Falling Prey

It was party time and this diwali we were celebrating it with my sister and her family who had come down to our place from delhi as markets remain closed there for a whole week. Jiju (Brother-in-Law) and didi (elder sister) along with their 9 yr old son were to stay here for a week and we had planned places to visit in advance. The next day was New year (gujrati new year starts from the next day of diwali) and the whole day went by meeting friends and relatives.

The next day we as per our plan went to a water park. We were 3 elders and 2 children as my husband could not come along because he had to go to my nanad’s place. We had alot of fun there in the water and it was there that i noticed jiju giving me stares at the wrong places. I’m free minded and so I as always had rented a swim suit and was enjoying myself freely. My didi hesitated so she came in the water wearing the dress itself.

Now you all know what water parks are like and we all go there to enjoy and that was what i was doing I wasn’t caring much about myself and was playing with the kids. I didn’t realize until I saw jiju’s eyes following me all around and it was then i noticed that since i was wet the swim suit was sticking to my body and giving a clear show of the shape of my breasts. And although they don’t sag much yet while jumping and playing they were bouncing a lot as i had not worn a regular bra underneath.

I just wore one of those sport bras as i felt it would be enough to hold their weight. Jiju was in someway or the other trying to stay in my front and was enjoying my boobs more than the water park. It made me feel a bit uncomfortable at first and so i slowed down and began to take care not to make such movements which were attracting him. Then it was the time for the wave pool to start and so we all went there.

Since the water was deep and there was a lot of rush we decided to stay close so that we could take care of our kids too. The waves started and we all were having fun and i was carrying my son as we were in waist deep water. After some time suddenly jiju made a sign and offered to carry my son and before i could reply or understand anything he came forward and shoved his hand in between me and my son with his hand rubbing against my breast and took my son.

I was shocked and went dumb for a few moments but nobody noticed me in the rush and shouts as everyone there was enjoying in the waves. In a few minutes everything got back to normal yet i was keeping an eye on jiju as it had scared the hell out of me and i didn’t want it to happen again. Before leaving the pool jiju once again pressed his elbow over my breasts and acted as if it happened by chance due to the rush.

This time after he touched me i noticed a naughty smile on his face and that made me feel even more embarrassed. We reached home in the evening and when my husband and jiju sat down with their drinks i indirectly tried to gather some information about jiju from didi. Since she was elder than me, we didn’t talk very openly but with whatever she told me i made out that didi had a problem and that had made hers and jijus sexual life almost inactive.

I didnt want her to get suspicious so i discussed it lightly. That night we were all very tired because of the visit to the water park and so we decided to sleep early. Next morning i woke up unusually early, must be around 5:00 a:m, which is infact unusual for me as i always wake up around 9 and went out to the balcony. We have 2 rooms on the top floor and both rooms share a common balcony. As i moved out i saw Jiju was there before me smoking a cigarette.

I couldnt get what made him get up so early so I walked upto him and we spoke for a few mins before i asked him to come down to the kitchen to have tea. He agreed and i went downstairs and was making tea and jiju came and sat on the dining chair. I was in my nightie, a light blue satin one and as my habit i wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Jiju could see me sideways sitting there and since we were quite close i noticed jiju’s eyes following me.

First i felt uncomfortable but then i realized that sideways jiju must be feasting on my pointed nipples of my 36 sized boobs pushing the fabric of my nightie. By the time tea was ready i began to sense wetness in my insides. Somehow jijus staring at me with those dirty looks began to excite me. Just to check him and make myself sure of his intentions i bent in front of him while serving him tea and caught him red handed staring at my breasts from the neck of my nightie.

Immediately i kept down the tea and covered my cleavage with my hand and looked at jiju with a naughty and shy look. He understood that he was caught and immediately said sorry to me. That was the beginning of a new relation in between us and we started talking as we drank tea. Slowly the topic changed towards feminine beauty and jiju began praising my looks and body not directly or in any vulgar manner but he was indirectly praising my breasts and hips the most.

He seemed to be a breast lover but unluckily didi was just my opposite. She was very skinny and her breasts were so small that they were hardly visible, although she had good complexion and looks yet i felt she lacked in the most essential thing men love. Time passed off quickly and soon didi came downstairs and our discussion ended there but we both felt good with each other and we agreed to meet the same way next morning.

That whole day we remained busy sight seeing and as a special favour for jiju i wore a very figure revealing tshirt and jeans. Not vulgar but the tshirt reaveled the exact size and shape of my breasts and it was enough to keep jijus eyes stuck to me whole day long. We returned home after dinner and retired early as everyone was tired, before we said goodnight jiju looked at me blankly as if asking me for the next morning, and i nodded to say yes.

We both were up on time and again we were there in the kitchen with 2 Hot cups of tea. Jiju broke his silence and told me that i looked fine in those clothes and all that. That day too i was wearing a nightie, a bit thin one than the other day but as a precaution i had put on panties as i didn’t want jiju to see a wet patch just in case i got too horny talking to him. We began opening up and talking more boldly and by the time others woke up jiju gathered courage and put down a request before me.

He wanted to see me topless I wasn’t surprised, but i couldn’t let go myself so easily after all he was my jiju and i didn’t want to loose my prestige. He made requests and even promised that he wanted just my upper half and nothing more. Maybe it was his trick to start the game, but it was ok for me. I was horny and my nipples had turned into hard nuts and it could be easily made out over the fabric of my nightie but i didn’t give up that easily.

I asked jiju for some time to think and that i would reply when me met the next morning. Jiju was a gentleman and i was willing to go ahead but slowly. That day we spent half day visiting some nearby temples etc. and since my husband wasn’t free we decided to spend the later half at home. Afternoon time didi went upstairs to sleep and the kids too went to their room so i was left alone with jiju. He approached me and inquired if i had decided as yet.

I returned him a smile and asked him to come to my room after 15 mins and left. Upstairs i first checked didi and made sure didi was sleeping and then went to my room. I was wearing a saree and taking off the whole thing seemed time taking so i came up with a more seducing plan. I just took off my blouse and bra and covered myself up fully with the pallu and waited for jiju. By the time he came i looked at myself in the dressing mirror and applied a musk spray around my armpits.

My curves and nipples were slightly visible through the fabric and i readied myself mentally. Suddenly the door behind me opened and i turned my head around. Jiju was standing there with his mouth open, his eyes were fixed at my bare back as i had covered my front with the saree but left my back naked and jiju shut the door and came straight to me from behind. He got very exited and happy seeing me that way and took me in his arms and tried to kiss me on my lips.

Just as his face came close to mine a strong smell of cigarette reached my nose and it just pissed my mood off to such an extent that i somehow got away from jijus face and angrirly asked him to stay away. He got confused and came up to me. That time i was sitting on the bed covering my nakedness with my arms and jiju polietly asked me what the matter was.

I felt like crying but i somehow told him that i couldnt tolerate that smell and he understood my problem, gave me a soft hug which i allowed him to and felt my naked breasts getting a soft press by his chest and then he left the room I put on my blouse and sat there for an hour wondering what jiju must have thought about me. Later we met downstairs and he behaved normally with me. That day i felt jiju was a real gentleman as he didn’t force me a bit for anything inspite the fact that I was there half naked before him and if he wanted he could have forced himself upon me but luckily he didn’t and that made me want him more. Next morning we met again over tea, and that time jiju came close to me and softly told me that he preferred milk to tea and that he hadn’t smoked a single cigarette since last evening. I was wearing a loose shirt and pajamas and on hearing this i went ahead and embraced him.

Since he was sitting on the chair and i was standing his face came exactly where my breasts were and as i loosened my hug he began kissing my breasts one by one from over my shirt. His hands were around me just a bit above my bums and the feeling was very very erotic. My whole body was shivering of excitement and i was so hot and carried away that i myself unbuttoned the front opening shirt and with my own hands held one of my breasts and pointed the nipple towards jijus mouth.

He began sucking it passionately and after sometime began changing sides giving me the best pleasure i could have ever expected. He was an expert at it and only i can say that because i was experiencing it and in around 15 mins i reached an orgasm just by the use of his mouth and tongue on my breasts. Jiju took extra care rolling his tongue over my areolas and licking them and sometimes nibbling at the nipples, don’t know where he learnt all this from but in short it was pure pleasure.

All the time i was standing in front of him and that orgasm had began to weaken my legs. Jiju was sitting on the chair and slowly i found myself being pulled towards him. It happened mutually and i cant say that he made me do it because i too wanted it and slowly i spread my legs and found myself siting on his lap facing him with my crotch exactly positioned above his bulge. At that position he could still suck my breasts but instead he began working on them with both his hands one over each.

Now it was double fun for me as i was enjoying his hands squeezing my tits and his bulge was giving me a soft massage over my cunt. Slowly i began moving my hips to and fro because jijus erection was touching me just at the right place and riding him was giving me sexual pleasure. Jiju had a good sized tool it seemed by the feel of it and i wanted to take a look at it but at that moment i was busy working towards a second orgasm. And soon it happened, i tightly hugged jiju.

My breasts tightly pressed against his chest and with my breath going faster and faster i came to a very good climax. Jiju was looking at me astonished and it made me feel shy of myself and i got up, buttoned my shirt and got to my kitchen work. I heated the tea which had become cold by then and served jiju.

It was time others were about to wake so jiju after drinking tea gave me a peck on my cheek and left the kitchen and went upstairs.

Must have gone either to didi or to the bathroom because when he left i could still see a tent over his shorts. That day we all went to a nearby town to meet some relatives and the whole day passed off with jiju giving me naughty stares at my body and it was making me feel really shy of what i had done in the morning. Next morning when i went downstairs i put on a pink semi transparent nightie, without wearing anything inside.

It wasnt too sexy type just enough to show my curves and a shade of my nipples. Jiju had loved sucking on my breasts the other day and given me two very satisfying climaxes so today i was in the mood of rewarding him with something he would love. It was five and jiju came down, i was at the kitchen table waiting for the tea to boil when suddenly jiju came up from behind and ran his hands over my ass crack. It must be visible to him through my nightie and i sort of shuddered because it was unexpected.

Then he cupped both my breasts from behind and licked and bit me lightly on my neck. It excited me, because it is the most sensual place of my body and jiju had struck just the right chord. I turned around gave jiju a hug pressing my breasts against him and slowly slid down and got on to my knees. Jiju was wearing shorts and a t shirt and i was desperate to to see jijus penis, so i swiftly lowered the elastic of jijus shorts exposing a beautiful pink head, half erect snake.

It wasnt very big but yet attractive, hanging from in between a thick black bush. It looked as if jiju didn’t care to shave off his dense jungle and the moment i saw it i felt like taking it into my mouth. Its not that i am used to or liked sucking cocks but pleasing jiju was my first priority that day because it was probably the last time we were meeting over tea and jiju deserved it as i wanted to return him the favour.

However just as i closed down my face holding jijus penis with one hand and pointing the head towards my mouth jiju suddenly backed off. Since he was standing it was easy for him and by that sudden jerk i too let go off his penis off my hands. I looked up to jijus face confused as why could someone refuse such a chance that too by me. Jiju just said ” No latika, not in the mouth ”. I was wondering what the reason could be but there was no time to waste discussing.

I said ”ok as you wish jiju”and made him sit on the dining chair and while he was sitting i slowly lowered his shorts till his knees. His penis had grown bigger till then and while jiju was seated i got hold of his penis and started playing with it using my hands. Jiju meanwhile saw his chance and finding my breasts close began fondling and pressing them from above my nightie itself.

I was nude inside and the nightie was very thin so jijus hands touching me were feeling as good as being naked before him just that he couldn’t suck them over it. Slowly i spread my legs and came on jijus lap and raised my nightie upwards and sat on jijus thighs. My breasts were around jijus face level so he raised the rest of the nightie upto my neck and began sucking them. Meanwhile i positioned myself on jiju and directed his penis which was standing like a pole by then into my already aroused and wet cunt.

It slid in with ease as jiju had just an averge sized penis, just about the size of that of my husbands, but it was definitely longer or maybe i felt so because of the position. I could feel it going in right upto my navel. Then i raised my hips a bit upward and slowly i began moving it right and left and front and back, sort of a round and round movement. In the beginning it was hurting a bit but in just a few rounds the pain disappeared and pleasure took its place.

Hardly 3 or 4 mins passed and i began cumming and it didnt stop. Jiju was enjoying me top to bottom with his hands and mouth squeezing my breasts like two ripe mangoes and his penis embedded inside me touching my womb. I came continuously for the whole 8 to 10 minutes i rode jijus cock and then i collapsed. It made me very tired so i stopped but jiju hadnt finished yet. He picked me up and made me lie on the dining table with both my legs hanging out.

Next he came and supported both my legs on his arms and rammed his wet hard cock into me. There was no feeling when it entered because i had cum a lot and the whole place was very wet but jiju began fucking me with very fast strokes. Faster than anything as if there was no tomorrow, he was probably going in and out 2 or maybe 3 times in a second. I was getting my lifes best fuck and wanted to scream in ecstasy but the situation didn’t permit me. My breasts were rocking with every thrust of jijus hot piston.

Just the sound of jijus balls slapping my ass and the slippery friction could be heard in the morning silence apart from jijus heavy breathing. In a few minutes jijus speed got to its peak and all of a sudden came down. I felt warm cum filling me up and as jiju continued with his last few strokes his cum began overflowing and coming out of the sides. Jiju collapsed on me and he laid his head on my breasts and rested for a few minutes before pulling up his shorts and going upstairs satisfied.

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