Tasted Professor in Her Cabin

I am back with another story. My previous story got a very good response. Thank you for encouraging me to write more. I am always ready to help and lady or female in any way they want. Sorry for the delay. I was busy satisfying my physical urges.

Today I am going to tell you about one such physical pleasure that made my dick a pro. Without wasting much of your time, let me get to the story. It was 10 year ago. I was doing my masters in one of the reputed government institutes of India.

I was in my 2nd semester. I was trying to tame my bull and concentrate on my studies. But fate had something else for me. There were many beauties in my class. But most of them were nerds and only interested in a relationship. For me, a relationship is a big ‘No’. So I decided to wait for my time.

I was waiting for my time. One lecturer has got transferred from another institute to ours. Her husband was a senior faculty in our department. The couple’s name was Abash and Latika. They were a couple like Mayanti Langer and Stuart Binny.

Abash had a mid-sized tummy and Latika having an ass to die for. Her figure was 36-30-38, which I came to know when I first had sex with her. The moment I saw her, I decided that at least once my dick must taste the heat of pussy’s inner walls.

Trust me guys, it was a day when my dick was not showing signs of relaxing without entering her. With lots of hard work, I calmed my cock to sleep. On the second day onwards, she started to take lessons in our class. She always used to wear tight leggings and tight kurta from which her curves were visible.

Our whole class used to lust for her figure. Three months passed and all our boy’s hostel used to release liters of cum daily thinking about Latika. Fast forward to the 4th semester. Latika became my project guide. I was on cloud nine as I would get the chance of ogling her every day.

Okay enough of dragging, let’s get into the crux of the story. Latika used to wear tight leggings and tight tops without any chunni. So mostly her cleavage was visible. I used to go to her cabin to discuss my project. One day, as it was a very hot summer she asked me to sit in her cabin as it was equipped with AC.

She was wearing a deep neck blouse and her boobs protruding out as if they were locked in a cage. I wanted to get more glimpse of her juicy melons. So I purposefully threw my pen near her leg. As she bent down to pick it up, I was on cloud nine.

My cock rose to 90 degrees within a second and was saluting her. She noticed this and gave a wicked smile. I got up and went to the washroom and masturbated right away. My cock gave away the highest quantity of cum in one go.

As I came back, I once again threw my pen. This time I got down to pick it up and sat down there for about 10 seconds lusting on her fuckable thighs. She saw me ogling her and asked me to get up and sit. I got scared but the thought of fucking her was too great.

She asked me suddenly if I have any girlfriend.
L – A, do you have a girlfriend?
Shocked and said, “I used to have.”
L – Why not now?

Me – She cheated on me and got into an affair with another guy
L – (giggling) I think you like affair making ladies.
And after saying so, she laughed out loud. I was shocked but maintained my calm.

Me – how long have you been married madam?
L – Address me by my name. 3 years.
Me – Ok Latika, do you have any kids?
L – No, dear. Your sir has no time and to be frank, he is not interested.

Me – That’s so sad. I can feel your pain.
L – Do you?
Me – Yes
L – How can you feel my pain?

Me – Every woman wants kids some of the days and having kids is the one reason to get physical.
L – Ok now let me get to the point, how do you like me?

I was acting innocent. But at the same time, I was excited that my chance is finally about to come.

Me – To be frank, you look very very sexy Latika. If I were your husband, I would get between your legs all the time. The moment I saw you here, I wanted to taste you give you a glimpse of my tool.
L – Why late then, my dear? Eat me.

Hearing this I went and locked the door. Latika came and sat in my lap. I was constantly looking at her cleavage. She lifted my head and we started to kiss like wild dogs. I was pressing her boobs with both my hands. She was having one hand inside my pants, on my cock.

With her other hand, she held my hair and she was kissing me. She was probably treating a man after ages so she was very very wild. Just the way I liked it. Then she ordered to remove my dress and we got naked. She was white like milk and I was looking like a slave to her.

Both got naked. She jumped on me like a hungry lioness and started to kiss me like that was her last sex. She was very rough and was biting my lips, ears, nose, and cheeks. Like she has taken viagra and is not able to control. It was 20 degrees cold inside the cabin and we were very very horny for each other.

The kissing went on for quite sometime. Then I pulled her hairs and lift and banged her on the table. All the things on the table were thrown away and it was made our make out bench. Now I lifted both her legs and slowly started to lick her inner thighs and slowly went down to her pussy.

Ah, god it was smelling like heaven. The mix of all juices of her pussy was making my dick harder than the hardest ever. I couldn’t wait and started to dig my face into her pussy. It was like digging for treasure into an unknown cave. And who knew that this unknown cave would make me so horny and give such tasty juices.

Anyways going back, now I was on a mission of digging her pussy. She was so horny that she started to push my face deep into her and my whole face was hurried into it. This continues for 30 minutes. Then I stood up and then she made her suck my cock.

Wow, she was sucking like she had the experience of sucking numerous cocks (who knew, she must have sucked numerous cocks). While being sucked I started to finger her ass and the smell was so damn horny. It was like I was in a trance.

We couldn’t control anymore and wanted to feel each other. I made her bend in the doggy style and slowly entered her. Though she fucked many cocks, her pussy was still very tight. I gave it an ultimate push and then started to ram it like a mad bull.

I fucked her in missionary, spoon riding, and other positions and she was shouting and moaning. As this fucking was continuing, we heard some sound outside the cabin as someone was recording our session.

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