Bliss Boarding School – Part 11

Chloe: Rose is a bit shy.
Rose: No I’m not.
Me: Yes you are!

Rose: No I’m not!
Chloe: Hahaha! Ok, Rose, let’s get in!

They jumped in the lake and started swimming far from the ground. Their asses swaying while swimming.

Rose: Ahhhh this is so good!
Chloe: Oh yes it is!

Mmmmmm. Nice!

Chloe: Come on!
Me: Coming! One second!
Rose: This is great! What are we going to do later, Chloe?
Chloe: I don’t know.

I jumped into the lake and swam towards the girls. They are looking sexy.

Chloe: What do you think A? What should we do later?
Rose: Any ideas?
Me: Uhmmm. I have no idea.
Rose: Hmmm. We’ll figure something out!

Chloe: We can always just hang out.
Rose: Exactly, we could do that!
Me: I guess so!

Chloe: But until then.
Rose: Fire away!
Chloe: Hahaha!

Both started splashing water on me.

Me: What! Not fair!
Chloe: Hahaha! Take this!
Rose: And this!

They were continuously splashing and not stopping.

Me: Wait, wait! I. I can’t swim!
Rose: Hahaha good one!
Chloe: Attack!

Me: Help me! I’m your boyfriend!
Rose: No! Help me, I’m your best friend!

Chloe bumped into me to protect me from the splashes.

Chloe: Wait, wait!
Rose: Traitor! You will suffer!
Me: Hahaha!
Chloe: Peace!

Rose: There will be no peace for turncoats!
Chloe: Oh really? Prepare to attack, A!
Me: Strike back!

Rose: Hahaha!
Chloe: Hahaha!

Now I and Chloe were about to splash on Rose. But Rose was swimming far away to avoid getting splashed.

Rose: You will never get me!
Chloe: Run while you can!
Me: Afraid of a little water?
Rose: I won’t give you the satisfaction!

Rose was swimming far away. The lake was pretty big and had a huge rock in between. She vanished behind a rock somewhere. We couldn’t see her anymore.

Chloe: She ran away.
Me: Actually, she swam away.
Chloe: We will get her when she comes back.

Me: She won’t get away with it!
Chloe: Hahaha!

All this water splashing, Chloe bumping into me. Gave me a serious boner! I’m pretty sure Chloe felt it too. It’s not my fault she’s so hot. And her butt rubbing on my dick helped things along. Oh, man. I feel like dropping her panties and having sex right now!

Chloe: Hmm. What am I feeling there?
Me: What are you feeling?
Chloe: Some sort of. Snake.
Me: Hahaha!

She then faced me.

Chloe: Is that because of me?
Me: Yes. It is.
Chloe: Is it because I bumped into you?

Me: Partly. Yes.
Chloe: Tell me, would you rather have sex with me or make love with me?

What is it with girls and these questions! It’s the same thing! Penis goes in and out and so on. Same thing!

Me: I would rather have sex with you!
Chloe: Oh, why is that?
Me: Because I want you, raw passionate sex. Sweaty and rough!

Chloe: I was going to say love would be better but when you put it that way, it turns me on! Hmmm.

She touched my dick with her right hand.

Me: Ohhhh.
Chloe: Can I rub it?
Me: By all means! Be my guest.

Chloe: Do you like it?
Me: Yes! Don’t stop.
Chloe: I wasn’t going to. What’s this?

Me: These are some old boxer shorts, they have a sort of zipper.
Chloe: Good!
Me: Why is that?

She took my dick out through the zipper.

Me: Ahhh.
Chloe: Shhh, don’t make a sound.
Me: You got it. I had no idea you were so. Dirty.

Chloe: I had no idea either. But now, discovering my sexuality. I feel more like an adult and I like it, the whole sex thing!
Me: Music to my ears. Ahhhh.

Chloe: Shhh. Do you want me to keep playing with you? Or do you want me to stop?
Me: Keep doing it.

She was moving her hand up and down. It was a different feeling in the water.

Me: Ahhh. So good.
Chloe: I’ll keep going until you finish. Saying that turns me on!
Me: Mmmmm. Oh yes!

She continued giving me the handjob. Suddenly I saw Rose coming back to us from behind those rocks. Chloe couldn’t see her as Rose was coming from behind her back.

Chloe: Mmmmm. I can see the pleasure on your face.
Me: Mhhhhmmmm.

It’s even more exciting seeing Rose come, the idea of her catching us in the act turns me on even more if that’s possible!

Chloe: Mmmm.

I can’t let her stop now. I just can’t. Or maybe I should say something. Uhhh. I didn’t want this end.

Me: Keep going.

Chloe was moving her hands faster. Rose was just behind Chloe. Rose’s looking right at me! Uhhh. I’m about to cum. She’s just staring, not saying a word. Not making a sound. Ahhhh. Look into my eyes! Within minutes I shot a huge quantity of cum in the lake.

Me: Ahhhh.
Chloe: Mmmm. I feel if pulsating.
Me: Mmmm.

I came so hard. Even Rose could see my cum. This was almost a threesome.

Chloe: Ohhhh. I feel so turned on! I hope that by the end of the day I’ll be good to go!
Rose: Thanks for the show.
Chloe: Oh no. She’s right behind me?

Rose: Yes.
Chloe: It’s not.
Rose: You don’t have to make things up, you guys have fun!

Fun indeed.

Chloe: Why didn’t you say anything?
Me: Uhmmm. Well.
Rose: He didn’t see me. Let’s get out of here. Shall we?
Chloe: Of course!

Rose covered for me. But we were looking into each other’s eyes when I came. What’s that all about? Did she like it too? Oh shit! Or maybe she’s going to tell Chloe what truly happened when they’re alone! Only one way to find out. Wait. We wore our clothes and headed towards our dorms.

Chloe: Do you think she’s upset or something?
Me: I don’t think so.
Chloe: Oh this is not good.
Me: Why? She’s your best friend. She should be happy for you.

Chloe: She is. You’re right. I can trust her.
Me: We both can trust her to keep this between us.
Chloe: I’ll talk to her about it back in the room.

Me: I don’t think that’s a good idea, maybe you should just let her talk if she has something to say.
Chloe: You’re right. Again!

We were walking past the basketball court. The teacher was waiting for us.

Teacher: Just the person I was looking for.
Me: Me?
Teacher: Yes, I need a moment with you.
Chloe: Is everything alright?

Teacher: Yes, I need a moment with him, run along Chloe.
Chloe: I’ll see you later then.
Me: See you later. What’s this about?
Teacher: Follow me.

I didn’t do anything. Did someone rat us out to the teacher? That I and Chloe are a thing?

She took me to her place which was next to the basketball court. Wow. This place looks much better than our dorm rooms! It was like a proper house. Huge living room with a white luxurious couch. There were an open kitchen and dining table at the end of the living room behind the couch.

There a huge TV stuck on the wall opposite the couch.

Teacher: Come in, this way.
Me: What are we doing here?
Teacher: Over there, have a seat on the couch.

I have a bad feeling about this. Why did she bring me to her apartment? Look at that TV. It’s huge! It wouldn’t even fit in my room!

Teacher: Can I get you a tea? Coffee? Soda?
Me: Uhmmm. Nothing, I’m good.

She’s offering me drinks so it can’t be that bad. Right?

Teacher: I wanted to talk to you about what happened in the class.

She’s going to pick on me because of the game I had with Chloe. I knew it!

Me: You look good today, teacher!
Teacher: Thank you. Oh, I see what this is. You’re trying to get out of trouble. Smooth!
Me: Hehe.

One failure after another. She brought a chair and sat exactly opposite me. She was wearing a black and grey color top. Shockingly she has covered her cleavage by wearing a tight t-shirt inside. But she was wearing a mini white skirt barely covering her ass.

She kept her hands near her pussy to cover and prevent me from peeking under her skirt. She was sitting exactly opposite to me.

Teacher: I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable but what happened today, let that be the last time.
Me: I know Chloe and I went a bit overboard. It’s not going to happen again.
Teacher: I hope not! But that’s not the issue.

Me: What is it?
Teacher: It’s about Rose, she was never late to class before even for a minute. And the first day you entered their group, it’s the first day she was late.
Me: What?

Teacher: I don’t know if you two are involved in a relationship or something. But I don’t want to see her good behavior suffer because of you. I’m sure you are a nice person, but you need to think about her and her future.

Me: Hold on, I’m not with Rose or anything. And it’s not because of me that we were late.
Teacher: No? What happened then?
Me: We were out for drinks and we were late to class, that’s all there is to it.

Teacher: On a date?
Me: No, like friends.
Teacher: Oh, I thought. I thought wrong it seems.

Me: Yes, it seems that way.
Teacher: I’m sorry! I didn’t think this through and pointed the finger at you. I feel ashamed. I’ll make it up to you somehow. I’ll give you a free the next time you’re late.

Suddenly she let go of her hand and moved her leg a bit wide. Wow! This is unbelievable! I could see her pussy! She’s not wearing anything under that tiny skirt. She was putting her right leg above the left one.

Teacher: I’m only trying to look out for Rose. She’s my best student. She has a bright future ahead of her and I don’t want to see it wasted.

Holy fuck! She just showed me her vagina! That can’t be a mistake, can it? I can see clearly under her skirt!

Teacher: I know this is not a real school. Just a place where parents dump those kids for the summer. That’s common knowledge. But still, what we’re learning here will prepare you for the real world in a way that college won’t.

I can’t get past that moment. That was too obvious! Did she do it on purpose?

Teacher: I hope that you learn something and become a better person. You’re not kids anymore, you’re adults and you need to behave accordingly. You understand that, don’t you?
Me: Yes, yes I do.

Teacher: Well. I’m sorry that I thought the worst of you. That’s not who I am, it was bad judgment on my part.
Me: That’s ok. It happens to the best of us.

I’m sure that was an invitation. Her way of telling me she’s available. No, it can’t be. This is weird. I could try to make a move, I have nothing to lose. Even if she’s not ok with it and I got the wrong impression here, she’s not going to say anything.

Chloe and Rose saw her invite me to her place, people would think she lured me in. Hmmm. As always my dick wins the argument. This is a bold move. I took my pants off. My dick was hanging naked down there. The teacher’s mouth was wide open in shock.

Teacher: Ohhhh. What are you doing?

I’m not going to say a word.

Teacher: I am a married woman. What are you thinking? I am your teacher. Why are you doing this?

She’s not telling me to pull my pants up.

Teacher: I would never.

I stood up and pointed my left hand to my dick. I didn’t speak any word.

Teacher: Why are you pointing at your penis? I won’t do anything!

We’ll see about that.

Teacher: Why won’t you say anything? You saw under my dress, didn’t you? When I crossed my feet. That was not an invitation! This is not proper conduct.

Still not asking me to pull my pants up. I went near her, still, pointing my finger to my dick. Her eyes followed and were staring at my dick as I moved closer to her. I was close to her. She was staring at my dick hungrily.

Teacher: I would never cheat on my husband. Even with someone younger and bigger like you. I am faithful to him! You should be with someone of your age.

Yeah, she wants it’s, she can’t keep her eyes away. She’s trying to convince herself not to do it but it’s not working. I’ll go closer, see if she takes it in her mouth.

Teacher: Ohhhh. I would never.
Me: Tell me to pull my pants back up and I’ll go.
Teacher: I won’t cheat on my husband.

And the miracle happened! She took my dick in her mouth. She’s sucking my dick head with her tongue.

Teacher: Mmmmmm. It’s so hard. Oh, God. I never cheated on my husband in 16 years. Mmmmm.

Uhhhh that’s it. She’s all in now. I put my hand on her and was pushing her head into my dick.

Teacher: Mmmmmm.

She tried. But she can’t say no to temptation. She’s hungry for something younger. I slowly started fucking her mouth. I couldn’t believe she was giving a blowjob to her student.

Teacher: Just this time. Just once, one time only.

Whatever you say. This quiet thing works better than I thought. I just had to drop my pants down and she does the rest. I can do anything with her now. I’m going to cum in her mouth! The same mouth she kisser her husband with! Fuck it! I could even urinate in her mouth and she would take it.

As expected my dick wanted to do both. I made her lie on her back and her face was tilted. I then inserted my dick in her mouth. Her eyes and nose were under my ass.

Teacher: Mmmmm. I want it all.

You’re going to get it. Mmmmm. I pushed my dick deeper into her throat. She could see and smell my asshole.

Teacher: Uhhh.

I was so horny and feeling so dirty. I peed inside her mouth.

Teacher: Uhhhhh! What are you doing?

Shhhhhh! Be a good slut and behave! I was still mute and kept peeing in her mouth. She wasn’t resisting it at all.

Teacher: Uhhhh.

She’s willing to do whatever I want. She must be desperate to cheat on her husband. She’s taking my piss all in.

Teacher: Mmmmmm!

Uhhh that felt good. Now take my dick in your mouth until I cum! I pushed my dick deeper into her mouth. Her mouth is full. She’s not spitting or swallowing the piss anymore. This is the craziest thing I ever did!

Teacher: Uhhhh!

She’s soaking wet, and her mouth is full. What a slut! I kept ramming my dick in her mouth faster and harder. Fuck! I shot my huge cum in her mouth. The cum was oozing out of her mouth and was on her over her face.

Teacher: Uhhh Uhhh.

Oh, man. I felt that orgasm so hard. Uhhhh!

Teacher: Mmmmm. I feel. Like a dirty slut.

That’s because you are. Holy shit. I can’t believe this happened! This is better than a porn movie! She was still on her knees.

Teacher: Uhhhh.

I left her soaking wet, cum covered, in a pool of pee. This is insane. She must be unhappy with her husband!

Teacher: I. This will not happen again! I had a moment of weakness. That’s all there is to it!

Keep telling yourself that.

Teacher: I love my husband! Say something!

Time for me to leave. I pulled my pants and headed towards the door to leave.

Teacher: You’re not going to say anything?
Me: Have a good day.
Teacher: You too! Don’t tell anyone about this! And don’t expect it to happen again!

I opened the door and left her home. That was intense. And easy! I wonder if she is a milf, didn’t say anything about being a mother. In any case, I regret nothing!

A weird man was heading towards the teacher’s home. We both passed each other. He looked a bit old, in his 40s I guess.

Stranger: Good day!
Me: Hey.

This guy looks like Frankenstein’s monster. What’s up with the flowers and the suitcase? Is he a new student? Hahahahaha! I’d better get back to my room and change my underwear.

I was in my room. Anna is still gone, she must feel weird about what happened between us. How long is she going to stay away from me? We live in the same room. She has to come back eventually. Then again she did say she loved me. Out of nowhere like that.

Anyway. This gives me plenty of room to change my underwear!

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