The emotions had been building up for the past three months. Nothing was the same since she had come into his team. He stayed back in the conference rooms long after she left, just breathing in her perfume. He stole secret glances over his laptop to grab a glimpse of her. He caressed her chair with secret longing each evening after she tossed her handbag on her shoulder and walked out of the office. It was an emotion beyond his control. It was pure lust at times, and sometimes he wondered if it could even be love.

She knew. She caught him staring at her often. She could feel his deep breaths taking in her scents as she passed his seat. She woke up each morning, excited at the thought of being in the same room as him in a few hours. And she too lusted after him.

And hormones went berserk in that little office every day. She teased him with her seductive clothes and heady perfumes. He drew her closer to him with his power and position. It was a game they were playing without saying a word to each other, a secret game that everyone else in the office was oblivious of. Or were they?

There were no words spoken. She held out the box of chocolates in front of him and he picked one, hands shivering, smiling into her eyes. She looked extra beautiful in her birthday dress that day. His throat was dry, he couldn’t even utter the words ‘Happy Birthday’.

An email popped up in his inbox. ‘Can you come to my house tonight for my birthday party? He replied immediately. ’ Yes’. They didn’t say another word to each other for the rest of the day.

There was no party.

The bedroom was where they wanted to go, and that was where they went. Those lust filled moments in parking lots, lifts, conference rooms and glass cabins sought nirvana in that bedroom. Three months of pheromones were about to culminate into a burst of passion. They burnt up the cool sheets, greedily exploring each other.

He rolled over and his cellphone fell from the night stand. He reached down to pick it up. The display had lit up. He saw the picture of his wife smiling from his wallpaper.

He looked at the woman on the bed. He looked at the woman on his phone.

No. He couldn’t do it. His wife was his everything. It was not worth risking the love of his life for a night of heated passion. And suddenly his heart and hormones were released from the clutches of the goddess lying on the bed next to him.

He picked up his clothes and walked out of the bedroom. He didn’t look back. Lust had lost to love.

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