Bliss Boarding School – Part 5

In the last part, I told you about how I and Chloe had a great fuck near the lake. Let me continue from there. I and Chloe wore our clothes and headed towards the campfire party. Everyone was sitting in a circle near the campfire. It looks like Abigail is telling a story.

Abigail: And there she was. With her clothes ripped off and bloody!
Me: What is this? Storytime?
Chloe: I guess so.
Girl: Shhhhht!
Me: Sorry!

Abigail: She looked at her sister with those sinister eyes. She wanted revenge for what she did and she was finally getting it. The poor girl’s ghost walked closer. As she drew closer and closer the sister froze in horror. The ghost whispered the words.

Suddenly Abigail pushed Rose on the ground. Rose screamed like hell and was trying to push Abigail. But Abigail sat on top of Rose and she has pinned Rose completely on the ground.

Abigail: I told you you’re going to pay, Rose!
Rose: Ahhhh!
Chloe: Hey what are you doing?!
Abigail: You’re not going to make a fool out of me ever again!
Rose: Let me go! No! Leave me alone!

Rose was struggling on the ground. Her left boob was exposed as she was trying to escape from Abigail. I decided to help Rose.

Me: Hey leave her alone!
Anna: You’re such a jerk, Abigail! What did she do to you?!
Abigail: She made fun of me in class!
Me: I said leave her alone!

I pulled Abigail away from Rose.

Abigail: God you guys take things so seriously! That should teach her a lesson!
Me: You’re acting like a child.
Abigail: Yeah? Well. You’re no better!
Me: Really? Why is that?

Abigail: It was only a joke, lighten up!
Me: Hell of a joke, pulling her clothes off.
Abigail: That wasn’t my goal, I just wanted to slap her around a bit!
Me: Oh and that makes things so much better!

Abigail: Whatever, you guys suck!
Me: Go away, nobody wants you here!
Abigail: Uhhhh! Let this be a warning to everyone that thinks they can make a fool out of me!

Abigail left the party.

Anna: Are you ok?
Rose: Yes. That was scary.
Chloe: She’s a bitch, that’s what she is!
Me: I didn’t see that coming.

Chloe: She always does things like this, spoiled brat!
Anna: Nobody likes her but everyone kisses her ass. She’s a bully!
Rose: I thought that if I wasn’t nerdy Rose any more things like this wouldn’t happen.

Chloe: She’s just jealous because you look better than her!
Rose: I don’t know about that but thank you.
Anna: Let’s get out of here!
Chloe: That’s a good idea.

Me: If there is a next time, try to be tougher!
Chloe: That would only get Abigail even madder!
Me: Bullies only fear one thing, other bullies! Show her you’re not afraid and she will back down.
Rose: That’s good advice! But I don’t know if I can do it.

I, Anna, Chloe and Rose walked towards our dorm rooms.

Anna: Are you sure you’re ok, Rose?
Rose: I’m fine, I’ll get over it.
Chloe: You shouldn’t take to heart what she says or what she does.
Rose: I know that.

Me: People like her are everywhere, the key is not to let them get under your skin. If you manage that then they will go away.
Rose: I just. I hoped this year would be different. The first day in and this happens.

Rose came in front of me to talk.

Rose: I just want to thank you for standing up for me back there.
Me: Of course, we’re friends, we’re supposed to help each other!
Rose: You surprise me, I didn’t think you would get involved. I mean why would you? I’m a nerd and Abigail is so popular and good looking.

Me: First off. You’re not a nerd, and even if you were that’s not a bad thing. Secondly. It’s not right for her to do that, not right at all.
Rose: Well. You’re just great! Thank you! Chloe is lucky to have you!
Me: Haha! I don’t know about that. I think I’m lucky to have her.

We were near Chloe’s room. My room was in the next building. She took me aside to say goodbye.

Chloe: I guess this is where we say good night.
Me: It sucks that we live in different buildings.
Chloe: Yes, it does! Wouldn’t it have been great if we were to share the room?
Me: Yes, it would have!

Chloe: Thank you for helping Rose back there!
Me: We all did!
Chloe: Yes but you’re the new guy, you had no reason to get involved.

Me: Yes I did, Abigail was a bully, nobody likes bullies. Maybe except bullies liking each other.
Chloe: Hahaha! That’s right!

Me: So. Good night I guess.
Chloe: Not getting away that easy!

She pulled me and kissed my lips hard. Omg! She’s getting aggressive with each kiss.

Me: Mmmmm.
Chloe: That’s more like it.
Me: Now I’m sure I’ll sleep better!
Chloe: Me too. Even though. It kind of hurts down there.

Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t.
Chloe: Don’t worry, I’ll be ok!
Me: It’s just that.
Chloe: Shhh. We don’t want them to hear us.

Me: Right!
Chloe: Good night A!
Me: Good night Chloe!

Anna: Night!
Rose: Sleep tight Anna, A!

I and Anna headed to our room. We entered our room.

Anna: You look. In a good mood.
Me: I do?
Anna: Yes. Must be the beers!
Me: Beers? I drank like two or three of them.

Anna: No. You had more!
Me: I think I would know if I had more!
Anna: Hahaha!
Me: What?

Anna: You’re tipsy!
Me: Front three beers? No, I’m not!

Anna: Let’s see. You left with Chloe and took a beer. You already had one so that’s two in total. You came back when Abigail was telling her story and took another one.
Me: No I didn’t!

Anna: Yes you did! You drank that, then the fight happened. After the fight you had another one so that’s a total of four beers!
Me: What, are you counting them? I’m not, so why are you?

I climbed up to my bed.

Anna: Hahaha! Look away, I want to change!
Me: Sure thing!

But since I was the devil, I peeked. It was a nice view. I could see her back and her butts from the top! Anna was facing the other side so she didn’t know I was looking.

Anna: You’re not looking, are you?
Me: What? No, I’m not!

She changed into her nightdress and lay on her bed

Anna: Terrible business with Rose. Wasn’t it?
Me: Yes, it was. Is she always like that?
Anna: Abigail? Yes!

Me: Well I already knew she was a bit of a bitch but a bully too. Not surprising though.
Anna: She thinks she’s the center of the world, that girl is full of herself!
Me: She and Jason are a thing, right?

Anna: Yes. He’s cooler than her, but he’s full of himself as well.
Me: Yeah. Noticed that too!
Anna: So you and Chloe. How are you getting along?

Me: We’re getting along well! Really good!
Anna: That’s great.

Suddenly because of my tipsiness due to beers, I lost my balance and fell on the ground from the top bunk.

Me: Ahhhh!
Anna: Oh my! Are you ok?
Me: And this is why I wanted the bottom bunk!
Anna: Hahaha! Did you hurt yourself?

Me: No. I don’t think so.
Anna: Do you want to switch bunks tonight?
Me: It’s alright. Thanks.

Anna: Are you sure? I don’t mind. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.
Me: Hmmm. You’re acting strange.
Anna: I’m acting strange? Hahaha!

She gave me her hand to help me get up.

Me: Well yes. You were so much against the idea of having me as a roommate earlier.
Anna: I had a change oh heart.
Me: Why is that?

Anna: Because you helped Rose. I was impressed by that. And Chloe is a friend of mine and you’re friends with Rose too.
Me: So you’re just being a good friend.
Anna: Exactly!

Me: I appreciate that, thank you!
Anna: You’re welcome! Now get up! You’re so heavy.
Me: So I’m fat?
Anna: No! You know what I mean!

Me: I do! Hahaha!
Anna: Aren’t we funny tonight?
Me: Very funny! Must be the beer.
Anna: Must be. I’m going to sleep. Good night!

Me: Good night!
Anna: And try not to fall again, please.
Me: I’ll do my best!

Saying this, she lied on the bed like she was lying in the morning. She was sleeping on her left side facing the wall. She was looking really cute in her nightdress. She was wearing a light green and white t-shirt and shorts. She was wearing long socks which covered till above her knees and half of her thighs.

I noticed that she was sleeping very close to the wall. She left half of the bed space. I was very tipsy. I might fall again. I knew this would happen! Hmmm. Or I could make sure I won’t fall. By sleeping next to her. She does look good over there. And looks like she saved me a spot next to her.

It seems that she’s inviting me next to her. So I slept beside her in the same position as her. My chest was touching her back. My face was facing the back of her head. Gosh! Her hair really smells great! As it was a single bed, so I squeezed myself closer to Anna. Her ass was touching my crotch area.

Anna: Be nice.
Me: I just don’t want to fall.

Wow! She did really invite me and she is fine with this. What’s her deal? She wouldn’t let me sleep next to her just so that I won’t fall. Is there more to this? Crap. I’m getting a boner.

Anna: I can feel that.
Me: Uhmmm. What? I almost fell asleep. What’s going on?
Anna: Nothing. Go back to sleep.

Nice save! But really. I’m itching to touch her. I’m in love with Chloe, there’s no doubt about that. But the devil inside me felt that if I turn her around and kiss her. My head would explode, I feel. Euphoric! Oh, God. I should go to sleep! I slept in a few minutes.

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To be continued……….

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