Bliss Boarding School – Part 6

It was morning. I opened my eyes. There she is, still sleeping. But she has turned to her right now. Our heads are facing each other. Gosh! She looks so pretty! Her face looks really cute! My dick was acting up again. I got up. Because of my movement, Anna woke up too. She’s sitting on the bed.

Anna: Morning.
Me: Oh hey! Good morning!
Anna: Sleep well?
Me: Yes, I did! And you?

Anna: Yes, me too!
Me: So, About that.
Anna: Yeah.
Me: I mean nothing happened or anything!

Anna: Nothing happened!
Me: Can we keep it between us? I don’t want Chloe to get the wrong idea.
Anna: Of course! She doesn’t need to know!
Me: Thanks! It’s nothing but still.

Anna: I get it!
Me: Good. Great. I’m going to the bathroom!
Anna: Sure, ok!

That was awkward. We acted like we had sex and we didn’t. I would have to know that.

There were only shared bathrooms in the dorm. One for boys and one for girls. No bathroom in the rooms. If the girls didn’t have their own bathroom it might have been more fun. Running into them in here, maybe seeing a little something. Oh, the devil me!

I wonder what today is going to be like. We have that class but other than that nothing. The girls must have a better idea of what to do around here. I saw Jason entering the bathroom.

Jason: Good morning!
Me: Hey, morning.
Jason: I heard some interesting things happened at the party last night after I left.

Me: Yeah. I wouldn’t call that interesting.
Jason: I’m sorry I missed it.
Me: Bet you are.
Jason: I feel like we got off on the wrong foot here.
Me: Did we?

Jason: Let me make some things clear. I don’t want to be here but I am. My parents sent me away just like yours did. I would rather be home but here I am. I am not here to make friends. I want to get this over with and head back home. So if you don’t see me walking around, being friendly and chatting everyone up us because I have no reason to do so.

Me: Thanks for the story. But I’m really not interested.
Jason: I see. Anyway, there you have it. As for Abigail. She can be a bitch at times, I know that. But she’s my girlfriend here so I have to put up with her.

His girlfriend ‘here’? So he’s with her just for fun of it, probably has someone else at home

Jason: What I’m trying to say is you steer clear of me and I stay away from you. It’s that simple.
Me: That’s sounds good to me.
Jason: Great! We understand each other.

Me: As long as you mind your own business and stay out of mine, I’m cool with it.
Jason: Same here. We have a deal.
Me: Deal.

He says he wants no friends but he wouldn’t stop talking. He clearly needs friends. I’ll pay Chloe a visit, see if she’s up! I went to Chloe’s room. There she was sitting on her bed. Rose wasn’t in the room.

Me: Good morning Chloe.
Chloe: Hey you.
Me: Sleep well?
Chloe: Uhmmm. Yes, it was ok.

Me: You don’t seem very convinced.
Chloe: Let’s not talk about it, how about you? Did you sleep well?
Me: Yes, I slept well. Come on, tell me, what’s wrong?
Chloe: The thing with Rose and Abigail the other day. It upset me.

Me: We agreed we’re going to punish Abigail.
Chloe: I know, but I feel bad for Rose.
Me: Are you sure that’s all?
Chloe: It’s about what we did last night.

Me: What’s wrong?
Chloe: Nothing really! But.
Me: But?
Chloe: Well it was my first time and I enjoyed it. I saw you enjoying it.

Me: Yes.
Chloe: It hurt. I didn’t want to disappoint you and I didn’t say anything about it.
Me: I’m sorry about that.

Chloe: It’s not your fault! I wanted to do it! You know how it is. You never forget your first time and I wanted it to be good! And it was, it really was! But after it started hurting. And it still hurts a bit.

Me: I’m sorry.
Chloe: No, don’t be! What I’m saying is that I can’t do anything today. Sexually.
Me: I understand! Don’t worry about it!
Chloe: Really?

Her face lit up with a smile and comfort. She was afraid of what I might say. She’s adorable!

Me: Yes, really!
Chloe: I thought you would be upset. I know how you boys like having sex.
Me: We do, we like it a lot! But we know we can’t always have it, it’s ok!
Chloe: It’s great to hear that!

Me: When you’re all better if you want we can do it again.
Chloe: I hope I’ll be better soon! I really liked it, the pleasure was stronger than the pain!
Me: We have the whole summer ahead of us!

Chloe: Can’t wait! However. We can still have a good time without having sex.
Me: Yes, we can!
Chloe: We can kiss, hug, laugh.
Me: Sounds good!
Chloe: Hahaha! Sounds great!

I pushed her slowly on her bed flat. I jumped on her and was sitting on her belly and my legs were on her either side of her thighs.

Chloe: Why do I feel so good with you?
Me: I’m irresistible! Don’t you know that by now?
Chloe: That must be it!
Me: I’m sure of it!
Chloe: Kiss me!

I started kissing her soft lips! I love her sweet mouth.

Chloe: Mmmmm. So sweet!
Me: Yes you are.
Chloe: Do you have any plans today?
Me: Not really. You?

Chloe: Hmmm. Still thinking about it. But hey, you know what? You should go with Rose and Anna for drinks today!
Me: What?

Chloe: They asked me to go but with my issue down there, I don’t feel like moving too much. So you should go with them, get to know them better!
Me: I guess, only if I get to see you after!

Chloe: Deal! They are going before class. You should go, they must be outside!
Me: It’s not going to be so fun without you.
Chloe: That’s sweet! We shouldn’t both suffer because of my problem.
Me: I’m partly to blame.

Chloe: Not at all! Go ahead, have some fun!
Me: Where are they?
Chloe: They should be outside the school area.
Me: Do you want me to get you a drink?

Chloe: No, thank you! I have some in the fridge. See you in class A!
Me: See you!
Chloe: I’ll miss you!
Me: I’ll miss you too!

I went to meet Anna and Rose.

Rose: Hey A!
Me: Rose, Anna.
Anna: Oh hey.
Rose: What’s up?

Me: Bad news.
Rose: What?
Me: Chloe sent me with you. If you’ll have me.
Rose: For drinks? Sure!

Me: She’s not feeling well today. So she sent me in her place!
Rose: I know she’s under the weather today. But on the plus side, you’ll be joining us!
Anna: Shouldn’t she be here by now?

Rose: She should. She said she will be here.
Me: Who are we waiting for?
Rose: Our ride.
Me: Ohhh. Are we going far?

Rose: Not far but she said she’s going to take her truck.
Me: Who’s she?
Rose: Abigail’s sister.

Me: Abigail has a sister and she’s here?
Rose: Yes! She’s nice, not like Abigail, you’ll see!
Me: Ok.
Anna: There she is, let’s go!

There was a red color truck.

Rose: Come on A!
Me: Coming.
Truck Girl: Come on guys, get in.
Anna: Coming!

Me: Hey there!
Truck Girl: Hi.
Me: You don’t talk much.
Anna: Just you wait.

Truck Girl: Hahaha! Am I that bad?
Anna: Not at all!
Truck Girl: Hahaha!

We rode for some time and finally reached a place. There was a huge house. It was old. And there was a stone table in front of the house where people can sit. There was nothing around or near this house. It’s just grass and trees.

Truck Girl: Here we are!
Me: Where exactly is here? I thought we were going for drinks.
Rose: We are! We have drinks in the cooler!

Me: When I heard drinks I thought we would be going out somewhere, in town.
Anna: We come here to talk, enjoy the shade it’s private!
Me: Ok, ok.

We got down the truck and sat on the stone table.

Rose: Grab a drink, join us!
Me: I will!
Rose: I wonder what’s wrong with Chloe.

Oh looks like Chloe didn’t tell her. If she didn’t tell her, I’m not going to!

Me: I don’t know. Maybe it’s that time of the month.
Rose: Hahaha! I don’t think so, she would have told me. Must be something else.
Me: Must be, I don’t know.

Rose: Aren’t you her boyfriend? Shouldn’t you ask?
Me: I…
Truck Girl: Is ‘he’ Chloe’s boyfriend?
Me: I am. Something wrong with that?

Truck Girl: How didn’t I know about this? Ok, first. I’m Eva but people call me Eve, so call me Eve.
Me: Ok. I’m A.
Eve: Nice to meet you A. I want to hear all about it! How did you meet?

Me: Uhmmm. It was two weeks ago, we both brought our stuff here at the same time.
Eve: So it was love at first sight!
Rose: How sweet!

Eve’s nothing like Abigail, that’s for sure!

Me: I guess so.
Eve: Are you treating her well?
Me: I am.
Anna: Give him a break, you sound like the police.

Eve: Hahaha! Sorry! Well, I hope you guys get along! She’s a nice girl!
Me: I know she is.
Eve: Did you guys do it yet?

Rose: Hahaha! I think I would know if they did!
Anna: They didn’t do it, it’s too early.

Wow! They didn’t know we already did it last night! But I didn’t want to correct them.

Me: Right, it’s too early!
Eve: Let him answer the question!
Me: Why do you ask? Are you jealous?

Eve: Haha! No, I’m not jealous. I’m curious.
Me: That’s between me and Chloe. So let’s move on.
Anna: Can we change the subject now?

Why is Anna so defensive? Could it be because of what happened last night?
Anna and Rose stood up to talk.

Rose: Are you ok?
Anna: Yes, I’m fine, why?
Rose: You seem upset.
Anna: I’m not upset, I’m fine.

Rose: Are you sure? You know you can talk to me.
Anna: I am sure! Everything is fine! Are you ok? What happened the other day, with Abigail.
Eve: I’m sorry about my sister, she’s a spoiled brat.

Rose: It’s fine, I’m over it!
Anna: Can I talk to you in private, for a moment?
Rose: Of course!
Eve: Come on A!

Anna and Rose moved a bit far to talk privately. Eve was heading inside the old house. I went to Rose and Anna.

Me: What’s going on?
Rose: Can you give us a moment?
Anna: Please?

Me: Sure, of course! I’ll go with Eve I guess.
Rose: Thank you!
Eve: Come on!

Eve already had climbed the stairs to enter the house. I went up. There was an open door. It looked like it’s an open house. Eve was already in.

Me: Where are you?
Eve: In here, come on, don’t be afraid!
Me: I’m not afraid!
Eve: Then what are you waiting for?

Me: I’m not afraid of anything, just so you know.
Eve: You guys. Always the alpha male.
Me: I don’t know about alpha but there aren’t many things that scare me.

Eve: What about needles?
Me: Pffft. I eat them for dinner.
Eve: Hahaha!

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To be Continued…………………..

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