Bliss Boarding School – Part 4

I was so lost in the thoughts of Chloe that I missed noticing how Rose actually look. Let me tell you about her. She’s a redhead. Very fair just like Chloe. She wears those big glasses which make her look very nerdy. My eyes then looked for the main attraction. That’s her breast.

They are huge and I would say they are 36 size. She was wearing a tight gray color t-shirt. It was a deep neck and I could see her huge cleavage. Also, I could see are areoles. I was staring at her breasts. Oh man, I just noticed. Those are some big breasts.

How didn’t I see that before? I mean. She’s the nerdy girl and all but she’s pretty hot! Reminds me of a porn movie I once saw. I have to stop thinking and looking at them. Otherwise, I might get another erection. And with these tight jeans, it would be too obvious!

But the devil inside me kept looking at her breasts. I just can’t get my eyes away. I feel horny. I can already see myself kissing them, having them in my mouth. Getting them soaking wet and taking out my penis. Sliding it in between. Fucking her in between her tits. Oh, God!

Rose caught me staring at her boobs.

Rose: Oh my. That’s unexpected.
Me: Uhh, what?
Rose: I think that your thing is waking up.
Me: My what? Oh, God!

She was talking about my hard-on in my pants.

Rose: Hahaha! That’s embarrassing!
Me: Really? You think?
Rose: Hahaha! You made my day A!
Me: Stop laughing, it’s not funny!

Rose: Yes it is. Did I do that?
Me: What? No, no!
Rose: I see. Of course not. Sure.

Me: I’d better be going now!
Rose: See you around then. Big boy! Hahaha!
Me: Oh God.

That was so obvious! Oh man, I have to learn to control myself! I’m going back to my room, I need to lie down a bit. I entered my room. It’s nice and quiet here. I saw Anna was resting sleeping. She was wearing black and white stripes crop top and black tight jeans.

The top just covered till her boobs. From the bottom of the boobs till her waist it was open. As our bed was on the right side, she was sleeping on the side facing the wall. She was sound asleep by the looks of it. Her pants are falling off of her. It’s a nice view. I could see the opening between her butts.

I knew that living with a girl has its benefits! This is one of them. If she moves around a bit more the pants might go even more down! Or maybe I could help with that. I don’t know where I got the courage, I wanted to pull her pants a little. I have to be careful not to wake her up. I don’t want to be expelled on my first day!

Wow! Her ass was smooth as fuck! I was pulling her pants slowly, they are sliding right off. That looks good. Those soft butts. I can feel that boner creeping up on me again. Her skin looks so smooth and I can feel her warmth on my hand. I know this is wrong but I can’t help myself.

It’s just a little look, that’s all! I know the more I do this the riskier it gets. But I kept going. Just a bit more. This is too good to stop now. Now I could see almost half of her butts. So nice! If I go further I’ll see her pussy. I wonder how it looks. Fuck, now I have a full-blown boner!

Who can blame me? Just look at this, the risk. The butt. She’s sleeping. Oh, God! Suddenly Anna turned and was now lying on her back. I immediately removed my hands. I froze there. Fuck! Fuck!

Anna: What’s going on?

She was still half asleep, as she didn’t open her eyes.

Me: Nothing, go back to sleep.
Anna: Are you pulling on my pants?

Oh shit! I was worried and was thinking to come up with an excuse.

Me: Yes. Yes, I am. They were almost off of you when I came in. I’m pulling them back on.

That was lame. But still, I wanted to see if that excuse worked. She was really tired and sleepy

Anna: Leave me alone! Go away!
Me: You got it!

That was so close! Good thing she’s a heavy sleeper, she went right back at it! I climbed up to my bed. I was really tired, so I went to sleep. I was sleeping for hours. I almost woke up when Rose came to our room. She was talking to Anna.

Rose: Hey! What are you doing?
Anna: Shhh. He’s still sleeping.
Rose: Sorry!
Anna: Nothing, why?

Me: Yeah, I’m not sleeping anymore.
Rose: Good morning!
Me: What? Is it morning already?!
Anna: No it’s not, it’s getting dark outside.

Rose: Hahaha!
Me: What’s going on?
Rose: A few of us are having a small party at the lake, do you want to come?

Anna: Who’s coming?
Rose: The usual suspects. Me, you, Jason, Abigail, some of the others. Chloe!

I really wanted to go once I heard Chloe was coming too.

Me: I’ll come!
Rose: And A! Hahaha! I was sure you will come!
Me: That obvious?

Rose: Yes!
Anna: Alright, I’ll come!
Rose: Great!
Me: I will be there in a few minutes.

Brush my teeth, wash my face, make myself presentable!

Rose: Come on!

Rose and Anna went ahead. I did all my chores and headed towards the lake. The party has already started. There’s a campfire, music from the car stereo, people. Drinks! It’s not bad at all!

Guy: Hey man! You must be new!
Me: Hey. Yes, I’m new.
Guy: So what do you think?
Me: Seems nice here, at the boarding house.

Guy: It’s awesome! We have parties like this all the time!
Me: I can live with that!
Guy: Hahaha! Here, have a beer!
Me: Thanks!
Guy: Party!

Free beers, good start! I walked towards the campfire. There were Rose and Anna. A girl was sitting on the ground with her back resting on a tree. That’s Chloe. My Chloe. Jason and Abigail. Some other people. Everyone seems to be in a good mood.

First thing’s first, I must say hi to Chloe! I walked towards her. She noticed me and stood up.

Chloe: Hey there.
Me: I didn’t see you there!

Of course, I did, I looked all over the place for her today. But she doesn’t need to know that.

Chloe: What’s up?
Me: You know. Nothing much, checking out this party. You?
Chloe: I’m so glad the train ride is over! I was supposed to be here hours ago!
Me: Oh? What happened?

Chloe: We had a stop halfway here and something went wrong with the engine. Next thing we know, we needed a replacement and took a serious amount of time!
Me: That must suck!
Chloe: You have no idea!

Nobody seems to be addressing the elephant in the big room. The fact that we’re together. Maybe she changed her mind.

Chloe: So did you miss me?

Here comes the elephant I was talking about.

Me: I did.
Chloe: I missed you too! When we met I was not myself, I even forgot to ask your number.
Me: Me too!

Chloe: Hahaha! That’s weird! So you met Rose.
Me: Yes, Rose, Anna. And some of the others.
Chloe: I really wanted to be here, to introduce you but. Sorry about that.

Me: Don’t worry, it’s not a problem.
Chloe: Aren’t you forgetting something?
Me: I am?

She pulled me and kissed me! Oh, God. Here comes that feeling again! I missed her soft lips on me so much! Mmmmm!

Chloe: You forgot that.
Me: Silly me.
Chloe: You still want me, don’t you?
Me: Of course I do!

Chloe: I was afraid that you found someone else.
Me: What? No way!
Chloe: Good! You’re all mine!
Me: That I am!

Chloe: Do you like the party?
Me: Yes, I do!
Chloe: It’s not that great.
Me: No, not really.

Why do I say these things? It’s like my automated answer is to agree with her!
She quickly started walking towards the lake and away from this party.

Chloe: Come on!

I followed her.

Me: Are we doing that thing again where you tell me to come with you but you won’t say where?
Chloe: Yes! Hahaha!
Me: It’s fine with me!

Chloe: There’s another, better party!
Me: There is? How many parties are there?
Chloe: Only two that I know of.

I guess people are divided here, so much to learn about this place. Everyone I know is here, wonder who’s at the other party. The bottle was empty. It was really good. Two down already! I grabbed another beer and walked towards Chloe.

We were now at the ground where the lake started. No one could see or hear us.

Me: Ahhh. So where is this party?
Chloe: It’s right here.
Me: I don’t see anyone around.
Chloe: Because it’s a private party.

Me: Private? As in. Just the two of us?
Chloe: Exactly!
Me: That sounds good.
Chloe: So I was thinking about it. What happened the last time we were together.

Me: Nothing really happened. In a sexual way.
Chloe: We’re here to fix that.
Me: We are?
Chloe: Yes.

Aha! This is gonna be interesting! She made me sit on the ground. My back was resting on the tree. She then sat on my lap and rested her back on my chest. I took my hand in her hands and I was hugging her. She’s sitting right on my dick.

Chloe: Hold me for a while!
Me: Sure thing.
Chloe: Did you think about me?

Me: Yes I did. You?
Chloe: All I could think about was you.

She’s so honest with her feelings and here I am hiding mine.

Me: That’s great to hear, I left a good impression.
Chloe: A great one! And that’s why.

She got up removed her top exposing her boobs. She now came and sat on me with her breast just in front of me. Wow! Now we’re facing each other. My eyes were lit and feasting on those cute boobs of her.

Me: You look great. Better than I remember!
Chloe: Thank you.

Oh wow, she really wants to do it this time. I only hope she goes all the way this time!

Me: Are you sure you want to do this?
Chloe: I’m sure, why are you asking?
Me: I just don’t want blue balls again. You know.
Chloe: Hahaha! I know. Sorry again about that! You’re so honest, I like that!

Me: Now where were we.
Chloe: You were touching my body.
Me: I like to touch your body.
Chloe: I like the feeling of you touching me.

Me: I have an even better touch. Down there.
Chloe: Ohhh. Don’t I know it.
Me: Let’s get rid of those pants. They are on the way.
Chloe: Mmmmm. Yes, let’s.

I removed her pants and panty. She was all naked. Then we went back to the previous position. I made her sit in front of me. She rested her back on my chest. Our legs were stretched like a v-shape. I put my right hand on her right breast and with my left hand, I was touching her pussy.

You can search for the ‘Chair’ Kamasutra sex position. Gosh! Those soft boobs!

Me: How does that feel?
Chloe: That feels good.
Me: I told you I have a better touch.
Chloe: Mmmm. Yes, you did.

She is enjoying this, the best way to get a girl in the mood! I can feel her shaking, some of it because of pleasure and some might be because she’s scared. I remember my first time. I was excited and overwhelmed. And I’m a guy.

Me: Have you ever played with yourself?
Chloe: Yes, I do it sometimes. But it never felt this good.
Me: It’s better when someone else does it for you.
Chloe: This is so good.

Me: If you feel good I feel good too.
Chloe: This turns you on!
Me: Ohh you have no idea how much!

I have a very solid boner going on right now! I made her lie flat on the ground. I spread her legs wide and then brought my mouth near her pussy. I started licking her pussy. She was already wet down there. Gosh! She tastes so great! She is moaning continuously.

Chloe: Hmmm. Good! Turn on.
Me: Are you ready to go further?
Chloe: I’ve never been so ready. I want it! I want you.

Me: Come, sit up.
Chloe: It’s happening.

We both stood up. I kept my dick near her pussy. I held her ass and slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy. She was tight down there as she was a virgin. My hands were on her shoulder and she was feeling my cock inside her. Her boobs were bouncing up and down because of my fucking.

You can search for the ‘Disco’ Kamasutra position. Her moans were turning me on. Finally, I shot my cum.

Me: Ahhhh.
Chloe: Mmmmm.
Me: Ohhh that was good!
Chloe: Uhhh this was better than I thought!

Me: Mmmm. Yes, it was!
Chloe: At first it hurt a bit but then it was a pleasure.
Me: You’re so tight. So moist. So good. But.

I inserted two fingers in her pussy.

Chloe: Ohhh. What are you doing?
Me: You were not yet there.
Chloe: Oh my.
Me: Mmmmm.

I was moving my fingers in and out! Chloe was still moaning.

Chloe: Uhhhh.

I increased my speed of fingering. After a few minutes, Chloe arched her body back. I knew she was about cum. She squirted a lot of cum. Omg! She’s a squirter!

Me: Mmmm. That’s it.
Chloe: What. How did you do that?
Me: Did you like it?

Chloe: Like it? Uhhhh. Oh my, I feel like I’m floating.
Me: It’s only fair that we both have an orgasm.
Chloe: Yes. Great idea.

She’s blown away by the feeling. And I’m blown away by her reaction.

Chloe: We should do this more often.
Me: I’m not going to say no to that!
Chloe: Mmmmm.
Me: We could go again.

Chloe: We will, but not right now. It might hurt again.
Me: You’re right! It was just a thought!
Chloe: Oh God. You know what? I think we should get back to the party before anyone suspects anything.

Me: So you’re done with me and now you want to go.
Chloe: What?! No!
Me: Hahaha! I’m joking!
Chloe: You know what I mean.

Me: I do, yes. You’re right, maybe we should get back.
Chloe: Hmmm. This was amazing, I’m really happy I did it with you.
Me: I’m happy too, it was great!

Chloe: Shall we?
Me: Yes, let’s go!

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To be Continued……………………..

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