, no money. He vanished. People say he killed himself here and that his ghost is still looking for the doorway!
Me: That’s a sad story.
Anna: Yes it is.

Me: But of course, there’s always a sad or scary story behind ghost myths.
Anna: I’ve never heard of any friendly ghosts.
Me: They are just myths, stories, legends. Boooo!
Anna: Ahhhhh! Not working. Hahaha!

Me: Had to give it a try.
Anna: You’re going to have to try better than that if you want to scare me.
Me: Hmmm. Don’t worry, I won’t try it again.
Anna: Good!

Me: So why did you take me here?
Anna: I don’t know. As you said, we had nothing to do.
Me: Are you sure that’s all?
Anna: What other reason would there be?

Me: I don’t know. You tell me.
Anna: There is no other reason.

She’s acting weird around me. There has to be more to this. A bit too friendly. And earlier when we were here it looked like she didn’t want to hear about Chloe and me.

Me: If you say so.

She went and sat on the bed.

Anna: So how are you and Chloe?

I guess she does want to hear about Chloe.

Me: We’re good, great actually!
Anna: That’s nice.
Me: You don’t sound very excited.

Anna: I am, good for you!
Me: Are you jealous?
Anna: What! No, no!

She is!

Me: Right!
Anna: Don’t say it like that, I’m not!
Me: Sure!
Anna: Uhhhhh!

She lured me here. She’s jealous of Chloe. I can make a move if I wanted to.
I went and sat beside her. Our faces were so close.

Anna: Ok maybe I am a bit! But it’s not what you think!

Oh! She’s so close to me.

Me: Then what is it?
Anna: I always do this. I like someone and then in two days I don’t anymore.

Oh, man. Things are getting complicated.

Anna: And I don’t want anything from you or with you!
Me: Ok.
Anna: I just wanted to make that clear. You and Chloe can love each other and do whatever you want!

Me: Ok?
Anna: There, I said it!
Me: I don’t know what to say to that.
Anna: Uhhhh!

She kissed me! I didn’t see that coming. Gosh! Love the taste of her lipstick.

Anna: Mmmm. There.
Me: What are you doing?
Anna: Got it out of my system! Nothing!

Me: Nothing?
Anna: Nothing at all!

She stood up turning her face away from me. What do I do? Do I push this? Do I let it go? Just a while ago, Sunny was fingering nude in front of me. I didn’t get to participate in that. My dick is hungry for attention! I wanted more.

I could try to go further with her. She knows I’m with Chloe so she must be willing for more if she wants something with me. But even if I do manage to sleep with her, that would be cheating. On the other hand. It’s exciting to think about the things we could do. We do sleep in the same room.

I’m sure she doesn’t want to hurt Chloe and won’t say a thing about it. I could get away with it. But then again. What if Chloe does find out? Do I want to take that chance? What do I do?

Ah! These thoughts are tearing me apart but my dick was very hungry. So I listened to my dick without thinking more.

Me: We could do more. To make sure it’s out of your system.
Anna: I… I felt nothing.
Me: Are you sure about that?
Anna: I? Yes!

Me: I think you’re trying to deny it but you did feel something. If you want to move past this. We could go further and see what happens.
Anna: Just to be sure. Right?

Me: Right, to make sure there’s nothing there. Maybe. I don’t know. Take your top off? See what happens?
Anna: You already saw my breasts the first time we met. Nothing new.
Me: Exactly!

She wants to do this. It’s easy to convince her because she has already convinced herself. Anna removed her top and was half-naked.

Anna: You know this is cheating, right?
Me: It’s not if she doesn’t find out.
Anna: I’m not going to say anything. I don’t want to hurt Chloe. Swear you won’t say a word!

Me: I swear! I have no reason to tell her.
Anna: I swear too! This is a one-time thing only, ok?
Me: One time only, that’s all it is!
Anna: Ok.

Me: I like you!
Anna: You do?
Me: Yes. I liked you since the first time I saw you.

Anna: Ohhh. That’s nice. Really nice.
Me: Why don’t we get on the bed? I have something for you.
Anna: Mmmm. Ok.

We were on the bed sitting opposite to each other. Gosh! I was looking at her mangoes hungrily. I unzipped my pants and removed my semi-hard cock out. Then I took Anna’s right hand and guided it towards my cock. She was holding my tool in her hand.

Anna: Oh my.
Me: Mmmm.
Anna: You have a nice and strong. Thing.

Me: Uhhhh. Keep touching it.
Anna: I feel so…horny.

I can see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice. She’s happy about this.

Me: Mmmm. Yes.
Anna: I feel so bad and so good for doing this.
Me: I feel very good.

She is conflicted.

Anna: Ever since last night I have been thinking about you. When you fell. I saw you down there and I felt something. And then you came next to me in bed and I could feel your breath. Oh, God. What are you doing to me!

Me: There is a reason I slept next to you. I felt the same way.
Anna: Uhhhh you drive me crazy!

Wow! She made my dick hard with her hand. Once it was fully hard, she made me sit at the edge of the bed, with my legs on the ground. She went on her knees. My dick was just in front of her. She brought her mouth near my cock and started licking it with her tongue.

Her tongue feels so great on my cock. She’s like a pro.

Me: Mmmmmmmm!
Anna: Ahhh. I can’t control myself. I just know that I want you! I want you so much right now!
Me: I want you too!

Anna: Oh God! I don’t regret this at all!
Me: Me neither!
Anna: I think I’m falling in love with you!

Me: I…
Anna: Don’t say anything. I don’t want this moment ruined!

She took my dick in her mouth and was sucking my cock like a lollipop! I stood up and held her head and was slowly fucking her head. She was slowly taking it deeper and deeper!

Me: Mmmmm. Keep doing that.
Anna: Ahhhh.

My dick was hitting her throat I could feel it. She’s really into this.

Anna: Ahhhh. Mmmm.

She knows how to use her mouth. After some time she stood up and removed her all clothes and became fully nude. She was a bit shy and was covering her nipples with the right hand and her pussy with her left hand.

Anna: So. What now?
Me: Why don’t I get you in the mood?
Anna: I already am but sure.
Me: Come back on the bed.

Anna: Ok.
Me: Don’t be shy.
Anna: I’m not shy.

I took off all my clothes. Anna was lying on her back naked. I lied on her left side. With my left hand, I was touching and playing with her pussy. Her pussy was clean shaved. She has heart-shaped tiny hairs on her pelvic above her pussy just like pornstars.

Anna: Mmmm.
Me: You’re so. Soft.
Anna: Uhhh. Feels so good.

Me: Soft and pleasant to the touch.
Anna: Mmmmm.

I can’t explain it but it feels so amazing touching her. I never felt anything like it. I feel like I could touch her all day and night.

Anna: Ohhhh. Mmmmm.
Me: I can feel that you’re getting excited more and more.
Anna: I am. Oh, God. I want you inside of me.

She’s so wet and I can feel her vagina pulsating when I touch her.

Me: I want to be inside of you.
Anna: Mmmmm. Yes.

I wanted to go aggressive and full-on. We were in the doggy style. She was on all her 4 hands on the ground. I stood behind her and inserted my rock her dick into her pussy.

Anna: Ohhhh.
Me: Mmmm.

One thing is certain. It goes in easier than with Chloe. So warm and moist. My hands were on her hips. I started moving my dick in and out. My speed was increasing with every push. I was fucking her faster and harder. She was matching my rhythm by push her ass to my actions.

Anna: Ahhhh.

She had a huge orgasm. I was also about to come. I told her I wanted to cum in her mouth. She brought her mouth near my cock.

Anna: I don’t usually do this. I never do it actually.
Me: There’s always a first time.
Anna: Mmmm.

I was shaking my cock to shoot my load.

Me: Ohhhh!
Anna: Mmmm.
Me: Ahhhh!

Finally shot a huge amount of cum in her mouth. She drank some and some fell on her boobs

Anna: That…was a lot.

It really was! I can’t believe she actually did it. Uhhh. I feel dizzy. So intense. She just lied on the ground exhausted.

Anna: That. Was great.
Me: Mmmm. Amazing.
Anna: Mmmm. I needed that.
Me: Me too.

Anna: Now I am jealous of Chloe.
Me: There’s enough of me to go around.
Anna: Even better than I imagined it. So hard! Who knew my roommate is so good at this.

Me: I knew.
Anna: Hahaha! Of course, you did!

She stood up and she looked satisfied.

Anna: So that happened.
Me: Yes. It did.
Anna: Nobody ever has to find out!
Me: Never!

Anna: Good. So we’re ok now.
Me: Yes!
Anna: We can let it go now and pretend like this never happened.

Me: Exactly!
Anna: I love you.


Me: What are you doing! Hey, Anna!

She just took her clothes and ran out! She said she loved me and then ran out. This complicates things.

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To be Continued……………………..

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