Bliss Boarding School – Part 10

In the previous part, I ended the part with me and Anna having a great time. And by a great time I mean great sex! Anna was still confused and she ran out saying “I love you.” Let me continue the story from there. I thought Anna went to the room, so I headed to my room too.

Anna is not here. She ran away from me at the house. She’s probably trying to avoid me now. The girl is something else. I guess I’ll take a walk and hope that something comes up. I was walking in the dorm corridor. It’s like a ghost town around here. This is too weird.

I saw this place also has a library, maybe I should take a look. The better I know this place the easier it will be to find something to do in moments like this one. On second thoughts, that weird girl told me to meet her at the lake later today. I guess I could go on with this and see where it leads me.

The time should be right, she must be waiting for me there. I decided to go to the lake. I’m curious to find out what’s next, what is she going to do? Have sex with a tree? Only one way to find out! I headed towards the lake. Ahhh there she is waiting for me.

Me: Hey, I’m here! Where are you going?

She was really angry.

Sunny: Go away!
Me: What’s wrong, Sunny?
Sunny: You really want to know?
Me: Yes.

She came to me. Clearly, she now knew that I’m not who I said I was.

Sunny: You lied to me!
Me: What do you mean?
Sunny: I thought you were someone else and you went on with it!
Me: Uhhhh. That.

Sunny: That!
Me: Look. I’m sorry but you made me curious and I wanted to find out more!
Sunny: Jerk move!
Me: What did you expect me to do? A hot girl invites me to her bedroom and plays with sex toys in front of me.

Sunny: This was supposed to. I had high hopes that. Uhhh! I feel so ashamed, I was such a fool! Now I’m sure word will go around about the weird girl and her sex ritual!
Me: Trust me, I won’t say a word!

Sunny: Yeah. Sure!
Me: Really! This stays between us!
Sunny: Uhhhh.
Me: How about this. What if I help you? To do whatever it is you need to do.

Sunny: Why would I trust you?
Me: You said it yourself, you had high hopes, you clearly want to do this. What do you have to lose? What’s done is done. Why not make it better?
Sunny: So you would help me? Put in a good word with him for me?

Me: Yes! Sure! Who’s him?
Sunny: You know what? I’ll hold you to that!
Me: Good, great!
Sunny: But until then.

She suddenly pushed me into the lake. Woah! That wasn’t expected. I was drenched completely. Well, I deserved it!

Sunny: That’s what you deserve for fooling me! Oh, and you’re still going to help me! That’s the least you can do.
Me: That wasn’t necessary.
Sunny: Yes it was!
Me: Uhhh. Ok, maybe.

She ran towards the campus. What is it with girls running away from me while I’m in this lake? First Chloe and now her. I wonder who ‘him’ is. She said I could out in a good word for her. I have a feeling that there’s more to this than meets the eye.

I dried my clothes in the hot sun for a few minutes. I was in the basketball court. I’ll throw the ball a few times and go looking for Chloe. Suddenly I heard a voice.

Chloe: Do you want to get your ass kicked again?
Me: Chloe?
Chloe: Last time you were this close to a ball you got your ass kicked!
Me: Ohhhh very funny!

Chloe: You talked a big game but in the end, just words.
Me: Care to try me again?
Chloe: How many times do you need me to beat you? It’s sad really.
Me: You just got lucky, that’s all it was!

Chloe: Hmmm. I have an idea.
Me: Tell me!
Chloe: Seeing how you’re so bad against me, I’ll give you another chance.
Me: Ok.

Chloe: If you make a shot. I’ll do whatever you want!
Me: Whatever I want?
Chloe: Yes. Mostly.
Me: Even sexual things?

Chloe: Yes.
Me: Deal!
Chloe: Hahaha! It’s not going to be that easy.
Me: What do you mean?

Chloe: For starters, you have to go over there with the ball.
Me: Ok. Not that hard.
Chloe: And that’s not all! You have to throw it facing the other way.
Me: What? I can’t see it with my back!

Chloe: Take it or leave it!
Me: And if I lose?
Chloe: Then you do something that I want!
Me: Hmmm. Ok. Don’t make me clean your room!
Chloe: Hahaha!

I took the ball and went a bit far.

Me: Is this far enough?
Chloe: Hmm. A bit further!
Me: You’re not giving me any chance, are you?
Chloe: Yes I am!

Me: Should I go to the lake and throw it from there?
Chloe: Hahaha! It’s not that far!
Me: Considering that I won’t even look at my target when I throw the ball. It’s pretty far!

Chloe: Ok, ok! You can throw it from there!
Me: So if I make it you do something that I want, if I don’t I do something that you want.
Chloe: Yes!

This is ridiculous, I can’t see the target, I’m never going to make it. But it’s worth a shot.

Chloe: You’ll never make it!
Me: I know!
Chloe: Hahaha!

Here it goes. It’s now or never. I threw it with a spin hoping for the best. Phew! The ball was in the net. Wow! I couldn’t believe it.

Chloe: What? How?
Me: Did I do it?
Chloe: How did you do that?

It was pure luck, but I wanted to brag about it.

Me: I’m good, I have skill! That’s how I did it!
Chloe: You really do! I’m impressed!
Me: Hahaha! You didn’t think I was going to do it, did you?
Chloe: Not really.

Me: Surprise! I guess now you have to do something that I want.
Chloe: What do you want me to do?
Me: I don’t know yet. I’ll let you know when I do.
Chloe: It’s going to be something sexual, isn’t it?

Me: Maybe. We’ll see!
Chloe: A deal is a deal, you earned it!
Me: I did, big time! See, I’m good!
Chloe: If we keep score we’re equals, I win one, you win one.

Me: I let you win the first time, not going to happen again!
Chloe: Hahaha, right!
Me: Now that that’s out of the way, give me a kiss.
Chloe: I thought you would never ask!

She started kissing me. My hand was on her left bum. I was pressing her ass while we were kissing.

Chloe: Mmmmm.
Me: You’re a good kisser.
Chloe: So are you. So how do the rules work! We’re not supposed to have sex but we can be together? Kiss in public? I think so. Jason and Abigail do it so yes!
Me: Oh ok! Then kiss me again!

Chloe: Hahaha! My pleasure! But let’s try to be civil about it, at least when other people are around.

Me: I agree, no tongue kisses around people.
Chloe: Hahaha! Exactly!
Rose: Ehmmmm. Sorry to ruin your moment guys.
Me: It’s ok, Rose.

Chloe: Hey Rose, what’s up?
Rose: We were going to do that thing. You forgot.
Chloe: Oh right! We’ll do it!
Me: What thing?

Chloe: We’re going to do some yoga, do you want to join us?
Me: Uhmmmm. Yoga. Sure.
Chloe: Hahaha! You can just watch it, be with us.
Me: That I can do!

Rose: Cool! Let’s get dressed!
Chloe: Will you wait a few minutes for us?
Me: Of course!
Chloe: We’ll be right back!

Me: I’ll be over there, with Hank! Don’t be long!
Chloe: We won’t!
Rose: We’ll be right back!
Me: Ok.

I went to chat with Hank.

Me: Hey Hank!
Hank: Hey buddy! How are you doing?
Me: Waiting for the girls to get charged, you?
Hank: Oh you know. Nothing.

Me: It must be really boring! Oh, there are the girls, I have to go!
Hank: Have fun buddy!
Me: See you around Hank!

The girls and I headed to the lake. Wow! those girls are looking really hot. Let me describe them, Chloe first. She’s wearing a sleeveless skirt and it covered her half of the thighs. It was a deep neck so I could see her cleavage.

Rose is trying so hard not to look like a nerdy girl, it’s really working out for her! She was wearing a crop top that just covers her boobs. I could see her bra, it was that short. From her underboobs to the belly, it was completely naked.

She has a cute belly button. She’s wearing a mini skirt which just covering her pussy. It was a pleasant scene.

Chloe: You can join us if you want!
Me: I think I’m good with the watching part! Consider me as moral support!
Rose: You can’t do yoga, can you?
Me: Not at all!

Rose: Hahaha!
Chloe: Hahaha! Not surprising!
Me: What’s that supposed to mean?

Chloe: You guys are more with the weight lifting and less with the body bending.
Me: I can bend. A little.
Chloe: Hahaha!

Rose: We’re going to start with a quick warm-up.
Chloe: We’re not experts at this, don’t get the wrong idea!
Me: Hahaha! Ok, I got it!
Rose: But we have to be in shape and it’s not easy!

They were warming up a bit. Stretching their arms out. I could see their clean shaved armpits. Their body was looking like a milky white in the sun.

Me: I think you girls are doing a great job at that!
Chloe: Thank you!
Rose: So you think we’re. Good looking? Hot? Sexy maybe?
Me: All the above!

Rose: Thank you!
Me: It’s the truth! Good form, Chloe!
Chloe: Thank you!
Rose: What about me?

Me: You’re doing good too!

They were getting ready for the main show. They were standing straight with their hands doing namaste.

Rose: Deep breaths. In and out.

Speaking of in and out. This is a good view, I am standing exactly behind them. Hope it gets better.

Me: And you do this every day?
Chloe: Not every day, from time to time.
Rose: Randomly, there’s no schedule.
Me: And this is the only thing you do to keep in shape?

Rose: No, no! We also watch what we eat, that’s the most important part!
Chloe: Exactly! Not too many sweets, not too much food!
Me: I pretty much eat anything and I still look good.
Chloe: Don’t brag!

Rose turned towards my side. She making a curve to the right of her with hands fully stretched. Chloe was still facing the opposite way. She was standing on her right leg, she bent her left knee and placed the left foot in the right inner thigh. It’s just like a tree pose yoga. I was staring at Rose’s belly for a while.

Rose: I don’t know how guys do it. If I start eating whatever I want I instantly gain weight!
Chloe: Me too!
Me: I guess we’re lucky!

Rose: You sure are!
Chloe: How are we doing so far A?
Me: You’re doing good! But I see a lot of beginner stuff!
Chloe: We’ll get to the more advanced positions in a moment.

Me: I mean even I could do these things!
Rose: Then join us!
Me: Ehhhh. I’m good over here!
Chloe: Hahaha!

Now things are getting more interesting. Chloe was doing ‘Warrior I’ yoga pose, left foot in front and bent and right foot stretched out to the back and straight. Rose was doing ‘Warrior II’ pose, left foot out 90 degrees and bent and right foot stretched to the side and straight.

I can almost see under Rose’s skirt. That’s a good start. Like I always say, you can look but you can’t touch!

Chloe: Is this advanced enough for you?
Me: You’re getting there. Slowly.
Rose: Hahaha! We said we’re not experts!
Me: You did, yes. I’ll give you that!

Chloe: Holding these positions is not as easy as it seems!
Me: I tried it once, I know.
Rose: Better than nothing.

Now they both were in the ‘Downward Dog’ yoga position. They were facing to the left. I wasn’t behind or in front, I was on the side. The pose is making inverted V shape with hands and legs fully straight and the ass being the top peak point of inverted V.

Ohhh. Now I’m bummed. Chloe is not wearing anything short! Her skirt was covering her ass and thighs.

Chloe: This is a hard one.

And I’m getting a hard-on!

Me: You’re doing good!
Rose: The things we do to look good.
Chloe: For you!
Me: Very good! Keep doing these things!

Hmmm. I could get a better view of Rose’s ass if I move a few feet to the right. But it’s a risky move. They can easily catch me. But I didn’t care, and I wanted to peek. If she’s not wearing panties then it’s a certain win!

I slowly moved to my right. This is great. Rose really looks good. I could see her ass but too bad she’s wearing panties. But still. Damn! Dirty thoughts going through my head right now. Like pulling her panties on the side and penetrating her. And then Chloe. By turn. Oh, God!

Rose: Uhmmm.

Oh, fuck! Rose caught me in the act! They both stood up.

Rose: Are you checking me out?
Me: What?
Rose: Were you just looking under my skirt?
Chloe: Hahaha!
Me: Oh, no! Why would you say that?

Rose: That’s what it looked like.
Me: No, no!
Chloe: You’re imagining things, Rose.
Rose: Maybe I am.

Chloe actually saved my ass this time!

Me: What now?
Chloe: Now we go for a swim!
Me: Finally!

Rose: Hahaha! You were hoping for that.
Me: Yes I was!

Well! well! This was unexpected. Rose and Chloe removed their clothes. They were now in bra and panty. Rose’s boobs looked bigger in bra. But she was hiding her face from me.

Chloe: Do you have anything to swim in?
Me: Yes, my boxer shorts!
Chloe: That will do!

All I had to do was sit through some yoga with a nice view and now I’m bathing with two almost naked girls. Great day!

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To be Continued………………………….

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