Seducing a Married Lady

I have been posting my experiences over for quite some time now. In this duration I have received many Emails. Some form Guys pretending to be females & some from young females just wanting to exchange hot chat. Coming to my story, It was about three months back, I received […]

Caught me Cheating

I’m a tall, dominant, hot, fit dude with a pornstar sized cock (proof on my Fetlife) living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I moved from SoCal (West Hollywood LA area) where every other chic had a nice rack, perfect cleavage and at least a full C cup tits. NorCal […]

Bank Executive

I got calls from a hot and sexy executive (Shilpa) of Axis bank regarding updating my KYC. I could not fulfill it due to a tight office schedule. I had to work from home due to the lockdown situation. Her voice was very mesmerizing. We used to talk very frankly […]


I was married in 2015 and at that time my wife was 23 and my sister-in-law was 18. My wife and SIL are very good friends and my wife used to tell her how good I am in BED when it comes to foreplay or intercourse. So that helped me […]

Intimate Experiment Part-2

After I came out of the trance, I realized what I just had. It was the divine pleasure of being a lady. That feeling was the beginning of my desires. I started thinking about his touch again. I placed my fingers in again, but his fingers felt totally different. I […]

Cozy Time

I am Sandy from Delhi but presently living in Kolkata for the last few years. I have been on long tours for some time. I have a beautiful wife and 2 kids. It was around the 19th of March 2020 when I had returned back from my official tour of […]

Twin Sex Love

⁰“It was late at night, and my parents weren’t home. Opportunities like these didn’t come very often. So we always tried to make the most out of them. Even now, if I close my eyes, I can feel every movement of our twins love. We were rough. We were energetic. […]

An Intimate Experiment

I just walked inside the cottage casually, throwing my sack away on the floor. I looked for my father in all the walled chambers of my cottage but couldn’t find him. I immediately knew where he would be. I stepped down the passage to the basement. There he was, sitting […]

Sex with my Crazy Ex

I was dating a fresher, Naqiyah, during my third year. I was part of organizing various cultural activities for my college. That’s when I met Naqiyah. She was a tall, dusky-complexed girl with stats about 32-28-32. She had that majestic glow on her face and was very friendly with everyone. […]

Spunk on Cake

It was Sarah’s Birthday and after spending the day with family she was looking forward to going out at night, with here best friend Thelma. She got changed and came down stairs with a short dress on and high heels, black stockings etc, my cock was rock hard and she […]