World of Pleasures

The incident which I have written here took place 3 years ago.

The heroine of this story and also my sex-guru is my maid Latika. She is of my age, married and, has 1 kid. She is fair and her stats are 36-26-38. She looks damn sexy for a maid. She introduced me to the world of sex and taught me many things.

Now let’s get into the story. Latika has been working in our house from past 3 years. She is very good, punctual and honest but very talkative. I never had any intentions towards her as I haven’t seen her in that way. She usually sweeps and mops every room and washes utensils like every other maid.

There was this one time when I was changing my clothes. She suddenly came into my room for sweeping. I, in a rush, dropped my towel. She saw me nude and immediately left the room. I felt embarrassed and was cursing myself for that. But from that day on. She always asks me before coming into my room.

Things were going normal apart from that small incident. My parents had to go out of the station and said they won’t be returning for a week. My mom asked Latika to take care of the cleaning. My mom gave her all guidelines before they left.

The next day morning she came earlier than usual.

Me: Why have you come so early today?

Latika: Your mom had asked me to finish the work early as you have to go to the office.

Me: Ok. But anyway today is a holiday. So you don’t need to be in a rush.

Latika: Can I finish work at other flats and come, sir?

Me: Ya ok. Not a problem. I don’t have any urgency.

She thanked me and left. She had finished her work in other flats. She came back to my flat and started doing her work. I was still lying on the bed as it was a holiday. She came to my room.

Latika: Can sweep the room, sir?

Me: Ya. You can come and sweep. (while she was sweeping) Why are you asking me each time before coming in to my room?

Latika: Nothing, sir, just casually.

Me: It’s not just that. Tell me truly.

Latika: I didn’t want to disturb you.

I could still see some kind of hesitation in her answer.

Me: You can be open with me. As no one else is here, you don’t need to call me sir. We can be friends.

Latika: (opened up) I saw you nude the other day when your towel got dropped. I felt bad for suddenly entering into the room. I am sorry for that.

Me: Don’t worry much. Those kinds of things happen accidentally. There is no need for you to feel bad about it. Please be normal like you used to be earlier. Since we both are of the same age and also you are already married. You can be free with me.

Latika: Thank you. I was feeling so stressed about it from that day and now I feel relieved.

She continued doing her work. She generally washes my inner wears also. I didn’t find any in my cupboard. So I went and asked her.

Me: Where are my underwears?

Latika: They are still wet and needs more time to dry out.

Me: But I want them now as I can’t be without wearing it.

Latika: Since it’s a holiday and also no one is in the house, please wear your clothes without underwear today.

I had no other choice and wore a night dress. She came to me saying that she requires some stuff which is there on the top shelf. I went to the balcony where the shelf is for giving her the stuff. I forgot that my night track was very loose.

I jumped to pull the Surf packet from the shelf and my track falling both happened simultaneously. She again saw me nude. This time she tried to pull my pants up.

I said thanks to her though I was again embarrassed. I also felt a bit aroused when she had touched my bums while pulling my pants up. Latika was laughing at me.

Me: Please don’t laugh I am feeling embarrassed.

Latika: (laughing heavily) You have got two good buns.

Now I was literally feeling shy.

Latika: Sorry. Since we are friends I said like that and not to hurt you.

Me: It’s ok. Not a problem.

We were becoming very casual and as close as friends. Next day after she had come she straight away started cleaning utensils. I started preparing to go for bath and started removing clothes. She finished cleaning utensils and came to sweep my room.

She generally sweeps my room first. So she just entered and I was again standing nude in front of her. This time I had nothing to cover myself. Then I had realized that she hadn’t finished her sweeping and mopping. All this time I was standing nude with just hands covering my dick in front of her.

Latika: I had already seen you nude before. So don’t worry. As there is nothing new for me to see.

She handed over the towel from the hanger to me and asked me to just let go. I thanked her for understanding me. We were more like friends now. We used to talk every day till the time I start to office. One day while we were talking.

Latika: Can I suggest one thing? If you don’t mind.

Me: We are friends now. So just don’t ask and say whatever you would want to say.

Latika: Since I had seen you nude. I had noticed that you weren’t shaving hair near your private parts. You have to shave your hair else you can get some infections.

Me: (initially I was shocked for her to talk about me like that but then I had come back to my senses) I tried to shave but I feared injuring my self while doing so.

That conversation ended there.

After a month I got 3 days of holidays and my parents went to our village for some work. Latika came to work as usual. When she came to my room for sweeping.

Latika: (suddenly) Have you shaved your hair near your private parts?

Me: (nodded no) I still fear to shave near my private parts as I may hurt myself in doing so.

Latika: (listening to me) if you are fine. I will help you with shaving your hair near your private parts.

Latika: (seeing my hesitation) We are good friends. I also have seen you nude many times. So there is nothing for you to feel shy in front of me and I also have experience in these things.

I was still feeling shy but then again I thought about what she said. She has seen me nude already. Knew me very well. If not her then nobody can help me to get over this fear.So

Me: If you are ok. You can help me.

Latika: Ok. Then remove your clothes and get me a razor.

I removed my clothes, wrapped my towel, and went to the bathroom. She came near the bathroom.

Latika: It would be tough over here. Come to your bedroom.

She took some old newspapers and spread them completely on my bed.

Latika: Lie on the bed now.

I gave her a razor.

Me: Do you really know how to shave near private parts?

Latika: Even though I am not an expert. I clean myself regularly.

Me: Ok.

I lied on the bed with my head facing towards the roof. She took shaving cream from my cupboard.

Latika: Remove your towel.

I was still feeling shy about doing so. I was still being hesitant.

Latika: Please close your eyes once.

As I did she immediately pulled off my towel and had thrown it aside. My hands suddenly reflexed and covered my dick.

Latika: Relax and remove your hands now.

I wasn’t removing my hands. So she took off my hands. Now I am sleeping nude in front of her. She took shaving cream in her hands and started applying over my dick. My dick started growing bigger and harder. Even as I was trying to control myself.

She was focused on cleaning the hair near my dick. She asked me to turn around. She shaved the hair on my ass and near my asshole as well. After shaving everything, I went to the bathroom.

Latika: Since I just shaved, areas near your private parts need to be washed very gently. Since you haven’t done this before, let me help you.

Me: Thank you very much. I am very lucky to have a friend like you.

Latika: you are my friend. Friends help and friends shouldn’t say thank you.

I felt happy hearing that. She brought some oil and came into my bathroom. She pulled her saree upto her knees. She pushed the pallu and saree into her waist from getting wet while cleaning. She started applying oil wherever she had shaved earlier. I was getting so aroused by the way she was applying the oil near my private parts.

Me: Can I say something? And you shouldn’t misunderstand me.

Latika: You are my friend. You don’t even have to ask.

Me: I am getting aroused by your hand movements on my body.

She suddenly took off her hands. I thought she became angry and slowly lifted my head to see her. She was smiling.

Me: What?

Latika: What do you want me to do now?

Me: Continue whatever you were doing. I only said to you so that you won’t misunderstand me.

Latika: (with a smile) Have you ever had sex?

Me: (shocked a bit to hear that question) No.

Latika: Am I the first women to touch you near your private parts?

Me: Not just touch but you are the first women to see me nude as well since I became adult.

Latika: Have you ever seen a women nude?

Me: (shyly with my head down) No. I only saw in some movies but not in realty.

Latika: OK. I believe you. (teasing me) You are a child and don’t have guts to even see a woman nude.

Me: It’s nothing like that. I haven’t got any opportunity to see it.

Latika: (still teasing) I doubt you would even see even if they try to show. You would probably run away in fear.

Me: (became mad) If you have the guts then you show me your nude body. Then you will know if I would run or not.

Latika: (smiling) I have the daring to show but you have to earn it.

Me: What should I do?

Latika: Without using your hands you should take off my saree.

Me: Ok.

I started pulling her saree with my mouth. I was touching her navel with my lips. I caught hold of her saree and started pulling her saree. I pulled her saree completely.

Me: I have cleared your challenge.

She was standing in her petticoat and blouse. She was looking awesome. Suddenly I caught her petticoat and pulled her towards me and started giving her a lip kiss. She too responded by kissing me passionately. We kissed each other for around 10 minutes.

Latika: I have been waiting for this from so many days. It took you these many days to kiss me.

Me: You could have asked me.

Latika: No women do that. You guys have to understand that. Even now I have asked you indirectly. Since you were not responding, idiot. I came to you directly.

I smiled sheepishly and again started kissing her. This time it was more intense than the previous kiss.

Latika: (pushed me) I wasn’t able to take a breath.

She is now fully aroused and caught my dick and started massaging my dick with oil. She then kept my dick in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I felt like I was in heaven with the way she gave me blowjob. After her blowjob I pulled her up.

I took off her blouse and started pressing her boobs over her bra. Slowly I had removed her bra. Started sucking the boobs. She started moaning heavily. She was caressing my hair. While I was sucking her boobs I started pressing her bums over the petticoat. She kept moaning heavily.

I took of her petticoat. Kept pressing her bums over her panty and started licking her pussy over her panty. Her panty is already wet and I could smell her juices from the panty. As I kept licking her pussy over her panty. She started shouting with excitement.

I immediately pulled her panty. She has a clean pussy. I kept licking her pussy. She was pushing my face into her pussy. I was biting her pussy lips. She started begging me to stop teasing her. I said that this is the punishment for teasing me earlier.

I started inserting my finger into her pussy and slowly started finger fucking her. She started begging me to fuck her. I obliged her and inserted my dick into her. She pinched me. Scratched me with excitement. When I was fucking her. She is a wild cat. After sometime.

Me: I am about to cum

Latika: Release inside as I have taken the necessary precautions.

I loaded her pussy with my cum. I took off my dick from her pussy. Turned her around and inserted my dick in her asshole.

Latika: Please don’t do in asshole. I was never fucked in my asshole.

Me: OK. Then this time let me do it for you.

I took oil with my two fingers. Started inserting in her asshole. I lubricated her asshole enough. Then finger fucked her asshole with 4 fingers to loosen her asshole. She started hitting the wall with her hands with pain. I then inserted my dick in her asshole.

She initially shivered a bit with pain but later started enjoying my fucking. I again released my cum in her asshole this time. I sat on a stool and she was standing. We both were looking at each other. Both of us were breathing heavily and were feeling satisfied.

She made me stand and started applying soap on my body. She turned me around. She was slowly applying the soap on my bum by slowly circling and caressing my bums which was making me aroused again. She suddenly inserted her finger in my asshole.

I let out a shout. She put her panty in my mouth and kept finger fucking me. I begged her to stop as I was feeling pain. She just kept laughing. She took some oil. Did some lubrication to my asshole. Then she inserted her 4 fingers into my asshole which was too much for me.

Like her, I also felt pain and started hitting the wall with my hands. I even started shouting though my voice was not coming out because of the panty. She finger fucked me for 5 minutes and then took off her fingers from my asshole.

Latika: Even though I enjoyed you fucking my asshole, this is my punishment for fucking my ass suddenly and ruthlessly.

We both looked at each other, laughed, and started kissing each other. She then again applied soap all over my body and I applied soap all over her body. We finished our bath and came out satisfied for that moment.

From that day we had multiple sessions. She became my guru and we did many new things which I will tell later on in my other parts. I never in my dream thought that a maid would teach me these things.

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